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General Friendly Chat / Re: What's Cooking
« Last post by GoingMyWay on Today at 09:01 AM »
Last night I made Braised Octopus with Spaghetti.

Hi there. I've got no idea if this topic is still followed by people, or maybe I should better ask my question in a new topic?

I'm building a custom workbench, 1 x 2 meters wide by 90cm high. Half of the top will be solid wood, the other half will be in mft/3 style. I want rails on the sides of the mft/3 half, and I'm considering possibilities:

- buy original Festool mft/3 rails and cut them to desired length;
- make (or order) custom rails like Guy has done.

The design drawing that Guy has shown is in inches and I live in Netherlands where we use cm's, mm's, and so on. I am wondering how exact the measures need to be?

For example:

3/4 inch = 19mm sounds like something I can have made, but...
1/8 inch = 3,175 mm is probably too exact.

Is there a tolerance?

General Friendly Chat / Re: Coffee Maker Recommendations
« Last post by GoingMyWay on Today at 08:56 AM »
I think if you are happy with preground- stick with it.  Something like a Technivorm will definitely improve the quality by virtue of having consistent water temperature, but it’s not going to work any miracles.  Getting really good coffee is really a combination of bean type, grind, freshness and water temperature.  I’d still recommend the Technivorm for the durability and simplicity of the thing.  And if you ever do decide to dabble in brewing a higher end cup, then you’re all set.  Oh- one other super advantage of the Technivorm- it’s fast.  Easily twice as fast to brew a pot as the budget models.  I’m always shocked when I go to a rental house or am visiting someone how long it takes the coffee to brew, it’s like torture.

It sounds like a very good brand, but the price is a little bit steep.  Is this a good model:

And the water quality probably has an even greater effect on the taste as the disolved minerals react with the coffee granules to extract specific flavours.

This article may give you more details of the science involved.

This one tells you how to brew your own water.

Brewing your own water is taking things to a whole different level.

Another followup question: how do most people drink their coffee?  I drink mine only with half and half.  I recently started measuring the half and half for more consistency and it was 3 tablespoons per 10 oz cup of Keurig brewed coffee.  I do enjoy a medium Dunkin Donuts coffee with cream and sugar every now and again.  I like whatever ratios of cream and sugar they use for the medium size.  It's a little bit sweet and so delightfully creamy.
I second Hans suggestion. The two books are very well documented with plenty of pictures  [big grin]
Workshops and Mobile Vehicle-Based Shops / Re: Barn makeover
« Last post by Mario Turcot on Today at 08:37 AM »
Yeah... I can't wait to see how much 150 ft of 1/3 direct bury cost.

Price for copper wire is crazy, 3 times aluminium. Go alu. req. one size bigger and use Anti-oxidant Compound at both ends.

Are you going Teck or PVC?
I really like Tim's MFTC design. It is intimidating for me to build, but the tag price Festool set makes me more willing to give Tim's cart a try. I can just imagine the Festool cart here would be over $1,000CAD... I can make 4+ Tim's cart for that price.

I see the Festool cart being more for site job and Tim's cart for shop work.
Do you really need the top fence? If your left fence is square, I would simply rely on that reference and make the cut. Another option would be to have your top fence adjustable left / right but yet it will not be very accurate.

If you really want to keep the top fence to quickly set your board in place, make it a few inches long. Just enough to get the board square with your jig.
Workshops and Mobile Vehicle-Based Shops / Re: Barn makeover
« Last post by rvieceli on Today at 07:23 AM »
@ERG if that panel pictured above is the panel you are going to use, seriously consider getting a new bigger one. If you are going to the expense of running 100 amps out there, you will really need to have a panel with more breaker spaces. If you add any 240 circuits you'll quickly run out of spaces in that panel. Main breaker panels are relatively cheap. You'll use the main breaker as a local disconnect.
Festool Tools & Accessories / New Mobile workshop MW 1000
« Last post by ali on Today at 07:04 AM »
New Mobile Workshop available from October

Of all the new Festool items (hitting europe first I think) I am most interested in the mobile workshop. Looks like festool's version of Timothy's (aka Benchworks) MF-TC which I always liked. Last summer I invested in Peter Parfitt's Parf guide and a couple of sawhorses but like the idea of having it all as one rolling station.

Anybody else interested? has a crazy price though going by the RRP.
Workshops and Mobile Vehicle-Based Shops / Re: Barn makeover
« Last post by ERG on Today at 05:38 AM »
Yeah... I can't wait to see how much 150 ft of 1/3 direct bury cost.
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