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General Friendly Chat / Re: What's Cooking
« Last post by Cheese on Today at 09:46 AM »
Hey @Cheese that‘s a tomato dip, family recipe :)

I should have an english translation of that recipe somewhere, if you want I dig it out and post it. :)

Kind regards,

That'd be great Oliver,  [not worthy]  It looks delicious. It will become recipe #620 in Paprika.  [cool]

Hi Phil,

Wishing you a full and speedy recovery and a return to good health. 

Have always enjoyed your videos. 

All the best from Nova Scotia, Canada.

Building Materials / Re: Dominofix plate material?
« Last post by Cheese on Today at 09:34 AM »
yes there are different grades and solutions. You are absolutely right. Here are examples.

This all black version looks exactly like the Woodpeckers MFT Template.
Phil is a wonderful guy who is loved by the whole Festool team. I'm looking forward to his return.
Edit:  after looking at the CT SYS, I don’t think it will work.  The CT SYS only has a big enough hole for a hose to leave its Systainer housing.  No room to get the hose in from the SYS Cyclone.
I don't get it. You only need one hose that pulls air from cyclone into the CT. What's the problem?

Anyway, I always said the whole vac system has to be modular in sys sized blocks. You buy one motor (sys2), then snap in dust bag compartment of your choice (sys 1 through 5). Than you could have cyclone section in between designed to avoid external connecting hose. All goes on sys cart. Easy to reconfigure for the job at hand.

You’re right, one hose not two.
Workshops and Mobile Vehicle-Based Shops / Re: Barn makeover
« Last post by RobBob on Today at 09:14 AM »
Have you checked on having closed cell foam insulation professionally sprayed in?  I would think it would be worth the cost in Canada.
Workshops and Mobile Vehicle-Based Shops / Re: Barn makeover
« Last post by neilc on Today at 09:00 AM »
Nice looking space.  Plenty of room, solid floor and good height it looks like.

I’d leave the sink I think.  Handy to have for simple cleanup.  Not sure on exterior terrain but you could do a French drain if you can’t get the water away from the building easily. 

If you have not spent any time on GarageJournal, there are a ton of ideas on shop organization and buildout. 

Look forward to seeing progress photos.
I'm sure there is an obvious reason, but why did you not simply consider a midi or maxi systainer? The key issue seems to be size and you definitely don't need to buy a sys3 and store tools diagonally when you can just get a midi or maxi and put a few tools together.
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