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Computers, Gadgets, Technology / Re: cad 2d / 3d
« Last post by ben_r_ on Today at 04:43 PM »
SketchUp and Fusion 360 are the best free options out there. Lot more support with SketchUp for woodworkers, but Fusion 360 has CAM software included with it in case you ever want to get into CNC milling.
Festool Tools & Accessories / CT SYS on a robot
« Last post by Sailor Soane on Today at 04:32 PM »
I needed a small, lightweight HEPA for a robotic milling project. CT SYS was perfect!

Sales & Dealer Area / Re: Festool 2017 Price Increase (US)
« Last post by dusteater on Today at 04:12 PM »
I am aware of price increases, but I have to say for us you where looking at the TSC55 it really makes us take a look at where to put our money when we buy. I for one am only just a retired person wanting to buy the best saw to fit my purpose. Now I already adjusted to the fact it was a certain amount now I would have to add another 60.00 to that. Does festool not become aware at some point Mafell and other companies are staring to look pretty good price wise. May be their dedicated following does not affect that.
Festool Jigs & Tool Enhancements / Re: T-track question . . .
« Last post by DrD on Today at 04:00 PM »
@mwildt Looooooove a shop with it's own wine rack.

I'm assuming that because I have a Wixey digital height gauge on the 735, the .008" discrepancy can be zeroed out.

I also have the Wixey on my 735 and on my drum sander...great addition to already good tools.  Yes, since the Wixey is calibrated to a piece that has been planed it will read accurately.  The issue I was describing is the resulting offset on the DW735's thickness stop setting.  If you are in the habit of say setting the stop to 3/4 and just feeding and twirling until you hit the stop then the Byrd head will have you at about 0.76" instead of 0.75.  With the Wixey I never really use the thickness stop but I thought it was worth mentioning.
Workshops and Mobile Vehicle-Based Shops / Re: Rubio Workbench
« Last post by jaykojc on Today at 03:50 PM »
I did a very similar build over the last few months as well, but with very little Domino joinery.  By the time it was all done, I'd say I build ~2 complete benches.  The joinery in the plan (dovetails, drawbores, etc) was awful tricky...
Festool Jigs & Tool Enhancements / Re: T-track question . . .
« Last post by Z48LT1 on Today at 03:33 PM »
From the Urban Dictionary:

Spitballing:  1)To toss ideas around with no expectation of them coming to pass, to brainstorm. 2) To make harmless jibes or attacks; make weak accusations.

I just checked McMaster Carr, the go-to mail-order place for materials here in the colonies, and they have 1" square aluminum excuse me aluminium tubing in 1/8" and 3/16" wall thickness in hobby lengths for moderate prices.  You guys got one of those places?

BTW I got this idea from Mirock who used this method in designing his slick TS 55 based super table saw.



Just checked - Amazon UK seems to have you covered.
Computers, Gadgets, Technology / Re: cad 2d / 3d
« Last post by Tracky on Today at 03:25 PM »
The limited version of Sketchup is free for personal use. The free version is called "Make". After your trial expires you have to re-download and install. I found this confusing, and had to Google it to find this out.

For 2D you may want to look at Draftsight. Especially if you are already skilled in Autocad.

I hear you on the 735 snipe.  I built an 8-foot bed that ran through my 733 and had to make it wider when I got my 735.  My 'method' for combatting the snipe is to (1) raise the stock as I feed it into the cutters and (2) do the same as it exits the cutters. However, what I have found that works in addition to the above process is to take miniscule cuts when I am nearing my final dimension.  By miniscule I mean lowering the head less than 1/4 turn of the wheel.  This works for me.  The lighting in my shop is such that I can actually see - and feel - the snipe which is a good thing.

As to the long bed, I once leveled it perfectly and just knew that was the key to ridding myself of snipe.  Wrong!  That may have actually made it worse.  I think I built this bed over ten years ago and I do not think I could ever work without it.  I will say that I make certain that the melamine bed lays perfectly flat against the 735's built-in infeed/outfeed tables.  I use a feeler gauge for this as shown below.  IMHO, the ends of the bed do not have to be perfectly level because as I noted above, I raise the stock as it enters and leaves the machine which voids any benefit a perfectly level bed would provide.  This is just my experience with this planer bed.

Festool Jigs & Tool Enhancements / Re: T-track question . . .
« Last post by wimblejon on Today at 03:14 PM »
Hey Gary,

Thanks for that idea, I did consider 'making' my own track - but thought that a) I can't be the first person to ask such a crazy question as 'Does anyone make some t-track that fits the Festool accessories?' ::) and b) I'd rather spend a bit of money buying something that 'must' exist, somewhere ( . . . but clearly doesn't! . . . )

Any aluminum manufacturers out there care to run some up for us . . .?

btw, what is the English translation of 'spitballing'?  ;)
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