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Sales & Dealer Area / Re: New Guide Rail Square - Made in Canada
« Last post by Richard/RMW on Yesterday at 12:04 PM »
I do have a TSO square and use it for my DIY projects. In my case mostly plywood for cabinets, etc.

I don't need machine shop tolerances for cabinets. If a panel is 1/32th out of parallel it doesn't effect the end result in any meaningful way. I obsess over too much shop stuff anyway, & have finally learned that there are times when tolerances in the thousandths of an inch are important and when it is not.

Some may recall I was dabbling with making a square before TSO came out with theirs. That effort used an adjustable reference arm so it could be squared perfectly, or within the limits of "perfectly" in my world. The issue it caused was uncertainty whether it had been bumped out of square during or between uses, so I ended up double checking squareness often. This obviated the benefits of quick attachment to the rail.

IF TSO's reference edge is out of square with the edge touching the guide rail by a couple thousandths then the cut would be off by 3X that amount over 4'. In my world this is perfectly acceptable. Even if the TSO square is perfect to 0.000", any crumb of sawdust between the reference edge and the stock being cut, or imperfection in the rail or elsewhere will impart as much or more error.

Come to think of it, I don't know that TSO advertises tolerances anyway. Hans and Eric probably figured out it was best not to go down that rabbit hole and that the results would speak for themselves.

What this all boils down, for me, is I can slap the TSO square on a rail and be comfortable that (1) the tolerance is no different that the last time I used it and (2) that the end result will be good enough for the girls I run with.

This time the soapbox is being padlocked to prevent easy access...

Festool and Tanos Systainers / Re: DIY Sysport drawer slides
« Last post by geoffshep on Yesterday at 11:52 AM »
You might get 2 systainers on a 24" drawer but I don't think there will room to open them in situ.  I used this template and have 2 systainers on each drawer with room to open both lids.  The drawers are spaced vertically so that they shut with the T-Loc catches open.  I used 700mm drawer runners but unfortunately couldn't find any with push-to-open.
Accessories yes, tool and inserts no.
Festool and Tanos Systainers / Question regarding Sys Combi systainers
« Last post by justaguy on Yesterday at 11:21 AM »
Maybe this has been asked and answered. If so I could not find it when I searched.

Will the bottom drawer in a Sys Combi 2 or 3 hold the insert and tool from a standard Sys 1 Systainer?

I'm looking to combine some things.
Member Projects / Re: IPE Benches
« Last post by crampedshop on Yesterday at 11:19 AM »
I have a bunch of Massaranduba left over from a deck project. I think that i just figured out what to do with it. @yiquanone, What did you use for glue? TIA
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Festool (or other) must haves
« Last post by Billy D on Yesterday at 10:21 AM »
Anybody else using the Makita BO4900V and getting zapped by it during use?
I can't tell if it is static build up or a short - I have had 2 different ones and they both do it.
Sales & Dealer Area / Re: New Guide Rail Square - Made in Canada
« Last post by antss on Yesterday at 10:15 AM »
Dovetail - are you principally framing houses ?  Then I can see some value to a rail square.  I've never bought 50 sheets at one time ever.  If I did it'd be in a shop setting and I'd then have a materials handling system with a vac gantry to move them to the processing centers.

I'm doing finish work and none of the houses or condos I work in have anywhere near .5mm or 1/32" tolerances for plumb , level and especially square.  Meaning I'm never cutting panels square either. There's always an offset/taper or a parallelogram .  And each panel has a different one - making a jig ,for repeatability, of little use.

So far you're the only one round here that says they actually use one of these.  You mention others, but who ?  And where are they ?  I'm sincerely curious who else uses one (no matter the brand) and what they are using it to cut.  Maybe it's not for me, but clearly they are selling.  I just would like to know what kinds of tasks guys are actually using them for.  Not the marketing pitch, but what  fellas are really using it on.

Your principle use is to make sheetgoods smaller to handle in your shop ?  Which you then take to other tools to process ?  From which the edge you cut with the square is used as a reference edge ?  Is that correct ?
Sales & Dealer Area / Re: List of Dealers in the Festool Owners Group
« Last post by TylerC on Yesterday at 09:56 AM »
Center Hardware checking in. We just brought in the line a few months ago and are the only full-line dealer in San Francisco. Looking forward to participating here!

^ Added.  [thumbs up]
Building Materials / Re: Using sand for ballast in workshop cabinet
« Last post by patriot on Yesterday at 09:54 AM »

Thanks for your suggestions. 

The thought of having our bug guy spray the sand just occurred to me.  That would eliminate the possibility of bugs taking up residence, but because the interior/exterior perimeters of my shop have already been sprayed this is probably nothing to worry about.

Moisture is my real concern, so your suggestion of taking a look at the sand every once in a while is a great idea. 

Thank you!
Member Projects / Re: IPE Benches
« Last post by webpp on Yesterday at 09:47 AM »
Beautiful craftsmanship  [eek]

Like it!
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