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You need one that has self cleaning function, there are options from festool, dewalt, fein and I think even Bosch makes one. Regular vacuum is gonna clog so quickly you'll be cleaning it more often then sanding that texture. Guess you can use one of those Oneida cyclones before regular vacuum and it may work. For sanding paper I use 80 and on painted texture 60.
Ask Festool / Re: Festool address
« Last post by TylerC on Today at 12:01 PM »
Here's our address:

Festool USA
400 N. Enterprise Dr
Lebanon, IN 46052

If you want to add my name on it, feel free to. I'll get it to the right person.
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: HKC question, 564637 vs 201359
« Last post by lawhoo on Today at 11:59 AM »
Got it. Thanks, Shane.
Festool Jigs & Tool Enhancements / Re: T-track question . . .
« Last post by wimblejon on Today at 11:58 AM »
Thank you mwildt, Woodwork Wizard and Wooden Skye for your replies.
I like the idea of a G-clamp and block - I could even put a screwed stop on the block to provide some accurate adjustment . . .
Heck, who needs t-track anyway!   [smile]
Does anyone know where I could find a new metric version OF1010?


Ask Festool / Re: Festool address
« Last post by Alex on Today at 11:53 AM »
Festool's adress is probably on their website.

But if you have a problem with a store employee, take it up with the owner/manager. It is none of Festool's business.
I went with a VFD from Lenze. I thought price was reasonable. I'll update the post once I start using it.
Ask Festool / Festool address
« Last post by mikeyr on Today at 11:47 AM »
I have a complaint, NOT about Festool but a sales guy at a local woodstore.  I have never been treated that way in a store by a person so uncaring and knowing so little about the product he was going out of is way to not sell.  This is NOT a Festool issue, they didnt hire the guy, I am well aware of that.  But I want to write a complaint letter to the store owner and I am hoping that if he sees I CC'd Festool on it, maybe it will have more weight.  Heck, Festool might even want to get in on some training for the not very nice and untrained sales guy.

 I don't want the guy fired, just his attitude with Festool customers changed.

 So anyway...what would Festool's snail mail address be ?
Thanks. I've watched a bunch of vids and most don't show what vac they are using. Maybe I will try with shop vac first.

How about the grit for a rookie? Will I be gouging the ceiling if I use too low a number, and will it take forever if I use a higher grit like 80?
I thought the difference was not just that the new set would have an insert to accommodate the Airstream charger, but also that it would have the actual Airstream batteries and charger. The older version (564637) has the current (i.e., not new) batteries and charger. If the only difference is the insert, why not buy the current set at the current price (before the 4/3 price increase)? I was planning to wait to buy an HKC kit, because I thought the $45 price increase would be getting me the Airstream batteries and charger. Am I mistaken?

@lawhoo, the item numbers that the OP was asking about were the BASIC versions, which have no batteries or chargers.

The new PLUS and SET versions will include the AirStream batteries and chargers.

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