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Festool Tool Problems / Re: Kapex Died!!!!!!
« Last post by GarryMartin on Today at 05:39 AM »
where can I find brushes for the kapex?

If you meant where can you buy them from, they are available from Festool dealers.

If you meant where are they on the saw so you can check them, take a look at this thread

Have you had the power checked in your workshop?
Festool and Tanos Systainers / Re: Mini systainer iii in a systainer
« Last post by Bvps on Today at 04:33 AM »
here you can see a sys4 with one sys mini3 und one sys mini1. there isn't place for 2 sysmini3. sorry for my English
I just last week purchased a Festool Syslite Duo and stand - about $435 for the set. I used it this evening to do some spraying of some drawer fronts in an area I didn't have good lighting - and it was just awesome. Very happy, but, as others have noted, it's odd that there is no dimmer and no on-off switch. But it IS 8k lumens and built like a tank.

So, tonight I see a video on the new Milwaukee light - the M18 Radius Charger 2051-20 and 2151-20, just coming out. It has 9k lumens... and a dimmer, and it charges 2 M18 batteries, and is AC or DC, and tis remote controllable. Prices are a little hard to come by, and there is some confusion as to which model number will have their One-Key remote, but the only price I have seen is $499. I would bet that it's the price for the cheaper one without the One-Key.

I had been looking at the smaller Radius, but wasn't that impressed. This one, hmmmm... I use a few M18 battery powered devices, and could see that being handy. And the dimmer... and the ability to run on batteries...

Nah - The Festool Syslite Duo is already amazingly expensive, and it CERTAINLY is bright enough for what I need. And the quality of light is really good... and the Milwaukee seems like a lot of plastic and with a stand as a part of its construction, it won't be able to be mounted very high (or low, I guess).

Other opinions on the Syslite Duo? I haven't heard/read much about it.


Edit to include a link to the Milwaukee Radius charger:
Festool Tool Problems / Re: Kapex Died!!!!!!
« Last post by six-point socket II on Today at 02:45 AM »

You can find them in EKAT:

You are looking for: Order/Part# 494785   (20.24 USD excl. VAT.)

I think for ordering you need to call Festool.

Kind regards,
No shame in that @#Tee I still have the set my dad bought me for Xmas in like 2004 mounted to the back of my router table, and they still get occasional use when I lack a comparable bit from another manufacturer.

ya i was in the same boat starting off. a full kit of the good stuff would cost 300-500. so i buy the cheap stuff to get a feel of what ill be using most of the time on my projects. i slowly bought a few bits of whiteside....even then i still use the ryobi's more.
Various Woodworking & Crafts Topics / Re: Doug Fir Blowout
« Last post by aloysius on Today at 01:19 AM »
Pseudotsuga menziesii is a gynosperm, as with many (most?) spp. within the class Conifera will be far more freely splitting than corresponding hardwoods (angiosperms).  One reason is the lack of medullary rays that lock successive seasonal growth wood rings & vessels together, and another their tendency (by no means universal, some softwoods are the slowest growing spp. on earth) to rapidly produce much lower density, fast growth seasonal rings in response to rainfall events and the winter/summer freeze/thaw cycles.

These successive layers of varying density without binding rays allow the individual cell fibers to separate all too easily.  I could suggest that attention be paid to the way the grain lays on the various faces of the plank, but I'm sure your cobber, as an experienced wood machinist, knows this already.  Just as with any other form of planing operation, in just about any timber spp., with a hand plane or machine, results will vary radically dependent on the direction of feed.
Festool Tool Problems / Re: Kapex Died!!!!!!
« Last post by WoodDr. on Today at 01:13 AM »
where can I find brushes for the kapex?
Festool Tool Problems / Re: Kapex Died!!!!!!
« Last post by WoodDr. on Today at 01:09 AM »
Wait a minute I want to hear about this OF2200. I have had mine for years and use it every single day, not a hiccup.

What's going on with it?

I have never heard of an 2200 giving issues like that. I am thinking you got a lemon. The kapex has known issues and the TS 55 is a dog by my standards, but never broke down on me. If you did the research you would know the TS 55 bogs down in 3/4" plywood, I have been saying that for 8 years at least, that's not a failure, its an under powered saw. The TS 75 would never have bogged on anything you threw at it. So get yourself a Makita track saw if you must stay in that TS 55 size range, it won't bog down.

An OF 2200 going in 3 times, I dont think I have heard of one major failure. That's the only thing that surprises me here, that and that one guy is having so many issues with so many different tools.

There is little clarity at all,  what the  is wrong with the TS other than bogging down and the issue with the Of2200? I wouldn't mind knowing what to look for on my router.

I use the 2200 on a router table 99% of the time. I use it to make doors mostly. It works fine on styles and rails but when I use it for raised panels, it will make a few passes like excpected but then the rpms will slow down very low. After a few seconds it will speed up to regular rpms. It doesn't matter if I set the fence to cut in one pass or three, it still slows down about every 30 seconds.
I thought it might be my circuit but I have one outlet about 5 ft from the breaker box designated for the router only and I have the ct26 plugged into a separate outlet on a different circuit. It's very annoying!
I also have another vacuum attached to the fence to get as much dust collected as possible.
Festool Tool Problems / Re: Kapex Died!!!!!!
« Last post by WoodDr. on Today at 12:55 AM »
Ya, I thought it was probably the brushes but I don't want to void my warranty.
Hand Tools / Re: Ohishi stones?
« Last post by curiousdork on Today at 12:38 AM »
I don't have any experience the Ohishi stones, I found they're a bit difficult to find in the US. However, Lee Valley carries the Sigma Power Select II on their site.  The grit spreads are pretty good (1000, 3000, 10000, and 13000) and they're decently priced IMO.  If you're okay using Sigma's, I'd suggest that.
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