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Festool Tool Problems / Re: Kapex right hand laser line bent!
« Last post by Peter Halle on Yesterday at 04:57 PM »
Well, there is no way you bent the laser beam.  It's just light.  The adjusting screws require tiny turns.

The best thing I can suggest is that you take a look at the supplemental manual for the Kapex and go thru the procedure slowly and deliberately.  Here is the link to the page.  Scroll down and find it:

Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Dwc screws
« Last post by rst on Yesterday at 04:56 PM »
I just bought two 1000 count tubs of Duraspin thru Amazon 10/16...$18.00 @
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Dwc screws
« Last post by BJM9818 on Yesterday at 04:41 PM »
I bought the gun earlier in the year. Hilti switched to a different format so they won’t fit. I’ve been using the Senco Duraspin #6 1 1/4” and they have worked great. Home Depot carries a package of 800 for around $18.

A few months ago amazon had buckets of 1000 for $16.95 with free shipping. I ordered 20 of them. You can fit about 3500 screws in a Sys 3 which is what I do to carry them around. The plastic tubs aren’t the best for jobsite storage when doing Sheetrock repairs during my remodeling.

Not sure I would be buying them if my main gig was sheetrocking, to much $$. For repairing and light work like a bathroom kitchen remodel this gun is awesome. 
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Dwc screws
« Last post by live4ever on Yesterday at 04:38 PM »
Which brand of collated screw would you guys recommend?

I use Senco - easily available at the local borg and Amazon.  No problems...
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Dwc screws
« Last post by rylim on Yesterday at 04:32 PM »
Which brand of collated screw would you guys recommend?


Thanks for the feedback folks.  I ordered the new TSO guide from my friends at Ultimate Tools. 

I am looking forward to receiving it.  I think my idea was sound; however, the TSO guide looks like it would be a more convenient option. 

Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Dust Collector for garage. Laguna or Jet
« Last post by J0hn on Yesterday at 03:27 PM »
I looked at the ClearVue - just couldn't make it work.  I have a 3 stall garage that I didn't want to turn into a dedicated woodshop....   I even created a 3d diagram in sketchup to see the various ways to run the ducting from a small 'shed' that I was going to build behind the garage, and finally decided that it was not the way I wanted to go

That is when I decided on the Laguna/JDS type system.  If I am doing other things in my garage - working on cars or my motorcycle or heaven forbid, actually park cars in there, I can get all my tools into the single stall which leaves me with the two stalls open.  Works for me - something to think about
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Parallel guide as a guide rail square
« Last post by greg mann on Yesterday at 03:09 PM »
I have done just what you are asking with very good results. Perhaps I am just lucky but I have not had trouble setting the rail, just push the PG up against the reference edge as I set the rail down for the cut. I usually set it on the line at the near edge and rotate it down. You have the PG so I would suggest trying it out. Nothing to lose. If it does not work for you then you can try something else.

I have also not detected any issue removing and resetting as needed. I do agree that this is not what it was designed to do and heard that directly from Sedge in a workshop. When I told him I got very good results he certainly did not forbid me from doing so and did not challenge my claim that it could work. He was just not going to claim that it would work in every case.
Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Dust Collector for garage. Laguna or Jet
« Last post by BarneyD on Yesterday at 02:55 PM »
A couple of years ago I decided to upgrade my dust collection. I'm just a hobbyist (one man shop).  Was going to buy the Oneida V2000. The chap at Oneida that I talked with agreed that the 2Hp would be sufficient, but the 3HP model was on sale that week for less than $100 over the 2HP.  So I went that route and could not be happier. I've dealt with Oneida many times over the years and have nothing but good things to say about them.
Festool Tool Problems / CT36 Auto start not working
« Last post by Len R on Yesterday at 02:24 PM »
Have had my CT36 for a couple of years, always worked great.  Today, the auto start function stopped working.  The vac works fine in manual, and there is power to the outlet on the vac.  Any suggestions to fix this?


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