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Classifieds / Imperial Woodpeckers OTT Trusquare [Sold for $90]
« Last post by ear3 on Yesterday at 01:22 PM »
In case, barely used.  Retail price was 89.99 when it was offered in July 2017, and this is one that will likely not be produced again for some time, if ever:
@MikeGE That's a very nice and convenient setup you made. I wish I had your talent and the room to put my DC and Compressor in a different room  [big grin]
Member Projects / Re: Slabs!
« Last post by rvieceli on Yesterday at 11:52 AM »
Thanks for the info Richard. On the lacquer front, I have had pretty much zero long term success with lacquer for a finish coat on my steel stuff. Looks good initially but then gets a lot of cracking and checking within the finish after a while. That's with proper cleaning and handling. I have switched to a solvent based enamel and am getting better long term results.

Thank you everyone for the feedback. I am going to go through with finishing this table as planned. I am sure it will break, as you have all mentioned. It'll just be a learning point for me and I won't do it again. That's what this is all about. But I'd like to finish what I started.

PS - someone was asking me via PM about the circular things. Those are 3.5" Miller dowels, with glue, to add strength to the joint.

@DynaGlide sorry that picture was misleading - the top isn't attached yet.

In fact, the "base" components of the table are only glued up on the short side.

I still need to:
1) Glue the long sides
2) Add profiling to the top (thinking a chamfer).
2) Attach the top to the legs + aprons

It's not done yet, I was just mocking it up on my floor.


Member Projects / Re: I made an unnecessarily complicated drill press table
« Last post by RKA on Yesterday at 11:35 AM »
I like it, very well done! (and nothing wrong with unnecessarily complicated, what else would we do with our time?  :-P)

I had the same issue with the WP track.  I wasn't thinking about the 0 point on the tracks until I finished mounting their table.  Didn't seem like it was worth the effort to adjust the table and the interface board between their table the the DP table.  Reflecting back it was stupid to laser engrave those markings, a sliding rule and track that you can zero out (ala incra) would have been much better.  But that's not critical, most of the time we only need the marks on the fence. 
@TSO Products thank you very much for your prompt and detailed reply. I own both of those items, you make great stuff. I'll check it out when I get home. thank you.

@mattbyington – two simple ways to eliminate the MFT alignment of the 1080 Guide Rail:

1.)   Attach a GRS-16 PE Guide Rail Square to the MFT hinge using the same screws which hold the standard nut-plate. With the GRS-16 PE secured to the hinge, simply install the 1080 Guide Rail the same way you would normally connect a GRS-16.
Bingo – you now have an assured square reference for your workpiece when using the 1080 Guide Rail on your MFT. No further adjustments needed.

2.)   The other option employs our PTR-18 PLUS Triangle which now features M6 tapped holes for attaching 25mm tall S.S. Pins (included).  With the triangle referenced on to a pair of Dogs on the MFT, you can now  lock the MFT’s 1080 Guide Rail square to the Dog hole pattern and at the height of the sheet goods you’re cutting. This avoids the problem of losing “square” after adjusting it with the rail on the table surface but then having to raise it to the height required by the workpiece thickness.

TSO’s “System Design” approach:
We’re waiting to see pictures of a TPG-series RIGHT Hand Parallel Guide  T-track being attached to a GRS-16 PE on an MFT hinge bracket. This gives you not only an absolutely square cut but also allows you to make repeatably accurate length cross-cuts using the TPG -track and FlipStop 😊

Matt, putting a tight fitting mitered frame around solid natural wood is a recipe for failure, at least where I live. The mitered joints might survive a man made core. As has been said, a learning project.

I’d go ahead and complete the lesson via the advice above and salvage that beautiful panel. The frame is just ordinary and can be milled down to become another frame for another project.
Classifieds / Re: Vecturo For Sale
« Last post by Gerald_D on Yesterday at 11:02 AM »
Bump- will consider any reasonable offers.

Festool Tools & Accessories / Adjusting HKC to existing rail
« Last post by jussi on Yesterday at 10:57 AM »
Is there instructions to do this?  I was hoping Rick C did a supplementary manual for the saw but, unless I missed it, it doesn't look like he did.  Shame.  I wish Festool would hire him or someone else to write better manuals. 
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