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Festool Tools & Accessories / Conturo Edgebanding
« Last post by Danhenderer on Yesterday at 11:39 AM »
Hello, I just invested in the Conturo as I have a couple white melamine closet systems to build.  Any advice on edge banding companies/suppliers and if its better to buy preglued or non-glue backed - seems the latter would be best as the Conturo glues it already.  Also, what thickness pvc edge banding do you recommend? thnx
General Friendly Chat / Re: Looking for a FOG Member In Birmingham UK.
« Last post by jobsworth on Yesterday at 11:35 AM »
Mr. Heavy who doesnt post here much was a friend of Woodwork Wizard who lived in Birmingham. Maybe he might be able to help you.

To double check, I did a search and yes Mr heavy is still registeredas a FOG member
Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Band saw advice
« Last post by Mario Turcot on Yesterday at 11:34 AM »

Do your Rikon have an electro magnetic switch?

I went to LeeValley yesterday and no one could answer me  [sad]. I had a look at Rikon website and there is no mention of the switch type.

Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Kapex 60 undercarriage modifications
« Last post by Gregor on Yesterday at 11:33 AM »
I wouldn't want you to scrap your build for a new one, just wanted to point the clips out so people with similar problems possibly could get inspired...
Festool Tool Problems / Re: Very poor service for ts55r
« Last post by jobsworth on Yesterday at 11:30 AM »
We have a classified section here where you can sell your festools and go buy whatever brand you want.
Building Materials / Re: Strategies for keeping plywood straight?????
« Last post by Peter Halle on Yesterday at 11:21 AM »
If you are looking to buy quality plywood, look to see if you can buy for a company that supplies cabinet shops.  Shops will not accept garbage and returns or lost sales are a great motivator to the seller.

Once you get it, store it lying down.  If you can put weight on it even better.  You stand it up (especially at an angle) and you are inviting unhappiness. 

Hasnt been an update on this in months guys...

from talking Viktor, he is doing this as a hobby next to his full-time job as a scientist. He is trying to make time to build some more while TSO collaborates with him to see if there is a basis for producing a production version of Viktor's approach or if TSO should develop a product solution of its own aimed at this need. There are multiple ways of solving this problem.

The challenge for TSO is that effectively communicating with its customer base about a development plans becomes a a business strategy issue. It is also a practical challenge to communicate what typically is a closely guarded matter in many companies. Tipping our hand early is not exactly practical or good business.

When we have something we can share, we'll be most anxious to do so at the earliest opportunity. Your interest is appreciated, for sure, and good to know. We expect to have something to publicize in the next couple of months.
Hope you understand.

Building Materials / Re: Strategies for keeping plywood straight?????
« Last post by jarbroen on Yesterday at 11:14 AM »
Ok, so I'm wanting to build more plywood cabinets both for storage in the shop as well as the house. Esp. now that i have the CNC machine going, mucho easier to just slap a piece of ply down and start cutting. I've decided to just go with nice 13 ply baltic birch ply (higher quality), but in longer lengths the stuff still doesn't alway stay straight.

What are your techniques for keeping the panels straight and true in cabinet construction?


There have already been some great suggestions but I'll add my experience and non-expert opinion.
lwoirhaye already mentioned a quality difference in Baltic Birch.  I've experienced that first hand.  I can pick up BB from several places locally.  Some of the chain lumber yards offer it in 5'x5' sheets of 'ok' quality.  And 12mm is kinda 12mm and 18mm is kinda 18mm.  Another smaller place has the 4'x8' sheets of 'ok' quality but the same kinda sizes.
My favorite place to get BB sells both 5'x5' and 4'x8' sheets and the 18mm is precisely 18mm - same with the 12mm.  Also, it's really void free when I look at the layers.  The other suppliers are mostly void free but definitely not the same premium look.
My favorite place doesn't cost any more than the other places.  I think they just have a better supplier of BB.

Also, when I've built BB cabinets without frames I've used 18mm.  It's typically much more flat and stable than the 12mm I get.  The 12mm I use for drawer boxes and shelves.
I built a 42"x72" cabinet supporting a Paulk style bench made of 18mm ply.  There's no frame to the cabinet - 1 divider running long way and 2 running short ways.  Basically 6 cubbies.  The cabinet stays square, holds the heavy Paulk top, slabs, stacks of plywood, me, etc.

I also store my ply on a cart with it almost vertical.
Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Felder RL125 or 160 vrs. Oneida Cyclone
« Last post by ben_r_ on Yesterday at 10:44 AM »
Man you guys must be running some massive shops to need something more than a 3-5HP cyclone. That is certainly all anyone in a typical home/garage shop needs. I have a V-3000 ducted to all my tools in a home/garage shop and every operation with every tool is near as dustless as when working with my Festool hand power tools. Of course it does also include stationary powers tools that were designed with good dust collection themselves. Some power tools will just never have good dust collection no matter what collector/extractor you connect to them. They just simply werent designed for it.
Other Tool Reviews / Re: Makita vs Festool?
« Last post by SRSemenza on Yesterday at 10:34 AM »
Festool has three current battery types that are not cross compatible.
1. 12v
2. 18v (for drills and saws)
3. 18v (for sanders)

I think it is the brand new sander battery platform that has everyone disappointed.

Yes, I know. And it would be great if the sanders were compatible, I would like that too if I get one. I guess the trade off would be a large rectangular battery on the sander. Maybe that matters, maybe it doesn't. I have not really used any cordless sander except for just checking out the Festool sanders at  Connect.

My real point is that sometimes on this forum (and yes, this goes with the territory of it being a Festool forum) it appears that Festool is the only brand that has something wrong with a tool line or feature , etc. and that other brands do not have those problems. When in fact they do. In this case battery / tool / charger incompatibilities.

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