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Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Festool CT26M???
« Last post by demographic on Today at 04:26 AM »
I have one of those CTMs for building site work as the regulations are starting to clamp down on the numpties who rock and connect a Henry to their saw when they have a pallet worth of MDF to cut.
There was an advisory thing that the HSE put out a while ago mentioning their requirements so I linked it onto this forum. Largely met by people going "Lalala I'm not listening" but I bought that version because I wanted to future proof my purchase against forthcoming legislation.

I didn't want to buy a CT then six months down the line have it banned off the big sites and realise I should have bought the CTM.
Yeah, as mentioned I think that knob adjusts the sensitivity of the sensor as I cant say I've noticed it making other differences.

Oh, yeah. it's a nice machine as well by the way. Especially now the pain of paying six hundred and seventy quid for it has lessened.
Have a project that I was just informed of last night, and it needs to be done in very short order. 14 five-sided cubes...

Is it just me or would any jig have a problem making a cube with only 5 sides / faces? Isn't that a square pyramid? [tongue]

Too late to help I suspect but Peter Millard has just posted an easy way to build one off parallel guides on his You Tube channel
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: 5" pad with an ETS 150/3 EQ
« Last post by jetset95 on Today at 03:44 AM »
First welcome to FOG, second how could you build a collection of Festool sanders if you could just change pad sizes?

Like my last post not sure we all want a collection (sacrilege I know)... I'd love a 5 inch which could take a delta pad and a square one - like a Rotex 90 on steroids. I bought a B&D version of that many years ago, and it worked reasonably well as a finish sander but was useless at flattening or removing any amount of material.

Maybe I need a bigger garage... [unsure]
Member Projects / Block counter top warping
« Last post by marky harvey on Today at 02:34 AM »

I've just fitted an iroko block worktop. Part of the worktop is hinged to allow accesss to a floor mounted boiler. Unfortunately after only a week the section of worktop over the boiler is warping.  Does anyone have any suggestions how to prevent this?


Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Festool CT26M???
« Last post by antss on Today at 12:17 AM »
Doc , I think it's much less a concern and more of a criticism.

When you're charging nearly twice what the competition is, people just expect more.
Yes, that's what Paul uses. Cutting the ears is slower with a fretsaw as you don't have much of a stroke due to the length of cut vs the length of blade - which is why I went with a hacksaw. You can also put masking tape over the areas where the blade rubs the paint to ensure a clean cut
Whats the difference between the Trion and the Carvex ?


This should help!
In a nutshell :

EC / brushless motor
An LED light
$100 more cost
$100 more cost than that if you want to cut a 45deg bevel
Battery powered option.
I have the Percision. I don't really care for them. Suffice it to say they are not very precise. In fact I have gone back to measuring and marking wish I had spent the extra for the Festool.
No - just with the two hoses.
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