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I finished a masters in architecture recently.

Working on a side project home for friends of a similar size.

I enjoy this collection of images, thanks


While I have no formal accreditation, I still give this place my win for coolest chimney.

Finishing and Painting / Fuji Offering Free Gun with Q5
« Last post by Gerald_D on Yesterday at 02:57 PM »
I've been pondering a FujiSpray Q4 for a while now, but just saw that they are offering a free gun with purchase of a Q5.  Price-wise:  the Q5 is equivalent to the price of a Q4 and an extra gun.  Is the Q5 worth the extra $$?  Background on what I spray:  today it's exclusively SW Kem Aqua+ clear topcoat, but I'd like to spray paints on furniture if I get a unit that can give a quality finish.  I've been spraying clear topcoat with a Turbineaire HVLP for many years, but never paint, so obviously would have that learning curve as well.

Thanks in advance for any guidance!

Finishing and Painting / Re: What Primer and Paint for Cabinets?
« Last post by Motown on Yesterday at 02:36 PM »
Paul, please share some photo's when you are done. It would great to see the final product.
Festool Tool Problems / Re: Problem with the MSV D8/25 domino connector.
« Last post by zapdafish on Yesterday at 01:42 PM »

youtube vid

8:51 zoomed in, i think it looks flush.

Couldn't understand him so he may have said what to do while demonstrating how to make that cut.

dunno how to post a vid with the image, srry
Festool Tool Reviews / Re: Festool C18 - Video
« Last post by Peter Parfitt on Yesterday at 01:37 PM »
I think you mean...

Festool Tool Problems / Re: Domino cutter life
« Last post by Jasonj888 on Yesterday at 01:36 PM »

Out of the sizes I find that the 5mm bit is the one that is the weakest of them all in terms of longevity and most prone to chip/crack.
I think they all dull a little fast in oak but replacing the bits is so far between that I hardly remember and that is a good sign for sure. Or bad, considering my memory...   

I might look into CMT bits, don't mind a few extra 5mm bits.

I'm right with you Henrick - the other cutters seems to hold up really well. The 4 mm is more like a drill bit and I've never had a problem with it or an of the others.

Good thought from a couple of you on looking into the CMT cutters. I was stopped mid-project the other night due to a chipped 5 mm, I should just order a 5 mm CMT and keep it on hand.

I do hope that Festool checks into this and at least addresses how the bits are advertised. It sounds funny, but spending 3 cents to cut a domino pocket is too much.

Classifieds / Nikkor AF-S 70-200mm F2.8 VR II Lens
« Last post by JCLP on Yesterday at 01:22 PM »
If you are in the GTA area and are interested in this lens, please PM me. The cost is $2000.00 CAD. Pick up only.

Ask Festool / Re: How to check on registered tools
« Last post by Eherby on Yesterday at 01:02 PM »
Can someone please let me know what web site I would use to see what tools I have registered?


I’m wondering the same thing.  When I first made a Festool purchase the web site allowed me to register the tools and also file a copy of the receipts.  It was a great. 

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Ask Festool / Re: boom arm for CT26– new hose?
« Last post by fignewton on Yesterday at 12:49 PM »
Ahh, next time I will read the description more carefully about the 50mm hose and connecting to the vac’s existng hose.  Since seeing the new flexible hose, I HATE my original hose for most tasks.  Having it up on the boom arm would help tremendously though.  I may get the new hose too.  Thanks all!
I've just started working on a storage solution for my truck, but could easily adopt to a van or trailer (actually it will go into my cargo trailer also).  I'm toying around with some modular units that act as storage and work/bench tops to save space.  I'm going to have some CNC'd like an MFT, some with T-tracks, some with pull out Systainer drawers, and some plain.  They stack flat and lock together, so you only need to add as many as necessary for the task.  Also have a pull out tray in the truck bed for easier access.  One of the main things I'll use them for is a miter saw station.  Anyhow, check out the photos, but just started on this last week, so still working on the details of the design.  Good luck with your Van.
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