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General Friendly Chat / Re: The Big Green Egg
« Last post by luke duke on Yesterday at 09:55 PM »
Get a Klose
I would try asking the dealer for an exchange. If that doesn't work you can do something like get a Woodpeckers metric layout square.  In any case, 32mm cabinetmaking is pretty flexible in terms of cut panel sizes.
The Nippur cubit-rod (c. 2650 BC) in the Archeological Museum of Istanbul, Turkey. Note the line of holes spaced at approximately 3 parmak. It is believed that these holes were used to space shelves.

Looks like a OTT opportunity whose time has come and gone:

"We'd like to introduce out latest OTT - the ark shelf spacing kit.  With this essential tool, you'll have everything you need to create shelves for an ark.  Made from the hardest copper alloys known to man, this bar can stand up to the best stone and bone tools that you have.  In order to reflect the variety of parmak lengths that you may have to support, we used a variety of fingers to create this masterpiece, including the always useful 3, 4, 13, and 14 parmak spacing which required lining up the right number of average width fingers precisely.  Rather than engraving the scale, we have inlayed it with contrasting metal, ensuring that the scale will still be readable after 2000-3000 years.  Please note that no slaves were harmed in the creation of this heirloom tool - all of the fingers used in the design and development of the tool were garnered from people who have not yet upgraded to our new line of safety-stop saws.  Don't miss out on this one time tool - if you're building an ark, get yours today."

Rumor has it that the OTT tool company that made this tool was utterly destroyed after selling only one.  The original Akkadian story centers the blame on the company itself.
That's funny,
I spit my beer on that one.
Thanks ,Charlie

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Watch a few videos on the LR32 kit.  The length of the cabinet sides needs to be an increment of 32mm so you can flip your rail to do front and rear holes and maintain the same offset from the panel edge. 

I would suggest that you do not need to constrain yourself to having the cabinet sides a multiple of 32mm. The current LR32 sets have two longitudinal stops - you put one in each end of the rail (selecting the same offset). When you flip the rail around you always butt the longitudinal stop to the bottom of the cabinet side (or the top - just be consistent!). I do usually have to reposition the parallel side fences along the rail as I flip the rail - but I don't adjust the offset.
Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Your favorite Makita cordless items
« Last post by ear3 on Yesterday at 08:41 PM »
Thanks for the heads up on the new model nailer @DB10. Took delivery of the previous model yesterday, and when I was doing tests last night it would not sink long pins into 3/4 hardwood. It ended up working today on the 5/8 poplar trim I was installing, but I think what I'm going to do, since I ordered it from amazon, is just return it and get the new model.  That was actually my goal when I tried to stop by the tool nut yesterday late afternoon, but I discovered that they've temporarily closed their brick and mortar store.

I recently converted my other guns over to cordless, and couldn't be happier with not having to lug around a hose and compressor.  I've got an elaborate trimming job coming up later this week, and so I've decided to get a cordless Makita pin nailer  -- stupid Dewalt doesn't make a 23 gauge unit, and so I have to get yet another battery platform (incidentally, why on earth would you redesign your cordless nailer line and not add a 23 gauge pinner?).

The unit is only sold as a bare tool, which means I have to get a charger and battery to go along with it separately.  Cost wise, it probably makes sense to buy another cordless tool kit just to get the free battery/charger that comes along with it.   Never owned any Makita cordless gear, so I'm wondering what are some of the stand-outs of their 18V battery operated line.  And preferably something other than a drill, since I really don't need another one of those.
I hear you, I've got 3 cordless nailers from Dewalt and a 23 gauge from the same firm would have been handy. I recently noticed that Makita have just launched their new 23 gauge nailer the XTP02Z in NA, which replaces the XTP01Z, apparently the new 23 gauge is a major improvement on the old one, there is a recent review on Tool Guyd. unfortunately the new 23g hasn't been launched in Australia yet. We did get the new cordless trimmer the DRT 50 which I'm very impressed with for quick jobs but I'm not sure if it has been released in NA yet. If you don't won't to invest in another kit from Makita and seeing as their 18v tools have been around for so long you would probably be able to get a charger and battery pretty cheap second hand.
Festool Tool Problems / Re: Domino Mortise is too narrow
« Last post by TylerC on Yesterday at 08:02 PM »
It seems that certain business aspects are falling apart out there in Indiana....  [sad]
@TylerC , I think Tyler is on vacation but maybe he can get someone to check for you...

I would consider just buying a new machine, use the crap out of it for 29 days, then return it. Maybe in that timeframe your original machine will be back from HQ
Great idea
Should have done that a month ago

Yes, I'm out this week (and was traveling last week), but I'll reach out to the service department and see if I can get a more thorough update (and hopefully some progress). I'm checking email once a day, so let me know if there's any movement or needs with this.
@Svar - The adhesive tape you linked to is 2.8 cm wide. How does this compare to the width of the installed scale?

@koenbro - I've love to know how you make out in the end. If possible, will you keep us apprised? Thanks. 
You're probably best off calling.  The contact form on the usa website is a dead end in my experience.  When I called I was bounced between customer service and service (so they could pull up the correct part no because the 1010 does use a stick on scale), but CS eventually got it shipped out.
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