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Festool Tool Reviews / Re: Festool quality?
« Last post by T. Ernsberger on Today at 08:40 AM »
I think Festool needs to come out with a new saw.  A improved version of the Kapex.  Stop wasting time on the new "improved" hose ends.  The Kapex now has a tarnished name.  In my option they can't fix it at this point.  How long will the silence go on for? 
I always admire the work you do. Some great craftsmanship on all of it. Keep up the good work.
And I agree, when the customer has a picture in their mind of what they want it is very hard to change it. So we have to work with what we got and do it to the best of our abilities, and you definitely do that.

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Is this Timber Woodworking? It wouldn't surprise me if it was. I have only been there once but the guys there were great.

Yes Timber is my Local dealer. They are very helpful and I do recommend them as a great tool source. Especially for Festool. Large selection on hand.
Festool Tool Reviews / Re: Festool quality?
« Last post by kevinculle on Today at 08:21 AM »
Imagine Festool proceeded to publish Kapex failure rate data in as detailed a format as possible and the failure rate was quite low (<<1%) and it did not show a pattern with build year, etc.  Objectively that might suggest that Festool had done due diligence and that there was no justification for a recall or special warranty policy.  Do you imagine that this would resolve the issue for owners who had experienced failures and that they would be satisfied??  Of course not!  So even if the data is relatively clean there is little for Festool to gain by releasing it.
Yea buddy, Id put that by my front door of my house
When making a corner joint with the connectors, what is the minimum thickness one should have on the piece gets the fixed portion of the anchor -- the one you sink at 25mm (if you're using them to build a table, for example, it would be the leg dimensions as opposed to the apron)?
Other Tools & Accessories / Re: JessEm Wood Sabre Marking Gauge
« Last post by Bob D. on Today at 07:02 AM »
I wondered about this too and was thinking the micrometer adjustment may have a range slightly greater than the 1/2" increments, say +/- .0325 or .125". So that if your set at 1/2" with the micrometer you can adjust from .4375" to 1.125" or on the micrometer from -.125 to +.625 without having to snap to the next 1/2" increment.

But that's pure guess, my gauge is still in the mail and won't arrive for a couple more days. After seeing this thread when it got resurrected I watched the YT video and ordered one direct from JessEm. Their price was lower than any other place I found online, some sellers were 50% (+ shipping) higher than JessEm from whom shipping was free.
Since they are normally milled from a single piece of metal, I think it's pretty difficult to get spiral bits >1/2" while still having a 1/2" shank.  Normally you go with the hinge boring bit style, like the Festool or CMT.
For anyone who's used this -- is there an issue with the detents, whereby you run into problems setting a line close to (but not on) the 1/2" intervals (say 15/32, or 33/64ths?), as sometimes happens with mitre saws?
As others have said, sounds like the electronic speed regulation has gotten overly sensitive on yours.  On my EC 150/5, the speed will sometimes drop when significant portions of the pad are off edge for am extended period of time, but it's working as it's supposed to there.  Yours is definitely not operating as it should, and so I would send it back to service. 
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