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Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: I am done
« Last post by antss on Yesterday at 09:20 PM »
But the perception is that the quality is in free fall.

I'm not sure that's quite accurate. 

Isn't it more like the quality is slipping at this point?  That's a far cry from abandon ship.
Other Tools & Accessories / Re: I have never seen chisels like these.
« Last post by derekcohen on Yesterday at 09:04 PM »
Good luck with Kiyohisa. I have a set of slicks .... which are just superb! However they were a 3 year wait when I bought them about 10 years ago. Currently I understand the wait time is 6 years or more for any of his chisels.

Incidentally, do you know how a Japanese chisel handle is fitted? It is a combined tang and socket. Don't forget that the chisel also needs a hoop. There is quite a bit of work involved in handling the chisels from scratch. I recommend that either you get the chisels with fitted handles, or purchase a cheap Japanese chisel to pull apart for practice.

Regards from Perth

Fun, Games, Diversions / Re: Ill Show Ya Mine If Ya Show Me Yours (MFT)
« Last post by Alan m on Yesterday at 09:01 PM »
jesus peter . I'm shocked. I'm all for using the tools but that's just upsetting.
surely we can get a go fund me page for abused tops.

Alan, my old time Fogger friend.  I know that most know me here in my alternate role as a Moderator, but although I don't post many projects posts at least these images show that I do use the tool or I am just an MFT slasher.  I'll leave that the discretion or readers to decide.

Your joking mention of a Go Fund Me campaign right now was so weirdly timely - in a good way.

Please bare with me while I explain:

Last weekend was the Festool Connect event and I had a great time and got to do some stuff that I had never done before.  I also saw old friends and met new.  Obviously I have spent much time here over the years, but this year when I visited and talked there was a different vibe. 

Facebook reminded me the other day that three years ago I was having surgery for cancer.  Fast forward a small amount of time and a Go Fund Me account had been set up and publicized here to help out with uncovered expenses.

I can honestly tell you that last night I went to that Go Fund Me account online and read every name and every anonymous contribution and I cried.  I cried then and am crying now because of the generosity of so many when it mattered.

There is no way to repay the efforts and thoughts.  But I assure you and all reading that I haven't forgotten.

did realise that was 3 years ago all ready
hope you are well
Finishing and Painting / Re: cabinet coat
« Last post by bkharman on Yesterday at 08:47 PM »

Do you need to stick with cabinet coat?  Just asking as there are definitely more forgiving products. I personally have never used it. Maybe just get tinted BIN!  ;^)

I use a lot of Sherwin Williams and their Pro Classic line rolls extremely well. I used it on a kitchen update in the spring and it was a treat.

If you are stuck with using CC, I agree that a few lighter coats might lay down better.

Cheers. Bryan.

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I remember looking at your kitchen project earlier in the year -  that turned out really well!

Thanks mate. It was also a bit of trial and error! 

Good luck and let us know if you find a winning combination that works for CC.

How much is a gallon of the stuff?

Cheers. Bryan.

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Workshops and Mobile Vehicle-Based Shops / Re: Compressed air filtering ?
« Last post by Holmz on Yesterday at 08:25 PM »
Looking for recommendations for compressed air filtering. My water filter broke and I need to get another one. Figured I might as well get a coalescent filter to get oil mist out as well since the compressor is oil lubed.

Ideally I should cool the air before it hits the tank, but due to space that won't happen.

With so many brands out there it's hard to tell what's decent. Figured the list or requirements should be

- high flow so I can upgrade compressor without worry. Could use converters to match right pipe size
- availability of replacement filters
- potentially a regulator as well though I can put one at the end of the line separately

No need for an oiler. For automotive tools I just add oil to the tools it self.
I'm not doing painting only air nailers (non lubricated)

Any recommendations ?

I put a big devilblis job which is ~6" in diameter and 2' log with a desiccant bag inside. Was 2-300$ from memory.
It is for painting, but works for tyres, and everything else.
Member Projects / Re: Swamp cooler lid
« Last post by Holmz on Yesterday at 08:23 PM »
Interesting project.  I admit ignorance about swamp coolers because as was said, they don't work in humid climates and I live in one.  But as a kid growing up in hot, arid Arizona in the late 60's we had a swamp cooler on the roof.  I remember ventilation slots all over it.  So, I have to ask if the one in your image is still operation with the cover on?  Is the vent an intake?


No Peter the thing was needing repairs many years and back and we turfed it (trashed it). But the plinth remained as did the underfloor/in-slab vent running down the house.

Like being on a truffle hunt, every time there is rain the boss claimes to smell mould... hence I put the 12V RV fan in the inside (on 10%) to slowly draw air out the underfloor slot.
The vent allows the air to come out, and there is a Neutrik is on the far side with a 230v to 12V transformer inside...
And a small hole for the IR remote.

So The problem was the multi faceted, and driven by the tiles to look nice.
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: I am done
« Last post by SRSemenza on Yesterday at 08:17 PM »

I suppose driving less distance to get fleeced is better for the environment. So there is an upside.

Fleeced? Fleeced in what way?

  You mean   choosing   to attend a training class that you have to pay for? And in all probability is a good price for a training class?  No one is suckering anyone to make that choice. The free option is to go online for information and how to. Places like ummm,  FOG. Provided for all to read and ask questions  by Festool at no charge.

Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: I am done
« Last post by Holmz on Yesterday at 08:11 PM »
I'm not seeing such issues. The OF 1010 rusting and loose? not in my experience. The Kapex I see issues but there's just too many that buy it and use it, so I'm not wholly convinced that it's the big lemon it's been made out to be. The carvex 420 does well for what I use it for. The little brother to the RS 2 the RS EQ 300 is one solid sander. The RO 90 no complaints. The TS 75 cuts through the hardest beech wood without a hiccup. Maybe Festools are not as indestructable as some other brands, but for me the egronomics and the dust collection, the systainers and organisation are very attractive. MFT is a great aid for my portable mostly outdoor jobs.

Good luck with your other brands of choice.

There are differences in voltage betten North America and Scandinavia ... The rest of the world
As an ex Boy Scout and climber, I was taught to respect the natural tendency of a rope and cord to curl in a natural manner.  I get teased about being neurotic about way I put my cords away.  Every new Fes cord I receive gets stretched over a pull up bar to take out the kinks left by being coiled and strapped.  I put my cords into my systainers in as big a coil as possible with out forcing the cord into shapes that resist it's natural curl.  I never have a problem putting my cords into my systainers.
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: I am done
« Last post by Holmz on Yesterday at 08:09 PM »
...  In my opinion what is severely lacking, and the one thing that Festool needs to improve market share is accessibility to the system - meaning don't make people travel to only 3 locations to really learn how these things are used.  Don't get my wrong, my Festool instructor was phenomenal and continues to be a resource but I think that startup costs are already high they really need to improve on their online training access.

Increasing the market share is a problem if one wants to increase sales, however the topic of this thread is the dismal quality, and not in helping the company sell increasing numbers of second rate tools.

Festool is marketed as Uber tools, which make be true in some cases like the Kapex.
But the perception is that the quality is in free fall.

I suppose driving less distance to get fleeced is better for the environment. So there is an upside.
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