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Ask Festool / Re: CT Mini... Is it sufficient for use with the Kapex?
« Last post by Gregor on Today at 02:15 PM »
All festool hoses have a 50mm connector on the side to the vac.
Member Projects / Re: How would you guys do this?
« Last post by ChuckM on Today at 02:11 PM »
But, if I build this thing in my shop and then move it to the house, I'm afraid I'll destroy the walls trying to slide it into the dining room given the width.

Can't you do the assembly in the house when the top is put together?

Anyway, I am (almost) a domino-everything kinda guy, and so I'd use dominoes. Not sure if the domino connectors are suitable, too.
Member Projects / Re: UJK Parf Guide System Storage Box
« Last post by Peter Parfitt on Today at 01:52 PM »
Excellent work - I like the idea of the top opening which is an improvement on my own efforts.

to me not much to actually improve the trailer, but you can build a knock down table to set up outside under a awning, mabe build a organizer to store the things you would need to store the plates etc that you would use to bbq with, maybe even make something to store those things so you would just have to wheel it out and set it up.
Im just guessing really. But those are somethings I would consider if/when I buy a TT
Member Projects / Re: How would you guys do this?
« Last post by jobsworth on Today at 12:52 PM »
Lots of ways to do what you want.

One way( The way i would do it) is to use 3/4 ply, cut the seam/joint where the sides of the shelving would be to hide the joint,

use dominos or pocket holes to join the 2 pieces together.

Then use a edging of hard wood using dominos or pocket holes to give the countertop the appearance of being 6/4 thick.
you will enjoy the class and learn lots. Greg is very very detailed. Also be sure to go into his shop and watch the guys work. They use festools in the shop.

If you remember plz tell Phil who is Gregs assistant I said Hi. Im seriously considering signing up for another of his classes. Even though I live in Calif.
@Intex you could also try using the guide block and put the router on the opposite side of the rail, not the tapered part with the splinter guard. That way the whole router base can rest on the work piece.

@TBR You might want to see what's under the laminate. If it is plain old poured concrete, you may want to just rip up the laminate to get to it.

Laminate flooring is relatively easy to remove if you are not trying to be careful about it.

Great RKA, thanks!
Festool Tool Problems / Re: Another Kapex Bites the dust. Again.
« Last post by vkumar on Today at 12:26 PM »

Lol, we retrofitted our entire country decades ago. Now pure savings. Double the power over the same copper, half the copper for the same power or half the losses with the same copper.  [tongue]
@Coen you are implying that there is something inherently superior to 220 V power. Just like the Brits think that driving on the left side of the road is superior.  You have to realize that these are just standards. And as @SouthRider said "Because EVERY OTHER TOOL MADE BY EVERYBODY ELSE lasts for endless years on 110V in the US, and we don't need to retrofit the largest consumer market in the world over one bad product." And the last point I will make is that Netherlands is 5 % of US population , and 0.4 % of US land area. You can convert from one system to another quite easily, not so in the US. And this is the main reason why the conversion to metric is difficult.
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