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Sales & Dealer Area / Re: UK- Free battery offer - extended
« Last post by geoffshep on Today at 09:29 PM »
I guess the thing about a basic and a free battery is that you'd still need a charger.
Festool Tool Reviews / Re: Looking to buy a barrel jigsaw need help
« Last post by Samo on Today at 09:25 PM »
thank you all for the input  I am still doing research

It isn't that hard a decision.  Jigsaws are mostly the same.  Your decision steps are:

1)  Grip/handle... you made that decision already
2)  Corded/Cordless
3)  Dust collection... if important, go Festool
4)  Blade ejection yes/no... I recommend yes because blades can get quite hot
5)  If Festool, you'll have an extra adjustment when changing blade size.  Many people consider this a negative, but it isn't that bad of one.

Along with dust collection, some added benefits of going Festool are:

A)  If you have  Festool guide rail then you can use it with your Festool jigsaw
B)  Festool jigsaws have a simple-to-use circle jig
C)  You get a systainer... if that's a benefit to you

Like a lot of pro Carpenters and Woodworkers, I've used mostly the older Swiss made Bosch.

Barrel grip vs Top Handle?

Barrel grip has an on/off switch, adjustable speed control setting and a knob or hand grip on the top front.  Best for scrolling jobs,
hold the front, move the barrel to scroll.

Top handle has variable speed in the trigger.  Awesome for most work!  Start slow and finish slow.  This is one of my problems with the Carvex.  I want to love the tool but the top handle is very slender and doesn't feel right to me personally.  Bought the barrel grip Carvex and still on the fence.
They are completely different; impact drivers provide torsional (rotational) impulses which act to drive the fastener clockwise as the screw advances into the material, percussion (hammer drill) provides linear impulses along the axis of the bit that act to micro-shatter the substrate (typically masonry) being drilled substantially speeding up the drilling process compared to a bit that just rotates.

Thanks for the reply...Thats what I thought based on what I have read just wanted to be sure before I purchased it. Have to reconsider what I want to do. Right now most if not all my drilling needs are met with my CXS (love it) Panasonic Impact and crappy Ryobi 18v for when things get ugly. If I could have consolidated two drills into one and got the centrotec capabilities throughout it would have been a no brainer for me. Now I have to ponder how it will fit in for me a little more.
. I have Impacts and I have a PDC. I would rather drive fasteners in with an Impact, but have done it time to time with my PDC on smaller screws when I only brought my PDC to a work site.
Still haven't tried large lag bolts like one poster here did with their PDC making kids outdoor playground stuff.
Festool Tool Problems / Re: Kapex Motor Issue
« Last post by skids on Today at 09:18 PM »
The Kapex has a universal motor and so speed control is accomplished by reducing the voltage. If you are perceiving a slowness, it may be worth checking the voltage level on your circuit.


The Kapex is like two different saws from 15a to 20a circuit. Sometimes your stuck with a 15a, gotta do what you have to do. It's one of the only things I hate about the Kapex is how fickle it is about needing a 20a circuit.
Finishing and Painting / Re: Finishing question
« Last post by tjbnwi on Today at 09:15 PM »
This an interior or exterior bench?

There cheap for a reason I have personally never bought a tool at Harbor BREAK  that was worth the time it took me to drive to the store. 
Festool Tool Reviews / Re: Looking to buy a barrel jigsaw need help
« Last post by Samo on Today at 09:08 PM »
Just as a source of information the Mafell that is often mentioned as being the top gun for a jigsaw is a $765 jigsaw here in the US.


On the Bosch, did you get the barrel or the handle?



I got the bareel grip
Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Mechanics tool recommendation wanted
« Last post by Samo on Today at 08:59 PM »
"Harbor Freight actually has cheap all metal clicker style torque wrenches and they are accurate and consistent!"

No offense, but not on something I (or someone I like) would drive.  [blink]
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Which table saw
« Last post by Kev on Today at 08:58 PM »
There'll be a huge price difference between a CS50 and a Dewalt job site .. also major differences in cut capacity.

We'd need a little more input into your intended use if you want any useful advice.
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