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Festool Tool Problems / Re: Manufacturing Defect on DF-500 Fence
« Last post by Bob D. on Today at 12:44 PM »
Regardless of if you use them or not, it's an expensive tool and it should be right. Return it and buy from a reputable dealer. The price will be pretty much the same anywhere, and any of the online dealers like ToolNut or Beaver (to name only two of many) will probably get you the tool almost as fast if not as fast as Amazon did. Anytime I order from ToolNut I get the stuff the next day (provided its in stock of course), but that's because I am fairly close at ~250 miles away and in the shipping zone.

I've never found the pricing on Amazon any better than I could get from a dealer for Festool, so I just don't buy Festool from them.
Festool Tool Problems / Re: Manufacturing Defect on DF-500 Fence
« Last post by ChuckM on Today at 12:35 PM »
I don't know if the triangles on my DF500 have similar problems as yours as I don't ever us them at all. I do not consider the triangles precise enough for dead-on work; I use the position gauge (plastic window) on the fence for pencil-line alignments. I don't think the triangles can be calibrated like the position gauge.
Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Clampzilla Woodpeckers OTT
« Last post by box185 on Today at 12:30 PM »
The product page has been updated to include a 50 inch bar.
Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Upgraded my DW745
« Last post by Steven Owen on Today at 12:20 PM »
I elected to use the TS guides because I do sometimes push large 8’ pieces through my TS and the implementation of this tool means that I don’t have to bother my wife to help me handle large sheets any longer. As you can see from the picture I have a Besemeyer style fence and I used mag locks to help me avoid putting any holes in the fence. It also allows for quick removal when I want to use one of my other jig / attachments. I got this mounting idea from Dave Stanton’s YouTube video on the subject. Dave also has another jig project for a Besemeyer style fence that incorporates a sacrificial fence face as well as t-slots that accommodate  feather boards and / or Jessem’s router table guides.

Having said that I do love this use of the super-fence. In the past hours since first seeing this post I have found myself thinking up other uses for it in my shop.

At some point you’ll want to get yourself a track saw of some kind.  The track saws do a much better job breaking down large 8’ foot sheet goods.
Member Projects / Re: Installing LED strips and other LED issues
« Last post by Cheese on Today at 11:54 AM »
Installed at only 8 feet high, I’m enjoying these 10k lumen shop 4 foot strip shop lights from Rockler.

Also love how lightweight they are. You could use double stick tape or Velcro to hold them in place.

Thanks for that @Michael Kellough  I'm curious if you used fluorescent lighting before in that area, and if so are the LED's brighter? How is the light spread compared to fluorescents?  The color temp seems pretty good.

Is it a single or double tube?  Second thought...maybe it isn't even a tube at all?   [eek]  If that's the case, they'd get thrown in the trash when they die.
Festool Tool Problems / Re: Manufacturing Defect on DF-500 Fence
« Last post by RustE on Today at 11:06 AM »
Given my experiences with Amazon:  Return it to Amazon and re-order from a better Festool dealer.  There are plenty of good Festool dealers around that would make sure the next order is better.

Festool Tool Problems / Manufacturing Defect on DF-500 Fence
« Last post by JMcFly on Today at 10:47 AM »
I hate for this to be my first post and I did some searching and cant find a result for my issue but here it goes...

I just received my DF-500 Domino Joiner and I ordered it through Amazon, first mistake.... I took it out of the systainer yesterday to calibrate it and during that process I noticed the triangles in the fence have metal flashing left over from the casting process. I'd say thats a poor QA issue at the start. I cannot accurately read the tips of the triangles to line up my line or board edges.

Do I send it in for warranty service

Tell Amazon to do a return exchange

Send it back to Amazon and get a refund and go to Woodcraft and handle a few and inspect them and repurchase...

Take a small metal file to my nearly $1000 tool and fix it myself....

seriously disappointing....
Another Milwaukee Rover LED light purchase. After seeing the above posts I had to have one. I originally was going to buy the 2112-21 stick light shown above but saw the 2114-21 pivoting base 10 LED 550 lumens right next to it. I'm a sucker for me lights are like clamps - never have enough of them:

It's definitely a bit more noticeable on your PDC. And mine doesn't make that clicking/squishy noise.

But as long as you're not running into problems while drilling/driving screws, I'd just keep an eye on it.

Kind regards,

Thanks! I am actually satisifed with all my Festool drilling machines so far.
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