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Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Carter guides for Hammer band saw...
« Last post by RobBob on Today at 08:45 AM »
@Dick Mahany Well, guess I got close.  For some reason, I bought the lenox diemaster 2.
 1/2" x .035 and 3 tpi

This is for a Felder FB 510.

It's not carbide, but costs a third as much and supposedly lasts longer than carbon steel.  I hope works ok for general use.

Not if you placed the container on the floor next to the vac.
Finishing and Painting / Re: Sealing deck rail and post
« Last post by suds on Today at 08:33 AM »
The deck is 35 years old. Mostly cedar and redwood. It is all stained except the Pergola which will get stained shortly.
I did use Anchorseal on the ends of the railings as well as on the bottom of the railing. Would wood trim around the post where the rail meets be of much protection or more of a gathering spot for water?  I would really douse it with the Anchorseal before fitting it around the post.
Why would you not want caulking?
Wouldn't the hose be too short if the container were taller?

The Lenox Trimaster on my Delta 14" cast saw w/6" riser is the 1/2" x 3 TPI with .025" backer.  Tensioning is no problem for the 1/2" blade and I'm using the Carter Cobra Coil aftermarket spring, but I don't think it is needed for this blade on my saw.  It works well although I believe Lenox say it can not be re-sharpened as can the Laguna RK.  As the previous poster has pointed out the carbide blade has no set unlike non-carbide tipped blades.

There is probably a larger container out there somewhere that will work.  Maybe a tall kitchen trash can?
Of course having a paper bag does make the recycling profile look a lot better.

Sorry, my mistake: it's clear plastic bags for paper shredders I'm looking for.
Mine arrived yesterday but I only had a short time to play with it. I did notice a reduction in suction more with the SYS hooked up than the MIDI. This was using the empirical hand-over-the-end-of-the-tube test and the cyclone top was left untouched between switching vacs so the seal should've been the same for both.

Thanks... that most reviews seem to avoid this subject is a bit telling.
The only thing to watch, and I am sure that Festool have this right, is that a clear bag allows you to check before it is overfull. As someone else (Don from Anderson I think) has said, if the drop box bag gets too full then everything goes into the CT and that bag is filled fairly quickly.

Of course having a paper bag does make the recycling profile look a lot better.

Ta for the product code but 10 for £20 still sounds a lot to me, not that I'd be changing them all that often. But then I am an Aberdonian and we're world renowned for having deep pockets and short arms ;)

I'm currently looking at paper shredder bags as an alternative. 40ish litre ones appear to be somewhere around the right dimensions and 100 for £12 ain't bad. I would imagine they'll be a thinner gauge but may be worth a punt.
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