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Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Woodpeckers Pocket T-Square OTT
« Last post by PeterJJames13 on Yesterday at 07:01 PM »
I would call them. I received mine (imperial, not metric) in April actually.

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Other Tools & Accessories / Woodpeckers Pocket T-Square OTT
« Last post by dlu on Yesterday at 06:52 PM »
Has anybody seen theirs? I ordered the metric version and was expecting them to ship around the the end of May. So far my order is still pending.
If you know somebody with a 3D printer you can get one made. Thingiverse Link

My 3D printer is the second most useful tool in my shop. After me of course! Haha. I would make one up for you if you need, just pay for a bit of plastic and shipping.
Festool Tools & Accessories / Phil demonstrating SawSop
« Last post by Doug S on Yesterday at 06:01 PM »
Thought this might be of interest to some.

Classifieds / ISO Elm slabs
« Last post by Twoodman66 on Yesterday at 05:13 PM »
Iso, dried, large elm slabs if anyone knows of a source. 120" x 20"x3"
Willing to travel. We are from 11801 in NY
Member Projects / Re: I made an unnecessarily complicated drill press table
« Last post by Cheese on Yesterday at 05:02 PM »
Nice job...I love what that Shaper can do.  [big grin]

With the bolts "kissing" the cast production table, you probably didn't need the MagSwitches. Just there for peace of mind?

For metal working and other larger projects, I'd recommend installing the Woodpeckers tall DP3 fence or even modifying that piece of 8020 and use it as a fence. Recently I had a number of through-holes that needed to be placed on each end of some 2" ABS pipe. By using the DP3 I could clamp a work stop to one end of the fence and then also clamp the ABS pipe to the fence so that all of the holes were located exactly and the parts then were interchangeable.

Reflecting back it was stupid to laser engrave those markings, a sliding rule and track that you can zero out (ala incra) would have been much better.  But that's not critical, most of the time we only need the marks on the fence.

Yeah, it makes me wonder why Woodpeckers sells these tables with laser engraved markings, unless there is a standard throat size for most woodworking drill presses? But you're right, perpendicularity is not that critical since it's all about where the fence is positioned at the point you're drilling. Much like why a router fence doesn't really need to be perfectly aligned.
Festool How To... / Re: MFT top question
« Last post by jobsworth on Yesterday at 02:08 PM »
seems like it could work. I at one time routed a groove in my MFT about 2" wide and 3/8s deep so i could make a sacrificial strip so the saw kerf can be replaced any time. Worked good, just got tired of replacing te strip. So give it a go. try it use it for a while and let us know how it works for ya
Other Tool Reviews / Re: Nova Voyager Drill Press
« Last post by Mario Turcot on Yesterday at 02:01 PM »
This thread is taking a dangerous direction.  We'll start off just having a motor with an up or down button, then someone will get a bright idea to have a digital position readout (in mm of course), then how about programmable positions, then all the money gets sucked out of the room.  Oh I forgot, this a the Festool forum, no money left anyway  [wink]

You asked for it  [tongue]

12v 1Ton lift

I let you deal with the digital readout  [big grin]

You can also use something like powerlift Desk with 4 programmable position.
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