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Various Woodworking & Crafts Topics / Re: Cutting The reclaimed beam
« Last post by CopperKris on Yesterday at 11:58 AM »
First thoughts, I wouldn't miter the ends. A timber without end grain looks fake.

That was why I wanted to plane and finish the top surface, to demonstrate mechanically what was done...But, yeah, I am concerned about that as well...the mechanical demonstration might not land on the everyday person.  Also the end grain is another unique surface of this beautiful timber that can be finished and demonstrated. 

I think I'm still going to buy the cheap band saw (only $250) because whatever material I don't use on their project, they said I could keep...So I want to mill down the nail free half of the beam for some furniture.  But I think you convinced me...I'll just embrace the end grain. 
Ask Festool / Re: Amperage on Tool outlet CT36
« Last post by SRSemenza on Yesterday at 11:49 AM »
 @Eherby   Welcome to the forum!  [smile]

     How long have you been using your Rotex on the CT without a problem?

Ask Festool / Re: Amperage on Tool outlet CT36
« Last post by kevinculle on Yesterday at 11:43 AM »
Perhaps the amps drawn by tools manufactured by companies other than Festool follow a different version of Ohm's law than Festool amps and the rating on the outlet is downscaled proportionally?
Ask Festool / Re: Amperage on Tool outlet CT36
« Last post by SRSemenza on Yesterday at 11:36 AM »
Ask Festool / Re: Amperage on Tool outlet CT36
« Last post by SRSemenza on Yesterday at 11:33 AM »
I will refer you to this.

  There are quite a number of discussions on this also.

Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Some new Wera goodness!
« Last post by SRSemenza on Yesterday at 11:29 AM »
Question for the long term Wera users. Did you find the handles comfortable from the beginning or did it take a while to get used to them? Every time I pick one up in the store that handle doesn't fit my hand the way I like.

The handle comfort / ergo is going to really depend on the person. I liked the Wera from the start. If you really want to know I suggest getting one in a common size and trying it out. The way it feels just holding it compared to using it can be quite different ....... which goes for any brand.

In general I don't like handles that are completely covered in grippy material. I find that it makes them hard to turn quickly. The Wera 300 series is a nice combination of grip and quick turning.

My other favorite handle is on the old Craftsman Pro series. When they were solid hard handles (the bottom one in the picture, no longer available) not the newer mixed material.

If looking at Snap On they make two different handle types.

Festool Tool Reviews / Re: Festool C18 - Video
« Last post by yetihunter on Yesterday at 11:23 AM »
Beep.  [big grin]
Festool Tool Reviews / Re: Loving the Carvex
« Last post by yetihunter on Yesterday at 11:21 AM »
I've been installing cabinets for more than 30 years and I stopped using the Carvex long ago. I have 2 Trion jigsaws and went back to them.

What has been the advantage of the Trion over the Carvex in your experience?

Anyone used the Collins coping foot for the Carvex?

Gregor more or less answered this question.   Someone correct my terminology:  It has to do with scribing and beveling the back of the cabinet. 
Ask Festool / Amperage on Tool outlet CT36
« Last post by Eherby on Yesterday at 11:20 AM »

I’m confused on the amp rating. If the Kapex is rated at 13.7 amps and the outlet on the CT36 states a max amp of 3.7 how do you use the two.  Heck my Rotex is rated at 5 amps and I’ve never had  a problem.

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Member Projects / Re: Post for island
« Last post by JCLP on Yesterday at 11:20 AM »
Everything was built with 3/4" mdf and I bored 4mm dominos at 45 degrees. It makes gluing and clamping a breeze when nothing moves.

Awesome, I need more details  [wink]

1- You used the standard 5mmx30mm?
2- How deep you set the cutter to 15mm from the 18mm MDF?
3- What spacing between tenons, I would guess 250mm?

I really really like them, please show a picture with the finish on it and what you use to seal the MDF.

Thanks, Mario

I used the 4mmx17mmx20mm dominos. With the 4mm cutter you need to set the depth of cut to 20mm. The fence is set at 45 degrees with the blue plastic support bracket attached.
As for the spacing, beats me. Randomly inserted 3 - 5 dominos per joint.
For the primer, I just sprayed the first coat of Duralaq Undercoater and will be spraying the second coat after lunch. The profile on the panels were done with the Freud 99-264 rail and stile set which Rona has on clearance. Regular price $109 and I got them for $27.99. I bought 3 sets at that price. Rona in Ottawa may still have some.

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