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Not addressing legal or ethical issues - BUT warranties in case of trouble will be most likely be a problem for an Aussie tool here in the US.

Other Tools & Accessories / Re: MFT Hole Jigs
« Last post by ctvader on Today at 06:39 PM »
Thanks guys... I’ll try that.
Other Tools & Accessories / Re: MFT Hole Jigs
« Last post by Douglas Urner on Today at 06:19 PM »
I was given the LR32 rail in error when I bought my TS55.  :-)  However, I have a bosch 1617 EVS and can't afford OF1010 (and don't need) router. 

The clamp screws on the LR32 plate that hold the router might be able to catch your router - or if not maybe you could drill some hole in the plate to pick up the baseplate holes in your router. That's the way the OF1400 attaches.
Just be warned that motors from the southern hemisphere are going to rotate in the other direction.
Yep, get left spiral drill bits for your Aussie drill.
Just be warned that motors from the southern hemisphere are going to rotate in the other direction.
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: My Vac-Sys setup
« Last post by scholar on Today at 05:09 PM »
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@scholar That does help immensely. Only question is I see on your foot valve you used a combination of AA7103 XF Adaptor Plug R 3/8 Male Thread and AC71EF XF Coupling Socket Rp 3/8 Female Thread when the links you provided show there's a one piece unit AC7109 XF Coupling Socket 9mm Hose Tailpiece that would do the same thing. Is there a reason for this?

For the extra hose did you cut the Festool or did you find a supplier?

Regarding the foot pump connectors, there are of course many different ways to do all these things. I think my intention was to minimise the number of OEM pipe clips that had to be removed and then replaced, to put all the nice Festool QR fittings on the connections to the units and also to make the two connectors on the foot valve assembly the same (just OCD tidiness).  If you work from what is OEM supplied, that should make sense (I did away with the ball-valve and a couple of other incidental bits that came with the SE2 foot valve connections.

Regarding the hose, I had originally expected to need some more, but just cut up the hoses supplied as necessary (you don’t want the hoses too long as they are a bit clunky).

I found my original scruffy sketch planning the layout and attach this in case it helps. 


Yes, it will work. There have been several threads on FOG discussing this topic.
Search Youtube for Jay Bates Sketchup. He has some great tutorial videos that cover Sketchup. And, since he is a woodworker, they are geared towards what you are likely looking for.
I second this. Even his project vids where he quickly runs through making a sketchup drawing are extremely helpful. He calls out the commands as hes doing them. After a few vids and a few attempts on my own drawings it all clicked. Trafitional tutorials were too much of the wrong info for me.

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"space bar, triple click, G for component, enter" - I still hear Jay saying this whenever I work with Sketchup.  And a good thing too because unless you do this at all the necessary times (basically whenever you create a piece of your project) things will quickly go awry when you try to move, push, pull or otherwise manipulate that piece.

I am using the free version for shop furniture and other simple projects and even with my limited skills (mainly from watching Jay's videos) it is nice to have a measured drawing to work from, and to quickly try different things on the screen instead of on paper during the "design" stage.

If I were doing end work for clients I would want better skills and possibly a better product, one that would do cut lists to work from and also print nice drawings to use in presentations and contracts.

But for my purposes and for free with a lot of free online training Sketch is hard to beat. 

Finally, for anyone looking for learning materials I recommend against the DVD "Google Sketchup Guide for Woodworkers - The Basics" with Dave Richards from Fine Woodworking / The Taunton Press.  I found it to be of poor technical quality and intended to return it, but since I still have it apparently I couldn't even be bothered to do that.
I live in the US and am on a book speaking tour in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane. Been here a lot--it's my third biggest market. Anyway, I was thinking of getting an electric tool that's not sold in the US. My shop has 220v, and of course I can swap out any plugs. I'm not interested in the ethics/legal issues--will a tool work?  [tongue]

Thank you, mates. (See how quickly I'm assimilating the culture?)
Member Projects / Re: A simple walnut box
« Last post by David on Today at 04:49 PM »
Beautiful, sir!
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