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So is there any good website to learn about what stuff Bosch has, that is learn more about their Festool similar woodworking tools.   Being in the US, the track stuff and so forth is basically unseen. You can really only find info about the low end stuff sold at Lower and such.  The Bosch websites look to general be awful (every page a pop up, can't get anywheres without constant pop up messages about stuff).  The non-US sites are just as bad and really don't have good navigation or any good way I have found of figuring out much on the tools.

Perhaps a google search for a Bosch forum would reveal some results.  Here is one that came up for me:


Thanks, but that doesn't help  [sad]   I just want to be able to figure out what they make.  Bosch makes lots of stuff and doesn't keep a focused website on different sectors.  And their websites are awful.  For all Festools web issues at least it's fairly straight forward to understand what they make globally.

My main thing is trying to understand between Mafell and Bosch stuff could you get to the same basic place.  That is  a track system, with saws and routers for it, that have dust collection, that have a proper system for 32mm cabinetry construction.  Have something like an MFT setup, and something like a CMS setup.    This is basically what has kept me still looking at Festool stuff because they have a subset of stuff that all interplays and can't really interchange with others.  It looks like Bosch may bring the missing router/32mm parts to the same Mafell Rails, that one could be using with a MT55 saw.  So that gets closer.  But finding much of anything out about Bosch stuff is not easy or makes no sense. (why is a Bosch South Africa page asking me if I'm Canadian over and over).  You click something on one countries website and end up in a different countries website. 
Festool Tool Problems / Re: Kapex life span
« Last post by Joe Felchlin on Yesterday at 02:30 PM »
Sorry to hear that Rizz (Reply #574). Definitely not the way to do/keep business.
I’m talking about Festool - Not you. Unfortunately, you and your business are victims.
At one point I wanted a Kapex. I REALLY wanted a Kapex. [sad]
But... Too many problems/burned out motors/armatures... Continuing stories like this one.
That there are 12 Pages on this subject (to date) - Going back several years - Is a sad commentary... Really sad.
My 10 year old $600 Bosch 5412L 12-Inch Compound Miter Saw is still cutting straight and true - Day after day... After day...[smile]
A couple of years ago I “splurged” and put a Forrest Chopmaster blade on it ($150). Cuts even better.[smile]
I wanted a Kapex. I really wanted a Kapex.
But... I got over it. [wink]

BTW... Bosch’s newest model - Their 12-Inch Dual-Bevel Glide Miter Saw GCM12SD is currently $649.00 (Amazon Prime/Free Shipping) $682 with estimated tax.
I can't believe Festool let this rot for so long.  [eek]

All in all that lock of that ridiculous system on their land is costing the Americans... year by year. Note that many college textbooks are sold in a US version with imperial units (+$$$$) and a cheaper "international edition [not for sale in the US!]".

So imperial units in US text books is becoming un-common.  Even as a kid, they barely touched on imperial units because they were going away.  This is in part why once you get to people under 50 years old in the US, imperial units (and their often partner in crime fractions) become very confusing and annoying for the population.  I have no idea what quarts/pints etc are and how they all roll up into gallons.  I don't understand tablespoons/teaspoons etc either.  I understand Liters,  grams, etc because that's what we were taught.   Go to college in the US, you are taught in metric/SI.  Older textbooks often have both, but newer ones are generally 100% SI.  Almost all my engineering classes forbid the use of Imperial units, and if their were problems in the book using them, they were all skipped.  One of the common things was to start the first day of a class off with an example problem using imperial units. It was done to show how bad using imperial units were and in some instances to show where mistakes that could lead to disaster/death could happen that could basically be fully explained from using obsolete imperial units.   You got X Btu's of heat and Y tons of cooling the system is going to need Z horsepower to run.   ???

