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Thanks everyone for the replies!

I powered it up last night. She purrs like a kitten.

I'm going to hit up Lowe's shortly to see if I can find that one @rvieceli

@Alanbach that's not a problem at all - electricity-wise, the smallest breaker will always break first. You could also have a 1,000 amp breaker connected to the line and that would be fine, as an extreme example - so my breaker size is 30A (the one in the sub panel I installed).

I probably could change it to 20A and be a little safer, but since my wiring is rated for 40A, it's totally fine.

@deepcreek I saw that one too! I want to order it but it'll take so long to get here. I hope I find one at Lowe's. If not I'll go to Rockler Saturday - the closest one is 1.5 hours away from me though.

@derekcohen thanks...I'll have to look into that.

And I know the bag will fill quickly. I'll figure something else out. Just want to try it for now.

Festool and Tanos Systainers / Re: MIDI-Systainers
« Last post by DeformedTree on Today at 11:03 PM »
Can't say how long they will be available, maybe a long time. But the two sizes available are probably the most useful sizes in relation to the other dimensions. A size one would not be bad to have, but size four or five would be getting quite large. An expanded range with more options would be good but not sure how useful the other possibilities would really be.

I suspect that there are enough available and probably for the near future that you would not need to worry too much about availability. They still stack with regular Sys. if need be. I have a couple and have ideas for a couple more. If I were you and they are the size you need, I would just go ahead and use them.

My issue is the same with all "totes" is there are no standards.  I want something that isn't about availability for the foreseeable future, but the indefinite future.  I also don't like having mixes. I want a proper standard to exist.  If it looked like Tanos had intentions to complete the midi line or added something to it from time to time it would show it's an active product.

The MIDIs work, it's like using a 45ft conex mixed with 40ft conex containers.  I just wish it's was more complete and was in use just the same as the normal size.
Festool and Tanos Systainers / Re: MIDI-Systainers
« Last post by DashZero on Today at 10:38 PM »
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Blade Left Development
« Last post by DeformedTree on Today at 10:37 PM »
I like the term "left blade" ,   people shouldn't use terms like left handed/right handed on something like a circular saw because was that means is different to different folks.  2 people could look at the same saw and one will say it's left handed, the other right handed. But neither will debate what side the blade is on.

I don't think there is much pattern to which side it's on. It's like fuel doors on cars, same brand has them on either side.  I have 3 Milwaukee's, 2 on one side, 1 the other side.
Festool Jigs & Tool Enhancements / Re: More fun with 80/20...??
« Last post by TSO Products on Today at 10:24 PM »
@Cheese  - there is much more for us to do in the workholding area. RUWI's products are serious tools and aim at applications we also have in our sights. They've been on my list to talk to for too long - time to talk with them.
email me which of their items intrigues you if it's not germain to this FOG thread.

Hand Tools / Re: Router Plane.
« Last post by krudawg on Today at 10:20 PM »
Those dovetails look very good. I took a Fundamentals of Wood Working and for two weeks thats all we did was cut half-blind and Through-Dovetails.  Never used the Router Plane except when we started hand-cut  Mortise and Tenons.  That Router plane is great for sizing the thickness of the tennon.
Check out this Great Russian wood workers Festool tracksaw blade adjustment system he built.
He is a Ukrainian woodworker.

Us old people still remember it as one, hard to grow up with one and now separate.

I have great respect for the whole region.

Home Improvement & Other Projects / Re: T&G porch floor challenge
« Last post by Cheese on Today at 10:01 PM »
Are you trying to maintain an existing height with the new T&G?

If not, the 1/16” decrease in thickness will not affect the structural rigidity to any significant degree provided the joists are properly spaced to code.

The difference in the width of the strip flooring 2 1/4” vs 3 1/8” on an outside porch, really doesn’t make a difference in resale value unless it’s a house in a historic area and the value is in the Million plus area.

If it’s just a personal desire, I get that and then you just need to to spend the money and do what makes you happy.
Well that was surprisingly easy!  After I got the jack plane dialed in with the chip breaker set as close as I could, I grabbed a piece of stock that previously gave me trouble and took a series of passes against the grain the entire tearout!  :). What a thing of beauty!  Thank you!!

Regarding the toothed blade, it seems like those are only available for a low angle jack on LN’s website.  Nothing available for the bevel down planes, but it looks like it was available at one time.  Any idea why?
Festool Jigs & Tool Enhancements / Re: More fun with 80/20...??
« Last post by Cheese on Today at 09:36 PM »
thanks for the pointer to the RUWI product line, Richard! We are taking note of the general interest in this particular functionality.
Keep the tips and pointers coming, please!

Hans...FWIW...I’ve also been looking at some of the RUWI products but have not yet pulled the pin. They manufacture some really interesting items. Perhaps some of those items you could synergistically embellish.  [big grin]
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