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Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Woodpecker Micro Adjust
« Last post by Birdhunter on Yesterday at 06:53 PM »
I think backlash will be a major issue. It will be interesting to see what you come up with. Without drilling holes in my fence, building some sort of a bridge over the fence that attaches to the Microadjust comes to mind.
Classifieds / Festool Sanding kit
« Last post by Lfolger on Yesterday at 06:47 PM »
I have a festool sanding kit brand new with packets of sandpaper, soft pads in higher grit, many sanding soft blocks in different grit and there version of steel wool in systainer. Asking $175 OBO [ Guests cannot view attachments ]
I have recently purchased (and registered) an OF1400 and submitted a request on the Festool USA website asking for a millimetric sticker to put over the plunge depth marker. Today I got in the mail a catalog, but no ruler.  Anyone has any ideas how to get one? Thank you.
Classifieds / WTS Kapex
« Last post by mastercabman on Yesterday at 06:25 PM »
Up for sale is my Kapex miter saw
About 6-7 years old
Including the standard accessories and 2 blades
(I did loose the little hex key)
This is for pick up only
Let me know if you have any questions
Member Projects / Re: Headboard
« Last post by RobBob on Yesterday at 06:18 PM »
You could use long splines instead of Dominos.  The splines would run almost the full length of the boards.  See the August 2017 issue of Fine Woodworking, page 37, for a picture.
Member Projects / Headboard
« Last post by Birdhunter on Yesterday at 06:05 PM »
I have previously done a post on a bed project I am doing for our young (mostly broke) friends. I am pretty confident about building the frame. Building the headboard really worries me.

The picture I am working from shows a flat 24' high by 80" wide headboard. I am using quarter sawn white oak boards that I am buying from a local store, Carltons Fine Woods.

My worry is in getting the darn thing flat. I'm thinking about using Dominos to join 5 5" boards that I will joint in advance. I plan to glue up 2 boards and then 3 boards and  then running them through my planer. The next step would be to Domino the 2 pieces together.

Any better ideas?
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Clarity in Advertising
« Last post by PeterK on Yesterday at 05:55 PM »
I find it is extremely useful for remodeling type work to illuminate the local area. Inside cabinets while plumbing, painting in bathrooms, closets and other small areas, wall repair work to sidelight flat surfaces, etc.

It really shines as a light for vehicle emergencies - break downs, flat tire replacement, trailer issues. The ability to power it from the vehicle is very useful.

Used as emergency light when boating.

For camping use - low power gives light in a tent for many hours, can hand carry or illuminate a wide area.

The ability to add any of my batteries to it to give extended high power use is fantastic.

Near indestructible- I have dropped mine over 6 feet onto concrete.

I find the SysLite to be a valuable tool that never lets me down.
No it is NOT designed to lite up a large room like the Duo but that requires plug-in wall power to achieve that output level. Hard to believe anyone would assume the little SysLite is designed for that. Remember the terminology used in Europe can have slightly different meanings than in your country.
Festool Tool Problems / Re: Domino Mortise is too narrow
« Last post by iamnothim on Yesterday at 05:50 PM »
It seems that certain business aspects are falling apart out there in Indiana....  [sad]
@TylerC , I think Tyler is on vacation but maybe he can get someone to check for you...

I would consider just buying a new machine, use the crap out of it for 29 days, then return it. Maybe in that timeframe your original machine will be back from HQ
Great idea
Should have done that a month ago
Looks like Knipex has introduced a new flush cutting Cobolt to the line. Completely flush , no bevel on the bottom side of the cutter.


It should be noted that this is for soft materials only, from Knipex:
For the flush cutting of soft materials, e.g. plastic, aluminium, copper, lead
Precision cutting edges for soft material

Yes, so they are different in that respect. But up to 6mm on those materials. And should do it with ease based on what the regular models will cut.

Festool Tool Problems / Re: Domino Mortise is too narrow
« Last post by RobBob on Yesterday at 05:29 PM »
Maybe I am giving him too much credit, but it seems that things have not been the same at the USA Festool HQ since Shane left.  He was always on top of things here on the forum and worked well with the team at the USA repair facility.  I just do not remember these kind of issues when he still worked for Festool, even though he lives hundreds of miles away in a different state.
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