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Other Tool Reviews / Re: Makita vs Festool?
« Last post by Untidy Shop on Yesterday at 11:48 PM »
Makita has one Battery platform, Festool at least three. On some Makita tools the Battery due to size upsets the balance. ( batt. Trim Router.)

There is your choice 'sports fans'. Do you want a full sized Festool Battery on one of the new Sanders or the given and appropriate balanced unit provided?

I have Festool and Makita, and others. As others have said here, it's not Festool vs Makita, 'it's the right tool for the right task'.

Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Band saw advice
« Last post by 3PedalMINI on Yesterday at 10:11 PM »
A few years ago I did days of research. I went in originally wanting a power matic or laguna. From the expense of a powermatic to the 50/50 reviews I found on the laguna I was about to pull the trigger on a PM. Of course I dismissed Grizzly until it started popping up everywhere. In the days of research i found more good then bad on it. I decided that if it sucked I could always send it back and eat the shipping cost as a learning experience. I pulled the trigger on this one:

I have to say, I cannot believe how nice of a machine it is. It’s done everything I’ve asked of it and then some. I’m a avid hobbiest with some side work from time to time. I’m glad I saved the coin and went with it. I can not recommend it enough.

I have no problem spending money on tools, which is why I dismissed it at first. I think that one would fit your bill and then some. All of this being said, I wish I had got the brake version of it....

Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Domino Selection Quandary
« Last post by James Carriere on Yesterday at 09:56 PM »
I’ve read the post three times and I’m confused. I can’t picture what the OP is asking.

Sorry for the confusion.  Basically slats will be dominoed into a perpendicular piece.  I'm worried that using three 14 mm dominoes will only leave about 17mm between the edge of the slat and the edge of the outermost dominoes in each piece.

Festool recommends twice the domino thickness between dominoes to leave enough wood to support the joint.  I'm not sure if the same recommendation applies to the distance between the edge of a board and the edge of the domino.

This week Festool announced a redesigned fence for the Domino 500 which has the capability to set the "center" of the domino closest to the edge of the work piece at 20mm.  While I realize you have an XL, placing the edge of the domino at 17mm from the edge of the work piece should be fine.  As well, the double domino thickness to the edge of the work piece on the XL does not apply as the built in stops easily allow a much closer placement to the edge of the workpiece.  You should be fine with two dominos per slat but have enough space to use three if you prefer.

+1 on the Sipo dominos comment by Trosey.
Festool How To... / Re: Saw blade sharpening sources?
« Last post by leakyroof on Yesterday at 09:10 PM »
Thanks Leaky and others for your recommendations!  I almost reached out to Chip.

I was planning to send to Tom's recommendation in St Louis but started dealing with securely and properly packing them, mailing them, postage costs, etc and I ended up finding a sharpening service in Elk Grove Village here in Chicago - they sell Freud and Amana blades & bits and do sharpening.  Can handle blades up to 32" in diameter.    [eek]    Don't sharpen bandsaw blades but can send them out for sharpening. 

Second generation owner runs the shop.  Nice guy and very knowledgable.  One week turnaround and no need to ship. 

His fee on the blades was like $15-17 each for TS55, 8" and 10" Inca blades and a Kapex blade.  Only the Kapex was the higher price.  Like most shops, they charge by the tooth.

Total Tooling Technology Inc
1475 Elmhurst Rd, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
(847) 437-5135
[thumbs up]
Hand Tools / Re: Some interesting Pliers
« Last post by dicktill on Yesterday at 08:50 PM »
Festool Tool Problems / Re: Very poor service for ts55r
« Last post by Joe Felchlin on Yesterday at 08:40 PM »
Thanks Seth.
Thanks Rizzoa13.
Agreed. ‘Nuff said.
Festool How To... / Re: best way to drill cups for hinges?
« Last post by Joe Felchlin on Yesterday at 08:29 PM »
If you’re making more than a few cabinets -
The Festool LR32 system is the way to go.
It has everything you need - For the cup holes and the shelf pin holes.

Festool’s Steve Bace has a great video on the set-up.
FOG contributor Erock has a whole series on using the LR32 system.
After the first 1-2 cabinets the “learning curve” is over.
It’s just repetition from there.

I coupled the LR32 with my Festool OF1400 router.
The OF1010 looks like it would work just as well.

Having said the above - If I was only going to make a couple of cabinets -
I’d have to to agree with Live4Ever:
“A drill press and good quality Forstner bit” would work.
Festool Tool Problems / Re: Very poor service for ts55r
« Last post by rizzoa13 on Yesterday at 08:25 PM »
Mr. Felchin

If someone isnt happy with the tool they have they can sell them and go on to better pastures.

This is America and in America we have the freedom of choice, to buy what we want and sell what we want.

If we dont like something we can sell it and go buy something else.

There are lots of different tool manufacturers in business for a reason.

However, to come to a website like this one and whine and moan and complain because your not happy is really not benefitting anyone.

 Not even you.

So the bottom line is if your unhappy with your tools, sell them and buy another brand. But I have the feeling if you bought another brand of tools, you'll be on their forum doing the same thing.

Personally, I lke the tools. I have a entire festool shop even things that are not available in NA. Have I sent tools in for repair?

Yes a couple of them.

Have you read any post by me whining complaining about service, quality etc.

 No and you won't.


Because Im the type of person who if Im unhappy with say festool, I will contact them directly. I have on 2 continents.
Had the same good service on 2 continents and multiple countries.

But thats me right.

I have to go use my complete festool shop to finish building this project.

Ill be looking at the classified to see what you and the other guy have for sale. Maybe I can use it

This is such a rediculous post that all I can really say is how rediculous of a post it is.
Festool How To... / Re: best way to drill cups for hinges?
« Last post by Peter_C on Yesterday at 08:23 PM »
Haven't used one but the Kreg drilling jig is cheaper at around $29. They also make a $5 one by Liberty and the like. Good enough for garage cabinets.

Tom, that is an interesting use of the Woodpeckers parallel guide stops.
Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Band saw advice
« Last post by Birdhunter on Yesterday at 08:15 PM »
I’d look for a used Powermatic.
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