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Finishing and Painting / Re: Paint Storage
« Last post by Charles959 on Today at 08:03 PM »
This article provides detailed plans for making your own plywood flammables cabinet that has the same properties as the ones that meet various codes, and the video explains the advantages of plywood cabinets over metal cabinets, as surprising as that may be:

I have one of the SciMatCo cabinets shown in the video.
Member Projects / Re: Kitchen Makeover
« Last post by jobsworth on Today at 08:00 PM »
Very nice work , beautiful
I’m down for it  let’s Rock.
I'm staying at Caesar's Palace for the 6 days I'm there so mostly I'll probably eat something along the strip and we have conference gala dinners and sponsor food available so lets see if I can squeeze a heart attack into my schedule  [cool]

Last time I never really left the Strip, but what else is in Vegas to see?

I've done the hotels with roller coasters & Stratosphere Tower amusements last time and wondered through all the casinos on the Strip and seen the Pirate Show and the Dancing Water Show, etc.

I'm thinking of getting tickets to a Cirque du Soleil show or two if they are still running (haven't checked yet) and was wondering is there anything worth seeing Downtown outside of your suggested burger join?

Where would one go for "normal" clothes shopping on a budget in Vegas? Is there a Macy's or similar there? On the strip the services seemed to cater to jackpot winners and I'm not on such a budget  [sad] and no supermarkets in sight.

They have a outlet mall there you’ll have a good time shopping there. No sure on the directions to get them but they are not that far off the strip, not walking distance but a nice selection of different clothes manufacturers
Add a piece of slick tape or other thick tape to the face of the clamp to take up the play.  That's what I did.  It may take two layers.
Slide the 2 rail clamps in place, snug the thumb nut, then tighten the lever.

I'm trying trying to set up my MFT-3 fence using 2 rail clamps instead of 1 rail clamp and the protractor in hopes of gaining the extra few inches Festool's protractor wastes, but I can't get the clamps to securely grip the fence. Am I doing something wrong? I made a short video of the issue (link below).

I built my own for syatainer 1s & Bosch L Boxx. I could be built for any depth systainer.

I was looking for a way to use the Centipede No Slip dogs that are 3/4" in my 20mm custom MFT top.


Have a look at these :
Dave Stanton rates him very high .

Why not just buy the proper bench dogs the guy sells? He has some interesting stuff he prints for an MFT table. Thanks for sharing.
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Rotex vs ETS vs ETS EC
« Last post by Tomsim on Today at 05:45 PM »
Thank you all for suggestions.
I still haven't decides which one to buy, i still have some questions. Im even considering ro125 again.
Is Rotex in fine sanding mode less noisy than in geared mode? Still much noisier than ETS?
Can RO125 or maybe even RO150 be used onehanded for round sanding on the edges and similar round stuff? Or are the vibrations to prononounced?  I could do it occasionly with Bosch with its 2.1kg but im wondering will i be able to do it with rotex, or are the vibrations too high. Someone says that in fine sanding mode Rotex is like regular ROS, someone say it is hard to control even in fine mode, and that vibrations are much higher than regular ROS.

About ETS EC and brushless motor.. Since it is brushless motor and cannot be bogged down, can i put extra pressure on sander if i want to remove more material? Or it has nothing to do with it? On Bosch ROS extra presure wouldnt sand much more, even less. I always sanded only with sanders weigth, and that would get me to the nice  finish fastest.

Is ETS EC 150 quieter than ETS 150? According su spec on Festools site, it is not? But i tougth it is, because it is brushless

If i by chance run out of sanding paper discs, can i drill holes in regular 6 hole sanding disc using Festool patern and still expect good dust collection and resaults? I'll have to order Festool's online.

I tried to search older topics, but didnt find the answers to these. Thanks for the help!


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