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Festool How To... / Re: Kapex. How to cut long crown moulding?
« Last post by ear3 on Today at 07:05 AM »
Another method I use is the one demonstrated by Gary Katz -- which is useful if you don't want to go through the trouble of switching around the UG extensions, and will give you support all the way through the cut:

Other Tools & Accessories / Thoughts on new extension ladder
« Last post by sgt_rjp on Today at 07:01 AM »
I’m in the market for a 28-ft extension ladder.  I found the Little Giant Sumostance and it seems to be the perfect extension ladder.  The only drawback I’ve found is the price, but I think the features justify the cost(well, at least the Home Depot price)

It’s fiberglass, but weighs less than comparible aluminum models.  They might have cut weight by reducing the width, but the sumostance(leveling/stability system) more than makes up for it.  Thanks to the sumostance, it’s much wider at the bottom(Up to 3.75’) than standard extension ladders, and can adjust vertically up to 8” for uneven surfaces.   Actually, although I’ve seen comments that they are narrower, the specs show 18”, which is standard width.  They also put the fly section pulley and rope on the side so you don’t have to worry about catching it as you climb.  They’ve included levels as a bonus, so you can easily verify proper placement of the ladder.

I’m interested to hear from anyone with experience with this or similar LG models. Constructive thoughts for or against appreciated. They must be pretty new because I can’t find much in the way of real world experience. It seems perfect, but am I missing something?
Great idea. Bit like @Timtool's MFSC but with two functions rather than six...  [big grin]
Member Projects / Re: Small pleasures, or what new in the East ...
« Last post by Linbro on Today at 06:14 AM »
Love seeing the Holzher track saw, Alkaline! Do you still use it?
Sales & Dealer Area / Re: MFSC workbench
« Last post by Timtool on Today at 06:13 AM »
trend apparently has discontinued them and I always heard Akeda was not available due to their factory burning down. I think I paid under €350 for mine 7 years ago.
Jigs with fixed spacings are terrible if you want your drawers to look good, and the Leigh, though being the ultimate jig, wouldn't work for me. I always make spare drawer parts in case anything goes wrong, I can reuse them in the next batch even if I changed the settings in between.
Sales & Dealer Area / Re: MFSC workbench
« Last post by PaulH99 on Today at 05:55 AM »
@Timtool That is seriously cool. I have never heard of that brand/model. Too bad I'm just about done with my current project or I would get on their waiting list for the next production run. $660 for the 16" model + accessories isn't that much more than I spent on a Leigh Super, and is quite a bit less than a Leigh D4R! And you're right: none of the Leigh jigs have any repeatability over time. You have to reset the "fingers" for each job. I usually resort to a steel ruler and writing down the measurements, but even that isn't perfect.
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: sander options
« Last post by Bob D. on Today at 05:48 AM »
"I also own a fiberglass sailboat.  I do some maintenance while it is in the water. 
This is one application where battery power would be a plus for me both from easier
accessibility without a chord and safety around water."

This might seem silly but think about using a lanyard with your cordless sander when
working on the boat near the waters edge. A simple strap to your wrist with a short
tether to the tool could avoid an unplanned dunking of your tool. If you lost your grip
for whatever reason of bumped into something and the sander was knocked out of
your hand and you're near the water it could go overboard if working topside. With
no cord or hose attached to the tool you'd have little chance of grabbing it before it
hit the water.

The cordless sanders are so new there is probably limited hands on experience among
the group since they first became available only a few weeks ago.
Sales & Dealer Area / Re: MFSC workbench
« Last post by Timtool on Today at 05:44 AM »
@PaulH99 It's the Trend DC400, licensed by Akeda. I like it because you can space the dovetails in 2,5mm increments. I build certain furniture in series so I need to be able to make the exact same drawers with the same settings hundreds of times through the years while making sure that the bottom or slide groove fall exactly in between. I think it's the only jig out there that can do that.
Member Projects / Re: "Texas Bowie" Table - A Tribute to The Alamo
« Last post by Tinker on Today at 05:07 AM »
Joe, That table was a joint effort. your wood supplier knew you wood have the immagination and the skill to make something significant with that piece of Spalted pecan. He knew that piece was going into good hands when he showed it to you. He as absolutely on the money.  You and Eric did the rest.  You have depicted a moment in history, of not only Texas, but of our entire nation. I was as moved as the first lady you mentioned. The more I looked at the pics, the more moved I became. Had I been at the show, I would have been affected the same way. I am still moved, but have recovered enuf that I can now say a bit more than "WOW!". The knife thru the center was a note of genius. A first attempt at iron work shows you must have been looking over Granpa's shoulder at least once in a while. He must have been standing behind you as you worked on, at least, that part of the project. I could go on and on here, but i am way behind schedule for my day. Rain coming and leaves to move.  I have bookmarked this thread for future inspiration.

I still say "WOW!"
I bought 60th set for 600 euros. so they are good value. use cost 800 euros in my country. but it is absolutely not worth more money. Bosch gcm 8 sole costs 300 euros and it probably has the best dust absorption on the market today. double channels. but it's big takes some place. needed a smaller model
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