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I double checked my depth, and it looks to be sufficient, at least according to the related post.  No teeth are out after the full cut is completed.  Either way, not exactly a critical part, but a part none-the-less.  I'll still send in to get fixed, and hopefully a decent re-calibration on the saw. 
Festool and Tanos Systainers / Re: Sys Tote 2
« Last post by tjbnwi on Today at 01:07 AM »
1's & 2's.

Insert out of the 2.

Festool and Tanos Systainers / Re: Sys Tote 2
« Last post by Oaklandust on Today at 12:54 AM »
You’re a better man than I.

Member Projects / Re: My most important project....
« Last post by Peter Parfitt on Today at 12:39 AM »
Peter, thank you for doing this. Certainly in keeping with the season, but I imagine you would have done it anytime of the year.

Absolutely, my wife and I were in tears when we heard George's story. On the day we met Craig (the plumber) his son was having treatment, yet again, at GOSH. He is now home for Christmas and will be monitored very carefully.

Festool and Tanos Systainers / Re: Sys Tote 2
« Last post by tjbnwi on Today at 12:35 AM »
I've drilled some holes in the lip, the CXS drill belt clips fit into the corners.

Festool and Tanos Systainers / Re: Sys Tote 2
« Last post by Oaklandust on Today at 12:28 AM »
That’s a great idea with the pipe rounds and one I’ll likely copy.

I’ve musically made do with the pockets of a nylon framing belt full of hard tools (framing, anything indelicate) on one side with my framing hammer and big bar wrapped up in a belted loop on top. On the other side is a soft old suede mini apron that ready to just throw on and be added to as required, along with all my squares and delicate stuff. It looks more organized than it is, as all my fine finish stuff is kept in foam in Systainers. (Chisels, planers, anything expensive and/or delicate.

I will try the pipes though, perhaps with a foam bottom to avoid rattling. (The thing I like most about using belt pockets is the lack of rattling.)

It's been a bit over a year since you ordered the K3, so about 6 months since you received your  79x48 K3 I'm guessing :) 

How do you like it?  Are you happy with it?  I ordered mine early February and won't receive it until Mid June.  I was told that it would include the updated flip stop for the crosscut fence that they made based on @marius Hornberger's design   

A friend of mine purchased the K3 the same week that I did. He was also promised the new flip stop but it was not installed on the one that he received last week and he was told he would have to pay an additional $100 for it.  I think that is unacceptable.

Have you had any issues with your flip stop?  Is there anything that you don't like about the K3? 

I am now considering cancelling that order and going with the minimax sc 2c.

Thanks much for this thread and I hope that you are extremely happy with it as it looks like a great saw.

I never had a problem with my flip stop but after watching Marius H. video of the flip stop, I ordered one.  I like the new design and it was very simple to install it
I've been feeling guilty for highjacking the 'Attention HAMMER K3 WINNER owners!!' thread so thought it best to begin my own thread on the issues I have had thus far in trying to purchase the K3 table saw.

To recap: I contacted a Felder/Hammer rep - David Brooks, whose email address was posted in the aforementioned thread. This past Monday (6MAR17) he contacted me and together with Jesse Maynerich (Senior Sales Representative at the New Castle, DE Felder Group) they provided links to videos and were answering every question I had. When I asked Mr. Brooks what s/h would be for the K3 he asked for my address.  When he realized that I lived in New Mexico he said that I lived in the CA district and he would have to have a CA rep take over.  He said he would provide the CA rep with all of my questions and he would soon call me.  The call the from the CA rep (I am not naming him intentionally because I have an email in to Mr. Maynerich and will let him deal with this rep) came through in short order and we had a nice chat.  I apologized for needing all the info and the CA rep said no problem as he understood it was a pricey machine and he would be happy to answer all of my questions as soon as he could.  Just to be clear this was 6 Mar 17.

By 9 Mar - this past Thursday, I had not heard back from the CA rep. So I contacted the Dallas Felder office via their Contact page.  Then as if by magic I suddenly hear back from the CA rep whose email began with 'Thank you for your time on the phone today.'  Today?  This was followed by '... and let me know if you have any questions.'  Then he had the balls to attach a contract for me to sign. Smoke was coming out of my ears by this time which was making Bella (our border collie) bark at me.

I will not try to figure out what this person's problem is but I will say this: I was very serious about wanting to purchase the K3 and now the N4400 as well, but this sale went south once Mr. Brooks handed me off to Mr. CA Representative.

