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Festool How To... / Re: storing tools in cold garage?
« Last post by SRSemenza on Today at 10:36 AM »
My tools have been stored and used in NYS winters for many years in freezing or below. I have not found any detriment from the cold.  I too would say that moisture and condensation is a much bigger problem.

Any base I do over 5 1/4 is usually 2 pieces. The Makita will cut 5 1/4 upright on the fence. As with any tool you need to determine your needs for it and purchase accordingly.
I have a Kapex and would buy one again.  It was noted above by others that the bevel adjustment was a selling point.  It was also noted that for one poster that it was only helpful for compound miters.  Like that poster I rarely cut compound miters, BUT I do regularly cut wood that exceeds the height limitation of ANY mitersaw where you stand the workpiece upright against the fence and then try to cut a simple miter (just rotating the saw in the horizontal plane.)

The ability to cut inside and outside miters on 6" baseboard for example using the easy to use bevel gauge is a valid consideration in my mind.

Bosch gcm 8 sole costs 300 euros and it probably has the best dust absorption on the market today. double channels.

Has anyone done a comparison test on this between the GCM 8 vs the Kapex 120? The double dust chutes is an interesting design, but both seem to have a narrow mouth.

The vid here doesn't tell much (2:36):

Reports on the battery powered Makita have been overwhelmingly positive. I suspect it was an assembly issue. I have; as of yet, taken the time to adjust my corded model.  Instead, for sliding miters/bevels I grab the Kapex from the van. Overall, I prefer the Makita for daily use. Been using Kapex since late 2015. Most accurate saw ever, but hate the handle/safety switch and the constant grabbing/flinging offcuts (which is an absolute no-no when I'm in at final running shoe, cabinet base, etc)
 Also, there is a 12" Makita version slated for early 2018 release. I'd buy a second battery version, if I knew Makita was going to offer an ac adaptor.
Home Improvement & Other Projects / Re: How not to tile a shower...
« Last post by Alan G on Today at 09:27 AM »

When you get around to yours, post here, there are a lot of little tips that will help you through the install.


I really appreciate that. Thank You!
Festool How To... / Re: storing tools in cold garage?
« Last post by pixelated on Today at 09:22 AM »
IME, moisture from summer humidity is worse than the cold.
My shop space is an enclosed, but unheated porch, it's part of the house, so doesn't down to freezing. But, some of my stuff lives part-time in the wood shed.
The cold hasn't been an issue for the tools, for me, that's a somewhat different story. :)
Festool How To... / Re: Rookie dado question for OF 1400
« Last post by mwbrewster on Today at 09:19 AM »
thanks again for all the comments. i just ordered a couple whiteside downcut spiral bits for when i get back in a couple weeks.

Incidentally, i went with the 3/16" and 7/32" bits. both undersized - planning on a couple passes - because they didnt have one exactly at 5mm. rather snug than loose for a back panel i assume? then again, would seasonal movement warrant a slightly oversized dado?

didnt plan on a second question, maybe should have started a new thread. hope this doesn't break the etiquette.

thanks again!
Member Projects / Re: "Texas Bowie" Table - A Tribute to The Alamo
« Last post by neilc on Today at 09:12 AM »
That is fantastic!  Really captures the true spirit and story of the Alamo in an emotional piece.

Congratulations and continued improving health! 

Horizontal space is always at a premium in the shop.  Use it or lose functionality.  Sometimes we all need diversions and your solution achieves both.


Festool USA has had a Foosball table for at least 9 years and it too has a removable top so that it can be adapted to alternate usages.

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