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Classifieds / WTB: Woodpeckers Super Track off-cuts
« Last post by live4ever on Today at 02:10 PM »
Anyone have some they wouldn't mind sending me for a small price?  I want to test the profile with various hardware to see if it will work for my application before investing in the fairly pricey extrusion.
Festool How To... / Re: TS55 oak worktop advice needed
« Last post by Svar on Today at 02:02 PM »
If I was doing it myself, I'd use jigsaw and then clean up with router and some guide.
Other Tool Reviews / Re: TSO Products GRS-16 Guide Rail Square video.
« Last post by DrD on Today at 01:59 PM »
Thanks Eric @erock for another simple yet informative video. 

I was on the fence - no pun intended - about this because I have several other options that I'm currently using, but the ease of use without a bunch of fiddling may push me over. 

Now, I'm just waiting to see what gizmos @TSO_Products  are adding to their next iteration, and what the cost will be.
after much um and aah, I received my Centrotec set 497628 today. Wasn't sure I'd use everything included, but the storage convenience swung it in the end.

I'm just a casual beginner who's decided to slowly upgrade my cheap 20 year old tools with some decent stuff; the RO90 with CTL SYS dust extraction was a revelation compared to my previous £25 Black & Decker sander, as are the drills.

the bug has bitten badly.
Festool Jigs & Tool Enhancements / Re: T-track question . . .
« Last post by Mark Johnson on Today at 01:58 PM »
Would love to see some detailed shots when you can please.
Festool How To... / Re: TS55 oak worktop advice needed
« Last post by Flying Swan on Today at 01:50 PM »
Thanks guys.

Peter - the radius is closer to 10mm. I just picked an arbitrary size that I though would look good. Due to the 10mm overhang on all sides, I figured it didn't really matter what the radius of the sink corner was?

Router is not completely out of the question. I just get scared by offsets and tear out. It's not something I've used a lot and I'd rather not make £1000 piece of wood my training field :)

Open to try it on an offcut and see how I get on. Don't have a jig, but assume some ply wood do the job? I have some new straight bits, but not of any great quality.
Finishing and Painting / Re: 3M PPS adapter 18
« Last post by JCLP on Today at 01:49 PM »
Could be. Some more testing coming up.

Thanks! Think as a rookie do you think I will be doing lots of gouging with 80? (its unpainted).

Also, realistically how often would you guess I will I have to clean out regular shop vac...every 5 minutes? Maybe I wouldn't mind the breaks...

You'll make few gauges on the beginning until you figure it out. the pressure, speed how fast you move, are you holding planex in hands only or you got the harness for it as well that's all gonna effect it. When I use to use regular vacuum with my Porter Cable sander I had to stop every 2-3 minutes to shake the bag to get suction back up. I was using Ridgid vacuum with hepa filter and bag in it. But before you start sanding get that texture tested for asbestos, you don't want to contaminate whole house, it can get expensive very quickly. I'm doing ceilings on and off for last 16 years and no mater how careful am I there is always some things that needs to be touched up.

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Festool How To... / Re: TS55 oak worktop advice needed
« Last post by Svar on Today at 01:36 PM »
My plan is to do it in as many passes as it takes, but I'm worried about that back cut. I've never plunged into something as dense as these worktops before and need to get it right (I'll test on offcut first). I'm worried about kickbacks/burns etc.

Any advice on this back cut? Will it make a difference if I remove the waste with a jig saw first so that the fibres are less tight? Is a panther blade the best tool for a plunge cut like this or would I be better off with more teeth? Will it make a difference if the back edge of the blade starts in the hole, or should I just get in there!?

I plunge cut 40 mm hard maple with TS75 and universal blade. No problem. Use rail stop to prevent kickback! Clamp the rail, hold the saw with both hands.
Other Tool Reviews / Re: TSO Products GRS-16 Guide Rail Square video.
« Last post by Svar on Today at 01:32 PM »
@TSO Products , any plans to introduce guide rail protractor? Same clip-on mechanism but adjustable angle?
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