The next big thing in universities is getting paper changed.  Conversion to ISO216 (A series) paper  is going worse than getting rid of inches.  Most folks have no idea what those marks of A4, A5 etc are on the copier.   Just buying a Package of A4 in the US is hard.  But universities have stepped up, many only putting A4 in the lab printers,  requiring hard copies of stuff be on A4.  Since any research paper has to be on ISO216 paper formatted, they have expanded it out to everything to push the change.   You also see more companies when it comes to manuals for things no longer making special North American versions and instead just leaving it up to the user to print it on the right size paper.  Still, I've worked government contracts that explicitly stated drawings must be ISO216 paper sizes, those driving the boat just ignored it.  Which is the case for a lot of stuff, by law it is to be metric and people just ignore it and no one is punished.  My industry by law is suppose to be metric, it just gets ignored, and people make the same excuses as you will see many here say.

In the end, we are fighting a generational issue.  Those calling the shots don't want change, they are dying off, but they still keep making decisions with long term results.  The younger you are, the more you either want the US to be metric everywhere, or you at least are fine either way.  Anyone in any form of technical field hates imperial units and most never use them at work.  Even fields that people mention here for reason to stay with inches you see this.  I've had contractors at my house and this has come up, universal they want to get rid of inches and they work in metric when thats an option (products make metric units clear). But you get an old guy, yeah, they only want inches.  I have family members who were part of construction trades, once they used metric stuff on some jobs, they never wanted to go back and saw how dumb using inch based stuff was.

Global markets/reality keep chipping away at inches in the US. Fairly recently industry was finally allowed to drop imperial units from packaging, so they could make their packaging SI only. As economies around the world grow, the US economy becomes a smaller part of it. This makes doing things specific the US market less economically feasible.  This is where Festool had it right, and the change to inches just makes zero sense.  They went backwards, where other tool companies just haven't made that last step to not put Inch labels on their tools even though the tools are metric design.  Their competitors haven't made that one last step forwards, where Festool decided to take a step backwards.  While it may look like they should be seen the same was as other brands are, it's how they go there that makes a key difference.

If it wont, you could also consider going with something like a Micro Fence and using their interface for the Festool rails. Buying into their system means you could pretty much make any router compatible with any rail and you can use their edge guide and circle jig with any router.

I recently purchased the Micro Fence interface and it's real slick. It's smooth, accurate, repeatable and easy to adjust in either imperial, .001" increments or in metric .1mm increments.  [big grin]
Classifieds / Festool MFT/3 Table Accessories (pending purchase)
« Last post by holyhoohoo on Yesterday at 01:44 PM »
Hello, I've got all the accessories that come with the MFT/3 Table that have never been used.

I'm located in Norman, Oklahoma. asking $135 or best offer. Includes 42" Track, Swivel unit, support unit, CMS Miter gauge, adjustable stop, and additional clamp. Willing to ship at buyers expense. [ Guests cannot view attachments ] [ Guests cannot view attachments ]
If it wont, you could also consider going with something like a Micro Fence and using their interface for the Festool rails. Buying into their system means you could pretty much make any router compatible with any rail and you can use their edge guide and circle jig with any router.
Thanks for the information.  I may just get one.  They have airstream kits out now and it wouldn't make sense to put those out if they are updating any time soon.

Stainless on a boat is called “boat jewelry”....
Festool Tool Problems / Re: Kapex life span
« Last post by jmbfestool on Yesterday at 12:23 PM »
So I’m back from the job site early today because you guessed it, my kapex has burned up once again. Almost exactly 2 years later and I got the tell tale electrical smoke and the motor stopped working again.

At this point I feel like I’m being taken advantage of. If I were to treat a customer like this my reputation would make it so I’d never work in my area again. Its obvious it doesn’t matter what any of us say or do or we’d have had a determination years ago.

Festool know they have the market in small portable chopsaw there is nothing out in the market which comes close to the kapex.   

So until some one brings out some competition to hurt festools pocket they are not interested.
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: 200 years in the future...
« Last post by Coen on Yesterday at 12:22 PM »
With the annual price increases that SYS2 is gonna cost ~$40K by then  [wink]

Well, the largest legalized crime syndicate (central banking) reduced the value of the US$ by about 96% in 100 years. If the next 200 years are the same, that $70 (?) Systainer 2 will indeed be ~$40K.
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