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Festool How To... / Re: Conturo inlet roller-How to clean it
« Last post by Festool USA on Today at 04:36 PM »
We usually recommend using a non-harsh glue remover that can help in cleaning the rubber rollers. Using an adhesive remover that is harsh could damage the rubber and can deteriorate them.

Festool and Tanos Systainers / Re: New Mafell Sys Workbench
« Last post by bror on Today at 04:33 PM »
I really don’t get this. What’s the point.? what’s it for?

Cutting up really big sheets of material with a track saw on an unstable pile of systainers.?

That seems a life threatenig stunt excercise to me..

It looks to be adjustable in many ways,  none of which I can really see the use of.

What is the advantage over a pair of simple saw horses with your systainers containing your tools ready and accessable

Certainly not the price

The only good thing I can see that it can be stacked inside a systainer, than it’s not in the way.

I think the metal mounting plate is completely over the top. And a one trick pony.

I think it is over designed, overrated and overpriced.

But tazprime38: great foto report and thanks for the scoop.
I am downsizing and will soon be selling a bunch of stuff I don't use. 

One thing is an OF 2200 router that's been sitting in a Systainer since the 2010 10% off sale.   [eek] 

What is the difference between the old OF 2200 model number and the current OF 2200 EB-Plus?  I don't want to misrepresent what I have. 

I am such an idiot!

I can't believe that I nearly missed out on the promotion without even realizing that I had made a valid purchase.  I bought an OF1400 router back on 8/8/2018 and the Trade Up program wasn't announced until 9/17, but effective for purchases going back to 8/1.

Some how I was under the impression that my purchase had been way before the program start date (I guess I didn't really remember exactly when I made my purchase, but clearly I wasn't thinking).

Luckily I was emailing with someone today who just so happened to prompt to me check the receipt date.  I just submitted my purchase for the gift card.  Now what tool should I send back [scratch chin]??
Festool How To... / Re: Conturo inlet roller-How to clean it
« Last post by copcarcollector on Today at 03:55 PM »
@Festool USA @TylerC

Perhaps FUSA has some tips and ideas....
Festool Tools & Accessories / Cs70 weight
« Last post by robert.bradshaw on Today at 03:53 PM »
Can anyone please tell me the actual weight of a basic c70 there’s conflicting information when you google it
Thanks rob
Other Tools & Accessories / Re: MFT Hole Jigs
« Last post by DynaGlide on Today at 03:49 PM »
Just drill mounting holes to use your current router
Other Tools & Accessories / Re: MFT Hole Jigs
« Last post by ctvader on Today at 03:03 PM »
I was given the LR32 rail in error when I bought my TS55.  :-)  However, I have a bosch 1617 EVS and can't afford OF1010 (and don't need) router.  Here are my thoughts: (1) I will buy the UJK Parf Guide when I get the funds.  Seems so simple to use (2) I wish I could use my Bosch router with the LR32 rail.  Why can't festool make adapters to use with other tools... Oh well. 
Member Connections and Introductions / Re: One Year On
« Last post by GoingMyWay on Today at 02:18 PM »

You also picked up quite the collection in a very short amount of time.
General Friendly Chat / Re: What's Cooking
« Last post by GoingMyWay on Today at 02:15 PM »
Methinks a Big Green Egg might be ok in the cold since it's so heavy and thick.  I've never used one, but I know they can really hold the heat.

Yikes!  Couldn't you all have died from smoke inhalation or carbon monoxide poisoning?

I kinda wanted the super deluxe Performer grill with the ignition system and the charcoal holder, but space is at a premium and we already have the other Weber so we decided to get the smallest Performer.  The foldable table is good as we can also always use more table space.

I'd be interested in the Sear Grate, but I have the Grill Grates that work really well over my Slow N' Sear.  The pizza stone might be cool.  I have a baking stone for our oven.  It mostly just sits in the bottom, under the rack to act as a heatsink. I need to check and see how well my wok fits into the opening.  Weber offers a cast iron wok, but from my understanding that seems to be the opposite of what you want.  The wok should be able to quickly absorb and dissipate the heat - the cast would really hold the heat even if it was removed from over the coals.

I seem to recall Alton Brown showed how you can use a Charcoal Chimney Starter as a "burner" for a wok.  Speaking of Alton Brown, has anyone else seen that his show Good Eats is back?  It's called Good Eats Reloaded.  I watched the first episode and I was quite disappointed.  I was expecting a complete reboot of the series.  It ended up being him just revisiting clips from the original episode adding his commentary as to how what he originally said might have changed.

I just realized that the Weber website doesn't show all of the Gourmet BBQ System accessories that are shown in the brochure that came with the grill:

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