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Member Projects / Re: Swing Boom Arm
« Last post by Mario Turcot on Today at 10:11 PM »
Did I spot a surveillance camera there?! (I have a wireless motion-detect camera in the garage hooked up to my cellphone so I can leave my shop door open, if desired.)

What is that 20amp wall outlet intended for?

And are you plugging the auto switch into the same circuit outlets? It appears so in the photo.

Yup I have a few Arlo camera watching the shop with a wireless remote lock :) I can lock unlock the door from anywhere. Mostly to check if it is locked.

The 20A outlets are 220v single phase for bandsaw, planner, jointer etc. I have 7 totals all on a separate breaker. Two are drops from the ceiling for the table saw and bandsaw. I know they don't need to be on their own, but I wire the place like I would do for myself... wait this is MY shop after all :P
I’ve had success with Target coating.  They will match any BM or SW color and sells in gallon sizes.  It sprayed great from my Fuji as well.
Classifieds / Festool Clamps and Systainers for sale Houston, TX.
« Last post by duc996 on Today at 09:50 PM »
I have some items for sale.
1. Festool quick clamps $35.00 each or all 3 for $100.00 shipped! I had four and sold one of them.
2. Festool clamping elements $85.00 shipped!
3. New SYS MFT $75.00 shipped!
4. New SYS 1 with bins, it is missing one blue bin $80.00 shipped!

Festool Jigs & Tool Enhancements / Re: DIY bench anchors
« Last post by Dick Mahany on Today at 09:11 PM »
You have done a fine job on those dogs and thanks for sharing.  I have been using a similar technique for years, derived from the expanding miter slot runner flexure joints with great success. I did make a few lathe turned/ bandsaw sliced flexure joints a while back, but your execution of undercutting the base of the fingers is brilliant, thanks for posting and NICE JOB !

BTW your manufacturing technique is well documented and can be expected to be replicated many times over.  Very practical.
Festool Jigs & Tool Enhancements / DIY bench anchors
« Last post by Mgildersleeve on Today at 08:42 PM »
This is a video of bench anchors I use to hold jig bases down to my assembly table, etc. They are omnidirectional expanding bench dogs that I’ve shown before. They are basically self centering, depending on one’s ability to drill holes in the center of dowels. I don’t have a lathe. I used Matthias Wandel’s horizontal routing machine for the center bores. It’s not perfect allignment,  but it gets the job done real close. This is just a video I made while I made the latest batch. They are handy and cheap to make.

@Bigdaddy65, sorry if my post was confusing. I had listed those models because of a recent change that caused a temporary compatibility issue. Yes, it will work with the MINI and MIDI as well. Edited my post accordingly.
Ask Festool / Re: Sanding Disc Sets
« Last post by Shane Holland on Today at 08:18 PM »
I can confirm that Festool does not make abrasives kits/sets. The dealers must be making these themselves. There's no discount on pricing versus just buying the 10-packs yourself and the corresponding Systainer.
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: LR32 Advice
« Last post by Bigdaddy65 on Today at 08:02 PM »
New option. Buy the kit from Amazon UK. I paid 340 shipped, took about 3 weeks.
There ya go! THATS the way to do it! Ive done that with quite a few of my Festool accessories! Saves a ton of money!
Exchange rate went up its about 360 now.
I have one sitting on a Midi.  I had to trim the attachment fingers a little and keep in place with a ratchet strap.  Works great, haven't cleaned my filter since I put it on 5-6 years ago.
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