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Member Projects / Re: Small pleasures, or what new in the East ...
« Last post by alkaline on Today at 04:35 AM »
Good evening, I have been going through your old posts and have been overwhelmingly impressed. I will be making a workbench/assembly table like yours very quickly. And then I saw your multi angled dining table base. I'm in love. Do you by chance have any notes about the angles or plans? I will be recreating this at first availability.
Thanks for all your inspiration!

Thanks. I will try to share some of the production plans in the future. I wish you all the best!  [wink]
Is there no stronger vacuum cleaner with more power? Festools own is not that strong either. think there is any EU law that max watt is 1600w within eu. Consider returning the saw. see what I'm doing. You have 15 days of warranty. like everything on the saw except the busy one. Anna had the vacuum cleaner I have now come to boschen. it almost poured into dust
Member Projects / Re: Small pleasures, or what new in the East ...
« Last post by alkaline on Today at 04:28 AM »
...four weeks at home. illness. mood under frost. boring.  [sad] [crying] [sad]

what will they please at this time?
I made some pictures for the insurance company. and forgot to attach the trion!

nice weekend to all!

 [smile] [wink] [smile]

Thanks, the pictures show what is wrong with mine — it lacks the screw and plastic washer that hold the part in place. Without these it kind of wants to launch itself under stress.

Now I need to figure out the part numbers and order them : )
Unless you do a lot of compound miters the bevel readout is not that important.
As a remodeler I use that function maybe 10% of the time.

Solid point. 
I do a lot of mitre and bevel cuts and accuracy is really important for me.

If I am starting a new "heirloom" piece (as I am doing right now) I give the Kapex a quick check to make sure that it is spot on. I have only had to adjust it about 3 or 4 times in the 6 years that I have had it. For bevel checking I use an Angle Cube from iGaging. I set it at zero on the saw bed and then attach it to the saw blade as I alter the bevel angle. I have never had to make an adjustment to the bevel stops. My 4 adjustments have all been to the mitre setting and have taken just a couple of minutes.

Sales & Dealer Area / Re: coming VERY soon (US)
« Last post by Cheese on Today at 02:56 AM »
balance of the cxs is much nicer with the old batteries vs the newer wide ones made for the txs.

I actually prefer the new batteries for the CXS because the base is substantially wider. This means the CXS is less tippy when you stand it up. With the original 1.5 batteries, the CXS tends to fall over most of the time. And then there’s the issue of changing batteries constantly because of their limited capacity.
I watched some Festool videos they made themselves of the KS60 and you can see it's DC isn't the same as the KS120.

As @ChuckM states might be the limitation of the saw itself and/or the hose diameter.

Comparing your vacs max. flow rate and max. vacuum of 3600l/min-21kPa vs 3700l/min-24kPa on say a Festool Midi/Mini vac shouldn't make much difference but others can chime in.
Home Improvement & Other Projects / Re: Garage cabinets
« Last post by tjskinny on Today at 01:32 AM »
Another Guido type system can be found here at Tim's site.

He aslo has the design in printed format you can purchase.  The information is layed out very well.  And his new mfsc (multi fuctional shop cart) is a really good design as well.

Home Improvement & Other Projects / Re: How not to tile a shower...
« Last post by tjbnwi on Today at 12:38 AM »
Using the pre-sloped pan, what is the largest tile it will support?
May be showing my ignorance again but it seems to smaller tile should be used?

If you don't want to do a lot of cutting and fitting, 2" x2" is about the limit to get the tile to follow the pitches well.

The pictured base is pre-sloped with 8x8's. Everything was laid out and cut to get the water to the drain.


If you want to do large format tile a single slope with a lineal drain is the answer.

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