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I don't understand why so often i hear negative chat here about the Pro5 promotion. I get the frustrating delays in delivery, but man.... Festool sold $300+ Sanders for $99 and people talk about it like they were literally robbed in broad daylight.  [eek]

As for apps in iTunes.. Personally I'm glad iTunes will have one less thing in it thats not music. I miss the days where it was just a simple music library.
I’d suggest you send it back to Festool and ask them to conduct an evaluation on its ability to meet the current production specifications. I’m sure they have some QA boiler plate as to what the minimum requirements are and where this particular saw stands within that framework. Is it a problem with the saw, a problem with the battery or both?

I’m very happy with mine and I did notice that my HKC with one battery seemed to have more power than my TSC with one battery. Which I accepted as normal because of the different blade kerf widths.

I’ve cut some 2x materials with the saw and it cuts as well as my Milwaukee cordless, while having a 3-4 longer run time. I’ll be selling the Milwaukee.

If you’re saying the old Dewalt 18v saw was more powerful, then I’d seriously suggest you send the HKC in for a checkup because that saw was horrible and had an incredibly short run time.
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Sysrock..Any early thoughts?
« Last post by #Tee on Today at 01:44 AM »
The plastic body of the sysrock has severely discolored from sun exposure.

that sounds about right, i left my dewalt tstak containers out in the sun and its discolored like anything else thats affected by uv.
Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Cyclone advice
« Last post by Gregor on Today at 01:36 AM »
As a data point: I have a ~10 year old, small ClearVue cyclone. The transparent material is showing no signs of aging at all (no discolouring, no cracks even after throwing the whole stack over several times) and the separation is excellent.

In case it is in good condition and the motor works I personally wouldn't have any concerns buying a used big one from that manufacturer.
Every once in a while, my mind is blown away by dumb business decisions.  You remember the Festool Pro 5 promo.  Well now Apple has done it.

Has anyone else installed the new version of iTunes and discovered that you can't buy apps on you computer?  Apple has just made it hard for me to buy apps by forcing me to do it on my iPhone - if I were selling apps on the Apple store, I'd be royally ticked right now.  Have you ever tried to find just the right app on an iPhone sized screen?  It's a terrible experience!  And of course, Apple is trying to dress up the pig by explaining how great it is that they took this away and made apps on the iPhone better instead.  C'mon, you couldn't put a large enough screen on a phone to make searching for and buying apps a good experience - if you did, it wouldn't be a good phone anymore.

With limited memory on my iPhone, I would sync different apps to and from my phone as needed, from my PC.  Now I need to download them each time.

Furthermore, I just wasted a couple of hours discovering this on my own, then researching it online because I couldn't believe that Apple would do something this dumb.  Silly me, I guess.

Of course, look how the whole Pro 5 thing has blown over - the inventory is gone and the only lasting effects are the occasional Pro 5 that shows up on eBay.  This is much worse than that - I'll be surprised if Apps ever make it back into iTunes, so this bad decision will be with every iPhone (and iPad) user for years.

@Festool USA

I don't have the HKC, I have the HK.

I'm only posting to let everyone know @Lettusbee is on the up and up. I know him from another forum, he's always been helpful there. He's not here to just disparage the product.

Hopefully someone who has the HKC can help him figure out if he has a defective saw.

For the record, both of my HK rails are dead square.

Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: I am done
« Last post by PreferrablyWood on Today at 01:05 AM »
I'm a big fan of the CXS, and also have the PDC 18. I think  the Centrotec system change the egronomics of using drills  there is no comparison of poping a bit in the centrotec bit holder as opposed to using a keyless chuck where that little twist on the skin of my already hard used skin seems unecessarily uncomfortable. Besides this its way quicker to change bits.
Another fine thing is the centrotec chuck is small and space saving.

So it's a superior system to a normal keyless chuck.
When I say ridiculously underpowered, I mean it is very weak for a cordless saw.   Zero torque.  Blade RPM Should also be increased. 
It is comparable to the Dewalt 18v Cordless saw that they were selling in the late 90s.  The one with the 5-3/8" Blade.  I am very familiar with that saw, because a friend of mine still uses it daily. 

