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Festool Jigs & Tool Enhancements / Re: MFT 3 ideas for small shop
« Last post by eddomak on Yesterday at 07:33 PM »
Thanks for sharing - that's great! And thanks for sharing the part numbers.

I am assuming you still need to adjust the front to height (which is far more convenient to do)?

I find that I really need to use the front to keep the rail at 90 degrees to the holes, as when I drop the rail down "naturally" it is far from 90 degrees. This is also evidenced by the fact that when I drop the rail onto the locating pin on the front support there is tension (which admittedly takes the slop out).
Sales & Dealer Area / New 2018 CT Extractors
« Last post by Dan Clermont on Yesterday at 07:23 PM »
Hello everyone!

We are now accepting pre-orders of the new CT Dust Extractors. They feature the new tapered hose with a smooth hose for improved ergonomics, and the CT 26, 36, and 48 have been upgraded to a stronger hose garage with T-Loc and Classic to quickly lock any Systainer or Sortainer to the SYS-Dock. The 26, 36, and 48 also feature a new cord wrap which allows the cord to be removed without unwrapping it!

Pre-order at
Looks like stuff is getting to our side of the pond a little quicker...

Is anyone else surprised that Bluetooth remote/module isn't $195?

I guess the debate over cutting fiber cement products and them voiding warranty has been settled.....


I guess if you use the Festool blade...

Festool Jigs & Tool Enhancements / Re: MFT 3 ideas for small shop
« Last post by Hal M on Yesterday at 06:43 PM »
One thing I noticed in the video is that the rail moves the workpieces slightly.

I think this could be avoided by removing a part of the black anti-slip strips, just 1-2cm at the back where the edge of a high workpiece contacts the rail while it's still tilted.

I did see that on the video. The boards were very slick and slid on each other and I wasn’t holding them   When I have used it, it has not been a problem as I am normally holding the boards against the fence. Most of the stuff I have cut has been 3/4” so it doesn’t move at all.  On boards > 2” I just noticed the rail just dropped slower but I was holding the boards.

That being said, I think if I was cutting a lot of taller boards I would cut a tiny but of the foam out. I may do it anyway.

Thanks for the thought.
Finishing and Painting / Re: Farrow and Ball in a sprayer?
« Last post by Roachmill on Yesterday at 06:13 PM »
I have zero experience spraying with it, so I'll not open my mouth on that front. I have used it on cabinets (eggshell) and used a non F&B primer... it took about 5 days to dry to the touch on light coats. I then learned they say to use their own brand primer and I can now understand why ;) So I guess the moral of the story is to try a sample if you're thinking to use anything non F&B along the way.

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I guess the debate over cutting fiber cement products and them voiding warranty has been settled.....

Festool How To... / Re: Conturo Glue Settings
« Last post by tjbnwi on Yesterday at 06:10 PM »
I'm at 2-3" of extra.


If they sold the hose which is used for the connection between the cyclone and the vacuum I'd gladly buy it.

Pretty satisfied with the Festool hose clamped to the cyclone with the angle pointing up --- just wish that I could better resolve connecting it to the 1 1/4" extension wand --- If the Curved Hand Tube D36 Poly fits the hose, I'll gladly get one of those and then re-work the dust shoe to fit it if need be.


One concern about the above is apparently the hand tube isn't anti-static.

Instead, I'm going w/ a simpler solution --- removing the connector and using a 1.5" --1.5" flexible coupler to connect it to the extension wand.
Neat, can you replace it if need be?

Yes, I made these aluminum Dominos and epoxied them into the walnut. Now the rear of the countertop can be detached and the countertop slid forward and removed if the LEDs need to be replaced.

These LEDs are tied into the under cabinet lighting so as I dim the under cabinet lighting, the countertop LEDs follow suit.

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