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Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Bosch to Compete Against Saw Stop
« Last post by Svar on Today at 08:12 PM »
I scanned the first 200 pages
Scanned? You meant's a pdf file from the link.
I think he meant looked through. He's probably a lawer. 200 pages of lawspeak is death through boredom for an average person.
Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Bosch to Compete Against Saw Stop
« Last post by ChuckM on Today at 08:09 PM »
I scanned the first 200 pages

Scanned? You meant's a pdf file from the link.

The report is welcomed because it points to the right direction like the implementation of seat belts and airbags (soon all the fancy safety add-ons like lane departure warning, blind spot warning, etc. previously available in only luxury vehicles will be standard features in ordinary cars like side mirrors!). The report benefits me little as I already own a SawStop. but the technology or the like can benefit every user when the price point is brought down. I may be able to get SawStop parts cheaper when the competition is widespread.

As I understand it, some are against the SawStop and not the safety feature per se. They could include some of those who've bought the Bosch saw. When the finger saving technology is made mandatory, people who refuse to adopt the change still have the option of buying the old model saws which I figure will go down hugely in prices -- new or second hand.

2025 would be a reasonable estimate when all new saws will have the upgraded safety feature.

I'm not looking to buy any power tools to accessories that are not sold in the US but I see are sold in UK such as the festool box cutter, some centrotec bit assortments and things of that sort which are not for sale here.
A Festo/ol 110v 85mm saw isn't available in the north american market, however a Mafell equivalent is.  Personally, I'd take the latter any day, if only for their vastly superior rail system.

Doesn't this answer any possible questions regarding availability rather comprehensively?

"There are none so blind as those who will not see".   Jonathan Swift.
I totally will.

My challenge will be the weight of the thing!
The lights look dainty, but are about 40-60 lb of very solid steel.
I think mine were made in Japan.

Do you guys have tips on supporting weight on home-made boom arms?
I may have to make a plywood insert onto the bottom to act as a support.
Also, I may need to buy/fabricate a mounting pole.
Classifieds / Re: LR32
« Last post by TLittle on Today at 07:52 PM »
lowered price.  price includes shipping
Finishing and Painting / Re: spilled stain on brick
« Last post by Alex on Today at 07:34 PM »
Due to the texture of stone materials, solvents have only limited effect, in my experience. So when I spill paint on any form of stone, I remove it with a wire brush on an angle grinder or drill.  The stone will be discoloured because you'll see the original stone colour, but that will weather away over time .
Member Projects / Re: Cutting board
« Last post by Tommy66 on Today at 07:33 PM »
Music by: Neverland [Live]-6337
Sales & Dealer Area / Re: TSO MTR-18
« Last post by ShadyMaple on Today at 07:33 PM »
So - maybe I am posting this in the wrong place - but I noticed the PTR-18 as well and it has what appears to be 20mm holes in a triangle pattern.

Could I theoretically use a hole saw with that pattern as a bit guide to make an MFT top? Or would the holes be out of spec size?
Member Projects / Re: Holder for Spokeshaves
« Last post by Tommy66 on Today at 07:30 PM »
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