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Ask Festool / Re: Dimensions on magnet within CXS drill chuck?
« Last post by Tinker on Today at 04:01 AM »
I had the same thing happen.  Right now, I am uing the Jacobs chuck.
I'd offer rides, but it turns out I will not make Connect this year (unless a wedding gets canceled, or my wife tells me I don't have to attend [big grin]).

I will be down Friday night for the FOG meet and greet.

Ask Festool / Dimensions on magnet within CXS drill chuck?
« Last post by Mark Belanger on Yesterday at 10:42 PM »
Like many, the magnet within the my CXS shaft came out.  [mad]

Unlike most, I didn't notice until the magnet was long gone.  [eek]

Rather than ship in my drill, I'd be happy to fix it myself with either CA or VHB tape, but don't know the dimensions of the magnet in question. The magnet doesn't appear to be part of the parts list, unfortunately.

Does anyone know the dimension or whether I can order a replacement magnet directly from Festool?

Thanks much,
Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Router Bit: Straight vs Spiral
« Last post by Svar on Yesterday at 10:41 PM »
I use spiral whenever possible. Straight bits though come in greater variety of sizes.
Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Router Bit: Straight vs Spiral
« Last post by aloysius on Yesterday at 10:40 PM »
Even flush cutters benefit from a slight helical offset in the direction of their bearing surface.  As with most edge tools, a "slicing" cut often provides more splinter & chatter free performance.

Nevertheless, straight cutters are often a much more economical alternative, made from TCT cutting edges brazed to a steel former.  The more radically helical edged cutters tend to be milled (expensively) from solid carbide.  Their curved edges simply can't be resharpened easily, let alone user honed.  Straight cutters are quickly, simply & easily honed by the user with a credit card sized diamond hone, prolonging their life all but indefinitely.
Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Router Bit: Straight vs Spiral
« Last post by epicxt on Yesterday at 10:36 PM »
I pretty much always prefer spiral. I do a lot of template/mortise/inlay work.
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Life's a breeze with the CS50
« Last post by Tom Gensmer on Yesterday at 10:36 PM »
The Pull-Push saws are the best!! I'm using an Erika 70 with all of the extras and just love it. Unfortunately the CS50/70 are NAINA, so we only have access to the Erika 70/85.

My favorite aspect of this style of saw is how versatile they are. Besides the ability to crosscut and rip cut, I appreciate how they can be set up as a relatively compact unit, or you can add the table widener and/or sliding table and have a miniature, portable sliding table saw.

Other Tools & Accessories / Router Bit: Straight vs Spiral
« Last post by TealaG on Yesterday at 09:59 PM »
I have recently discovered the joy of a spiral router bit (it seems to cut smoother/easier than a straight bit).   Other than flush trimming, are there times when you'd prefer a straight bit over a spiral?  Or would you always use a spiral instead of a straight?
Ask Festool / Re: Reconditioned Tool Sale
« Last post by TylerC on Yesterday at 09:36 PM »
There's also a recon project in the works that isn't related to Connect. But if we do a recon sale a Festool Connect, it's definitely an incentive to be there.
Who has made hotel reservations already? Where are you staying?

Holiday Inn Express- Lebanon----

Need a lift ?

Thanks for the offer. I booked at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites Indianapolis NW - Whitestown. I have a car rented if anybody else needs a ride.
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