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Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Prime Day Deals
« Last post by jpmeunier on Today at 10:43 AM »
Now I have the quandary of wanting a flexi-click or PS 22 brushless. Flexi-click owners, how useful are they? Would you buy it again?
Festool Jigs & Tool Enhancements / Re: Domino Friction Pads?
« Last post by James Biddle on Today at 10:40 AM »
Wouldn't applying a sandpaper 'grip' to the face of the fence affect the depth of cut?
I'm glad you are happy with the Ryobi gun; I found it deficient.  I too was hoping not to buy the cartridges, but for me, the most important thing is a tool that performs.  I've used a Paslode 16 gauge angled gun for site work for more than 15 years with good results!  I have the ability to share gas with the Paslode brad nailer.  A pneumatic brad nailer, my standard for performance, stays in the shop and gets plenty of use too.  For most applications I'm using these guns to secure trim and smaller moldings (not 2x framing lumber), in people's finished homes.  A light set-up is nice in the field!
General Friendly Chat / Re: Coffee Maker Recommendations
« Last post by Dogberryjr on Today at 10:18 AM »

Oh- one other super advantage of the Technivorm- it’s fast.  Easily twice as fast to brew a pot as the budget models.  I’m always shocked when I go to a rental house or am visiting someone how long it takes the coffee to brew, it’s like torture.

What he said.
Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Prime Day Deals
« Last post by GoingMyWay on Today at 09:59 AM »
I was also trying to check out some of the deals right around 3pm yesterday, but I kept getting stuck in the loop of trying to "Shop all Deals" only to be kicked back to the same page.  I gave up.

This morning everything was fixed so I was able to check some of the deals with the Amazon Shopping App on my phone.  I found some Anker battery bank chargers, but to my dismay I saw they were selling the older version of the models for a discount.  I'm not interested in that.

I think the whole Prime Day thing is for the most part, much ado about nothing.
Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Prime Day Deals
« Last post by Dick Mahany on Today at 09:51 AM »
I tried many times to check out deals but never got past the OOPS page with dogs.  Gave up and never looked back.
Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Prime Day Deals
« Last post by SRSemenza on Today at 09:46 AM »
Political related commentary removed.

Festool Jigs & Tool Enhancements / Re: Domino Friction Pads?
« Last post by darita on Today at 09:38 AM »
Not a must, as I can keep the machine in place to do the plunge, however I thought it might be good for extra assurance and grip.  I've used it on the fence of my miter saw and it works well.
General Friendly Chat / Re: Serious as a Heart Attack
« Last post by deepcreek on Today at 09:33 AM »
Yesterday was my 1st "Birthday" after surviving a major heart attack a year ago on July 16th, 2017.

Praise God for more time to enjoy life and try to be a blessing to others.

General Friendly Chat / Re: What's Cooking
« Last post by six-point socket II on Today at 09:20 AM »
Hey @Cheese that‘s a tomato dip, family recipe :)

I should have an english translation of that recipe somewhere, if you want I dig it out and post it. :)

Kind regards,

That'd be great Oliver,  [not worthy]  It looks delicious. It will become recipe #620 in Paprika.  [cool]

Pretty simple, but it really does taste great:

Ingredients for 4-6 servings

6 tbsp Tomato ketchup
4 tbsp Oil (I recommend not to use a native olive oil)
2 tsp Mustard
1 Garlic clove (pressed)
1 Shallot (diced or minced)
Salt, Pepper, Paprika (sweet and hot)


Stir ketchup, oil, mustard well. Add the garlic clove (pressed) and shallot (diced/minced). Last add salt, pepper, parika - stir well once again. Then add the parsley and stir gently.


Kind regards,
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