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Hand Tools / Re: Some interesting Pliers
« Last post by RKA on Yesterday at 08:05 PM »
You can find the HLS/HLB-300 here.
Hand Tools / Re: Some interesting Pliers
« Last post by dicktill on Yesterday at 07:45 PM »
    Got these IPS brand long reach pliers from Japan. About 12" long with a variety of gripping surfaces. Knipex (and probably others) makes very similar pliers called assembly pliers. These however are unique to any I have seen in that they are also slip joint. The Knipex are 28 71 280  and 28 81 280.

    I actually used the straight nose pair on something where the slip joint made a real difference. They are also the best thing I have used to hold a cable staple while hammering it home. I have used needle nose to hold staples but the staple can still twist and turn under impact. The little notch in these prevent that from happening. There is also a pair of thin angled nose slip joint in the picture showing the long reach in the wide position. Same IPS brand and another that I have seen by other makers.

Hi Seth,

Where did you purchase these IPS pliers?

Thanks, Dick
Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Band saw advice
« Last post by TSO Products on Yesterday at 07:38 PM »
#6 for LAGUNA 18BX
keep a 220V outlet nearby.  The wheel brake is something you'll really appreciate in addition to the other features and benefits of this sweet spot in the mid-size bandsaw market. Laguna's learning curve is well reflected in this machine.

Hand Tools / Re: Some interesting Pliers
« Last post by RustE on Yesterday at 07:01 PM »
A few more pictures of the thin bent nose "regular style" slip joint.

Ok, I need those.

I’m pretty happy with the nylon jaw IPS pliers that I own.
Festool How To... / Re: Saw blade sharpening sources?
« Last post by neilc on Yesterday at 06:44 PM »
Thanks Leaky and others for your recommendations!  I almost reached out to Chip.

I was planning to send to Tom's recommendation in St Louis but started dealing with securely and properly packing them, mailing them, postage costs, etc and I ended up finding a sharpening service in Elk Grove Village here in Chicago - they sell Freud and Amana blades & bits and do sharpening.  Can handle blades up to 32" in diameter.    [eek]    Don't sharpen bandsaw blades but can send them out for sharpening. 

Second generation owner runs the shop.  Nice guy and very knowledgable.  One week turnaround and no need to ship. 

His fee on the blades was like $15-17 each for TS55, 8" and 10" Inca blades and a Kapex blade.  Only the Kapex was the higher price.  Like most shops, they charge by the tooth.

Total Tooling Technology Inc
1475 Elmhurst Rd, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
(847) 437-5135
Festool How To... / Re: best way to drill cups for hinges?
« Last post by fignewton on Yesterday at 05:41 PM »
I second the recommendation on the Sommerfeld Easy Bore!
Hasnt been an update on this in months guys...

from talking Viktor, he is doing this as a hobby next to his full-time job as a scientist. He is trying to make time to build some more while TSO collaborates with him to see if there is a basis for producing a production version of Viktor's approach or if TSO should develop a product solution of its own aimed at this need. There are multiple ways of solving this problem.

The challenge for TSO is that effectively communicating with its customer base about a development plans becomes a a business strategy issue. It is also a practical challenge to communicate what typically is a closely guarded matter in many companies. Tipping our hand early is not exactly practical or good business.

When we have something we can share, we'll be most anxious to do so at the earliest opportunity. Your interest is appreciated, for sure, and good to know. We expect to have something to publicize in the next couple of months.
Hope you understand.

. Thank you for the update.  We’ll wait.....
My dogs are held by knobs underneath :(. I might try another set of holes and my pushing position. I am not pushing forward but side by side (dogs are resisting my push so they are in the right position). Getting frustrated. I have had great results and made so many fabulous face frames. Not sure what happened in the last 5 days.
Hand Tools / Re: Some interesting Pliers
« Last post by SRSemenza on Yesterday at 05:13 PM »
A few more pictures of the thin bent nose "regular style" slip joint.
 There is straight thin version available as well. And I think two different lengths / sizes. 160mm and the 180mm if I recall.


Festool How To... / Re: best way to drill cups for hinges?
« Last post by tjbnwi on Yesterday at 05:07 PM »
Sommerfeld's easy bore is great if you need to be mobile.

The CMT is a mobile unit, I chose to mount it to the plywood. It is still easy to take the plywood and jig in the field.


 I was looking at the CMT before grabbing the easy bore, looks like a nifty jig.

The reason I chose the CMT was the single driveshaft. I knew in time I'd like to use it in the drill press I did not own yet.

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