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Ask Festool / Re: Hk85
« Last post by glass1 on Today at 06:14 AM »
If it had no advantages or differences with the 75 why did festool develop it?  Advantages to me are, capacity, FSk rail, power, 60 degree, easy of use off rail, grooving, etc...
For you maybe this is not important uses ?
@JimD What did you use for the skim coat?
Member Projects / Re: Mahogany rain sceeen
« Last post by glass1 on Today at 06:09 AM »
Nada. Natural aging.
Classifieds / Re: TS-55 angle guide, Surfix oil, misc stuff
« Last post by serge0n on Today at 04:41 AM »
Some price drops. A couple of items are gone.
General Friendly Chat / Re: Serious as a Heart Attack
« Last post by Tinker on Today at 04:32 AM »
@Tinker and @deepcreek, I'm somewhat in the same boat regarding AMD.  My optometrist uses some pretty amazing test equipment and saw the beginnings of AMD in my eyes.  She recommended a product called MacuHealth to diminish the possibilities for getting AMD.  You may want to look into this.  I have no relationship with this company, nor does my optometrist.

@Sparktrician THANKS FOR THAT INFO. My eye doc had put me on ARED-2 and fish oil pills three years ago. I read your message early this morning and have looked into MacuHealth and MacuHealthPlus. Very interesting. My vision seems ok one day and not so ok another day. With each session of being not ok, I seem to recognize another symptom. Since I have been turned over to a "retina specialist", I seem to be out of the information loop. My eye doc does not answer my questions any more. I cannot even get an appointment with him. The "retina specialist" is not the communicative type at all.

@deepcreek Thanks for your info.
@Tinker - My dad had ischemic optic neuropathy which is very different than macular degeneration.

As I understand it, there was a blockage in the blood vessel that supplies the optic nerve.  Like a stroke of sorts.  He woke up one morning, virtually blind in one eye.  Within a few months, it also happened to the other eye.  He said it was like looking though a straw.

At the time which was over 20 years ago, he was referred to a neuro-opthamologist.  This was a rare specialty (and may still be) as there were reportedly only two in Texas.

As far as I know, he didn't do anything special to regain his sight.  He was scheduled to undergo experimental surgery but woke up the morning he was supposed to go in with markedly improved vision.  It continued to improve to the point that he could see as well as he always had with only minor loss of peripheral vision.

The doctor cancelled the surgery and told him it was nothing short a miracle.  We had a lot of people praying for him and completely agreed with her assessment. 

As it turned out, the experimental surgical procedure for this condition was a complete failure.  Every patient who underwent it lost all of their remaining sight.

I am learning more about AMD and related issues nearly every day. My friend who is blind has had a condition that his doctors don't even know the cause. He has been to specialists all over USA, not for a cure, but for observation. He has had the advancing condition since childhood. I was talking with him on Friday and he told me he could see I was in front of him (about 3 feet away) as a shadow. He has prism type glasses that he uses for reading. With those, he can see no further than two feet, but he can read, but with difficulty.

To me, approaching blindness IS more serious as a Heart Attack.

@Peter or Seth, Can we transfer the eye part of this discussion to another thread? AMD is a leading cause of blindness. Some sites suggest it is the leading cause of blindness. There are other causes. In my case, I seem to have lost personal contact with my long term eye doc. The specialist does not seem interested in any type of communication with out the use of a wrecking bar to pry it out of her.  What i have learned has been from the internet. deep creek and Sparktrician have been more informative than either of my eye docs.  I think the info from them is valuable. I am trying to keep up with a history of my experiences. For all kinds of info about almost any subject, The FOG has been, for years, the place to go.
Festool How To... / Re: Cutting plywood with my 300 Trion
« Last post by Sanderxpander on Today at 03:58 AM »
I should think any kind of wood cutting blade would work, especially if you're going to smoothen it later with a router and probably sand a little afterwards.
Hi there. I've got no idea if this topic is still followed by people, or maybe I should better ask my question in a new topic?

I've decided to build a custom workbench, 1 x 2 meters wide by 90cm high. Half of the top will be solid wood, the other half will be in mft/3 style. I want rails on the sides of the mft/3 half, and I'm considering possibilities:

- buy original Festool mft/3 rails and cut them to desired length;
- make (or order) custom rails like Guy has done (see topic

The design drawing that Guy has shown is in inches and I live in Netherlands where we use cm's, mm's, and so on. I am wondering how exact the measures need to be?

For example:

3/4 inch = 19mm sounds like something I can have made, but...
1/8 inch = 3,175 mm is probably too exact.

Is there a tolerance?

Festool How To... / Cutting plywood with my 300 Trion
« Last post by DanMcDan on Today at 03:18 AM »
Hello, I need to cut two sheets of plywood into tree shapes - trunks and limbs - and both sides will be exposed.  I'm looking for help navigating Festool's pretty confusing selection of blades.  I know I don't want cross-set teeth, but what else?  Which blade?  I'm thinking this one - Festool Item Number 486548 ?  I will be rounding over the edges with a 1/4" router bit as the trees will be touched by lots of little fingers.

I am also open to other suggestions on alternative ways to do this project!

Festool How To... / Re: 4 x 8 mft layout
« Last post by DanMcDan on Today at 03:12 AM »
Your custom top will need to be replaced at some point and so you will have repeating CNC costs. Check this out from Lee Valley:

For a one off cost you will have the capability to make your own custom tops time and again. It would take just over 2 hours to do a full 8x4 which is probably about the same time spent going to and from the CNC shop.


I would recommend Peter's suggestion as well.  It's a well made system and was easy to do.  I only had one hole slightly out of whack and that was my own error - I drilled one of the 5mm guide holes through the rule which was on TOP of the other rule.  Doh!  But it's in the corner and easy to remember which is out.

Also, for what it's worth, I used Garnica plywood and got great cuts, but I did back up the plywood by placing it on a sheet of MDF.

Thanks, Peter!  Great system!
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