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Festool Tool Problems / Re: Power issues
« Last post by Big G on Today at 04:00 AM »
Chippydan28, Our Company has been using Festo,Festool and Protool since the 80's and in the past 5 years or so have all concluded that Festool seems to have gone for the "DIYer in his garage" type of customers, something that can be verified by the fact that 99 percent of people on this site are now in that category. Take a look at their latest additions, a vacuum for your wife, a site radio for your garage only, an extension in the form of a systainer all fit in with the look, they can stack all their as new tools and show them off to their friends.
FACT their saws are underpowered and protected to the point that they become unusable on anything other than plywood, I thought there was a light at the end of the tunnel when they used "HK" in front of their new saws but they have turned out to have the same problems as their other saws, the 85 looked promising but feels underpowered compared to the 132 even though they claim to have the same power.
Their drills are over protected and now more than 10 years after Hilti introduced their AS battery chargers, Festool have introduced them, lets hope this is a sign they are re-entering the professional market and will again start producing indestructible non protected POWER tools and not toys as the majority of the members on here refer to them.
It is also a fact that their current tools that are still good are from the Festo and Protool range and lets hope they leave them alone, a perfect example of this is the DR18, on a 10 year old Protool it drills holes, on a new Festool it beeps and stops.
Festool Tool Reviews / Re: OF 1400 vs OF 2200
« Last post by rourky on Today at 03:26 AM »
I'm using a 12.7mm straight router cutter and cutting 40mm laminated worktops.

Is anyone using the 1400 for this?
Festool Tool Problems / Re: Power issues
« Last post by GarryMartin on Today at 02:35 AM »
Its a 3.3 kva tranny running a ctm26 e ac with the hk plugged in. Sometimes it extended buy a 25 m cable real the extractor is fine the hk does not like it at all its less noticeable with the planer but it is impared. My bocsh gfk600 and dewalt dw717xps ran through the extractor are both fine

I don't think I can really help much more.

You're pushing the boundaries for the advanced electronics by running both the extractor and saw through a 3.3kVA transformer at the end of a 25m cable. If you can't change that situation (larger transformer and/or shorter extension) then maybe less "intelligent" tools are the way to go for your circumstances.
I bought the whole set the first time (minus the thicker spacers and no adapter for the 700XL). I love the offset base itself and almost always use it with the DF500. It allows me to ensure that the machine doesn't shift during plunges; in other words, greater leverage and stability during plunging. This isn't a general problem but I have had the DF500 move just slightly on occasion and I don't ever get that with the offset base.

As for the extensions, Woodpecker's agreed to a modification of the extensions included; 2-12" sections each of the sections that extend from 6" to 30" (I think 30") because I really didn't think I would have any use for extensions out to 54" but could have use for doing work up to 30" on either side of the center. So far, I really haven't used the extensions period. I just don't do that kind of work and it's been easier to just mark where I want the Dominos because it doesn't generally matter.

I do use the spacers. There have been situations where I wanted the Dominos centered in the thickness of the wood; sometimes just because I'm a perfectionist and sometimes necessary. It's a handy feature for me. In fact, since the taller spacers are being offered, I may order them this time. I did have a need for one of them awhile back.

I recently acquired the 700XL and will likely buy the adapter this time also.

In general, I think the base itself and the spacers have been very useful for me; the extensions not really. To some degree it depends on the kind of work you do. If you join multiple long pieces, the extensions might be worth it. Depends on how much you do that.

I am a "hobby" woodworker and am not really concerned with efficiency; just satisfaction with my work and as high quality work as I can produce. I'd have to say it is always faster to merely mark the location of the Dominos across the boards to be joined and make sure you exert enough pressure to keep the machine from moving.

It's a cool addition, very accurate, very well machined, and the results are always perfect when I use it. I would say, though, that the results with the Domino alone are generally virtually perfect also. So, it's definitely a choice and not a requirement for high quality work with the Domino. The Domino is my favorite tool ever, regardless.

Thanks for posting your experience. Does it work well vertically on an edge where you would have to normally use the festool vertical stop attachment?   The videos don't show this and that was the concern I had. Horizontal plunging seems very solid.
Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Dewalt 18v jigsaw
« Last post by JustinWG on Today at 02:05 AM »
I didn't catch the Amazon reviews prior to purchase.  Wish I would've.  It was more of a necessity purchase while at the local hardware store.  Sadly, I didn't think too much about it.

In any event, I returned it.  Later that same day, I came home with a Carvex 420 Barrel Grip.  Although it is just a tad large for my hands, it is manageable.  I'm significant more satisfied with the Carvex than I was with the Dewalt.  I'd honestly have a hard time comparing the two against each other - there is such an extreme difference (based on my experiences).
Sales & Dealer Area / Re: Bob Marino - Festools - dissapointment
« Last post by charley1968 on Today at 02:02 AM »
Errr, it's 2017, antss?
I think it's legit to post criticism even if it's your first post and i think Bob handled it well.
Nuff said
Sales & Dealer Area / Re: Bob Marino - Festools - dissapointment
« Last post by antss on Today at 01:16 AM »
To what end was this story dragged up a year after it happened and settled ?

Some one have an axe to grind with Bob ?  [huh]

I've got news for all of you - any company in business before the war that still survives in Germany today supported the Nazis whether directly or indirectly.

It was simply a matter of survival, whether they agreed or were disgusted with the regime.  None of the people around back then now have anything to do with whether the businesses produce a good tool at a fair price anyway. 

If you dig deep enough, someone or some group/class will be put off by all of the owners or management of the companies on that list. Those American and Chineese companies don't have a sainted history either, perhaps worse. 

It should also be noted that many of those Germany companies are still governed by family trusts that spread around the profits generated to more than just the family members. 
Didn't know that Bosch & Hilti were so big... Not a big fan of their tools, because Hilti was started by second cousin of Hitler and Bosch supported Nazi regime as well.

Well Festool as TTS was around during WW11 as well: so was Mann, AEG, BMW and Mercedes and Bayer. There are companies in other countries including my own and in NA that have 'history' too. 

I am more interested in what contributions a company is making to society and the social and physical environment today, rather than necessarily dwelling on their past.

Hence one of the reasons I tend to purchase Festool and other high quality tools is their durability and ability to be recycled when their end does eventuate.
Festool Tools & Accessories / FESTOOL DUO LIGHT on regular tripod
« Last post by Vladiator on Today at 12:58 AM »
I'm about to buy a DUO LIGHT and while looking at it noticed it doesn't have a normal 1/4" tripod adapter mount and the tripod that comes with it doesn't have a 1/4" threaded bolt either.

While Festool sells a tripod for the DUO light that fits, it's 3 times the price of an average tripod, and that tripod can't be used for anything else, like lasers.

Did any of you try to mount the DUO light to a regular tripod, and if yes, how?
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