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Think GRK RSS screws.  You could hang the front end of a small-block Chevy off them. 
That's spectacular, Tom.  Can't wait to see the final photos.  Great job!!!   [smile]

When you wrote previously about your health issues and the stress and timeframes I was wondering if something like this was on the horizon.  You answered that one.

I do have a question for you.  You were at Festool back in 2009 for the introductory class with many others here weren't you?

Unless you do a lot of compound miters the bevel readout is not that important.
As a remodeler I use that function maybe 10% of the time.
Home Improvement & Other Projects / Re: Garage cabinets
« Last post by Batman on Today at 07:27 PM »
I enjoyed this. My attention span is about nill, but I can watch just about any video how to using festools. 
Member Projects / Re: "Texas Bowie" Table - A Tribute to The Alamo
« Last post by ScotF on Today at 07:12 PM »
That is an amazing piece of art - wow. How did you even come up with the design? I love it. Congratulations and thanks for posting. Good stuff.
Sales & Dealer Area / Re: coming VERY soon (US)
« Last post by yetihunter on Today at 07:05 PM »
balance of the cxs is much nicer with the old batteries vs the newer wide ones made for the txs.

I never realized the battery shape changed from the old CXS (which I have) and the new one- Thanks for pointing that out.  I want to get another one eventually, and I wasn't too fired up about getting this one, but now knowing this I may have to have a change of heart.  It would be nice to be able to interchange batteries between the two...


Both the old and new batteries work on any CXS.  The old ones don't work on the TXS.   
But, yes, again, the new batteries on the CXS pretty much defeat the whole point of the CXS, if that makes sense.   
Hard to say.  They have acknowledged there was a problem (hint, hint) and have said they are adjusting manufacturing but......................................

There are still a lot of saws mis-aligned out in the market.  So it's quite possible you get one that needs adjustment.  Might be a while before we can tell if the prob. was really fixed or just lip service.

The good news is the issue can be fixed relatively easily out in the field.   I haven't heard any reports on whether the battery version suffers from the problem.

Hmmm, if it's just an assembly whoopsie that needs re-alignment vs a permanent defect, I may not even be concerned.

I haven't cut anything with one, but I've manhandled the corded and cordless versions on display...back and forth between others and the Kapex.   The only real dealbreaker for me is that only the Kapex has the nicely visible bevel readout (which one would think everyone else would be doing) and that the new Makita's fences have to be removed and then tossed into the bin.   Otherwise, it's really nice.
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Festool/ Mafell Rails
« Last post by yetihunter on Today at 06:33 PM »
I would think the the way the strip interfaces to the rail itself would have been easy enough to address in the original design. Its an extrusion right. So you just design the extrusion with a slot for the strip and more adhesive for strip to rail interface. Sliding a composite or rubber into a the slot of an aluminum extrusion has been around for a pretty long time now. So unless Mafill has some sort of use patent floating around, that one would seem to have been a matter of just thinking about it long enough to come to that conclusion.

Think floor sweeps/weather strips on the bottom of storm doors. They all slide into an extruded slot. However, if Mafell has a patent on the rail, maybe they've included the slot as one of the claims on the patent.

I wish Bosch would sell it’s version of the Mafell Track Saw in Canada/US.  I’m guess there’s some kind of licensing issue preventing Bosch from releasing their track saw in North America.

There's a lot of things Bosch's power tool division isn't selling in North America.   
As in, either just about everything innovative or everything we'd consider buying from them.   
Lowest common denominator, because I won't be choosing where they go. 2x4, cheap.
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