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Go to the video at the bottom of the page, is about 12 minutes long and shows how to use the Domino to build an entrance door.
Festool Tool Problems / Re: Kapex dies again
« Last post by glass1 on Today at 07:36 PM »
Oh Kevin d do tell...
West Marine sells  tubes of resin colouring agents in 6 primary colours. If you can mix or understand colour theory you should be able to get the colour you want.
I have used them and they work well. Mixol works too.
Call West Systems. They sell some colorings. Their tech support is excellent
Trans tint,mixol, universal  cal-tint
Trans Tint and Mixol make liquid dyes that may work. Woodcraft sells both both of them. 
It takes less than 60 seconds to change a blade on a TS-55.  Why not cut the best cut and cause the least wear on your tool?


Devil's advocate.  Why spend the time and extra expense on another blade(s) to do the what the Makita 36V can do with stock blade?

Because it is cheaper than buying a Makita 36v?  Or because you already have a TS-55 and other blades?

Never mind. Sent a PM.

Kind regards,
Yes. :)
It is the attic of an old hotel building which was renovated some years ago and now houses a dental clinic and some flats to rent.

I never worked on the attic before. I mostly used the balcony or backyard when working here.
Today it was raining, so I chose the attic. Nice workspace, even though I need to maneuver around all the stuff that is stored there. Good thing is that there is loads of sawdust etc on the ground already, so I don’t have to be too careful.
I’m going to leave the place cleaner than it was, anyways, thanks to the CT-SYS. ;)

Here, another impression from today..

Various Woodworking & Crafts Topics / Adding color to Epoxy filler
« Last post by ear3 on Today at 05:04 PM »
I'm doing a desk for my new office, and am utilizing a tile pattern made from Ipe off cuts like I did for a series of tables for a Japanese restaurant over the winter. With those, I found that wood movement ended up cracking the wood filler I initially used, so I switched over to a more flexible sealer type filler. This eventually did the trick, but it took a bunch of applications to achieve.

This time around I chamfered all the tiles to get an even "grout" line.  I'm also not going to screw around with filler, and am using the west system epoxy. I haven't decided whether I will add color or just keep it clear, but I'm wondering what are some good products to dye the filler with.

I experimented with a couple of powders I got off amazon, but haven't been happy so far with the results. I even tried mixing in some fine ipe sawdust, but found that clogged the syringe I have to use in a couple of spots to get the filler all the way in the crack.

Any advice would be appreciated.
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