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Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Band saw advice
« Last post by live4ever on Yesterday at 08:48 AM »
That Laguna 18bx is also the one I've decided on to upgrade my 14", though I've not pulled the trigger yet.  While there have been some issues reported (mostly around fence flatness) and Laguna's customer service hasn't been lightning fast in their responses, the consensus seems to be it's a really excellent bang for the buck and very capable machine.
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: When did this happen?
« Last post by grobkuschelig on Yesterday at 08:46 AM »
Street Price in Germany is 85€ for the Sys-mini CE.
But I also think that the lid inserts are better Value.

If someone made 50mm centrotecs as a good set, that would be nice.
But even with the mini, you only get one each of the 50mm, which makes it not worth it, from my point of view..
Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Band saw advice
« Last post by JCLP on Yesterday at 08:35 AM »
second for Laguna.

Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Band saw advice
« Last post by RobBob on Yesterday at 08:34 AM »
This one:
Laguna 18bx
Other Tools & Accessories / Band saw advice
« Last post by Mario Turcot on Yesterday at 08:30 AM »
Hello FOG'ers, I know this topic is a hot one. There is several threads about band saw (BS) but most seems out of date for
what i am looking for.

This is going to be my very first BS. I am not looking into a top of the line product like Felder etc.. but rather a machine that
will last and that I will enjoy using at a low budget. Of course i am looking at a machine capable to deliver accuracy &
efficiency. Since i mention budget, I feel I have to put a tag price. That would be under CAD$2,500 shipping included.

Keep in mind that I never use a BS before, but I see an actual need in my shop. I plan to use a BS mainly for large scrolling and
later resawing. Below are the specs I am looking for. Feel free to add or comment anything that I may have miss interpret or forgot.

The Requirements
Stand alone (not benchtop)
Electro magnetic switch
12 to 16 inches resaw capability including fence*
Ball bearing guides
Large table (~16x20)
Tilt to 45%
Dust extraction**
Quick blade release
Miter gauge***

A must to have
124/240v configuration
*Resaw & low profile fence
**Under table dust extraction (right at the trunion)
***Left & right miter gauge

Here two local BS that basically fullfil my requirements.


I think Rikon is a well known manufacturer and Craftex is the Grizzly sister up north.

Thanks, Mario
Ask Festool / Re: Pad options for Planex Easy
« Last post by Festool USA on Yesterday at 08:22 AM »
I can't speak for the UK, but in North America the PLANEX Easy does not have a soft pad. It only has standard pad. Although technically the PLANEX pads will fit on the PLANEX Easy, we do not recommend it.

Member Connections and Introductions / Daufuskie island
« Last post by JCLP on Yesterday at 08:05 AM »
Good morning All,
Any Festool users on Daufuskie island. Dropping in for a few days to visit some friends.
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: When did this happen?
« Last post by Mario Turcot on Yesterday at 07:37 AM »
I think deploying an attic lid onto the systainer with the drill (to hold spares, possibly in the bit holders that fit there) and having the most needed bit types at hand on the magnet holder of the tool is superior - and cheaper.

You just gave away the next marketing strategy   [eek]

How can i buy one asap !??

james 4158676436
Other Tool Reviews / Re: Makita vs Festool?
« Last post by Jmacpherson on Yesterday at 05:56 AM »
Seth has a very valid point about Festool batteries. Yes the 10,8v drills and the 18v sanders are different but the sander batteries work on the current 18v chargers. However, the 18v/15v batteries and tools are backwards and forwards compatible.

Here is Peter Parfit's review of the BHC, go to 03:57 to see the part about batteries.

A lot of people will invest into a cordless system which has the most variety, which Makita and Milwaukee probably own in terms of variety. Dewalt seems to be coming up with some interesting items and even Ryobi too from a more affordable point of view.
The battery ah/capacity race seems to have been replaced by the cordless tool of convenience race - cordless pvc pipe cutters, rivet guns and coffee machines

That being said, how many people would buy a tool from another platform from a convenience or efficiency point of view?
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