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Finishing and Painting / Re: Fuji Offering Free Gun with Q5
« Last post by tjbnwi on Yesterday at 05:59 PM »
Which gun is free? Can you get a bottom and gravity?

Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Impact driver recommendation
« Last post by six-point socket II on Yesterday at 05:40 PM »

It sounds like what the OP is looking for is a "higher RPM" "Spinner" that doesn't hurt the wrist if it's by accident not stopped on time. Hence the 3/8 impact. Higher RPM and if not stopped on time it won't break your wrist when operated with one hand.

Personally I think that if you're looking to buy 30 units, at least 2 - 3 batteries per unit and probably even a charger each - that's something that most representatives from the afore mentioned manufacturers/importers of Panasonic, Hilti i.e. will gladly come out to demonstrate what they have. I can't speak for Hilti US, but their fleet service around here is top notch and the tools, honestly, they are what they are.

"Problems" I see: No one is really going to like the Idea of a 3/8" (or even some 1/2" compact type) driving 30 or 32mm sockets - even if their main job is only going to be "free-spinning" a bolt . This is going to be an issue especially when looking for service/repair/replacement because of premature wear.

But like I said, I really think it's best discussed with actual sale reps of those "usual suspects" like Panasonic, Hilti - maybe Snap-On, but I don't know if they do industrial stuff directly in the US - As I definitely wouldn't want to be hanging by one franchisee in your type of work/ overall setting. And I don't know if it would be the right tool for the job anyway - I love my 3/8" Snap-On for what it is and it serves me well, but I'm not even close to your usage cycles, compared to what you're looking for, what I do is pathetic.

I think if I was in your situation, I'd call Hilti and hear what they say face to face on location.

Kind regards,

Sales & Dealer Area / Discontinued Festool on Sale
« Last post by Dan Clermont on Yesterday at 05:31 PM »
Hello everyone,

We have reduced the prices of discontinued Festool abrasives, sanding pads, dust extractors, hoses and more. They are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Shop online now at Ultimate Tools.
Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Some new Wera goodness!
« Last post by six-point socket II on Yesterday at 05:15 PM »

Cool scores Seth!

Seems you had the same luck with that panel that I have when dismantling something: There's always that one type screw/bolt you didn't expect to find in there. lol.  [eek] [blink] [scared] [big grin] [big grin] [big grin]

Kind regards,
Finishing and Painting / Re: Fuji Offering Free Gun with Q5
« Last post by rst on Yesterday at 04:44 PM »
There  must be a glut of extra spray guns out there because all the major manufacturers are offering extra guns.  Graco and Titan are both doing the same sort of deals.
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Time for a new jigsaw
« Last post by BigfootBuilder on Yesterday at 04:27 PM »
I have come into the opinion that for pretty much every single (well so far absolutely every single) application I've encountered a cordless jigsaw is the way to go. I ended up getting the barrel grip Carvex and regret it. Won't go into why here and you've already seemed to rule that out. Bosch jigsaws all (to my knowledge) have blowers for the cut line (carvex does not, don't know about Trion) which in my opinion is superior to dust collection for a jigsaw. I have become very interested in most of my tools having DC these days, and the jigsaw is the one exception. I'd rather sweep a bit than drag a heavy hose and cord that just will get caught no matter how carefully you route and handle it.

Makita, bosch, dewalt, Metabo and others all have jiggy's with lights and batteries, and I recently saw a video about Bosch's new 12V jigsaw (JS120BN) and it looks pretty promising. For corded, I don't have one, but were I to get one, I'd be looking seriously at the JS572EBK...
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Time for a new jigsaw
« Last post by tazcubed on Yesterday at 04:15 PM »
If you're going with a corded version, I would stick with the Bosch JS572EK. The switch on the Carvex is poor - a bit sticky and not smooth or finely tuned as the Bosch. Also, the lock button on the side of the handle is poorly placed with the D handle - it's downright a pain in the  at times. The light on the Carvex is nice, but I've also found it annoying as it tends to get out of sync with the blade stroke if you adjust the speed at all while cutting. Cutting with the Bosch is pretty much buttery smooth (both on the straight and scrolling), less so with the Carvex. From what I've read, the Trion is superior in some ways to the Carvex. Blade ejection is easiest on the JS572EK.

It's the opposite if you're looking at the battery versions. The Bosch JSH180B is not as good as the Carvex: tough blade ejection, requires tools to adjust the base plate angle and even the switch isn't as smooth or easy to control. I would probably go with the Carvex with the battery.

So far as dust collection goes, I don't see any advantages. In the end, there's always clean up when you're using a jigsaw.

I would certainly go and trial each one before buying.   
Finishing and Painting / Re: What Primer and Paint for Cabinets?
« Last post by tjbnwi on Yesterday at 04:10 PM »
Wrong place sorry.
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: The DOMINO has evolved.
« Last post by tazcubed on Yesterday at 03:48 PM »
Just noticed this thread was from 2009....

Well, yeah, but again I reactivated the thread to find out if there have been any changes to the Domino since 2009. Thus far my question has gone unanswered.

It also brings to bear another question of whether the 500 might undergo revisions similar to the 700 that would make it more comfortable to use.

Since my question has yet to be answered, do I take it that the Domino has NOT evolved since 2009? 
Ask Festool / Re: How to check on registered tools
« Last post by Festool USA on Yesterday at 03:09 PM »
@JCLP @Eherby - If you're not able to send me a message, just email with your full name and shipping address. I'll get a list pulled. I'm not going to type my email address in here for spam reasons, but it's my first name followed by "".

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