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Festool Tool Problems / Re: Domino Mortise is too narrow
« Last post by copcarcollector on Yesterday at 05:27 PM »
It seems that certain business aspects are falling apart out there in Indiana....  [sad]
@TylerC , I think Tyler is on vacation but maybe he can get someone to check for you...

I would consider just buying a new machine, use the crap out of it for 29 days, then return it. Maybe in that timeframe your original machine will be back from HQ
Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Your favorite Makita cordless items
« Last post by LooseSox on Yesterday at 04:57 PM »
What is the weight difference with different Ah Makita batteries like? I use Bosch cordless gear amd was really suprised when I put the batteries on the kitchen scales to see. I can't remember exactly what they weighed but I do remember there was less than 45g difference between the 4Ah and 6Ah batteries with the 5Ah battery sitting slightly above the halfway point. Most of my batteries came via a Bosch redemption promo so I didn't actually have to buy them so not too fussed what one cops more use, but I had it in my head to use the smaller packs for less fatigue when using my drills until I sussed out the battery weights. 15-45g over 1.8kg doesn't make a hugely noticeable real world difference to me.
Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Woodpecker Micro Adjust
« Last post by ben_r_ on Yesterday at 04:57 PM »
I sense you guys are over engineering this. If I want to use my Micro adjust to "back off" the cut. I just unscrew the adjuster a tad, unlock the fence, and push the fence to the right against the Micro Adjust. Done.
Maybe so, but I do like the idea of being able to adjust the fence back and forth with the screw. If it proves to be too difficult to accomplish then Ill just use it as you suggested. But Im pretty confident I can come up with something.
Festool Tool Problems / Re: Domino Mortise is too narrow
« Last post by iamnothim on Yesterday at 04:51 PM »
My Domino is either on it's way or still being repaired

I called for status.  After a few minutes on hold it went to voicemail. Do I know nothing.

I went to the repair ticket email and clicked the link to check the repair status.  The link was broken.  I got a 404 page.   This is so unprofessional.  I need the tool.  it's been over 6 weeks
Great cutters Oliver!  I have had one for a little while now and they are GREAT.  Cuts through most metals, screws, nails, etc easily. I like the fact that they are so small too.  Love Knipex!  Wera too!!

Member Projects / Re: My Paulk Workbench.
« Last post by J0hn on Yesterday at 04:13 PM »

I think the person you are abusing is Ron Paulk, go to his website and buy a set of
plans of your own.

They are very reasonably priced and Ron put a lot of work into developing them.

If you can't afford $10 for the plans where will you come up with the money for
the lumber to build the bench?

Wouldn't he have to know that Ron Paulk was the original creator of this workbench and offered the plans for sale?  (No reason to act like a jerk about it)

If you can't see the pics, right click on one and you should be able to open it in another window to view.  Here is the first pic
Sales & Dealer Area / Re: Festool Roadshow Anderson Plywood
« Last post by Don Ware on Yesterday at 04:07 PM »
ME TOO !!!!!!!!!! [big grin]
Classifieds / Stanley Bell System 2101a Bit Brace, 10" swing
« Last post by Marlow on Yesterday at 04:02 PM »
Stanley Bell System 2101a Bit Brace, 10" swing: Excellent condition, completely cleaned and lubed, works beautifully.
Only apology is rust on ratchet mechanism housing cap (see pictures).  $69 plus shipping, PP fee-free payment.

Sales & Dealer Area / Re: Festool Roadshow Anderson Plywood
« Last post by ccarrolladams on Yesterday at 04:00 PM »
I will be there. Looking forward to the fabulous Festool Roadshow
Looks like Knipex has introduced a new flush cutting Cobolt to the line. Completely flush , no bevel on the bottom side of the cutter.


It should be noted that this is for soft materials only, from Knipex:
For the flush cutting of soft materials, e.g. plastic, aluminium, copper, lead
Precision cutting edges for soft material
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