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And once I set the 0, will it change the 45 degree bevel? Is there a way to set it separately? Is it required or is the saw built in such a way that the 45 is set as exact 45 degrees by the saw construction?
Festool Tool Reviews / Re: Praise for the HK Saws
« Last post by ScotF on Today at 01:57 AM »
Yeah. The HK is great at crosscut and stock 4/4 or thinner on rips. The corded has powered through everything no problem. The thin kerf blades are good. I have a Mafell KSS80 for the big stuff, but I am very happy with both version of HK for a smaller, lighter weight saw. The rip guide is a great attachment and I have ripped dozens of boards perfectly parallel and exact width using it. Much easier than using a rail and the accuracy has been welcome.

I agree that the Mafell are better built in many areas and have some of fine points dialed the screws to hold their version of the edge guide and having scales to get exact widths without having to measure. But, the price is double Festool or more and the Festool is really good, in my opinion. FT also has refinements like the shoe and adjusting slop when using the guide rail. Also, the short track is nice for most cuts. The dust bsg is also not an afterthought.
Other Tool Reviews / Re: Lie Nielsen Pilgrimage
« Last post by George Oliver on Today at 12:48 AM »
Thanks for the great report, both places are on my to-go list. And IMO the best time of the year to visit. 
Other Tools & Accessories / Re: MFT Hole Jigs
« Last post by Sometimewoodworker on Yesterday at 11:58 PM »
A couple of examples of Parf system holes and a top that will get at least 4 location holes



Ask Festool / Re: Storing Manuals
« Last post by jjowen on Yesterday at 11:56 PM »
<-- This is where I store my manuals.
Festool Tool Problems / Re: TS55 - what level of "Squareness" to expect?
« Last post by SRSemenza on Yesterday at 11:44 PM »
In that video he is just measuring for square / perpendicular directly on the blade in relation to the plate while making the adjustment with the adjustment screw. Instead of making test cuts or using a square between the blade and bottom of the plate with blade plunged.

Adjustment screws are different because it is a model earlier saw.

Sales & Dealer Area / Re: Post the tools you sent in for the $100 rebate
« Last post by Svar on Yesterday at 11:42 PM »
rmhinden, I would not have sent those. If you don't need them there is collectors market for antique power tools.
Sales & Dealer Area / Re: Woodpecker Quality and price???
« Last post by Cheese on Yesterday at 11:20 PM »
It's just been distressed to give it character and an older feel. It takes time and the attention of many 800lb gorilla's to add that craftsman ship to it, sure without that treatment they would only charge $7.95 but it just wouldn't have the charm.

Well along with the charm lost... it also lost its accuracy.  [smile]
Other Tools & Accessories / Re: MFT Hole Jigs
« Last post by Sometimewoodworker on Yesterday at 11:19 PM »

The entire fabrication of a new MFT size top takes an hour conservatively. (Just holes, no trimming to size etc.)

At under 47 seconds per perfect hole your skills are clearly way beyond anything I could ever aspire to.

The system you use is certainly a really good one if you use patten bits and it is a great idea to use 20 mm pipe as a protective guide
Other Tools & Accessories / Re: MFT Hole Jigs
« Last post by Cheese on Yesterday at 11:14 PM »
All of that is essential to making the holes so the 3-4 minutes would not be a real time quote & even if it's a gross overstatement you would still be looking at a long time

Yes, a very long time. That’s while I’ll never go there again.  [big grin]

The older you become, the more time becomes precious. This may sound stupid but it is the truth. We will all identify with that statement at some time.  [smile]
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