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It didn't have the blanket and strap but it was on its side. Someone knew it was in a bad way before I got it.
Anyone have any reviews on this and how accurate it is compared to other systems?
General Friendly Chat / Re: AAA - anyone still use?
« Last post by Peter Belisle on Yesterday at 01:30 PM »
I had to use my AAA Monday when i lost a break line (still in my yard) in my 99 econoline.  It was about 18 degrees here in Rhode Island  and my aging van wasnt having it. Without AAA it would have been 100$ for a 2 mile tow on top of the repair cost.

we also use it for discounts at a few of the stores around here.
General Friendly Chat / Re: AAA - anyone still use?
« Last post by SRSemenza on Yesterday at 01:20 PM »
   It has been a few years since I checked on roadside service / towing through insurance but last time I checked AAA was a  better and more complete service. Could be different now but I think that is still the case.  I also like that it is on the driver not the vehicle. Many others have a flat fee for the tow charge or a limit of ten miles or to nearest dealership.  AAA Plus is 100 miles and Premier is 200 miles to wherever you want the vehicle to go.  Also Premier has what used to be called trip continuance coverage for rental car and hotel, etc. It does cost more than others but what I want when I go off the road or break down 150 miles from home is, one phone call ..... take the vehicle to my mechanic (near home not far away where I will need to travel again just to get my car back), and please bring me a rental car.  Oh yeah and if I happen to be driving my wife's car, or a friend's vehicle  ... no problem. 

    Cost wise it doesn't take much to equal several years of AAA membership charge. My son has it too, and last year he needed double winch extrication from a deep ditch.  That charge was / would've been $250.00. If it had also needed towing add another $120.00. 

General Friendly Chat / Re: AAA - anyone still use?
« Last post by Jim Kirkpatrick on Yesterday at 01:12 PM »
Bob, another great benefit at least in my state (MA), is that you can renew your drivers license and registration there.  No more standing in line at the DMV!
Had this happen to me last year while I was on vacation. Got a text from DHL that my package was to be delivered from Italy in a week. Did some research on it and found someone had purchased some insanely expensive clothing from Italy with my credit card.

Like you have described, the thief changed the mailing address mid-shipment. The bank wanted to cancel my credit card right then, but had to explain it was my only card and I was hundreds of miles away from home.

My bank was able to set it up where I would get a text any time my card is used no matter how much is charged. It is real nice knowing when something gets charged.

I tried contacting the clothier to warn them they were getting scammed too, but they didn’t seem to care. Had to file a fraud claim when I got back.
You drank the green Kool-Aid! Now you are hooked...not a bad thing. I am as well...
Other Tool Reviews / Cordless Oscillating Multi Tool Review
« Last post by TXFIVEO on Yesterday at 12:48 PM »
Okay, did some extensive research on cordless oscillating multi tools and after several months of testing them out I have purchased the Dewalt 20V...

This thing is lightweight and packs plenty of power.  It was the best feeling tool, feeling like their cordless drills.   I tested the cordless Bosch, Fein, and Makita.  It was close between the Dewalt and Bosch.  Like splitting hairs...but in the end the Dewalt came out on top. 
Hello FOG.  I've never owned any Festool products, but I decided to begin the adventure.  Later today, UPS will be arriving with... uh...  many boxes of Festool stuff. 

I live near Columbus, Ohio and would be interested in meeting other FOG members (near or Northwest of Columbus) that are active in woodworking. 

General Friendly Chat / Re: AAA - anyone still use?
« Last post by RKA on Yesterday at 12:03 PM »
Still use it and no plans to get rid of it.  Peace of mind, older cars, not worried about me or my wife having to deal with the shady practices of tow truck drivers that have you over a barrel, etc.  My auto insurance does cover some stuff, but towing is limited to very short distances compared to AAA.  I also get a discount on the auto insurance for maintaining my AAA.  Not enough to recoup the cost of AAA, but it something.  They probably know I'll call AAA before I bother them.

I still use the hotel discounts.  They also offer discounts in a large number of stores you would never think about (look on the website).  I used them to obtain in int'l driver's permit/license a few years ago.  If I recall, they have affiliations with foreign auto clubs.  Last time I went to Germany, I recall AAA members could obtain benefits through the local auto club there.  I didn't need it, but I filed that away just in case something came up (I wasn't driving a rental).  I used their auto buying program once (before they sub'd that out to truecar).  It was painless and I saved an additional $1K over what my father had negotiated on his own.  The second time I tried to use it, they had sub'd to truecar and I would NOT recommend that to anyone unless you like to get bombarded by dealers on your mobile devices.  And you cannot opt out if you want the price quote.

They have expanded into auto service.  I haven't looked into those, no need.  I'm not sure if members get an additional discount or something.

They do a horrible job of selling their membership on the additional perks.  They are buried on their website as well.  I have to remind myself to go back to the website once a year to see if there is anything new I need to file away for when the time comes. 
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