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Not a joke at all, just "training"/practice.

I need to shorten string lights for my upcoming project. So I used the broken string lights (that I removed from the piece of Christmas decoration I plan to rescue)  to practice: 1. tinning the flex wire, 2. connecting two of them.

This is going to waste anyway.  [smile]

Kind regards,

Workshops and Mobile Vehicle-Based Shops / Re: Moving day
« Last post by Vondawg on Today at 06:20 AM »
Great job ! looking forward to the walkthrough and finding out what the trap door is for
General Friendly Chat / Re: Lest We Forget.
« Last post by Bob Marino on Today at 04:55 AM »
  Thanks!  It's amazing how one post generates this interesting information.
Festool Tool Problems / Re: Festool CTL 26 E CLEANTEC autostart problem
« Last post by jant on Today at 04:53 AM »
I only touched the clables on the socket connectors, removed the short cables from the socket and screw them again in the new socket.

Now when I select the AUTO mode, the vac does not start and the socket has no power, so it keeps like OFF. But if I select MAN vac starts and the socket has power. There is no beep at any time.
Workshops and Mobile Vehicle-Based Shops / Re: Moving day
« Last post by rizzoa13 on Today at 04:15 AM »
Thank you guys. I want to make a little walkthrough video once I get the rest of the crap inside it just for kicks.

I have the big stuff left to load it with; Erika, powered pump jacks, 12 and 24' stages, 12' 6" brake, 30' extension ladders and coffee maker. (because why not)

One of the nicest parts is the dual axles with electric brakes. I used to go through brakes on my truck every year or so with the old single axle but I can tell already that its the brakes on the trailer stopping my truck now rather than the other way around. I can't recommend the jump up to dual axles enough even on shorter trailers.
Hi Everyone

I could not resist buying a Sys Mini 1 and a Sys Mini 3 the other day. The latter need some tray inserts in order to maximise the space and keep things tidy.

This video shows how simple, quick and easy it is to make mitre cornered trays without the need for any complicated jointing.

The same technique can be used for boxes. BTW, my CXS will fit inside the Sys Mini 1.

@six-point socket II  Oliver, Nice looking Snap On soldering iron.  What powers it and how do you like it?

Mike A.

Hi Mike,

Thanks! As Peter already said, it's butane powered.

I bought this with two things in mind: I wanted to be able to heat shrink in- as well as out-doors, and I wanted to be able to solder stuff like what I pictured above. Not on circuit boards, nothing too small ...

For heat shrinking, I love it. Works amazing, get's hot super fast (even on a windy and rainy day outdoors) and the deflector has a good size. Problem: With the deflector put on, you can't use the safety cap to stash the "hot" tool away.

For soldering, I was under the impression yesterday that the tip was way to hot. The solder literally evaporated upon contact - so I still need to find the "sweet spot". The solder I used, I inherited it from my Grandpa ... So I also ordered some new solder, maybe that works better (and is a little healthier, no lead...).

And like I said, it's been a very long time since I soldered anything. Thinking of it, I realized I made a little mistake, the last time doing it wasn't in high school but during an internship with Germany's largest telecommunications company. They used and still use the same type of butane soldering iron on the road, that's how I later found/remembered this on the Snap-On truck ... ;)

I honestly don't feel like I could give you an educated opinion on using it to solder.

What I don't like, and I found that out only yesterday. When it's hot, you can't change between soldering tip and blower. That's why I would suggest you also look into the brand new Snap-On YAKS42 -> On this one, you can change from soldering tip to blower while it's still hot.

I'm pretty sure Snap-On buys these from Portasol

Personally, all in all I'm pretty happy with the soldering iron. :) Ask me about it again when I soldered those 20 to 25 connections on my upcoming project. :)

Kind regards,

Festool and Tanos Systainers / Re: New Mafell Sys Workbench
« Last post by Svar on Today at 12:16 AM »
Oh now we’re castigating the clever use of expensive saw horses while at the same time still extolling the virtues of a $600 track saw that could be easily replaced with a straight 2x4, a clamp and a $40 side winder.
Because one is a game changer and the other is a gimmick.
Oh, for heaven's sake.  What's next?  Matching oven mitts, tea-cosies & aprons frilled in bile green?

Well coolio, I’ll take a pair of matching oven mitts and Goingmyway will also probably avail himself of the opportunity.  [big grin]  Big cooks and all...
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