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Member Connections and Introductions / Re: Hello from NY
« Last post by Atonwa on Today at 03:07 PM »
Thank you for the welcome.

Your my neighbor Seth. I mostly do custom commissioned art and custom furniture. I focus on the smaller stuff that the larger contractors just don't have the time or desire to take on. I'm also word of mouth only so I get a to pick and choose the jobs I want. It's been fun so far and hoping this year will be even better.

What do you make?
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Domino on angle cut jigs
« Last post by waho6o9 on Today at 03:04 PM »
Design enhancements are nice.

Oops. When it happened I just dominoed the rest of the cab and it looked like fancy joinery. So it's advisable to watch
depth of cut and practice on some scraps first.
I haven't seen any jigs for this either.

Festool Jigs & Tool Enhancements / Re: T-track question . . .
« Last post by Z48LT1 on Today at 03:01 PM »
Is there any extruded aluminum tube with appropriate dimensions that would allow you to slice a section out of the middle of one face the right width for your need?

Just spitballing here.


Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Schmitt 32 System
« Last post by fshanno on Today at 02:57 PM »

The best plan - at least for me as I already have the LR32 - would be to retrofit the quick and easy depth registration from the Schmitz32 to the LR32 (using a small and somewhat simple jig, ideally without the limitation on workpiece length should one not have a long enough holey rail)... I have some ideas how to pull that off but want to test them in practice first (no need to send others onto a snark hunt ;)) - might take a while...

I love snark hunts so knock yourself out!

The jig would indeed be very simple.  But it would need to be very, very accurate.
Thanks again. Had it tested for asbestos, as did some neighbors. Built in 88.

Thanks for all the info.  Great post.

Appreciate the fact that you mentioned the scalloping effect of the cutters, but your mention of the db factor triggered my memory.  I have to make my dog sit outside the shop when the Jet vac and the 735 are running because the noise is horrendous even with my muffs on.  Sometimes I have those machines running for 15-20 minutes (or longer?) and it nearly gives me a headache.  Very glad you pointed that out as I had forgotten about that.

I have no issue with the built-in stops because I use an 8-foot bed that runs through my 735.  Photos will be posted below.

If I do switch to the spiral cutter head I will miss the mirror perfect cut of newly installed steel cutters. IMHO, they leave an amazing finish, but alas, that magic does not last very long. 

I have carbide cutters in my DJ-20, but they also have nicks.  I usually replace them about once a year or so.  As I noted earlier, it is the planer that makes the final pass over my stock, so nicks in the jointer blades are not that big of a concern to me.

Thanks again for a very informative post.  I really appreciate your feedback.
Computers, Gadgets, Technology / cad 2d / 3d
« Last post by oldskool on Today at 02:34 PM »
looking for a basic cad set up to do drawings for woodworking projects in 2D/3D. i downloaded the google sketchup free trial and really liked it but found it a little on the steep side to buy as im not going to use it to its full capability's.......?
anyone know of a simple to use but affective software i can buy.
Festool Jigs & Tool Enhancements / Re: T-track question . . .
« Last post by wimblejon on Today at 02:27 PM »
Hi Mark,
  . . . will do over the next couple of days.
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Domino kit cost
« Last post by Gjarman12 on Today at 02:22 PM »
This is great. I wish I knew a month or so ago before I bought individual packs to refill my systainer, but still, thanks.
Festool How To... / Re: TS55 oak worktop advice needed
« Last post by Flying Swan on Today at 02:12 PM »
My jigsaw is rather underpowered for the job. My router is also only 1400w, but I don't mind being patient with many cuts.

Would someone mind having a look here and telling me if any of these cutters would work for cleaning up the edge? Would like to get what I need rather than ordering online. Another thing that overwhelms me about routers - the number of bits!

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