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also, that little compressor is enough to pressurize the pot?
ok, that makes since. I read that with a 4 or 5 stage you don't need a compressor to pressurize a pot. but your picture seems to be the way to go. Do you like that setup that you are using?
I don't have a CAT pot so I looked at their website pictures.

It appears as if the pot is compressor pressurized.

Compressor to pot inlet, fluid hose to gun fluid port.

Turbine hose to gun turbine port.

Pictured is my set up using a Qualcraft pot.

I have the original Kapex 120 and have used it in my shop since 2008.  The dust collection was initially pretty good but not great.  Two things brought the dust collection up to excellent but not 100%.  I increased the hose to 36mm and also added a zero clearance insert to both the base and the back fence.  I try not to lift the blade out of the cut until after the blade has stopped spinning.  Dust collection seems the same with my CT26, Festool Midi and the Fein vacuum.  I think the most important of these is the 36mm hose and zero clearance insert in the base.  Not lifting the spinning blade is probably also important.

Gary Laroff,
Portland, Oregon
Festool Tool Problems / Re: Another Kapex Bites the dust. Again.
« Last post by SoonerFan on Yesterday at 09:24 PM »
I have a Kapex and so far it is trouble free (fingers crossed).  I read this entire thread tonight hoping (but not expecting) for an update from a Festool.  Alas, seems there are still a fair number of issues (who knows how many or what percentage of units have an issue).  No response from Festool as I assumed.

For now I will go back to using my saw, hoping it’s keeps working and then check back on some of these Kapex threads in a few months.
Festool Jigs & Tool Enhancements / Ripping sheet goods
« Last post by myer84 on Yesterday at 09:16 PM »
Here’s a question for the pros out there. So, I’m looking for ideas on how to rip down sheet goods at a fast pace with accuracy. I know I have the option of buying a long rail to cover the length of a board; however, not in my budget at the moment.

I do however, have two 55” rails and able to join them, but I then deal with alignment issues and my cuts are never the same width from one end to the other. I also have the Incra and rip dogs guide rail system, but I still run into alignment issues. My initial cuts are good, but when I’m doing repetitive cuts, I tend to loose that alignment at some point causing my final cuts to be slightly off.

I was wondering if there is something out there similar to the Kreg rip cut jig for the TS55. I have the jig and can try to adapt it to my saw and test it out, but I would like to know if there are options out there that are made for our saws that I can try.

Just looking for ideas. Thanks.
Hello, I have a Fuji Spray Q4 4 stage turbine and the few T70 guns and CA Technologies Bandit 2 qt pot. How do I use these together. Have sprayed with the pot and ca tech guns w/ a compressor but never used with a turbine set up. Any advise would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance. Mike
Festool Tool Problems / Re: CT36 Auto start not working
« Last post by Gregor on Yesterday at 08:34 PM »
In case the 'couple of years' is below 3 (so you still have warranty on it): send it in for service all included, sounds like the electronics board broke.

In case it's older (so no free service) you could order the board as a spare part and install it yourself (or have someone local who knows a bit about electricity do it for you) for a cheaper repair (as you'll at minimum skip paying for two-way freight).
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