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Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: RG 130
« Last post by Nat X on Today at 02:02 AM »
Considering the fact that the only concrete tool Festool has sold in North America is an SDS-Plus hammer, you should probably go get an Alpha Ecogrinder instead of waiting.
I am intrigued. 

I may have to start drawing up some plans for a clamp table as I have been contemplating an assembly table.  They are expensive but for production work they are invaluable.  I too am looking for a clamping table oriented on an "almost vertical" axis.  My thought after your post is to have a substantial substrate (1" x 4' x 8-10' MDF) CNC'd with super accurate parf holes similar to an MFT table, then using a "ledger plate" at the bottom to orient off of.  Integrate some 80-20 to act as a bridge over the surface and secure clamps to and I think were thinking of the same thing.  Insert accurate spacer blocks or use the parfs with dogs to space rails on the stiles and I think we can accomplish the same design for a Budget price.  I assume your talking about the table attached below?
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: RG 130
« Last post by M.A.D. Renovations on Today at 01:02 AM »
No-one knows?
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: OF 1010 bit diameter
« Last post by ear3 on Today at 12:12 AM »
I've run bits around 40mm before no problem (1 5/8"), though they were bearing guided bits, and so the the router was only running 1/2 that diameter through the material at any given point.  No problems experienced.
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: LR32 longitudinal stops
« Last post by ear3 on Today at 12:09 AM »
They are sold separately:

Try @BobMarino

Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Your favorite Makita cordless items
« Last post by WastedP on Yesterday at 11:29 PM »
What is the weight difference with different Ah Makita batteries like?

2 Ah and under batteries are significantly shorter than 3 Ah and up.  When I got the 5 Ah batteries, I checked them against an older (~10 yrs) 3 Ah and they are exactly the same size.  I didn't put them on a scale, but they felt like the same weight, too.
Festool Tool Problems / Re: Domino Mortise is too narrow
« Last post by ChuckM on Yesterday at 10:52 PM »
It seems that certain business aspects are falling apart out there in Indiana....  [sad]

I would consider just buying a new machine, use the crap out of it for 29 days, then return it. Maybe in that timeframe your original machine will be back from HQ
Great idea
Should have done that a month ago

Perhaps, Festool should look into making a limited # of spare tools available for owners to use (like those courtesy loaned cars). They may have refurnished units that can be used for that purpose.

Anything out for a month is horrible; Festool should be more proactive not only in keeping you posted of the progress, but also in offering a tool to use in the interim.

I hope SawStop will remain independent of Festool and maintain its own service dept. as I have not heard of any service disappointments like those seen in this forum.

While I have had no machine breakdowns with any of my Festool machines, I have decided not to buy any more of the Festool power tools, because I place a lot of value on after-sales service, and I want to limit my exposure to unhappy service encounters like many of those reported in this Forum.

I must also point out that it is a fire-fighting symptom when issues get quickly and satisfactorily settled after the involvement of a Festool rep. or someone with inside connection to Festool from the Forum. What happens is that given the same amount of resources, the service team will prioritize and work on those "urgent" cases referred to them and push back other people's service orders.

That can be a very obvious sign of trouble in the service dept. on more than one front. Usually that happens when a small company grows too big and too quickly, or because of a shortage of people with the necessary skills, or due to a dysfunctional communication system that can't handle the workload, or a combination of them.

As I see it, it is not just a service dept. issue; it is a senior management issue and it should receive the dedicated attention of someone on the executive floor to get to the root of the problem which may cover more than one department or division (customer service, repair service, parts, etc.).
General Friendly Chat / Re: The Big Green Egg
« Last post by Bob Marino on Yesterday at 10:32 PM »
Get a Klose

 Nah, I  want more than a smoker - nice though that is - giving serious condition to a slightly used Memphis.
Ah, let's move these things. Additional 10% off items listed in original post.
Does anyone know if the Fein Table-Top and Drill Jigs Support (part # 9 26 02 083 01 0) is compatible with the Vecturo.  If not, is there an alternate solution for making precision vertical cuts with a Vecturo in the way the Fein Adapter allows you to plunge the tool with a drill press stand?

Here is a link to the item on the Fein web site:

Thanks in advance for the help
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