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Finishing and Painting / Re: Help on Spraying BM Advance
« Last post by JCLP on Yesterday at 04:12 PM »
Here picture of the door 1 hour later

Thank you very much for the video and photos. Looks perfect to me and I'm sure your client would be happy. I know mine would be.

I'm doing a lot of research on how AAA, Airless and Kremlin's Airmix work and came up with a theory that might just work with an HVLP turbine. I love experimenting, eventhough it's sometime extremely frustrating, but you know what they say, Rome wasn't built in a day.
I'm still leaning towards a Kremlin solution, which is similar to yours but I want to make sure that I have tried absolutely everything with HVLP turbine before jumping on the Kremlin slide.

Thank you for all your help and advice.

Now it's time for a glass, or maybe several glasses of wine.

Finishing and Painting / Fuji PPS with external compressor
« Last post by jyarbrou on Yesterday at 04:11 PM »
I recently started using my Fuji MiniMite 4 and T70 gun with the PPS system and like many others on here, I like it. After using it a bit, I think it may be more efficient to use an external compressor to pressurize the cup instead of using the air from the gun. I thought I recalled some folks on here doing so, but couldn't find anything by searching the forum.

Does anyone use this setup? Do they find it more efficient? What PSI do you run from the compressor to pressurize the cup? What do you use to cap off the valve from the gun?

I'm thankful for all the wealth of information on here!
If you contact UPS they can turn off the "My Choice" option so no one but the shipper can change the delivery address. Had that happen once before too Bob, and it hasn't caused any issues with real customers regarding delivery. Frustrating part of online sales!!
Have you been to Wood Werks Supply?
Classifieds / Festool ETS Sanders [Midland, MI]
« Last post by dog2bert on Yesterday at 03:11 PM »
Festool ETS 150/5 Sander: $330 plus shipping

Festool ETS 150/3 Sander: $300 plus shipping

Classifieds / Ro90 and abrasives
« Last post by Sethw3 on Yesterday at 02:46 PM »
RO90 less than a year old, lightly used. Abrasive systainer with variety of round and delta. $425 plus shipping or local pick in Houston, TX
PayPal friends and family or you can pay the 3%
Will post pictures later.
Festool Tool Problems / CMS Switch
« Last post by Samo on Yesterday at 02:39 PM »
 Anybody know if there is a fuse or Thermal overload protection on the CMS switch?

 Thanks, Sam
I think this jig needs to be bigger. The more times you preposition it the bigger your error. I'd say make it 5x4 holes.
General Friendly Chat / Re: AAA - anyone still use?
« Last post by pixelated on Yesterday at 02:23 PM »
Yet another user here, one of the more handy times I used their service was during a business trip and I accidentally locked the rental car's keys in the trunk. This was while I was loading the car to head to the airport. Luckily I had budgeted some extra time. The rental company could have come out too, for a few hundred $'s. I have AAA's "RV" service which in addition to covering any car I'm driving, covers tows for my motorcycle too.
Haven't used their maps much in recent times, but do take advantage of the hotel and rental car discounts they offer. Overall, I consider them a pretty decent value.

I install aluminium doors and of course they can get light scratches while fitting. Does anyone know if it's possible to polish light scratches out powdercoated aluminium ? Would one of the finishing compounds be any good and using a ro90 with sheepskin cover be any use ?
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