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Upgraded my ancient levels.  Bought 24, 48, and 72" electronic them from Zoro's at 25% off.  I've had an original electronic level, a 24" Wedge Smartlevel since 1987.  I still works great, used to spring clamp it to a 72" aluminum extrusion for longer jobs.  I'm 65 now and lying down on the floor to see the display or bubbles for mirror installations made me think I deserved an upgrade.  Also bought 3/8" imperial and metric Wera Zyklop sets and the imperial Tool-Check Plus Bit Ratchet Set.
Hi Gregor
Thank you for your suggestion, in this instance the pipe clips would probably not work as you have to negotiate the shelf around an upright tube before it will sit in place.
Possible. Havn't experimented with that particular geometric situation yet.
However you have sparked an idea to use these clips. If you can convert the clips fixing hole into a threaded one, you could have a threaded hole on any pipe. The thread could be tapped directly into the clip or a threaded insert used, depends on how much material is available.
It should be no big problem to glue (or melt) a hex nuts into these clips, the bolt going in there would just need to be of precise length or it'll push the tube out of the clip (when coming out of the other side of the nut).
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: New TS75 “Kicks Back”
« Last post by Corwin on Today at 06:20 PM »
... I don't see why plunging in itself should cause kickback as cutting downward, from the POV of the circular saw blade, is identical to cutting forward. ...

No, this is not correct.
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Festool Drill Stand
« Last post by TinyShop on Today at 06:13 PM »
Reviews in English for the Wabeco drill stands are difficult to find. However, I just stumbled upon this one:

Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: New TS75 “Kicks Back”
« Last post by live4ever on Today at 05:17 PM »
Festool Tool Reviews / Re: Festool C18 - Video
« Last post by Henrik R / Pingvinlakrits on Today at 05:13 PM »
I too have that love/hate relationship with the C models. Prefer them when the Centrotec chuck is mounted. Loathe it with the drill chuck on. Can't decide whether to use the middle finger or the index finger. But I have been given Festool the middle finger for a while so there you have it.

I have the T18, C18 and CXS. I always wonder why I don't prefer the T18, it sits better in hand and is more comfortable with the drill chuck on.

I do love the CXS both for grip, size, front magnet and clip. Wish it RPM'ed a little higher and had a little more torque.

The very best precision drill was the old C12 for me personally. Amazing. The C18 is close though.
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: The DOMINO has evolved.
« Last post by TylerC on Today at 04:50 PM »
Are you planning to change Domino's systainer insert? Current insert has slots for 4 cutter heads. Will new insert hold 4 mm cutters too? Will spare part insert have decals for cutters?

Hey @TylerC , this question was never answered. Is there any additional information on the DF 500 Systainer insert?


I don't have a definitive answer on this, but it appears that the answer is that there have not been updates to the insert nor are there immediate plans to update it. If I get a different answer, I'll let you know.
Other Tool Reviews / Re: Makita vs Festool?
« Last post by leakyroof on Today at 04:50 PM »
Festools circular saws and for me especually the HKC 55 are brilliant.
Their drills? Lot of money for something that makes a chuck spin.

Am interested in the Drywall cordless though.
  I have the Cordless Drywall Gun along with several of their 'chuck spinning' drills    [poke].  Very sweet, very quick, and quiet... [thumbs up]  My first Collated Screw Gun.... [not worthy]
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: New TS75 “Kicks Back”
« Last post by Sanderxpander on Today at 04:49 PM »
I may be misunderstanding the situation but what is the point of a plunge saw if you can plunge into the material? I've never had this kind of consistent kickback with my TS55, only when doing a miter and realizing I was putting pressure on the wrong way. I've also had it stall using a cross cut blade doing a rip cut in a fairly thick door. I don't plunge a lot but I don't see why plunging in itself should cause kickback as cutting downward, from the POV of the circular saw blade, is identical to cutting forward. Always let the saw get up to speed before engaging the workpiece, yes, but you should still be able to plunge. I'm just a hobbyist though, feel free to educate me.

EDIT: To the OP, I know you said you checked your saw but you mentioned it seems to happen when the riving knife slides in the groove, to me that seems like a dog whistle for an alignment problem. If the riving knife is not in line with the saw blade it will push the saw blade sideways when it slides into the groove which could cause kickback. Just a thought. Perhaps it got bent a little somehow?
Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Jessem Pow-R-Tek Motor Review
« Last post by Joe Felchlin on Today at 04:41 PM »
Jessem had some distribution problems a few years ago -
And for a few years virtually “disappeared” from the U.S. market.
Thankfully they came back - ‘Cause their router table stuff is solid/terrific.

I coupled my Jessem Master Lift Excel II with a PC7518 - Mite-R-Slide, Jessem table and stand - The works. Love it.
Sounds like you’ve got an even better set-up going. ALL JESSEM.

I strongly recommend adding Jessem’s Clear-Cut Stock Guides.
I wouldn’t be without ‘em.
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