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There's almost always been an element of tech sharing among mid-sized German tool manufacturers.  Latterly, some however have been sufficiently ill-advised to walk away from this type of relationship:  the Holz-Her, AEG, Atlas Copco, Milwaukee, Metabo, Wuerth, Festo, Robert Bosch co-op being a case in point.  Some of these alliance "manufacturers"  have been sourcing Metabo product for at least a couple of years now.

Significantly, some of these new "Akku Alliance" members (Steinel, Mafell) were formerly using Robert Bosch 36v & AEG (Rothenberger) battery tech.  I'm guessing that newer, mass-produced 18v high torque EC motors have rendered these older 2 & 4 pole motors & their battery systems obsolete.

They've also either neglected or forgotten the North American Walther power tools that likewise are using the Alliance's same batteries & tools too.

I've been pretty delighted with the performance of my own "alliance" tools that I've used to date.
Festool Tool Problems / Re: Kapex dies again
« Last post by rizzoa13 on Yesterday at 11:28 AM »
Member Projects / Re: What kind of joinery on deck railing.
« Last post by jarbroen on Yesterday at 11:14 AM »
Not sure what 'best' or 'strongest' would be but I'm currently rebuilding my deck railing using mortise and tenon.
I'm in the Pacific Northwest - not really an extreme environment. 

The posts have .5" x 2.5" mortise with matching tenon on 2x4" rails on edge.  The rails have .5"x.75" mortise with matching tenon on the pickets.
It's kind of a pita to make and install but I really like how solid it's going together and it looks great.
A very expensive experiment. :D
I posted a couple pictures in my thread in the Home Improvement section.
Some might call me crazy or foolish but I went ahead with my mortise and tenon plan for the railing.
Definitely a lot of work and a PITA at some points but it's pretty darn cool making it and putting it all together.

The posts have .5" x 2.5" mortise with matching tenon on 2x4" rails on edge.  The rails have .5"x.75" mortise with matching tenon on the pickets.
It seems like cheating using the Hybrid Pantorouter but it's still time consuming to make all the mortise and tenon cuts.

I'm using Thrulok with at least one Simpson DTT2Z on each post.
After doing research on glues I ended up sticking with my original plan of Titebond III.  Gorilla glue would have screwed me 10x over with it's short work time and messy expansion.  Titebond III has a longer set time and it's also 'waterproof'.  The specs and reviews made it sound like a perfect fit for this project.

I made my tenons 'furniture' tight which proved to be a major kick in the butt trying to fit a rail section to post.  I've eased the rail tenons a bit and the subsequent sections have gong together much better.  Still a pain getting a whole section into place.
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Festool Kapex KS-60
« Last post by DeformedTree on Yesterday at 10:36 AM »
I feel that their decision is driven solely by marketing, has nothing to do with UL or anything else. What I do not agree with is their tactic to limit sales to the US of items they do not want to bring in. This just leads to resentment and anger against the brand. Reminds me of all the Greymarket M/Benz models that were brought in to the US, that were not available here, until they folded and brought them in finally.

Bringing in any new product has cost/effort with it.  If something never comes there is understanding to a degree of it not being someplace.  The hard to follow is when something is here and they stop, the initial cost of getting it in the market are done.

The Kapex isn't really an inter-connected part like the tracksaws/rails/mft/routers/cms with inserts part of the system where it makes the most sense to have all the bits. But for free standing tools that don't have a co-dependancy/co-functionality with the others it's easier to understand those tools not being in N.A.

Careful on bringing up the cars, we don't want tools companies to get a 25 year import ban put in place like cars have.  [scared]
General Friendly Chat / Re: South Dakota v. Wayfair Inc.
« Last post by DeformedTree on Yesterday at 10:27 AM »
Sounds like something that will change very quickly now.  Since it's no longer "Stores: oh this is to much burden since the tools don't do this so we can't make such a change". now it's "Software/Processor: Since you all have to do this, all our tools for commerce do this automatically"
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: TS 55 Reliability/Quality Problem
« Last post by Joe Felchlin on Yesterday at 10:20 AM »
In Reply #28 of this thread l espoused the virtue of my TS 75: “The ‘75 meets all my needs” - And said: “Yea... I may buy a lighter saw at some point - Age being a possible ‘game changer’.”

Well.. A TS 55 REQ came available on Festool’s Recon site at a great price -
And I succumbed (once again) to the temptation of the “Green Kool Aid”.
This threads title should have forewarned me: “TS 55 Reliability/Quality Problem”.
The saw arrived DOA.
(And...  To boot - The Blade wasn’t aligned to the Base at 90 degrees, when indicated.)
“Silly me”. I thought Festool actually RECONDITIONED these tools -
And at a minimum - Somebody plugged ‘em and pulled the trigger.
Had to go through the hassle of repacking the saw, filling out the paperwork, and hauling it to UPS. It’s on its way to Festool Service.
What a frustration. [mad]

I must say that I bought another Recon Sale item - A CT 26 Dust Extractor - And have had no problems so far.
But... A year or so ago I bought a new DF 700 XL Domino Joiner that’s sight gauge couldn’t be aligned - Even after two trips to Festool Service - And a lot of hassle.
(Eventually, after intervention by Tyler C and Festool Germany HQ - Festool sent me a new one.)

I understand that nothing/no one is perfect.
But, the the last few years, it seems more and more is “slipping through the cracks” with Festool.
This latest experience only reaffirms what I continue to read regularly on the FOG.
It appears that in recent years Festool’s Quality Assurance continues to decline -
As they “trade off” of “yesterday’s” reputation.
Come on Festool. We’re trying to “keep the faith”. Be what you claim to be.
General Friendly Chat / What happened to Half-Inch shy?
« Last post by grobkuschelig on Yesterday at 09:55 AM »
Thanks for the link!
Good to see he is doing great. He really seems like a great guy.

[emoji23] have you watched the video of him Domino-ing while doing splits? [emoji23]

@PaulMarcel keep it up! You are an inspiration!
Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Makita or Rikon lunchbox planers
« Last post by Cheese on Yesterday at 09:30 AM »
In my experience 100 grit in a RO sander cleans it up very quickly, certainly more quickly than the surface left by the original straight blades in the DW735.

That's been my experience also. You can see the ripple visually with strong lighting, but it sands smooth very quickly. Like Kevin said, the ripples sand away quicker than the burnished finish and that was left with the straight blades.
Festool Tool Problems / Re: Kapex dies again
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