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Classifieds / Re: Festool T18 and C15 drills “PRICE DROP”
« Last post by Lfolger on Yesterday at 11:19 AM »
Price drop
Sales & Dealer Area / Havwoods UK Ebay Shop now Open
« Last post by Havwoods Accessories Ltd on Yesterday at 11:18 AM »
Finally... ::) UK Foggers...

We have a ebay Shop up and running:

Keep an eye for end of lines and other goodies [big grin]
Not much on at the moment but will start getting more uploaded over next few weeks.
Festool How To... / Fitting my first door.
« Last post by Gunso on Yesterday at 11:18 AM »
Please forgive my lack of knowledge and experience.

I have bought a glass door as a direct replacement for a solid wood internal cupboard door.

The opening direction will be swapped so I need to refit the hinges on the other side of the door frame. My suspicion is that it will be easier to fit the hinges to the door then line that up with the frame. Or should I fit the hinge to the frame first?


Festool Tool Problems / Re: Problem with the MSV D8/25 domino connector.
« Last post by Gregor on Yesterday at 11:08 AM »
I've had the 5mm cutter on my mind, because that has the tapered shoulder that gives exactly that countersink if you plunge beyond it's limit (where the other DF500 cutters have square shoulders).
I had the DF 500 5mm one in mind too as of the taper, but I just looked at my DF 500 bits and all the others don't have it - they end in an 8mm diameter end on the machine side.
I hadn't considered using the XL to plunge deeper with the 8mm cutter - that's an interesting plan! I've got that Seneca bit to put the small cutters on the XL, so I'll give it a go. It'll be interesting to see if the square shoulder can give that little extra width that's needed when it's crammed into the hole!
The mortice would get ~1cm deeper, plus I don't know if the Domino will like being used as a dremel substitute...

Disregard my comment (asking about using the 700XL) above please, it was misguided.
Member Projects / Re: Post for island
« Last post by Mario Turcot on Yesterday at 11:02 AM »
Everything was built with 3/4" mdf and I bored 4mm dominos at 45 degrees. It makes gluing and clamping a breeze when nothing moves.

Awesome, I need more details  [wink]

1- You used the standard 5mmx30mm?
2- How deep you set the cutter to 15mm from the 18mm MDF?
3- What spacing between tenons, I would guess 250mm?

I really really like them, please show a picture with the finish on it and what you use to seal the MDF.

Thanks, Mario
Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Impact driver recommendation
« Last post by KGB pilot125 on Yesterday at 11:02 AM »
I have used my Milwaukee 3/8 impact as pretty much my go to impact at work.  Auto tech flagging 50-60 hours a week.  I really like mine.   I use my stubby 1/2 air for wheels and some suspension stuff but the electric for all other stuff.  I have the 3/8 in the 18volt and the 3/8 and 1/4 in the M12.

@leakyroof is right though the new stubby compact 1/2 impacts are awesome and you wont have to run adapters or super expensive sockets.  I know this will get scoffed at but the harbor freight stubby 1/2 drive out performed my air cat and IR.  I originally bought it to put in my apprentice/helper cart that I outfit so my helpers can get certain jobs done with out getting in my big box and I ended up swapping the HF to my box and left the IR with them.  The air cat got traded in to the tool truck on a new long barrel air hammer, thats how much I didnt like it.

Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Some new Wera goodness!
« Last post by rvieceli on Yesterday at 10:38 AM »
I liked mine from the get go. But some folks don’t.  Wera isn’t the only game in town either. Take a look at Felo, Gedore, Wiha, Hazet.

KC Tools handles them

Snap-on screwdrivers also get rave reviews as well

Here's something interesting. These are mildly customized DIY sheds in various sizes and then shipped flat-pack to your address.

Festool Tool Problems / Re: Domino cutter life
« Last post by Henrik R / Pingvinlakrits on Yesterday at 10:26 AM »
RST: I find I get around the same amount of holes out of my 5mm bit as you do, maybe even less. I haven't kept track of exactly how many 5x30's I have use up but I guess it is no more than five packets (300 each) that I have used up over the last three years.

That is still 3000 holes. But, I think I just wore out the second bit (maybe even the third) in those 3000 holes. I mostly do mdf and oak, some of the oak is tough but for the most part I am gentle with the machine.

Last project consumed about two to three hundred of them and the last twenty plunges were a bit frayed around the hole perimeter. It was teak veneer on mdf so I would say it does eat away on the bit even though it is a thin veneer.

But five thousand to fourteen thousand joints??! No way.

Out of the sizes I find that the 5mm bit is the one that is the weakest of them all in terms of longevity and most prone to chip/crack.
I think they all dull a little fast in oak but replacing the bits is so far between that I hardly remember and that is a good sign for sure. Or bad, considering my memory...   

My plunging technique has been refined over the years, it is a little different in different materials but I don't rush the plunges. Some materials are fast to plunge by nature and some materials benefit from a slightly slower plunge, but not too slow. 

I am sure you have the plunging worked in to your muscle memory by now if you go through a thousand plus a year.

I would be content with 3000 plunges for a bit if I knew for a fact it would cut well up until the last fifty or so. Though I can't say for sure as it hasn't been a highly debated topic for discussion among my fellow carpenters I think most think the bits dull a little too fast - but not to the point that they are too expensive.

I might look into CMT bits, don't mind a few extra 5mm bits.
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: The DOMINO has evolved.
« Last post by ceddy on Yesterday at 10:19 AM »
Just noticed this thread was from 2009....
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