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Watched the video for both Woodpeckers and Festool. Festool had a balance add on for the router to prevent tilting is there one for the woodpecker version? The Woodpecker video only really shows it being used with the rails close together to prevent tilt.
Home Improvement & Other Projects / Re: Need 80/20 advice
« Last post by Cheese on Today at 10:43 AM »
Cheese - How do you use those screws to attach the 80/20 to the wall?   Do you just run the screw through the aluminum?   I was looking at some shelf supports and thought I could actually use them underneath to support the structure since it supposedly can support 100's of lbs each.

Hey @TealaG
Here are a couple of photos of the work bench I was referring to. I used Spax Power Lags, 5/16" x 3".
1. It's very important to drill the Spax pilot holes perpendicular to the surface otherwise they're splayed in different directions and you'll never slide the 80/20 on.
2. Insert the Spax lags and tighten them up but allow plenty of room to slide the 80/20 over the heads. Every lag should be proud of the surface by the same amount.

3. Measure the distance between all lag screws and drill over sized wrench access holes in the 80/20 to match the position of the lags.

4. Slide the 80/20 over the Spax heads and make sure all wrench access holes line up with the lags.

5. Tighten each lag a little at a time (about 1 wrench turn) to avoid binding the 80/20 and Spax lags.

The 4th photo is a view of the wrench clearance hole. You can just see the Spax lag Torx drive peeking through.
Id like either a contra kit or the vacuum kit,...some day Santa will be good to me ...


You are retired now so you have to do your buying in smaller steps - unless you strike oil in the garden  [smile] so start digging !

Home Improvement & Other Projects / Re: Need 80/20 advice
« Last post by mwildt on Today at 10:24 AM »
Ok, here is an attempt on drawing this free hand on a computer. I think you can save cost to go with thinner extrusions, but you need som diagonal supports instead. 8020 has hinges for this.
Id like either a contra kit or the vacuum kit,...some day Santa will be good to me ...
Various Woodworking & Crafts Topics / Re: Misumiusa vs 8020 Extrusion
« Last post by Cheese on Today at 09:37 AM »
Thanks for the tip! I’ll have to keep an eye out ... I’ve only seen shorter pieces of 1515 for closer to 25 cents per foot but nothing longer yet.

I don't know what lengths you're looking for, but I purchased several pieces of 1515 in November that were 72" long.
Home Improvement & Other Projects / Re: Need 80/20 advice
« Last post by Steve1 on Today at 08:57 AM »
If you are using something like 1.5" x 1.5" extrusion, a good way of mounting it would be on a piece of aluminum angle.   Or steel angle (might be easier to find), painted aluminum silver.    You could just use a few pieces of angle, but some might say one length looks better.    If you use something like 1.5" x 3" angle, with the 3" face on the wall, with 2 screws every 16" into the beam, you could hang a house off that strut. 

One does not normally screw though extrusion, but that is possible also.  When doing this, you commonly would use a screw with a wide head that fits in the far side T-slot, and a through hole in the extrusion just for the screwdriver.    8020 likely sells such screws, but likely in straight machine screw sizes rather than wood screws.   You could try wood screw with washer.
Member Projects / Re: H&K Custom Barn Doors
« Last post by TXFIVEO on Today at 08:33 AM »
Installed last night...
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Super Dogs
« Last post by Rusty Miller on Today at 08:13 AM »
Got my Super Dogs yesterday.  Very nice looking, haven't used them yet but will soon.  Now just waiting for the updated drill collar from TSO, but I know it will be coming soon.

"The smaller the usable parts, the smaller the shipping container, lower costs."

Just saw this thread this morning. To keep cost down and stay within the limits of your printer could you not build larger pieces from sub-assemblies that you epoxy together. This would also allow the piece parts to be of different colors. Doesn't help with the time required or the cost to produce the part but still a way to make larger pieces. I was thinking of the suggestion made earlier of the rail holder spanning both the ID slots and being one piece and you mentioned this was beyond the size limits of your printer.
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