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jesus peter . I'm shocked. I'm all for using the tools but that's just upsetting.
surely we can get a go fund me page for abused tops.

Alan, my old time Fogger friend.  I know that most know me here in my alternate role as a Moderator, but although I don't post many projects posts at least these images show that I do use the tool or I am just an MFT slasher.  I'll leave that the discretion or readers to decide.

Your joking mention of a Go Fund Me campaign right now was so weirdly timely - in a good way.

Please bare with me while I explain:

Last weekend was the Festool Connect event and I had a great time and got to do some stuff that I had never done before.  I also saw old friends and met new.  Obviously I have spent much time here over the years, but this year when I visited and talked there was a different vibe. 

Facebook reminded me the other day that three years ago I was having surgery for cancer.  Fast forward a small amount of time and a Go Fund Me account had been set up and publicized here to help out with uncovered expenses.

I can honestly tell you that last night I went to that Go Fund Me account online and read every name and every anonymous contribution and I cried.  I cried then and am crying now because of the generosity of so many when it mattered.

There is no way to repay the efforts and thoughts.  But I assure you and all reading that I haven't forgotten.

General Friendly Chat / Re: Finger prints don't work on iphone
« Last post by Cheese on Yesterday at 06:33 PM »
Maybe version 2 is better?

I have the 2nd gen on both the iPhone & iPad. It’s definitely better than the 1st gen but still not terrific.

I believe the iPhone 8 is now equipped with Gen 3.
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: I am done
« Last post by J0hn on Yesterday at 06:31 PM »
I will never forget the time that Festool denied a warranty repair because a guy was using a non Festool blade in his Festool jigsaw and hit a hidden screw while he was making a cut.  Trashed the jigsaw - cost more to repair than what it was worth
Fun, Games, Diversions / Re: Ill Show Ya Mine If Ya Show Me Yours (MFT)
« Last post by ChuckM on Yesterday at 06:30 PM »
Speaking of the tops, I really can't convince myself to spend $200 Cdn on a MDF board! [big grin]

Again, I don't understand the issue.


I think the issue some people have is that if you put the cord randomly in the systainer, the lid may not close. Such is the case with the DF500 as I have experienced. I have now used one cord from the vac and all the unused cords are bundled and kept from the tools.
Finishing and Painting / Re: cabinet coat
« Last post by mrFinpgh on Yesterday at 06:26 PM »

Do you need to stick with cabinet coat?  Just asking as there are definitely more forgiving products. I personally have never used it. Maybe just get tinted BIN!  ;^)

I use a lot of Sherwin Williams and their Pro Classic line rolls extremely well. I used it on a kitchen update in the spring and it was a treat.

If you are stuck with using CC, I agree that a few lighter coats might lay down better.

Cheers. Bryan.

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Nope, I'm just testing it out since the sales person gave me a gallon to try out for the price of my feedback on it.

My original plan was to spray Lenmar dura laq through my hvlp gun.  I'm not too experienced at spraying, though, so a rollable/brushable finish that laid down well does have some appeal given the scope of this project.   

I'm going to give some lighter coats a shot and see where that goes.  Part of this for me is just learning how to do more with paint than walls and trim.  I think going through the process of trying different things ultimately will make me a little bit more informed about how to solve future problems.

I remember looking at your kitchen project earlier in the year -  that turned out really well!
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: I am done
« Last post by antss on Yesterday at 06:25 PM »
What really ticked me off what that Festool said it was my fault I was using the sander wrong

Yup, that is straight out of the playbook for any German company I've ever worked for or currently deal with.  Having the pads wear out would fit into the grand conspiracy of having tools wear out faster so you'll by more or them and or maybe get so frustrated that you try the new product (mesh abrasives) and their new pads.  Same as the new vac connector.  But at least they give us the first hit for no money up front.

Glass - you can be pretty sure that Hitachi's quality will soon slide down. And by extension Metabo's because of the KKR acquisition. They have no earthly idea about tool customers' wants and needs.  But, they are masters at squeezing equity and profit out of businesses. That's not really practical while trying to make the very best widget and paying off the debt for the acquisition.

Probably time to search for the "next" small to medium , quality power tool maker if you're not comfortable or satisfied with the current evolution.   I can pretty much guarantee Festool isn't going back to the good ol days.

Who knows, maybe we"ll even see them in the BORGs before the end of the decade.  [unsure]

Oliver, I’ve had really bad luck with Grohe for both the bath and kitchen. I installed a kitchen Lady Lux and I had to replace the spray head every 12-18 months to the tune of $80-$100 each time.  I’ve installed Delta and cheaper Sterling faucets that outperformed the Grohe. I’ve since switched to Kohler and am very happy.


One thing I've seen mentioned again and again, and experienced myself, is that industrial designed seem to forget that power tools have cords, when designing the cases for power tools. If the designers do consider the cord, they seem not to realize that some users will automatically put a longer cord on the tools the moment they get them, and don't estimate that into case design.

The problem is not just limited to cords or Festool cords, but many tool cases or boxes that include accessories. Nicely laid out and put, they are fine when you first open the case, but every time you use them, you may have a hard time remembering their positions and putting them back where they belong!

As for the Festool cords, I have had no issues with them as I wrap one cord around (in sleeve) the vac hose and use the same cord/vac hose for my DF500, sanders, and Kapex (which has its own cord and plug).
There are very few Festools I remove the plug-it cord from when I place it back in the Systainer (or any other time). Cant remember the last time the cord has been removed from my TS's. ETS, DTS, RTS all go in with the cord attached. RAS is a little close, but really not an issue. The Vecturo I do have to remove the cord, wrap it, place it, close Systainer.

I've done this with every brand I've owned.

Again, I don't understand the issue.

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