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Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: TS 55 Reliability/Quality Problem
« Last post by glass1 on Yesterday at 04:54 PM »
Blade change lovers, well not all of us use track saws to only build cabinets. If I only built Cabinets I would get the right tool, a sliding table saw. I am a woodworker and I use the track saw often to edge join long pieces. Ie a 48 tooth blade on the Makita makes a glue ready cut in mahogany. On my current job I have ripped well over 200 ft of 3/4” flat sawed mahogany and still have 2 bars of battery. That being said the Makita is killer save one thing the slop adjusters need to be checked often especially on joined rails. I may pick up the tsc 55 if it’s got the power. 2 tracks saws are better than one, 1 adjusted to rip rail 1 adjusted to the cross cut rail.
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: TS 55 Reliability/Quality Problem
« Last post by Brice Burrell on Yesterday at 04:33 PM »
It takes less than 60 seconds to change a blade on a TS-55.  Why not cut the best cut and cause the least wear on your tool?


Devil's advocate.  Why spend the time and extra expense on another blade(s) to do the what the Makita 36V can do with stock blade?
LOL!  I'm thinking they saw the picture of you taking a cigar break and that prompted the caption "Black tie DIY-er".
Classifieds / MFK 700 EQ trim router
« Last post by fmdbh on Yesterday at 03:04 PM »
MFK 700 EQ trim router.
I'm the original owner.
This is a lightly used router.
Comes with the standard base and 1/4" collet.
No systainer.
$350 includes shipping CONUS. Paypal only.
Contact Dave at fmdbh at hotmail dot com
So Tuesday my pro will come by for final discussion - then the insurance company will have to decided if they accept the proposal/offer.

And I found some more work...

Oh, and last week, I was "featured" on Festool's Instagram-Stories - still baffled. Thank you so much Festool! :)

Kind regards,
Interesting workspace!

Kind regards,
General Friendly Chat / Re: What happened to Half-Inch shy?
« Last post by Peter Parfitt on Yesterday at 02:36 PM »
I have seen him in action and he is very good at it - he is very "bendy".

Sales & Dealer Area / Re: Boat Building with Domino Connectors
« Last post by rmhinden on Yesterday at 02:36 PM »
I suspect that the Domino connectors are not rated for use in salt water.   Should last for one channel crossing, but not long term.

...but it's pretty darn cool making it and putting it all together.

I'd believe that...a pretty good feeling.  [big grin]  It looks real nice.

Is there a reason you didn't just use a #10 or #12 Sipo Domino in each end of the picket and also in the rails?
Thanks, I appreciate the feedback!   
I have a few(okay bunch) of Festool products but the Domino isn't on the list.  I was super close to buying one but spent that money on the Hybrid Pantorouter(HPR).  Sometimes I wish for the simplicity of the Domino but in the end I appreciate the versatility of the  HPR.  Through tenons in cool shapes like diamonds or way easy to make box joints.
I like power tools to make life easier but then I somehow make things more complicated.  [huh]

Here's an installed shot.  Looks a little messy since I haven't cleaned my goobers yet.  I get a little glue happy. :D
The top is also getting a 5/4x6 decking cap.  I'll square off the sides so it looks dimensional like the rest of the railing material.

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