As noted above I am in the process of composing a letter to Mr. Maynerich and will send it off tomorrow.  My original missive was worded a bit too 'harshly' and decided to wait a day or two to simmer down.  My wife is very good a making me simmer down: "Either you chill out or you'll be sharing Bella's bowl! So which is it?"  Yes, mam.

Going slightly off topic ...

Why do I want the K3?  There must be some reason I am enduring all of this pain, right? 

I want the K3 for a lot of reasons, but IMHO what really separates the K3 from the rest of the consumer table saws is its ability to use 12-inch blades.  The K3 would actually make my shop bigger because I could sell my current Craftsman TS AND my Craftsman 12-inch radial arm saw.  I love my RA because it will cut 4-inch stock while my TS will only slice 3-1/8" stock (as I recall) if not using one of my sleds.  However, when the RA's 220V motor rev's up you'd better be on full alert because IMHO this machine is the most dangerous power tool in my shop.  I know my RA backwards and forwards - I've had it since the early 70's, and it has served me very well, but a TS with a 12-inch blade would be preferable to owning my RA and my TS.

One could argue that all you have to do to slice 4-inch stock on a 10-inch TS is to flip the stock 180 degrees.  I can't argue that, but unless your stock is perfectly symmetrical and is being pushed through the blade via a perfectly perpendicular sled or miter gauge then you may end up with a not-so-perfect 4-inch slice.  This is just how I see my woodworking world and not everyone will agree.  I get that.  I go to great lengths to insure that all of my gear is as perfectly aligned as is humanly possible.  Again I can hear my lovely wife telling dinner guests how I "engineer my woodworking projects."  I have to admit she is correct. I have no excuses. Yes, mam.

Why not purchase a SawStop?  Ah, another great question.  From all of my research and from someone who has used one for several months, the problems are as follows: 
  • Problem #1. The simple act of changing blades can prevent the machine from running because the sensor must to be a predetermined distance from the blade.  If the new blade is not a perfect match you have to adjust the sensor to get it to work.  I really do not want a TS that I have to fiddle with everytime I change blades.
  • Problem #2 is that you need a complete new sensor for dadoing. 
  • Problem #3 the fact that this machine is just waiting to save my fingers by imploding its blade into the aluminum block would drive me nuts.

While this technology may be just the ticket for those who are prone to sticking their finger's where they do not belong, it just makes me very uncomfortable.  I can see all of the hammer's being thrown at me.  I get all the safety stuff and I know that 'accidents happen', but I would very much prefer a TS that started up regardless of what blade I needed for the job at hand.  But, and we all know there is a 'but ...', I may end up with one if I am not sucessful at purchasing the K3. 

All of this drama will play itself out in the next week or so.  Until then, thanks for hearing me out.

I bought a Hammer K3 Winner 31X31.  I got interested in it after watching a YouTube Video by a young Austrian who spoke very well about the saw.  I went on line.  Filled out a form of what I wanted and within a few days I received a Call from a Rep named Martin.  He went into great detail about the saw and the buying process  and that he had a Hammer K3 31X31 in stock at the Sacramento Showroom.  I sent him a Cashiers check and about 3 weeks later took delivery of the saw.  I was very impressed with Martin.  I've owned the saw nearly 3 years now and get phone calls from Martin once or twice a year to see if I am enjoying the saw and if I need any other Hammer power tools.  Not sure why you had such issues with buying a Hammer and I am sure they will accommodate you
Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Just ordered a Hammer A331!
« Last post by ben_r_ on Yesterday at 10:02 PM »
Congrats! Just got mine not too long ago. Havent even gotten it all setup yet. Still on the pallet. Beast of a machine. Weighs a ton!
Festool Tool Problems / Plug it cord terminals cleaning.
« Last post by RJNeal on Yesterday at 09:53 PM »
So last week my vecturo started have power issues. I checked the terminals on both the cord end and the tool end.
Tool end looked fine. The cord end was a little dark.
I switched cords, same problems which the tool turned on on its own accord.
So I thought about for a few days. Since the tool end was clean, I concluded that the cord end was the issue. So with nothing to lose I decided to clean the terminals on the cord, but with what. I need a tiny brush. Just a little more thinking I cut a 3” piece of multi strand electrical wire, strip of a short bit. I next chuck it up in my c15 and inserted in the holes and slowly rotated the drill to clean the cord end.
Seem to work. The tool works fine now.
Not sure for how long. I m not going to mix the cord with the other tools though.
Just thought I field remedies out there to the FOG land.
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