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Other Tools & Accessories / Prime Day Deals
« Last post by Ajax on Yesterday at 06:31 PM »
Just purchased Bosch GSR12V-140FCB22 12V Max Flexiclick 5-In-1 Drill/Driver System for $120.

The Amazon servers must be melting down because I get errors all over the place when searching for other deals.

Dave's not a very patient person but has an abundance of information on his site.  I had to read, read again, and re-read many times in order to fully grasp things and I wouldn't consider myself somebody who catches on slow.  I don't know if it's because I've never built a cabinet before and only have the concepts in my head, the website isn't as organized as it could be, isn't clear and concise in the fewest words possible, etc. but it was difficult to digest all the info and remember it ... and there's so many variations within the 32mm "system".

Good luck!!
Eric did an in depth series on YouTube specifically around the Festool LR32 system.  You can probably glean some helpful information there.  Here is the link to part one of that series: 

Workshops and Mobile Vehicle-Based Shops / Re: Barn makeover
« Last post by JBag09 on Yesterday at 06:14 PM »
I know for a fact that you need a double 30 amp breaker for the Oneida V 5000 (5hp). If you go with heating and cooling, just for an example, a split unit 1.5 tons, mine needed a double 20 amp breaker.

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Go to Festool’s website Knowledge and check their classes.
Look at the cabinet class that Greg Paolini offers (I am in his
September class) outside Asheville.  I attended his router
Class this past December and it was excellent.
Do a Google search on 32mm system.  There are scads of resources that will be identified. 
General Friendly Chat / Re: Sharpening Kitchen Cutlery
« Last post by GoingMyWay on Yesterday at 05:40 PM »
I had mentioned in my first post that I had acquired various gadgets that help me sharpen my knives.  I believe I learned about both of these products by watching Clay Allison's (Wicked Edge) YouTube videos

The first and probably most frequently used item is a lighted jewler's loupe:

I started out with basic non illuminated loupes and I discovered that I actually needed some closeup illumination to help see the blade edge.  It's amazing how you can see little microchips and other imperfections in the edge with 10x magnification.

The other item that I got is CATRA Blade Protractor:

It's basically a laser pointer that bisects the cutting edge to show you the angle that each bevel is sharpened at.  It's great for showing what angles a knife has previously been sharpened at if you want to match the angle exactly.  It can also show how polished the edge is and can show the type of grind that was applied to the edge.

I'll share the last gadget for measuring sharpness in my next post.
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Festool mw1000
« Last post by ben_r_ on Yesterday at 05:39 PM »
Huh, Ive never even heard of the Sortimo products. Ill have to check those out a bit more. Looks like the link to their US shop is dead though: LINK
Various Woodworking & Crafts Topics / How to learn 32mm cabinet system
« Last post by Oceans05 on Yesterday at 04:47 PM »
Good day,

I’m an American woodworking newbie and I was wondering if anyone had any resources to point me to to learn about 32mm cabinet making? I’ve read many of the results on google but confused as to how to use the system? Are there undermount soft drawer slides that are able to use the 32mm shelf pin stuff? (Not sure how the undermounts work) I am trying to build @Timtool s system workshop at the moment and he uses all metric. So I am gaining experience with that. I would like to design a desk and built ins for our office as a next project but not sure how to do so.

Thank you for your help !
Workshops and Mobile Vehicle-Based Shops / Re: Barn makeover
« Last post by ERG on Yesterday at 04:37 PM »
Hey Cheese, yes there is headspace on the second floor, it's actually a pretty big space. I want to make real stairs with a turn to get up there.

I just noticed that the previous owner chopped up the 2x4 around the window. Something I'll have to fix.

I had 60 in my previous shop and it was close. I haven't had a chance to price out the 4 gauge wire yet. I think I have direct bury right now and the 1.5 conduit is just a sleeve. I will have to rent a trencher and figure that out...

I made more progress so far today. Finished the 120v around the walls and the ceiling for the shop lights and put my old fluorescent lights. I put in my Siemens panel.

I removed all the old wiring and the junction boxes the P.O. had. I need to figure out the best way to rewire the outside lights. All my receptacles are hanging until I put something on the wall and ceiling.

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