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General Friendly Chat / Re: AAA - anyone still use?
« Last post by Steve Rowe on Yesterday at 08:48 AM »
I dropped AAA over 35 years ago shortly after needing a tow and quickly discovered that AAA varies depending on the state you were in and not the state of your residence.  Long story short, I was out of pocket big $ for a tow when traveling.

I have towing and labor insurance on each of my vehicles for $6.63 per 6 months/vehicle.  Much less than AAA and much better coverage. 

Trip tickets were a nice benefit but today with GPS navigation on smart phones, it seems quaint if they still offer it.  I don't see what value AAA adds to the mix.

I don't think it is like that anymore. As far as I can find the same benefits apply nationwide. If it was a Basic / Classic level membership that is only good for a 3 mile tow. After the first three you pay the rest. 

Do you get your towing through insurance company?  And what do you get for the price?  Just curious.


Hi Seth,
A summary of the roadside assistance coverage:
-Towing to the nearest repair facility
-Gas delivery
-Changing tires
-Performing labor where the breakdown took place

The AAA coverage I had years ago had no limit on length of tow in the state I had the coverage in (i.e. - to the nearest repair facility).  Woe to those who break down in another state where the coverage is different.  The tow was about 50 miles to the nearest repair facility (dealer).  I don't worry about that with my insurance coverage.
Finishing and Painting / Re: Help on Spraying BM Advance
« Last post by tjbnwi on Yesterday at 08:41 AM »
I go on.

The Kremlin Xcite has no inline filter so I believe you have a higher chance of tip blockage.

I’ve attached my gun and Xcite which has no filter

The black section of my gun houses a large filter largest filter in the air asssited market.

(Attachment Link)

(Attachment Link)

The Kremlin gun does have a filter, it is in the fitting that the fluid hose connects to.

I have a Graco and C.A.T. AAA guns.The y also have filters at the gun hose connection. I have a second filter housing mounted on all my pumps.

I have had a few plugs, I do strain the product and keep the equipment clean. I make sure I flush the hoses well after use.

Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Belt Sander & Sanding Frame
« Last post by pelican on Yesterday at 08:37 AM »
I too am searching for a replacement for my old Porter Cable. Look forward to hearing some advice.
General Friendly Chat / Re: w-9 forms for job site work
« Last post by Naildrivingman on Yesterday at 08:26 AM »
Back to the original post, I was asked to give a W-9 to a management company that represented a 30 unit condo for repairs that affected the entire building. I don’t know the entire law and I don’t need to. I have an accountant and attorney. A quick email to them with a question as to legitimacy and both answered yes, so I gave one over.  I was the general contractor for the project and I contracted with subcontractors to fulfill parts of the work, but theoretically I was a subcontractor to the management company.

In my case, the management company paid me from funds they managed on behalf of the HOA.  I’m going to guess that the more layers there are to the relationship, the more likely will be this request for a W-9.  To my knowledge, anyone paying anyone any amount can request a W-9 and issue a 1099-Misc. I have never received one that was under the threshold allowed by the IRS.
Hi All hope this is not too far off topic ... last year I started experimenting with an idea for a portable wood shop that will break down and go into my 4X4 .... the prototype has two side by side MFT style tops with a saw and router mounted CMS style ... the tables are laid out with the Parf Guide system and dog holes added to take the Precision Dogs plate ... the LS positioner and sliding table can be used from both sides ... I adapted the LS positioner extension arm to lock on to the 80/20 sub frame for extra stiffness when side extensions are added ... the Parf sticks allow for super accurate calibration of the tables to each other and any added fixtures like the miter gauge ... still a lot of work to do!
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Hi to everybody . And some advice please.
« Last post by ear3 on Yesterday at 08:10 AM »
Welcome to the forum.  The RAS 115 replicates what the angle grinder + sanding disc does pretty effectively.  It's not quite as fast as the angle grinder, but what you lose in speed you gain in better dust collection and better surface quality.  The RAS won't burn the surface the way the angle grinder does, and if you finish up with 100 grit sandpaper you get to skip a few steps when moving over to contoured sanding, as the finished surface is much smoother than you get with an angle grinder.

As Alex said, though, the RO90 is perfect for final contouring and finish sanding once the rough shape is achieved.  You would use the interface pad to follow the contours. 

If you search RAS or sculpt* on the FOG you can come up with some good examples of the RAS and the RO90 contoured sanding in action:
Thanks Cheese... This helps no need to open new thread
Finishing and Painting / Re: Help on Spraying BM Advance
« Last post by brewster201 on Yesterday at 07:34 AM »
Thanks for all the good info and photos. I really like the Xcite gun and not too many issues with tip plugging. The 15C25 comes with a pump discharge filter and the gun has built in strainer above the swivel. This my setup with a Kremlin one pass heater
The best thing to do is get a Mafell P1cc which is fantastic and doesn't suffer any of the problems the Carvex has.
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: CMS-OF questions
« Last post by Bohdan on Yesterday at 06:15 AM »
The CMS also gives you a set of bits to make template routing without the fence much easier and safer but you could get these bits separately if you need them.

This is some set of bits or what? I will have mess with Festool products in my head. :)

The set of bits is listed as AU_494735 - BF-OF-CMS on an Australian Ekat site but when I tried to find it on Festool websites it doesn't exist, but this is typical of Festool websites as they are hopeless. If you want to have a look try this EKAT site and search for 494735.
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