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Various Woodworking & Crafts Topics / Re: woodworking books
« Last post by Michael Kellough on Today at 06:22 PM »
For inspiration I like James Krenov.
I think I narrowed down our first sander to the ETS EC... probably 5”. After watching several reviews I really like the instant off and the lower profile. This will give us a great finish sander for furniture and then I was thinking a Rotex 90 down the road to help take off old paint and clear coat on older furniture the wife restores.

I hadn’t even seen the ETS EC until someone mentioned it. I was thinking of buying the Mirka Deros for the wife because many say its lightweight and quiet.

I am a little worried about buying the TS 75 thinking it might be a little bulky. But at the same time, you hear a lot of people saying the TS 55 is underpowered. I will have to think about that one.

Where is everyone buying there Festool products from?

Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!

Does not matter where one buys their stuff from and they have a price fixing arraingement.
Some say local to support local, and others buy interstate to avoid sales tax.

I have a DEROS and the ETS/EC which followed it says something like, "based upon European automotoive sanders"...
I like the pneumatic sander paddle on the DEROS - I would say it could be wise to let the Mrs pick the sander...  but you cannot go too wrong either way.
(I have the DEROS 5650 with the 5" and 6" pads - and the 6" pad and 5-mm stroke is ideal for my needs.)
There is no 5" 5-mm option in an ETS/EC.
And some people do not like the DEROS paddle...
If you were leaning towards the DEROS then the 5-mm stroke is also good for refurbishing work... I use mine in the 6" always even though I have the 5" pads and some papers.

The MT55 is more expensive that a TS55, but less $ than buying both a 55&75 ;)
If you are travelling between two places, then you may want the 2.7M rail at both places. That then becomes more expensive than a pair of 1600-mm Bosch rails with the transport bag for a single MT55.

Basically I think you may have some chin scratching to do on the saw and rails.
Whenever "transporting", "connecting rails", and " hardwood" are mentioned, then the extra FT accessories quickly catch up and overtake the MT55 cost.

Just yesterday was another thread on how to make repeatable 8' cuts and connecting rails. The Bosch connector is a total "no brainer", and works like a champ.
For a tracksaw it is all about the rails.

The Bosch rails are better in every way, and the MT55 is better in every way.
And most people will say that the MT55 may be better, but is not worth the extra money.

If the FT is going to cost you more in the long run than the MT55, then getting the better system for less overall $ seems worth consideration IMHO.

The MFT is a good FT option, and no one makes a better one.
I often have mine riding a Bosch rail on an MFT, or just an old folding table for full sheets.
Festool Jigs & Tool Enhancements / Re: Ripping sheet goods
« Last post by myer84 on Today at 05:48 PM »
I’m going to order the Makita rail connectors and use my saw to align both rails just as suggested by jobsworth. Hopefully this solves my alignment issues.
Various Woodworking & Crafts Topics / Re: woodworking books
« Last post by ChuckM on Today at 05:13 PM »
Assuming techniques are your focus:

Power tools
Tage Frid's Vols 1 - 3

Hand tools
The complete dovetail - Ian Kirby
The essential woodworker - Robert Wearing
Say that again five times fast as ya can!
Festool Jigs & Tool Enhancements / Re: Ripping sheet goods
« Last post by SRSemenza on Today at 04:51 PM »
Both, but mostly tapered. I’ve been off on one end by 1/8 a 1/4” when ripping a sheet of 4x8

To avoid lateral inconsistencies I place a support about half way when ripping sheet goods.

The extra time it takes to set things up is worth the effort, YMMV

(Attachment Link)

OK, on the tapered from one end to the other a 1/4" is  lot. In that particular case I think something other than the rail connection is going on. Especially since a taper due to rail misalignment would only occur from the rail connection point to the end not over the entire length.

Apparently these Lie-Nielsen events plant latent seeds in the mind - Since attending the event, I've purchased a little bronze edger from them as well as a 5 1/2 and an extra 50deg frog... ouch.  The 5 1/2 should be here next week. It will be my first non-low angle bench plane...
Price lowered from $535 to $490

Happy Thanksgiving
is the laminate trimmer attactment for the of1010 officially discontinued. I hope not

I think it is. Almost sure.

Michael K: no 110V DX93's I'm afraid. The largest dealer has only a single DX93 in 220V in stock, last one that I've seen pretty much everywhere around here. 

I did snag the last RAS115 - wasn't planning on spending a single penny/dime/öre on gear until the yearly bonus in Jan/Feb but it was the last RAS 115 they could source up around here. I had another dealer telling me he could get me one - he was calling around all his colleagues to source one up but it turned out he would have gotten it from the same dealer I did. Felt weird carrying the RAS home only to put it on a shelf, complete set in package. But it sure feels good. Now I am not antsy about losing the one I have been beating up the last couple of years - though I do hope it will last!

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