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Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Prime Day Deals
« Last post by Lettusbee on Yesterday at 08:07 PM »
I've been trying to buy some tools, but I haven't been able to get past the Amazon home page.
Don't think they were ready for this.
Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Prime Day Deals
« Last post by c_dwyer on Yesterday at 07:59 PM »
Thank you @Ajax! I almost pulled the trigger on one of those a few weeks ago on ebay. Just ordered one for myself.
Check out the KISS2 system manual and the Kurka Jig manual.   Both can be found on PDF online.  The Kurka jig is no longer made but the instructions are worth looking at.

Thanks for the info fellows

Question, I don’t know if this has ever been addressed here before so I’ll ask in hopes I’m not repeating the same thing

Does or will the flip down mounts for the Vac Pods fit the 80/20 structural material.  From the pictures it looks possible.  Just asking if anyone has mounted them to the 80/20 struts

Thank you
Festool How To... / Re: Attaching UG extensions to MFT
« Last post by tjbnwi on Yesterday at 07:09 PM »
See reply number 4;

Knobs hitting the MFT C-channel, RAS solved that issue.
Assuming you are referring to the RAS sander, just exactly how did it solve the problem?
I suspect by sanding away the parts that get in the way (on the knobs of the screws, not the T-slot of the MFT).

 [thumbs up]

Classifieds / CT Midi
« Last post by serge0n on Yesterday at 06:47 PM »
I'm selling my Festool CT Midi in great condition for $430. It comes with a 27mm 3.5 meter (11.5') AS hose and a brand new bag.

I'd like to get a new (2018 model) CT 26, so if you have one and find it too bulky, and it's too late to return it, I'll happily swap it with CT Midi + cash.

I also have 5 bags for CT Midi, will sell them for $25 only with the vac or if the vac is sold.
I'm building mobile cabinets for my basement wood shop and need your advice related to the joinery.

FWIW - I'll be using 3/4" plywood and they'll be frameless cabinets on castors so I can move them around easily and potentially use them for infeed/outfeed support as needed.  I'm guessing they'll be about 36" wide but am open to suggestions if this would be prone to sagging.

With regards to the joinery, Kitchen cabinets have the top and deck between the left and right side panels; however, I wonder whether this is the best design for shop cabinets which will need to support a modest weight and be suspended between castors rather than sitting on the floor?  Will dominoes or pocket screws support it in this configuration?  Should the top/deck be flush to the outside of the sides instead?  What about the back, should I rabbit it into the sides with butt joint on top/deck or just use butt joints all around with dominoes/pocket screws?

I don't intend to build a motor on top of them need them to be able to support a modest weight without sagging.  Thoughts???
Classifieds / TS-55 angle guide, Surfix oil, misc stuff
« Last post by serge0n on Yesterday at 06:42 PM »
I had another post here which was primarily focused on polishing sponges and Granat sandpaper. Now that all of that is sold, I think it makes sense to create a separate post for other items I'm selling.

Festool FS-KS angle unit - $75 shipped

Mirka 5723AP polishing pads pack 90mm and 2 Festool 201993 RO 90 Medium Orange sponges - $25 shipped

Festool 496804 3-1/2 In. Soft Pad For RO 90 DX(Standard Pad) -- brand new, still in unopened packaging. $20 shipped

Festool 498068 5-Liter One-Step Oil Bottle -- never used, never opened. I already have 5-liter canisters of outdoor and heavy duty oils, don't need that much. $90 shipped in lower 48.

Festool 488752 Guide Stop OF 1010 and rods -- never used. $35 shipped

Classifieds / Re: Bosch 1250 DEVS rotary sander
« Last post by serge0n on Yesterday at 06:36 PM »
Price drop.
Home Improvement & Other Projects / Re: Support for European Base Cabinets
« Last post by JBag09 on Yesterday at 06:33 PM »
  I know these legs work. Former FOG’r Erock used these for his Mom’s kitchen he built a few years back. I know from speaking with him the design changed since then a little bit they are still made just as strong. I know he said she has granite countertops.

  He is also using these for the current kitchen he’s working on now. These seem to have what your looking for anyway. Give them a look.

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