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Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Which pad is this?
« Last post by Alex on Today at 06:56 AM »
Hello Herman, it is the standard "Soft" pad that comes with the sander when you buy it. Other options are the hard pad and the super soft pad.

You won't find any info over your particular pad because it has been replaced by newer pads with the same hardness/softness, but more holes to improve dust collection and heat transfer.

The current equivalent of your pad is ST-STF D150/MJ2-FX-W-HT   No. 202461

Your pad is quite old by now. I have the same one for my RO150, and it is from 2008. I have hardly used mine the last 5 years because I prefer the hard pad. One thing to look out for with these old soft pads is that the foam can deteriorate and sometimes just breaks in two when you use the sander. Enjoy your new sander, it's great.
Festool and Tanos Systainers / Re: 120V Sys Power Box
« Last post by Womble on Today at 06:22 AM »
There is many UK people who been wanting a 110v UK version of the Power Hub myself included.

But Festool have been neglecting the 110v UK construction workers for a while now by only releasing many of their tools in 240v only versions, even when they claim in their lovely marketing literature they been designed for rugged site use.

I will point out that Festool are not the only company doing this Metabo (among others) are also not releasing 110v version of loads of their tools, not sure if they trying to pressure the UK into adopting 240v only across the board ( i know 110v isn't the law but it is the standard for site use whether we like it or not & its not going to change any time soon)
Festool and Tanos Systainers / Re: wire systainer
« Last post by bror on Today at 06:19 AM »
Hi Greg,
The center plastic hubs are two types of end-caps for 110 mm pvc sewage pipe.

One is for glueing and has an internal diameter of 110 mm. The other one is for use with ring seal fittings (called a rubber manchet in Holland) and has an external diameter of 110 mm.
Best ones in Holland are made by Dyka. (But I'm afraid that information is irrelevant to you.)

Are you going to make your own?

Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Vecturo for dovetails?
« Last post by Birdhunter on Today at 06:02 AM »
I have the Vecturo with the plunging base. I’ve used it in a similar manner to remove waste. I wasn’t too pleased with the tool used in this manner and would do so only as a last resort.  The plunge base lacks enough of a straight edge to permit reliable and repeatable alignment. It is extremely easy to over heat the blade. I found plunging a little and then retracting let the blade cool off.

I enjoy using the Vecturo as it is a well built tool, but I think a high grade purpose built saw would be a better choice.
Classifieds / FS CTL SYS vacuum Australia
« Last post by doctr-dan on Today at 05:44 AM »
Selling my Ctl sys, only used 6 times so as new condition.
Comes with long life bag and 3 spare disposable bags,
Carry strap etc.
Located in Hornsby NSW Australia. $430
General Friendly Chat / Re: AAA - anyone still use?
« Last post by Tinker on Today at 05:43 AM »
I carried AAA for many years. I never used it until one day, got a flat on my pickup truck and had left my jack in one of my other trucks at home.  i was some 50 miles from home, so i decided to give AAA a call.  I had them for over ten years and never had placed a call.  When a mechanic arrived, he wold not accept AAA. He would do the job, but AAA would not pay.  I called AAA (that was back in the day when pay phones were common). I was told they do not service commercial vehicles. I said "Fair enough" and paid for the road service.  About six months later, my wife got a flat tire. When road service showed up, they towed the car to their shop. They insisted AAA would not cover the tow or the repair, but did fix the flat and sent her on her way with the bill.  When i got home, i called AAA and they insisted they would not cover a commercial vehicle.  I insisted that my wife car was not a commercial vehicle, in fact, she would not even drive a commercial vehicle as all of my trucks were standard shifts.  I ended up paying the bill and dropped AAA.  That was nearly 52 years ago. I still get add mail from AAA wanting me to join. I have never called to ask they stop sending those mails, I just use them to start a fire in my wood stove.
Festool Tools & Accessories / Which pad is this?
« Last post by Django on Today at 05:34 AM »
I recently bought me a second hand sander, the RQ 150 FEQ . I'm trying to find out what pad is on the machine. Unfortunately I cannot find any information on the web.
On the pad it says "Festool 087083 >PA6-GF50/PUR < W-HT"
I also attached some pictures.
Hopefully someone can help me on this?

Thanks in advance,
I use the Tool Improvement Bench Dogs and the Festool fence. It is nice to drop it where I need it and not fuss around with getting it dialed in.

I also use Parf and Qwas and Precision dogs to make the rail perpendicular to the fence or dogs.

Are these made by your hand or are they somehow obtainable? This is exactly what I am looking for.
Festool and Tanos Systainers / Re: 120V Sys Power Box
« Last post by TinyShop on Today at 03:27 AM »
NIce setup. What size systainer?

Judging from the three horizontal lines on the front face of his systainer (under each label slot), it's a Sys III.
Festool and Tanos Systainers / Re: 120V Sys Power Box
« Last post by TinyShop on Today at 03:22 AM »
Efficiency mostly. I hate stumbling around cords in tight spaces and I can always use more sys storage (even if some of the interior volume will be eaten up by the associated wiring). Plus, it just adds to the professional look I'm aiming for. Also, I figure that the associated wiring and shroud won't take up any more room than a beefy power strip. So, nothing really lost (other than the ~US$50) while some improvements gained.
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