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The glue is harder than the wood. Try a glue scraper on the line, resand.


You have a crystal ball?  [scared]
Member Projects / Re: Cedar Planters
« Last post by Mario Turcot on Today at 08:07 AM »
Very nice, and you made them even classy with taper legs  [cool]
Festool Jigs & Tool Enhancements / Re: Domino Drawers
« Last post by TSO Products on Today at 07:57 AM »
@Getmaverick – yes , we are working on the Patent Application as for the new product as II write this. Now that the design is finalized and we are in BETA testing we will know the preliminary launch date in a few weeks. It becomes a marketing strategy issue what we should disclose once the Patent Applications have been filed. Not sure yet what makes business sense in that regard. One step at a time.

@vkumar -  somehow I didn’t catch all these recent posts until just now. We’re actually working on several new products that will all launch within the next 6 months.

@SoonerFan – the reality of the business environment makes it pretty difficult to talk about details of new product development early on. We would like our customers to know while not wanting to provide imitators an early roadmap on how to follow us. See the dilemma?

Your expressions of interest are inspriring! Thank you

Festool Tool Reviews / Re: 7.5m plug it cord
« Last post by Coen on Today at 07:52 AM »
Voltage drop is only an issue when one or more of the following scenarios is in play:
(a)  the cord is crap;  i.e. < 1mm squared cross sectional area for longer cables, 0.75mm for shorter.
(b)  the cord is too long;  > 30m (100')+.  I've seen some twice that (albeit 2.5mm) that still function well.
(c)  you're trying to force too much juice through;  >10A @ 240v or 20A @ 110.

(a) depends on current
(b) Again a function of current and cross section. 10m at 1mm2 equals 25m at 2,5mm2.
(c) No idea why you double the current for 110V in relation to "too much". The voltage drop of 20A at 110V will be double compared to 10A at 240V, or four times bigger relative to nominal voltage (at 230 v 115). That's why in Europe we don't have this problem nearly as much as all currents are half for the same power. We also only have one type of Plug It cable, as everything just runs perfectly fine off of 1mm2.

OT; oh wow, didn't know they have a 10m cord now. I bought a 7.5mm years ago when they didn't offer 10m.
Other Tool Reviews / Re: TS55 vs MT55CC Comparison Video
« Last post by Mario Turcot on Today at 07:43 AM »
Indeed very interesting  [eek]

Sad that the guy do not know much about how to operate the Mafell saw, makes the comparison a bit unfair. It's hard to comment on a saw you never touch but the Mafell base sound like a toy to me. It's hard to not be bias when you own only one of the two.

As ambidextrous* I always drive the saw from my left hand, so I never try to reach for the TS55 handle, instead I tend to hold the board with my right hand when needed.

I find the blade guard flipping interesting for when you want to clean debris inside the blade guard. To change the blade? I'm using the TS55 for 8 months so far and never change the blade yet, it's basically used to rip plywood and the blade still cut like new.

I believe the biggest problem with Mafell is the lack of showcase. Personally I like to try the shoes before any purchase. especially at that cost. I wish there was a local store I could walk in and have a real look at it.
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Dealers selling pre-converted tools?
« Last post by Coen on Today at 01:31 AM »

Like any place, not all imperial units will go away.  People are still going to call them 2x4's . It's not like the units match as is. People will still call sheets 4x8 even when they aren't.  What matters though is when you are using them, they are what they are.

We know those sheets as 1,22 x 2,44 [m] over here.
Classifieds / RO 90 soft pad, polishing sponges and 125 mm sandpaper
« Last post by serge0n on Today at 12:29 AM »
I have some RO 90 and ETS 125 sanding/polishing supplies that I no longer need. There are way too many polishing sponges in my shop that I'll never use, I thought that someone else will get a better use out of them.

Everything is brand new, however, you can see tiny bit of dust here and there on white sponges. I'm going to be selling everything at 25-30% off retail.

Festool likes to sell everything in a big pack, even when you need only 1 sponge. Here is how I will be selling my supplies: you can buy a single sponges, but minimum order is 3 sponges. So you can grab 1 orange, 1 white and 1 black. I'm selling all sandpaper as packs of 5. Minimum order is 1 pack.

I'm not sure how much shipping is going to be, but it's gotta be really cheap, I could almost ship these in a regular envelope! So let me know your zip and how many items you need, and I'll tell you how much. You can pay me via Paypal, I'll explain how in a PM.

Here goes the list.

Polishing sponges

TypeTotal Available   Price per piece
Festool 201989 RO 90 Coarse yellow sponge3$5
Festool 493870 RO 90 Fine white waffle sponge5$5
Festool 202017 RO 90 Extra-fine waffle black sponge   3$5
Festool 202009 RO 90 fine white sponge5$5
Festool RO 90 Lambswool3$10
3.5" no name Wool polishing pad3$7
Mirka 5723AP polishing pads pack 90mm1 pack   $26

Sandpaper, 125 mm

TypeTotal pieces available   Price per piece   5 pack price
Festool Rubin 125 P5012$0.5$2.5
Festool Rubin 125 P805$0.5$2.5
Festool Granat 125 P605$0.6$3
Festool Granat 125 P4045$0.6$3
Festool Granat 125 P100040$0.6$3
Festool Granat 125 P120040$0.6$3
Festool Granat 125 P1500   25$0.6$3

Other stuff

SOLD Jevons Tool Company 3D squares -- a pair of 90 degree aluminum squares, made in USA, $15.

Festool 498068 5-Liter One-Step Oil Bottle -- never used, never opened. I already have a 5-liter canister of outdoor and heavy duty oils, don't need that much. $100.

Festool OF 1010 rail guide adapter and rods -- never used. $30.

Festool FS-KS in excellent condition, used once or twice. I'm not entirely sure if I will be selling it, but please make me an offer and I will consider it.
Festool Jigs & Tool Enhancements / Re: Domino Drawers
« Last post by SoonerFan on Today at 12:09 AM »

@TSO Products

Any update on what you have cooking to make life easier, quicker and repeatable?  Needed to make some cabinets/drawers and wondering if what you are planning might help.


@jobsworth - pretty slick method of helping yourself. Wait till you see what we have cooking for you sometime in June to make your life easier, quicker and repeatable.
stay tuned.

Finishing and Painting / Re: 3M PPS Series 2 - Fuji
« Last post by ben_r_ on Yesterday at 10:58 PM »
Whats the improvement for the Series 2 stuff? I recently bought all the Series 1 setup but havent even opened it all yet.
Classifieds / ISO Woodpecker Metric Rules
« Last post by rp127777 on Yesterday at 10:55 PM »
I am searching for some Woodpecker rules in Metric. 

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