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Festool Tool Problems / Kapex right hand laser line bent!
« Last post by Rosco on Yesterday at 01:57 PM »
I noticed my right hand laser needed adjusting.

 I tried to sort it by turning the allen key/hex key but nothing was happening.

Then suddenly the laser line being projected actually bent!
I'm now left with a bent laser line and no way of adjusting it  [blink]

Anyone help? Or is it off to festool for repair?

Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Dust Collector for garage. Laguna or Jet
« Last post by JBag09 on Yesterday at 01:39 PM »
Just found out, well had to call them and ask, that JDS dust collectors are no more. So guess I’ll be searching again for a DC, think I’m going to look at the Oneida V-System 5000, was going to look at Clearvue but they are a bit much and can’t seem to find any discounts.

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Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Festool/ Mafell Rails
« Last post by yetihunter on Yesterday at 01:29 PM »
According to the internet, everything means that you have thyroid disease.   Well, except for
that massive goiter I had when I was ten or eleven.  Go figure?  [big grin]
Classifieds / HL 850E and Bench Unit and Angle Stop w/very light use
« Last post by jdv84usn on Yesterday at 01:01 PM »
Selling a lightly used HL 850 E planer in classic systainer with bench unit and angle stop. Bench unit and angle stop are discontinued and not available any longer. $825 shipped Cont. US
Ask Festool / Re: ETS 150/3 or ETS 150/5
« Last post by sheperd80 on Yesterday at 12:48 PM »
I have the /5 and find that it leaves a nice fine finish and doesnt need to be followed by a finer sander. Its also much easier to use 1 handed than the RO150. Either one would serve you well to follow the Rotex but i bet if you got the 150/5 youd find yourself usong the Rotex alot less.

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If you're looking for more depth, Taunton Press offers quite a selection of books on just about any topic. 
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Parallel guide as a guide rail square
« Last post by jobsworth on Yesterday at 12:34 PM »
There is a utube video by our own Brice Burrel demonstrating how to use a Festool PG to cross cut ply with a guide rail. But to use a GR to square a MFT, think right tool for the job, and the PG are not made for that.

But Hey you are thinking out of the box. One thing I learned using festools is ya gotta think out side the box.

I have both the woodpecker 45 cm OTT and one of the squares sold by anderson ply. I like using the Anderson ply square more then the WP OTT. They both are very accurate , however the square from anderson ply is made for squareing up a MFT and is inexpensive
Here's an earlier thread, which goes into a lot of detail on attaching shelving to metal studs.
Classifieds / Re: Festool Personal Shop Sale - The Motherlode
« Last post by michael.williams on Yesterday at 09:38 AM »
Good morning everyone! There are two offers on the table to take the entire lot and I have given each of these fine gentlemen until 9am Friday to firm things up with a deposit.. first one in settles the matter.

On the chance that both of these individuals decide against purchasing, you are welcome to continue to submit offers for smaller lots. And the more you’re willing to take off my hands, the higher you will go on the priority list. Naturally, I will also be glad to consider any additional full lot offers at that time, so give it some thought, maybe pool some resources!

Finally, it appears that these things are coming out of the woodwork at this point, so there’s a good chance I’ll still have a few items to move even if someone does take the entire current list. In other words, there’s more to be had.

More to come! And thanks very much for all your interest and patience!

I have a video announcing the Inventales Black Friday offerings....

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