I have two cordless 18v saws.  A Milwaukee V18 from the early 2000s, and a M18 fuel (6-1/2" Blade Left) that I bought a year or 2 ago.  Both of those blow the HKC away in terms of power, torque, cutting ability and battery life.

When I first got the HKC, I mainly used it for siding and exterior trim.  The most challenging cut it had for the first month was cedar 1x8.  Even then, the cut quality was sub par for trim, and the FSK set at 90 deg was more like 89 Deg.  I just marked a line and held the rail to the line to make my cuts.  I did post a question on the  forum if there was a way to fine tune the rail stops to the markings, but nobody answered that query.  I am still assuming there is no way to adjust for square on the FSK rail. 

I also went looking for a dial to adjust blade rpm the first time I used this saw.  My first cuts had fuzzies on the cut line, and I thought, well I'll just turn the blade speed up.  (like the TS55).  Well there's no dial, and there is no way to prevent the fuzzies on cedar with this saw.  Even by switching to the higher tooth count blade. 

Then, I went to frame a deck.  Deck was framed with PT 2x8 and decked with Redwood 2x6.  That's when I discovered this is in no way a framing saw.  It struggled to do a single crosscut on the PT 2x8.  Even the RW 2x6 left fuzzies on the cutline, and the batteries died quickly. 

I have been wondering if I got a bum saw, or bum batteries.  I don't personally know anyone else that has this saw, so I don't have any basis for comparison.  The batteries seem to last forever in the Sysrock though, so I think they work as designed.  But the saw?  To call it a framing saw is extremely misleading.  I tried to do a 2 ft rip in a 2x4, not a chance.  It burns up 2 or 3 batteries in a day of crosscutting framing lumber, and cut quality is lower than that of the Milwaukee cordless saws.  Then there is the rail accuracy.  It is not accurate. 

I wanted to like this saw, but it is by no means suitable for framing.  I see all these videos on FB, Instagram and Youtube where people love it for cutting stringers.  Mine wouldn't get one stringer out of a battery.  At best, it would be ok for siding.  At this point, I wish I had either gone for the TS55 cordless, or even spent the extra for Mafell. 

I don't like to be a negative nancy, but I did want to make Festool aware of my dissatisfaction with this product.  Maybe I'm the only one that isn't impressed with this saw.  If so, then so be it. 
Maybe our resident EE @Rick Christopherson can give us some insite on all this voltage amperage temperature timing stuff ?  [unsure]

Actually, to answer your question, yes, different battery technologies require different charging profiles. That's the reason why intelligent chargers utilize microprocessor control. It is no longer just a matter of giving a battery a voltage above discharge in order to charge. Each battery chemistry requires a specific charging profile as it passes from dead, half dead, half charged, to charged.

Depending on the battery type, some charging phases are based on voltage, then the next phase is based on a specific amount of amperage injection, and so on, until that particular battery type reaches full charge. It is no longer just giving it juice until the battery is charged. [cool]
Maybe our resident EE @Rick Christopherson can give us some insite on all this voltage amperage temperature timing stuff ?  [unsure]
Ironically, given that Lithium batteries are an "upgrade" over previous battery systems, the older NiCd batteries could usually be charged in 15-20 minutes, or sometimes less,  with high amperage "Ultra-Rapid" chargers, and the batteries supposedly would last thru 2 to 3 times as many charging cycles over using regular "1 hour" chargers.

Well there's your first clue. Lithium batteries are an upgrade only as it pertains to the weight of the battery, but NiCd and NiMH actually have higher amperage densities. Each new technology is in high demand only because some marketing department (many companies) convinces people they need it.

It's not unique to just batteries. Most industries are this way. I've been saying for decades that the sanders you all own are not the best for the purpose, but are simply what marketing had driven.  [tongue]
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