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I got my labels a few days ago and was on the fence about what to send in, I originally had in mind a broken Porter Cable 7529 router I need to get rid of.  After all the comments about trivial tools qualifying and my desire to encourage future promotions by sticking to the spirit of the promotion and minimizing the overhead to Festool I just didn't know what to send so I called Festool.  I said they can either have that router which seems more in line with a trade in (I bought an OF 1010), or I've also got a messed up screwdriver that some contractor once forgot at my place.  She said the screwdriver is fine.
Festool and Tanos Systainers / Re: New Mafell Sys Workbench
« Last post by jobsworth on Today at 11:36 AM »
 If we use the Lee Valley standoffs we can do basically the same thing.
Festool How To... / Conturo inlet roller-How to clean it
« Last post by bawoodworks on Today at 11:19 AM »
My inlet roller for my conturo is getting gummed up.  What is the best way to get at it and what to use to clean it.

Thank you, you'r right. I was looking on a site where both pads has a mention about the RS 2 as target.
Festool and Tanos Systainers / Re: New Mafell Sys Workbench
« Last post by Cheese on Today at 11:05 AM »
That's a pretty slick idea. If you subtract the price of a Sys 1 from the package the rest of the included items seem to be a little more reasonably priced.

What I don't get is why didn't they just attach the ply top directly to the Systainer like the Festool SYS-MFT? Even though the rest of the gear stows away nicely in a Sys 1, you still have the ply/steel top thing to lug around separately.  [eek]

I just may make my own version using some 80/20 items and a SYS-MFT. [smile]
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: CMS Question
« Last post by apontesworkshop on Today at 11:04 AM »
Thank you!
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Dust extraction
« Last post by GoingMyWay on Today at 10:54 AM »
@Kriss has a video on how to make an attachment to improve edge cut dust collection: .

General Friendly Chat / Re: What's Cooking
« Last post by GoingMyWay on Today at 10:41 AM »
It came out really nicely.  I surprised myself actually!  I'm thinking about making the Thanksgiving Turkey on the rotisserie this year instead of using the indoor electric turkey fryer that we've used the last 3 years.  Thought my understanding is that it may be harder to maintain the cooking temperature when it's cold outside.

That grate is part of Weber's Gourment BBQ System:  It came with the new charcoal grill that my wife got me for my birthday last month:  I had been wanting another grill for a while.  Now I can cook something on the rotisserie, ribs, or use my Vortex to make wings on one grill while I cook something else on the other  [thumbs up].

This is also the first grill I've had with a built in thermometer in the lid.  That is a game changer!  Before I was totally flying blind not having a clue how hot it was inside.
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Track saw
« Last post by Mario Turcot on Today at 10:33 AM »
I agree that a sub forum for each power tool would help new people. Like a How to TS 55 etc..

Like Jobsworth mentioned, the Lee Valley new platform is a real space saver. IMO better then insulation foam because on 2x4 you can use the clamps to secure your board.
General Friendly Chat / Re: What's Cooking
« Last post by Cheese on Today at 10:31 AM »
That turkey looks delicious.

I've never seen that grate setup on a Weber before with a round briquet holder in the middle along with the central door. I'm familiar with the grate that has 2 end doors and the 2 briquet holders are half-moon shaped so they can be pushed together or pulled apart for indirect cooking.
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