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Classifieds / Re: LR-32
« Last post by Ash Dash on Today at 10:25 AM »
New Price
Classifieds / Re: PSB420
« Last post by Ash Dash on Today at 10:23 AM »
New Price
Sales & Dealer Area / Apples to apples?
« Last post by Jim Kirkpatrick on Today at 10:18 AM »
If you buy a router, do you have to trade in a router or can it be another type of tool like for example, a power drill?
Festool How To... / Re: TS55 CMS cross cut
« Last post by Gregor on Today at 10:05 AM »
Do you perhaps have a part number for the micro-adjust fence please?

I believe its 492095
It is.

I can only suggest you also order #495531 VB-CMS (as it increses the maximum distance of the LA-CS 50/CMS fence to the blade by 410mm).

In case you don't have an MFT (or something of the same height) the VL (#492092) might be useful as outfeed.
" You can't put stretchers across the front, obviously, and nobody goes with fixed shelves any more."

I was going to suggest a middle fixed shelf with a 3/4" back and you're good to go. And if you use Blum

soft closing hinges you'll need a positive stop anyways and the fixed middle shelf will do that.
Wouldn't the hose be too short if the container were taller?

The seal is important and so if you want to do this just take an original drop box, remove the bottom and add on something bigger below.

As far as the hose goes the ends should be easily removed and fitted onto a new length of hose to suit the needs of the setup.

Or, to make life easier, just stick with things as they are.

How about a Swiss Sys Card !  [big grin]

Do I need
Do I want one...maybe...maybe not
But that card sure possesses a certain cool 😎 factor and that’s priceless.  [big grin]

The TSA will confiscate it.
Seems like there's some confusion about what can be used as a trade-in tool. Let me give you some examples...  [big grin]

(Attachment Link)

Easy, right? Here's the next step.

that reminds me of when I bought my first toyota pickup in 1984.  Bring or tow in anything with 4 wheels and get a $1000 down payment credit.  I brought in a matchbox car.


Did you get the $1000 off?

Then it would be a Swiss cheese Sys Card  [tongue]

In that case I'd be a MUST for me. [smile]
Finishing and Painting / Re: Sealing deck rail and post
« Last post by tjbnwi on Today at 08:54 AM »
The deck is 35 years old. Mostly cedar and redwood. It is all stained except the Pergola which will get stained shortly.
I did use Anchorseal on the ends of the railings as well as on the bottom of the railing. Would wood trim around the post where the rail meets be of much protection or more of a gathering spot for water?  I would really douse it with the Anchorseal before fitting it around the post.
Why would you not want caulking?

You plan on trimming the posts, this can be a collection spot for water. By not caulking there is a drainage plane.

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