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Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: sander options
« Last post by Holmz on Today at 04:47 PM »
A pneumatic sander has both the lanyard, and the safely of no electricity.
There is a reason why the are popular in the boat and automotive industries.
IMO get a pneumatic. I have a DEROS which is modelled after a pneumatic and great, but for what you are doing, or if I was using similar I would get the 50 year old technology that is well proven.
Sales & Dealer Area / Re: MFSC workbench
« Last post by JBag09 on Today at 03:12 PM »
I never thought of a 3D printer. But I was thinking about talking to my brother who works at a machine shop to see if he’d be able to make a program to run them on a CNC. I was thinking about using Baltic Birch for the lifting mechanism

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Sales & Dealer Area / Re: MFSC workbench
« Last post by Tinker on Today at 02:26 PM »
Tim,  I have been watching you MFSC developing int this thread. I have been trying to find some method to use a table that can be  set to varying height and use for storage for projects and can be moved around in a small area. You most recent video displays pure genius.  I don't have space to take advantage  of the full capabilities of you workbench, but if I retire from landscaping biz, I will get rid of much equipment currently stored/used from my barn. A couple of those benches would be perfect then.
Member Projects / Re: Small pleasures, or what new in the East ...
« Last post by Cheese on Today at 12:59 PM »
You can really see the similarity between the Holz-Her and the TS 75.  [jawdrop]

Having a Belstaff, are you also a motorcyclist?
Home Improvement & Other Projects / Re: How not to tile a shower...
« Last post by tjbnwi on Today at 12:28 PM »
I've never done one where the customer wanted the trim pieces. I have used the in specific locations. I'd love to use them, I hate caulking the corners.

Niches with Jolly trim.

Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Thoughts on new extension ladder
« Last post by sgt_rjp on Today at 12:26 PM »
When you are considering an extension ladder I would respectfully offer that you also need to consider your own physical condition and strength.  Don't buy a ladder that you can't handle when fully extended.

Like others I have tons of ladders up to 32' and that length is the max I feel that I can safely handle.  Yes, I am a smaller guy.  I don't have a Little Giant ladder but I do have some clones that were made after their patent ran out.  I love them, but...

Based on my own experiences I would suggest that anyone buying one of that style of ladder try it out fully extended prior to purchase to make sure there are not any surprises.  The design puts additional weight at the very top and bottom due to widening of the ladder.  The bottom is great for stability, but at the top it adds weight where you might not want it most.

Just my 2 cents.


And related to the traditional Little giant, I agree that it can get unwieldy.  Although, while looking for information on the hyperlite, I found some tips to help with that.  Mainly to only extend the top initially, and wait to fully extend the bottom until you’ve raised the ladder, hand over hand, with the base against the structure. 

Unfortunately, I just have an old articulating ladder that has to be completely extended before being raised.  These days I have better step and extension ladders, so it only gets used on stairs or other oddball situations. 
Member Projects / Re: Small pleasures, or what new in the East ...
« Last post by ScotF on Today at 12:12 PM »
Love seeing pics of tools that have been used - great stuff!!
Sales & Dealer Area / Re: MFSC workbench
« Last post by Gene Howerton on Today at 12:05 PM »
I bought the plans, now if I remember correctly, some people have 3D printers, it would be great if we could get templets printed for the lifting parts since those are the critical ones.
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