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Festool How To... / Re: Domino for window sashes
« Last post by MVWood on Today at 08:32 AM »
Thank you for all the info so far keep it coming. The sashes I need to replicate are double hung with counterbalance weights. They measure about 40”x40” for each sash. The bottom and top rails are about 3”x1-3/4” stock and the stiles are about 2”x1-3/4” and they are single pane. If I do invest in a domino would the 500 be adequate? or is this a job for its bigger brother? I do have a shaper, and router table. I don’t plan on turning this into a business but I do want to make a decent window and I thought the domino would allow me to do that proficiently.
I did some testing with the bars as joists across.  The sag was as much as if I didn't have them.

I'll need to use 2 "Centerline Front Mounting Support Plus" brackets to achieve what I'm after.  The underside of the desk has an HVAC return that requires filter service, so I'll mount the supports on the blocking on each side.  It's overkill for the span, but with that obstruction it's necessary.  The unsupported span will be about 22".  I may make the front hardwood edging a bit wider to give the front a bit more "beef".

Thanks everyone for their help!
BTW: all images are broken, please use an image host that works or (preferably) upload them to the forum.

I second that... I want pictures  [wink]
Festool Tool Problems / Re: Domino 500 max cut depth
« Last post by TrackTubesGuy on Today at 08:02 AM »
Here's an old thread on this ... hope it helps.
Domino depth of cut
Festool Tool Problems / Domino 500 max cut depth
« Last post by rfm on Today at 07:47 AM »
It is possible that this question has been already addressed, however I couldn't seem to find a search function on this forum.

I have a newly purchased Domino 500.  It comes with a 5mm bit.  According to the manual, the max cut depth is 28mm.  When I attempted a 28mm test cut with the 5mm bit, the end of the shaft burned the top & bottom of edges of the cut.  The obvious reason for this is that the diameter of the cutter increases toward the mounting point.

I have two problems with this. (1) I cannot find in the documentation where it states that there are differing maximum depths for different cutter diameters, and (2) I cannot understand why this insanely expensive tool wasn't designed such that the advertised max depth would be available for all cutter sizes.
Festool How To... / Re: Domino for window sashes
« Last post by JD2720 on Today at 07:42 AM »
I started making window sash over 40 years ago. I always made them the traditional m & t way until last year.
The sash pictured were made with dominos instead of m & t.
Each sash in the arched set were about 4' square. These were for a church & will have stained glass installed in them. The wood was pine. The sash were 2 1/4" thick
There were 5 of the white sash. They were storm windows for port hole windows in a downtown building. The wood was redwood. The sash were 1 1/8" thick.
I used 14mm sipo dominos.

Ha! After reading where you spend free time I was NOT expecting such a serious space/shop....those are some big machines...great space(s) to work in! Thanks for the pics...always great to see other shops
Festool Jigs & Tool Enhancements / Re: Dado jig for the OF-1010 needed
« Last post by RKA on Today at 07:20 AM »
Do you have a parallel edge where the edge guide could be used?  If so, you could buy 8mm (I think) diameter rods in whatever length you need and attach an aux fence to the factory edge guide to give you extra stability.

Or you could just use the back edge of the rail and run the flat part of the router base along that edge.
Festool How To... / Re: Domino for window sashes
« Last post by Farming_Sawyer on Today at 07:02 AM »
I've built over 100 double hung, casement and sliding windows in the past five years. I've used a shaper, or router table, dedicated mortiser, drill press mortis attachments and chisel. Some were built using hand methods and a lot of patience. All windows were multi pane. A thousand panes later and I'm only just getting ok at glazing and cutting glass....
All windows were glued using exterior glue. All windows were treated with linseed oil prior to owners painting.
I am currently planning on working on domino only windows for myself to test methods. I can't wait. Build the frames with square stock, router the Profile and rabbit later. I am looking to bring the cost of my windows down from $500 for a barn window to $200. Traditional windows are a time suck  with very little gain. Quality wooden windows can and should be made with a domino I'm sure.
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