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Alan, just a heads up. The cleaning set link triggers a 404 Not Found. Perhaps it has to do with work proxies.  [eek]

Your checkout validation on postal code do not recognize Canadian postal code format. The Canadian postal code format is;

X#X #X# or
X#X#X# valid with or without a space
Good first set of tools. You can cut accurately with an MFT and angles too. You might need a 2700 or 3000 rail for sheet goods. A 1900 is easier for cross cutting panels, but the 1400 works fine...just not as much room before and after the cut.

I think the MFT, saw and extractor is a great starting point. Don't forget all the accessories that can eat up money...blades for the TS (comes with great blade for sheet goods, but if ripping wood with your TS you will want one with fewer teeth). Then there are clamps, extra vacuum bags, maybe bigger hose for better extraction and the list goes on. Rarely do you just buy the tool and are done. Sanders need sandpaper and you can easily spend double the price of the sander getting all the initial grits. The Domino needs Dominos and different cutters for the Dominos. This is not to dissuade you, but to let you know all the other things to consider in your initial purchase.
Workshops and Mobile Vehicle-Based Shops / Re: Vac for Kapex
« Last post by RKA on Today at 06:57 AM »
You could use a CT Sys, but it would not be ideal.  Even with limited use the bag will fill quickly.  Airflow is a little less that the rolling vacs.  A mini or midi with a 5ft 36mm hose would be better.
Festool How To... / Re: CMS55 sliding table alignment off
« Last post by infer on Today at 05:18 AM »
Other Tools & Accessories / Re: NEW TSO TPG-30 Parallel Guide
« Last post by dr.r.lam on Today at 05:12 AM »
mid March.

I was just wondering if there were any updates too!

Did you get the impression that this was when they would release the pre-order? Or if that could be delivery for the pre-orders?

Festool How To... / Re: CMS55 sliding table alignment off
« Last post by infer on Today at 05:09 AM »
If it’s any help mine adjusts from lower to higher correctly. So there must be something wrong with yours.
Festool Tools & Accessories / Festool sysport question
« Last post by AndrewG on Today at 04:32 AM »
I picked up the sysport last week and gave it a bit of a clean up. Just a quick vac and wipe down and it came up way better than I thought it would and probably won’t bother giving it a new coat of paint. I also removed the front black holders or whatever they were.

I’ve wanted to build a few of my own sysports, but more so now after using this one. Makes my work flow much better rather than having my systainers in a stack. I’m up to 20 now so I need to get organised!

I also picked up this boom arm as is, so will probably make something up so I can use it. Not bad for $20!
Festool Jigs & Tool Enhancements / Re: My DIY 8020 MFT
« Last post by modeller on Today at 12:05 AM »
Festool Tool Problems / Conturo glue line help
« Last post by safety1st on Yesterday at 11:19 PM »
I am new to the conturo. I am trying to edge band maple PVC 1mm edging to maple melamine board with natural glue.

I am getting a glue line no matter what. I tried reducing the glue and that didn't seem to help. I increased the temperature by 10 degrees as well. I tried to put sufficient pressure and it didn't seem to make much difference either.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!
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