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I would say that the ct will have much better suction and be cleaner overall.
Other Tools & Accessories / DW735 Planer and Byrd Shelix Head Cutter
« Last post by patriot on Today at 10:51 AM »
I've been using steel cutters in my 735, but in no time at all they're nicked.  So today I said that I was going to get carbide blades and try to cut down on cutter cost. 

The carbide blades that I found were half the cost of the Byrd head.  When you realize that (1) the Byrd cutter comes with new installed bearings and (2) because you can flip the Byrd cutters four times the mileage difference between the Byrd and regular carbide cutter's is very significant.  The Byrd appears to be the winner hands down.

That said, I have read that some user's of these spiral cutters experience 'grooving' rather than a nice smooth surface.  The claimed solution was to remove the problem cutter, clean and replace it and they were good to go.

While I would like to have a Byrd cutter installed on my 735, I can't help but wonder if I'm not creating a new problem while trying to solve an old one.  My planer is generally the last machine that surfaces my stock - both sides - and would like to get this right before I take the plunge and grab the Byrd head.

All thoughts and comments are most welcome, especially if you use one of the spiral cutters in your planer.

Sales & Dealer Area / Re: Pro 5 more delays
« Last post by Hank77 on Today at 10:50 AM »
Surprised that my PRO 5 shipped today, just received a shipment e-mail.  It was bumped from mid-March to late-April just recently.  I was almost prepping to never get the PRO 5, so I had refurbished an older ETS 125 EQ for my 5" sanding needs.  Now I have an extra sander for my daughter to practice with that is less likely to run away from her.

By the way, everyone talks about drinking the green kool aid, but really, can't we just say we're drinking ecto cooler?  It's already green, so there's that.  Should we petition to make Slimer the official Festool mascot?   ;)
Nice Bosch Systainer!
I just found a couple of the Metabo T-Locs in an online shop in Germany and ordered Sys2, Sys3 & Sys4.

Bis this is a totally new approach. [emoji41]
@Magpal, since you are in Norway, I suppose you ship continental Europe when you enter series production?! ;)
Ask Festool / Re: Replacing an 8 yr old C12 drill
« Last post by Jim Metzger on Today at 10:45 AM »
Ditto on Primecell, had 3 of the smallest amp hour C12 batteries rebuilt by them, great service. $33 per battery I think.

I have a C12 and a CSX, different uses, CSX gets more day to day use but wouldn't give up the C12 for increased power. If I had to have one, it would be the C12 for versatility.
Great write up. I want the BX. My garage is wired for 220, but only one outlet.

I don't currently have a bandsaw but I want one. I've seen this sentiment of "you need a dust collector" and have had people tell me that my Festool CT 48 won't work. They also said that about my 13" planer but I got that to work with no problem with a cheap shop-vac and a dust-deputy. I'm wondering if people have actually tried a dust extractor on a bandsaw or they are repeating what others have said.
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Domino kit cost
« Last post by bnaboatbuilder on Today at 10:38 AM »
The savings comes from the cutters costing about $40 each. The D500 assortment has 5 cutters which is about $200 themselves, the systainer $74 and 6 domino sizes approx. $20 average each. So you save about $100 as a ballpark figure.
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Domino kit cost
« Last post by Steve Rowe on Today at 10:33 AM »
It has been years since I have done this.  The Domino 500 kit is a good value.  The Domino 700 kit is not so much.
Finishing and Painting / Re: 3M PPS adapter 18
« Last post by wptski on Today at 10:29 AM »
In the US, $28.46 on Amazon, two days if one has Amazon Prime!
I thankfully didn't have to call their customer service when I assembled my PFlux3, but I did watch the video, and I agree it is a great video and I didn't have any issues with the assembly process (didn't even open the assembly manual). Glad you had a good experience with customer service- makes me more comfortable that I made the right choice.

My assembly was delayed a day while I waited to get enough friends over to help me lift the thing upright after putting on the wheels- the unit is definitely top-heavy!

Please post a review of your bandsaw once you have run it a while- I would be very interested in what you think.  I want to eventually replace my older Delta with either Laguna or Hammer.

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