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Congratulations on your Rotex.  Yes, a handful in Rotex mode, but worth the effort. I think the smaller 5"/ 125mm sander is harder to control in Rotex Mode than the 150 model, but that's just me... [embarassed]
Member Projects / Re: Custom sized end tables
« Last post by Jim Kirkpatrick on Today at 09:49 AM »
Very nice Bob!  I like the simple lines and the graceful tapers on the legs.  An end table drawer would typically hold some magazines and some room for a few pens and pencils, remote, etc.  Any additional depth would be a waste and full length drawers would only gather junk (at least in my house!).  Just my .02
HK85 doesn't take a standard dado blade.  It will only work with Festools grooving unit.

And it's not a big seller.
Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Trend air respirator
« Last post by Dick Mahany on Today at 09:39 AM »


Thanks for the info. Disappointing that it doesn't filter fumes as well since I work with resin occasionly. I'll have to get a smart charger. Do you think buying a second battery is worth having on hand?

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I bought a second battery when I initially got the Trend.  It is definitely a good idea.  Even though the batteries will last for many hours, they always seemed to run down at the most inopportune time.  A quick swap of the battery and I was off and running again. 

The reason I mentioned the lack of vapor filtering is that one time I was using CA glue as a pen finish at the lathe.  That nice cool air  blowing through the helmet immediately filled it with CA fumes and I couldn't get that off my head fast enough as I danced uncontrollably !

You mean the HK85 will be discontinued and not be available in Europe? I was hoping it would appear in the USA.

If I'm not mistaken Tyler already said the HK85 will not be coming to N. America.
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: festool CTL dust bags
« Last post by antss on Today at 09:29 AM »
Potato chips and Coca Cola are "likely" to make you fat also.  ::)

Except there are a whole lot of people for which they don't.

I commend Germany for taking the high road when it comes to workplace saftey, but the best filtering capability is not always best.  You seem to be on a mission to get FT to make the "h" bags standard.  Good luck, not going to happen.

Bohdan - the "h" bags have more filtering capacity / smaller pore size.
I have the Rotex 150 E also.  I purchased mine in 2004.  It has proven well over the yrs.  I would buy another tomorrow if this one goes.  Great machine.  Although I hope it doesn't.  Enjoy the power of the new to you 150
Other Tool Reviews / Re: Makita 9741 Wheel Sander Review
« Last post by Picktool on Today at 09:01 AM »
Good review Ed

I've been eye balling the Makita for a while.
I think im going to team up w/ the HL850 w/ the undulating head
for neat rustic look on some timbers.

Ask Festool / Re: Impact driver
« Last post by Bohdan on Today at 08:56 AM »
And will it have a decent clutch?
I purchased an older model Festool RO150 Rotex sander eariler this spring.  It had minimal use by its previous owner.  This past Saturday and Sunday I had a chance to put it through it's paces on the cabinet project I'm currently building.  Primarily I used it to sand the drawer boxes and door and drawer fronts in preparation for finishing.  My impressions.

1.  Rotex Mode

Good grief, hold on for dear life this thing will get after it and then some.  You had best make sure whatever it is you are sanding is clamped down and not able to go anywhere.  That plus 120 flattened things out quite nicely and very quickly.  It will eat and eat some more.  Used it with the hard pad, too, I'm sure that makes a difference.  I've used low end belt sanders in the past and this thing will keep up with one of those and then some. 

But this is why I purchased it.  I needed something that was aggressive and would remove material and even out surfaces, and it does just that.  I was just surprised how much effort I had to use to just hold on.  Early on it wanted to skip and bounce, but I soon got it under control, turned the speed down a little bit and things went well.

2.  Random Orbit Mode.

It handles very well.  It is a little "tail heavy" which requires you to put more pressure on the head of the sander to keep it level.  It handles much differently than my ETS 150/3 which is so easy to control and so smooth to operate.  But it was easy to use in the Random orbit mode.  By the time I got through the 220, the sanded surface was wonderful.

The end result was exactly what I wanted.  Went from 120-150-180-220 to prep for finish (drawer boxes will be polyed, doors and drawer fronts will be painted black).  It made for relatively quick and efficient work. 

All in all I am very pleased with this sander.  (Of course, I have not had a bad or even underwhelming experience with a festool product, yet.)  It was money well spent.  (my only gripe is that it isn't in a T-Loc Systainer, just don't like the old style). 

Side note, the granat paper is wonderful too.  Seems to last forever. 
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