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Member Connections and Introductions / Re: One Year On
« Last post by Mario Turcot on Today at 12:21 PM »
Congrats on your first year!

For me it will be on November 18. From November to February I purchased the DF500, CT26, ETS EC125, TS55, OF1400, RO90, LR32 Kit, KS120, CXS and lately the FS800, FS1400 and lastly the Vac Sys.

What else? It would be really really nice if Festool Canada send me a Pro 5 LTD  [wink]
General Friendly Chat / Re: What's Cooking
« Last post by Cheese on Today at 12:10 PM »
Though my understanding is that it may be harder to maintain the cooking temperature when it's cold outside.

Ya, be careful...several Christmas eves ago we had people over for dinner and the plan was to grill the steaks outside. Unfortunately it was Zero┬║ out and windy. The Weber just wouldn't get hot, gas probably would have worked better. At any rate, when dinner was 1 hour late "the boys" decided to move the Weber into the garage and leave the door open to help the process along. When dinner was now 2 hours late "the boys" then decided to close the garage door to further help the process along. Consequently, the garage filled up with smoke so completely that we couldn't see each other let alone the food we were cooking. We stunk from all that smoke, it permeated everything, our clothing and our hair. The garage still smelled 5 months later.  [tongue]  Live & learn.

I have an older Performer model, it has a stainless side cover under which is a bin for the charcoal. It can be seen in the very top part of the photo. It's 15-18 years old and still just hums along. I do try to enjoy it year round.

Thanks for the info on the Gourmet System. That sear grate and griddle look pretty interesting.

>>I have a new TS 55R EBQ-Plus.
I've done a few cuts in 18mm plywood to see how square cuts are and when checking with a square there is a slight unsquareness I can see (along the 18 mm width of the plywood).
How square should I expect cuts to be?<<

I get square cuts. As square or even more accurate (square cuts) Then I have with a table saw. If your not getting square cuts particularly with plywood ( Im assuming that is what your having issues with).

First we would need more info as to how you are cross cutting your piece to ensure it is 90 degrees from the edge of the piece.

My check list is.

Cut the factory edge.
Measure from that edge
Ensure your clear strip on your guide rail doesnt need repositioning or replacing.
Make sure you havent changed blades.
Measure from the edge where you removed the factory edge.
Accurately measure and make tick marks where you wish to cut on the piece .
Clamp the rail to the piece being cut.
When you make your cut:
Allow the saw come to full speed and is fully plugged (min required to cut the thickness of the piece).
While cutting beside your behind the saw, and not pulling the saw to one side or the other.

Now for cross cutting. I have some questions,

Are you using a MFT?

 If not what are you using to ensure you are cross cutting exactly 90 degrees?

Save $30 instantly on the Rolair AIRSTAK Systainer Compressor through the end of the year from The Tool Nut!

Additionally, we are offering discounts on six other Rolair models, including the very popular and ultra-quiet JC 10+.

General Friendly Chat / Re: Every Day Carry (EDC)
« Last post by ChuckM on Today at 11:47 AM »
These threads always make me cringe when I see all the crap some guys carry around with themselves every day.

FWIW I hate carrying too many things with me in my pockets. I only carry a wallet, one key fob for my car, a knife and my iPhone. Keep it simple, keep it light :)

I am in your camp, except no knives: Wallet, key fob, cellphone, (and a pen if I expect to be using one, e.g., bank business, etc.). Less is more to me.

Same when I work in my shop: nothing in my pockets except may be a cell phone (for emergency). No aprons (except for photography reasons) and no tool belts (I cringe when seeing people adding an extra of 5 pounds or more to their bodies with a hammer dangling, a cordless drill, etc.!).

My apron plane sits on a shelf reachable at my bench.
I got my labels a few days ago and was on the fence about what to send in, I originally had in mind a broken Porter Cable 7529 router I need to get rid of.  After all the comments about trivial tools qualifying and my desire to encourage future promotions by sticking to the spirit of the promotion and minimizing the overhead to Festool I just didn't know what to send so I called Festool.  I said they can either have that router which seems more in line with a trade in (I bought an OF 1010), or I've also got a messed up screwdriver that some contractor once forgot at my place.  She said the screwdriver is fine.
Festool and Tanos Systainers / Re: New Mafell Sys Workbench
« Last post by jobsworth on Today at 11:36 AM »
 If we use the Lee Valley standoffs we can do basically the same thing.
Festool How To... / Conturo inlet roller-How to clean it
« Last post by bawoodworks on Today at 11:19 AM »
My inlet roller for my conturo is getting gummed up.  What is the best way to get at it and what to use to clean it.

Thank you, you'r right. I was looking on a site where both pads has a mention about the RS 2 as target.
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