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General Friendly Chat / Re: An Interesting Article
« Last post by RJNeal on Yesterday at 07:55 PM »
Thanks cheese for posting. I woke up around 0130 this morning and read about half of it then finish reading during day lite hours.
Very interesting
Various Woodworking & Crafts Topics / filling a very narrow crack
« Last post by dicktill on Yesterday at 07:43 PM »
Hi all,

I'm making a small table top for my camper van. I bought a single piece of Cherry 25 x 29 x 5/4 (!), and noticed that it had a crack down the length of it when I got it home. The crack went all the way through it, and it took very little force to open it completely. I used Titebond II glue on both surfaces, and clamped it together. Later I whittled it down to 19 x 26 x 3/4 (track saw, then router sled), and then sanded it to P240. But I can still find and feel the crack on both faces with my fingernail, although it is very narrow, perhaps 0.010" or less. What can I use to fill/seal this?

TIA, Dick
I'll backup those backing Bosch. There tools are well-built cost-effective alternatives to Festool and others. I have never been disappointed in one while using it.

Bosch is one of the few major tool brands delivering very good quality tools.  Many of the other companies have dropped quality to cut corners and maximize profits. 

You always judge every tool on it’s individual merit.  Every band has good and bad products.  I agree.  I can’t imagine any good reason to bash Bosch’s products. 
Ask Festool / Planex not being effective with texture
« Last post by bclark on Yesterday at 07:16 PM »
We are in the midst of remodeling some of our house and I thought it would be a good time to fix some of the terrible texture on the walls and ceilings and go with a more smooth, flat surface.

I have a rotex 90 and put some 80 grit granat on it to see how well it would chew through the 2 or 3 layers of latex into the knockdown on the walls.  It worked reasonably well with the first pass taking off all the paint on the high areas and flattening everything decently with a few subsequent passes (I do plan to skim coat so I'm not trying get it perfect).  I felt like the planex would be a good investment with the amount of area that I wanted to do this to.

I ordered a planex and some 80 grit granat and when I first tried it out it wasn't making much of an impact so I decided to get some 36 grit saphir.  That came in the other day and I'm still extremely underwhelmed by the performance.  It's so ineffective that I can sand an area at least 5x as fast with the rotex and even a hand sander with 60 grit seems to be faster.

There doesn't appear to be anything wrong with the planex itself.  I'm just applying light pressure and have it turned up to max speed.  Is there something I'm completely missing with this?  Should I just talk to festool?  I'm a little bummed because I would expect it to keep up with the rotex at the very least.
Additional pictures:

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You will enjoy the BHC. Very nice drill. Power to weight is exceptional. And we have both corded and cordless hilti sds drills available on site, and they are nice too, but for 1/2” x 8” holes in cured concrete the BHC is more than capable.
Other Tools & Accessories / Airstack--Any reviews ?
« Last post by Dick Mahany on Yesterday at 06:00 PM »
Has anyone seen any reviews on the recently introduced Systainer based Rolair Airstack?  In particular I'm wondering if there exist any direct head to head real world comaprisons between it and the Rolair JC10 Plus.
I'll backup those backing Bosch. There tools are well-built cost-effective alternatives to Festool and others. I have never been disappointed in one while using it.
So, BHC is finally ordered and I also ordered two sets of Hilti drills to cover the range (L1 & M10 sets).

Thanks again for the input. Can't wait to use these...  [cool]
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Festool Kapex KS-60
« Last post by Birdhunter on Yesterday at 04:31 PM »
The US voltage runs at 60 Hertz while European is 50 Hertz. I don’t know if this would affect an imported KS60, but I would suspect Festool would not honor the warranty.
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