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Member Projects / Re: Sofa Table
« Last post by derekcohen on Today at 12:49 PM »
Sure, but I can only pay in beer :)

Regards from Perth

Hello everybody,

I'm new on the forum ! I'm looking for a way to use my domino XL nn finer thicknesses and I really like your prototype.
I made a fast prototype to change "clips". What do you think about it? I use the same process design as the LA-DF 500/700.

Here for exemple I used a wooden piece of 12mm. This way I can center the domino on a 16mm mdf board.

Not that I can find.  I had thought the CT26 used the tapered hose as well, but it appears they only offered that with the Mini/Midi, both of which come with the 90 degree elbow at the DE.  Looks like that's all they have for 32mm hose end connectors.
I'm based in the Netherlands, just as you haha, I just noticed my profile didn't contain a location

Indeed seems like the place to look for a second-hand device, I'll take a look  [smile]

I did find a site where they rented out Festools, but I'll have to drive 60km to get it so buying my own probably is easier  [big grin]

I suspected you might be Dutch. Is see there's indeed one website that offers the Rotex for rent. You won't find it with Boels or Bo-Rent though.

There's currently one Rotex more or less new on marktplaats, asks €420. I'd offer 350 and see where that goes. Only deal in person though, and try out the tool when you buy it. Listen how the motor sounds, and check out the pad to make sure it's in good condition.
I'd like to replace the elbow connector that comes with the tapered CT Mini hose but can't seem to find the straight connector needed for that 32mm end. Does one even exist for the NA market?

New PPE suited for the next project that will include paint stripping...

3M 4255 FFA2 P3DR (respirator mask)

3M 2890 (safety glasses)

Ansell SOL-VEX 37-675 (gloves)

Kind regards,
Check out the Makita BO6050J(or the older 6040 if you can get it), possibly you can get that cheaper it is also just as good as the Rotex and the Bosch. Once issue is some of the accessories are very expensive.

And yeah if they are the same cost I prefer the Rotex, but guys that want more metal instead of plastic might want the Bosch.

Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Festool 55req vs makita sp6000j1
« Last post by MaineShop on Today at 09:33 AM »
I have both the makita and the festool, I also have the mft/3. I use a tracksaw daily in my shop. Both the tracksaws are excellent. I tend to reach for the festool a bit more with the tracksaws just because mostly I use it for breaking down sheet goods and I find the plunging action to be a little smoother for me and it tends to live right next to my sheet goods. The makita is very smooth though and it does seem to have a little more power for ripping hardwood which is not something I do often. And as far as tracks the makita can use the festool track and the hose fits, my makita also came in a makita blue systainer. I use the mft/3 prob once a week although I should have bought the regular mft because I almost never use the track and attachments. I find the table too small for most of the pieces I work with, I need a more rugged table for most of the sheet pieces I work with. I also have a full sized cabinet saw though.

Both good tools, if you want to save a buck get the makita. I would recommend against the mft/3 and just get the mft. Take the money you save and pick up a small contractor table saw for ripping small pieces, will be faster then setting up the mft for small rips.

My two cents
Festool Tool Problems / Re: Domino Mortise is too narrow
« Last post by ChuckM on Today at 09:24 AM »
For a less tight fit of the dominoes, I microwave them before dry fitting or final assembly. Place them on a coffee filter and after the microwave step (about 10 to 20 secs depending on the no. Of Dominies),  from the paper, you can get an idea of how much moisture is removed.
Festool How To... / Finishing a Water Based Lacquer
« Last post by Segovia on Today at 09:02 AM »
I am about to purchase an RX90 orbital sander, I will use it for sanding but I also want to use it for finishing water base lacquer. I called Festool this morning but they were not much help. 

I have established that the MPA5010 compound combined with the orange pad will be used for the final finish, if it isn't glossy I can experiment with the next level up on the compounds.   

What preparation would be necessary before the compound application,  MPA5010 claims to remove 1500 scratch marks and Festool's only 1500 grit is the Granat. I was planning on using the Platin 2 which is more like pads. Any suggestions would be a great help. 
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