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Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Festool Kapex KS-60
« Last post by Intex on Today at 11:17 AM »
Anyone know where I can purchase a 220V model other than Ebay?
Most dealers in EU will not see for export
Classifieds / BCTW For sale:
« Last post by Llama on Today at 11:13 AM »
Selling these two... Buy both for the best deal [emoji4]

HP-10 Convertible plane kit. Retail $700 - Asking $600

HP-9 - Dual angle block plane with skids. Retail $460 - Asking $400

Open to offers, includes shipping in Conus...

I could be wrong but for starters I am betting that the highest quality setting on your phone is total overkill. Maybe try setting it lower as a starting point.
No, it's better to rescale them later (as this also removes grain and whatnot).

To manipulate images (rotate, resize, convert, ...) on Windows I can recommend - free, fast and works nicely for batch processing.

In case you want to do image editing (like paint around in it) take a look at to avoid spending money on vendor lock-in.
Member Projects / Re: Cedar Planter Boxes
« Last post by GoingMyWay on Today at 11:10 AM »

This is my first time working with cedar.  It was actually hard for me to find.  I needed to go to a Lowes that was about 17 miles from my house as it was the only big box store somewhat nearby that carried the cedar pickets.  Home Depot only had pressure treated pickets and 2x4s.  I wondered if an actual lumber yard would have stocked cedar, but I didn't bother to check.  The whole garage did have a lovely cedar smell do it, especially after some of the boards had been cut.

I don't know if this is normal or not, but the cedar 2x4 was not the standard 1.5" x 3.5" sizing.  This was 1.75" and 3.75".  That posed a little bit of a problem since the Kreg pocket holes and screws were designed for the regular 2x4 dimensions.

Yup, I was using the Flexi-Click to help get the pocket screw into the narrow side.  At one point I had the offset chuck inserted into the 90 degree chuck in an effort to try to find the best combination and angle of attack to drive the screw in.  It is a real work horse, especially for only being 12volts.  My wife was using the CXS to screw in the stainless steel screws while I was using the Flexi-Click to predrill the holes.  It was a real tag team effort.
Member Projects / Re: Cedar Planter Boxes
« Last post by Dick Mahany on Today at 10:55 AM »
They look great.  They look like they'll stand the test of time with ease.  I miss the smell of working with cedar because in my area Redwood is more common. ( I also noticed the Bosch Flexi-Click in your photos.  I love mine and have now Systainerized it.) 
@SRSemenza  I hope my last post didn't come off the wrong way.  You're probably absolutely correct that the highest setting is overkill.  I just like the idea of being able to "possibly, one day, maybe, in the future" do something with the larger image.  The reality is, I don't think I've ever used the additional file size capability and probably won't be either.  It's not like I'm going to take one of my pictures and try to turn it into a billboard or anything like that.

I took @Dick Mahany 's advice and resized the images using Paint.  I resized all of them be to 25% of the original size.  Now all 12 images (I added 1 more) are a total of 2.26MB.  It wasn't that bad, just a little annoying to have to open each image, resize, and save.  I know Adobe Lightroom offers batch image processing, but that software is quite expensive.

Yeah, no problem , didn't come off the wrong way. Looks like they posted nicely  [thumbs up]

I actually had an older version of PS Elements (I think from like 2011), but I lost it when I had to get a new hard drive in that computer.  I never bothered to reinstall it.

Thanks for that suggestion though.  I might keep that in mind for the future.
Classifieds / FS: Gen 1 Festool Systlite - $100
« Last post by aprikh1 on Today at 10:26 AM »
I am selling my Gen 1 Festool Systlite. The tool is in great condition, with no major dings, dents, or scratches. I would rate the cosmetics as 9 out of 10, and of course everything is completely functional. I am located in Silver Spring, MD, but will ship at buyer's expense.

Everything that came with the light is included, specifically:

- Bag
- Wall hook
- AC adapter
- 12 volt car adapter

Thanks for looking!
I have also used Photoshop Elements (12) to resize photos but it takes a few more keystrokes than Paint.  I have seen that there is a way to batch resize in PS Elements although it is not as straight forward as Lightroom and I haven't tried it.  PS Elements is relatively inexpensive so it may be another option.
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