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Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Clamps and thoughts
« Last post by Jaybolishes on Today at 02:19 PM »
Beware the jet 60” parallel clamps. I bought 8 and only 2 of them worked correctly.  The other 6 would bind when you would screw them in to tighten. They wouldn’t put any pressure on the work piece.  Just be sure to test them all quickly soon after you buy them.
Sales & Dealer Area / Re: ETS EC 125 on sale
« Last post by ChiknNutz on Today at 01:15 PM »
Of course it is, I just bought one elsewhere 9 days ago (at full price that is) [sad]
Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Wen bandsaw?
« Last post by Cochese on Today at 12:58 PM »
For that price, if buying new, I'd go with Harbor Freight. They have a pretty good return policy, and it is based on the other Taiwanese 14" models and will accept their accessories. I currently have a Powermatic riser on mine, bolted right up.

Basically, you're buying a cheaper model in exchange for doing the QA yourself. Mine has served me fairly well, but I will be upgrading soon to a Laguna. But $300 for about seven years worth of service has been a pretty good value. I should get $100 at least by selling it, so even better.
Sales & Dealer Area / ETS EC 125 on sale
« Last post by aprato on Today at 12:31 PM »
I'm not sure if this is the right place... I just recently dove head first into the green thanks to the rebate programe. And thanks to this post I have had my eye on the EC 125.

Well it just popped up on amazon pretty cheap ($355 right now) for anyone else interested:
Member Projects / Re: Homemade SYSLITE DUO
« Last post by kevinculle on Today at 12:14 PM »
I used two of these to replace the halogen light fixtures on an extendable pole worklight fixture.  It was pretty simple to adapt them and wire them up and the light is brighter but easier on the eyes, not nearly as hot (the old halogens were like a heat lamp) and the wattage is 25% of the halogens.  I caught them on sale for $16 each.
Ask Festool / Re: TSC 55 with CMS adapter plate?
« Last post by digilante on Today at 11:51 AM »

Humour very much appreciated ;-) However, it would be great to get a definitive response: a) Will I have any issues mounting the TSC 55 in the CMS saw plate, and b) is there a clip or something, like with the cordless jigsaw to keep the saw on while mounted?

General Friendly Chat / Re: Lest We Forget.
« Last post by Mortiser on Today at 11:15 AM »
Good Marine Corps history @jobsworth. My father, who recently passed away at 96, was in the 4th Marine Division and fought on Iwo Jima, among other battles. Those were some men!
Another place that is very emotional is the American cemetery at Normandy. If you haven't been, you really must go.
Years ago Hartville tools used to sell a heavy gauge sheetmetal cabinet/box with an access door that you could bolt to the bottom of the router table. That box had a 4" dust port, and along with connecting to the fence you get really close to 100% dust capture, regardless of the size of the router bit in use. But they don't make it any more. I have 2 mounted to my double router table and I swear by them. I think that Rockler was doing something similar to that concept recently, but I don't have any experience with theirs, and to be honest I am skeptical about anything with their brand name on it.

Recently I have come across these from Rockler, SawStop, General, and Incra.  Would be easy to build one also either out of wood or sheet metal or a combination.

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Member Projects / Re: Router Plane w/rexroth linear rails
« Last post by NL-mikkla on Today at 10:39 AM »
LOL, tha slab looks very good from here but the chip collection could be better  [big grin]
Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Wen bandsaw?
« Last post by travisj on Today at 10:37 AM »
I would watch Craigslist/Marketplace/etc...  I am in the process of upgrading a bandsaw and sold my old one through Marketplace.  I think there were 4 or 5 14” bandsaws for sale there at the time and mine was the most expensive at $350.

As previously stated, I would want to own a “name brand” saw.  You have a better chance of parts availability, better aftermarket support, and a broader range of users should you run into problems and need advice.

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