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Festool Jigs & Tool Enhancements / Re: Modified ctl sys
« Last post by SRSemenza on Today at 02:30 AM »
Very nicely done, how did you manage to find the dark blue sys mft lid?

I think it is the Tanos anthracite MFT lid.

Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Trend air respirator
« Last post by treesner on Today at 02:28 AM »
I've had the Trend Pro for ~8 years.  I use it extensively when wood turning or milling MDF.  It works excellent for particles, but doesn't filter any type of fumes or vapors like the 3M units do.  I have rebuilt one of my two battery packs during this time.  The battery charger is not a "smart" charger and can degrade battery life if batteries are left in the charger for a prolonged time (I believe Trend recommends not exceeding 14 hrs).  I found a simple inexpensive smart charger that was recommended over on the Sawmill Creek forum and have never had battery problems again.  Other folks put their charger on a timer which would also work.  The batteries are expensive from Trend, however they cost less than $15 to rebuild if you have a soldering iron.

Some users are not comfortable with the weight of the unit however it is a non-issue for me and it works so well that I use it often.

(Attachment Link) (Attachment Link) (Attachment Link)

Thanks for the info. Disappointing that it doesn't filter fumes as well since I work with resin occasionly. I'll have to get a smart charger. Do you think buying a second battery is worth having on hand?

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Very nicely done, how did you manage to find the dark blue sys mft lid?
Member Projects / Re: Custom sized end tables
« Last post by Scorpion on Today at 12:31 AM »
Very nice, like 'em a lot.  Especially like how the tops laid out.


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Hi Nat,

Sorry, I haven't had a moment to update the site (swamped with ongoing carpentry business schedule of late.) But the Plug-n-Play Stabila model is available and you can order it right now. Just send me an email at telling me that's what you want. You can make the transaction on the site by ordering the currently listed Stabila model ($35) and adding an extra Level End Adapter ($10). The total you pay will equal the new price. I'll know what you want and get you the new model, good to go right out of the box. Otherwise, I'll have the site updated by mid-week.
Member Projects / Re: Homemade 12" Jointer
« Last post by jbuss8706 on Yesterday at 11:49 PM »
I came up with a different design for the fence from a traditional jointer fence. I need to be able to keep this jointer as close to the wall as possible and with traditional fences, the extension keeps this from happening.

The two 95lbs switchable magnets seem to hold up. Made it from MDF because I wasn't too sure if the design would actually work, but it seems to be working well. ''

Member Projects / Re: Homemade 12" Jointer
« Last post by jbuss8706 on Yesterday at 11:42 PM »
Excellent ingenuity and frugalness. Have you used it much? Any photos of cut quality?

Working on a long double vanity top made from walnut, around 80" long, some of the boards are 10" wide. I literally wouldn't have been able to come close to jointing these boards with my old jointer. It worked flawlessly.
I ended up getting the angled , comfort grip, spring, no notch, 8" model 71 22 200.

     18ga, 15ga brads = no problem, easy snip , snip , snip.

     Same for electric fence wire (not sure of gauge) and finish nail #4 and #8.

     8d and 12d galvanized nails a little effort but easy cutting.

     up to #10 machine screws no problem.

     GRK R4 wood screws #6 easy, #8 some effort but no problem, #9 a two hander but cut it. #10 hard to cut in fact i used two hands and went from two directions and didn't get through.... decided not to push it any further to make the cut. Maybe the notch version would cut the #10 ?

      Zero damage visible on cutting edges, no light showing through closed cutter edges.

      I would definitely recommend the comfort grip models based on the amount of squeezing required to make some cuts. I have not tried the regular grip but I can tell that I am glad I went with the comfort grip. There is a 10" (250mm) version available but currently only in regular grip. The longer handles would be easier to get two hands on but I think not having the comfort grip would be a big offset to the better two handed use.


Festool Tool Problems / Re: OF 1400 plunge issue
« Last post by John Broomall on Yesterday at 11:01 PM »
I tried out three at a dealer and two of them had creaky springs.
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Carvex 420 won't take S75/4 blade
« Last post by BigfootBuilder on Yesterday at 10:29 PM »
I had many many issues with my new carvex about a month ago, most of which I detailed in my thread about it

Extreme difficulty inserting the thicker gold blades was one of the issues. I had one get stuck in there and spent a long time with pliers trying to get it out. Called festool and had to leave a message (during business hours) and NEVER received a call back.

I ended up not being able to use any of the thick (yes, specifically carvex) blades in a job that I specifically bought the tool for. I'm pretty sure my saw was defective, if in no other way than the blade insertion/release mechanism machining tolerances because I returned it and got another one (barrel grip, from the stupid d-handle one) and it does *not yet* seem to have this issue, though I haven't gotten to play with it at all yet except for sticking blades in and out of it.

Long story short, you're not alone...
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