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I just got my shipping labels emailed yesterday. I'll probably just throw some cheapo tape measures their way. One word though - I noticed the email address and the shipping address of who's handling the rebate - it's not Festool. Looks like an independent marketing in Indianapolis that Festool is using to handle this for them. I think most companies do that - hire a company who specializes in promotions such as this one. I personally wouldn't expect Festool themselves to see what I'm shipping back to them.
Member Projects / Re: Press Drill Low Profile Fence
« Last post by Mario Turcot on Today at 08:42 AM »
Thanks to both of you for your suggestion.

I did not thought of raising the board and it would have worked just fine. The reason I came with the idea of a low profile fence is based on the woodpecker drill press fence. It comes with a l shape fence and a track bar fence. To me the track bar fence act as a low profile fence.

Willy, the problem is about the length of the bit. The 6mm bit I have is shorter then the fence, so raising the table do not solve the problem. But yes adding small pieces under my work will work.

Again I did not thought of your suggestion and it would have worked just fine. However for future work I want something stable and I believe a low profile fence is the way to go for my application.

Thanks again.
Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Bosch glide or Makita LS1019L
« Last post by nvalinski on Today at 08:36 AM »
@glass1, I think the battery one is out of the picture with it mostly being a shop saw. You do bring up a good point about the rpms though, as the Bosch clocks in at 4500 on the 10". The accident that took out my Bosch glide was a kickback issue, I suppose the lower rpms would make it less violent but more likely?
Ask Festool / Re: Cyclone on a ct22
« Last post by Claimdude on Today at 08:29 AM »
I have had a DD Deluxe on my CT22 for 5 or 6 years with no issues at all. Wouldn't even consider going back to the standard CT without a cyclone...


Any reason the new cyclone wouldn’t work on my older ct22?
Member Projects / Re: Press Drill Low Profile Fence
« Last post by Sparktrician on Today at 08:20 AM »
If you can't lower the chuck, raise the workpiece by putting one or two small pieces of plywood under the workpiece. 
Member Projects / Re: Press Drill Low Profile Fence
« Last post by Bohdan on Today at 08:17 AM »
Using your existing high fence put a piece of thick board as a packer under the job to lift it so that your chuck clears the fence.
A someone who once shipped a bunch of Systainers on a personal level I would offer the advice that you go thru a significant period of time shipping at actual cost versus a flat rate shipping.  Then take that data and look to see what works best for you based on simplicity, etc.  Also look at your pricing based on box dimensions if applicable.  For instance 2 Sys 1 locked together in the same box should be the same size as a single Sys-3 but weighs more than a Sys-3.

Systainers don't weigh much but the shipping cost really is affected by the volume of the air inside.

Offered respectfully.

Member Projects / Press Drill Low Profile Fence
« Last post by Mario Turcot on Today at 08:03 AM »
I was playing with my Nova Voyager  [drooling] drill press last night, making a bunch of repetitive holes. I had 32 boards where I need to make a 6mm (1/4") hole in each corners. The center holes have to be at 10mm from both edges. I setup my fence and realized that the chuck was going to hit the fence.

(Picture is for reference only)

So I need a low profile fence to fit on that drill press table (temp). Here is what I came up with and I thought some of you guys would like to comment and/or suggest enhancement.

The slots let the fence travel back and forth and side ways using two simple T-track bolts. I'm planning to cut it on the CNC tonight. I will be using 15mm BB. Let me know what you think  [wink]

P.S. The dark rectangle is a fictive piece of wood  [tongue]
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Dust extraction
« Last post by Michael Kellough on Today at 07:45 AM »
For edge trimming cuts (I think Bert meant cleaning cuts) I tape a strip,of thin cardboard (cereal box) to the side of the saw so that it just touches the sacrificial surface and also wraps around the front of the saw. That forward end of the cardboard needs to be trimmed/stepped to fit around the saw base and it will require more tape to seal than you might expect but then it allow trimming when half the blade is off the wood with throwing chips all over the place.
Those prices seem fair but how many Sys 4’s does it take to equal “bulky”?
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