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General Friendly Chat / Re: Do I still need my MFT?
« Last post by mwildt on Today at 08:26 AM »
Tom nailed it.

That said if you flip the rail length wise on the mft you might get more cross cut capacity then the table saw.
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Brand New TS 55 REQ F PLUS
« Last post by ear3 on Today at 08:25 AM »
As Brice said the growl is perfectly normal.  The electronic control of the motor adjusts the speed so that it cuts consistently under load.

Festool manuals are notoriously laconic.  If you read closely you'll see they are directly translated from the German with minimal correction for native English usage.

I would say take it for a spin and see how it performs.  You have a 30 day return window if you don't like it.
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Brand New TS 55 REQ F PLUS
« Last post by Brice Burrell on Today at 08:20 AM »
Welcome to the FOG.  Sorry to hear you're having issue with your first tool.

The gravelly sound is normal.  As for vibration, that's harder to say.  There will always be some vibration in any tool, but there shouldn't be an excessive amount.  Oh, the base is cast metal, might be aluminum or maybe magnesium.

I'm not sure what the metal piece is.  It might be one of the clips for the green plastic pieces on the saw's base where the base rides on the rail.

You could call Festool, they have people to help with these kinds of issues.  That said, if ultimately you aren't comfortable with the condition of the saw take back to the dealer to look at, or return it outright. Good luck. 
General Friendly Chat / Re: Do I still need my MFT?
« Last post by ProCarpenterRVA on Today at 07:57 AM »
Actually I need it, DM me with the shipping cost and I will PayPal you immediately...

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General Friendly Chat / Re: 40 years
« Last post by tjbnwi on Today at 07:55 AM »
Tom, shake your head? Up and down or side to side?


General Friendly Chat / Re: Do I still need my MFT?
« Last post by tjbnwi on Today at 07:54 AM »
A question only you can answer.

Festool Tools & Accessories / Brand New TS 55 REQ F PLUS
« Last post by bfblack66 on Today at 07:48 AM »
I received the TS 55 track saw on March 16 and it is my first Festool. This is my 2nd track saw; my first track saw purchase was a Makita and I returned it without making a cut because the track was not flat to the work surface. The Festool track is a little better but not what I expected for this price. The Makita definitely had a hard plastic base. The Festool appears to also have a plastic base but painted to look like aluminum  [mad]; is this true. The whole time I was reading the instruction manual, I was grousing about the postage stamp size drawings. Only later did I discover there is a Supplemental User's Manual on the web; shame on Festool for not telling me where to find this document. I have yet to make a cut with the track saw since when I turn on the saw it sounds gravelly (not a very technical term) and there appears to be some vibration. Do I have a defective track saw? In the process of inspecting the track saw, a small metal clip fell out of the dust collection port. Can anyone identify the clip shown in the attachment? The scale is in inches. I don't feel like I am getting off to a good start as a Festool owner.
All painted with 2 coats of Sico go prime latex acrylic and 2 coats of Sico water-based interior alkyd
I used a I found on youtube to get the spacing even on all sides.
Yep fridge trolley will do, I moved mine (400lbs) with my son and it was easy. Just be safe and go slowly, make sure you have enough room at the stairs bottom if you need to turn around  ::)


Thanks Mario, two of my neighbors helped me move it down to the basement, so all good.  :)

Now assembling the cast iron wings was really a pain and I still cannot get the right one flat, there is a bow towards the end of the wing.  Been working with sawstop support and will try to get a replacement which I hoping will turn out OK.   

Festool Tool Problems / Re: Kapex just died
« Last post by Steven Owen on Today at 02:53 AM »
I had the Kapex and stand in my cart and ready to purchase but a voice in my head had me second guessing.  So I decided to stick with my work horse Dewalt DWS780. Have had it for three years with ZERO issues.  A beast.  If Festool would simply fix the known issue by replacing motors then I would be sold.  Until then, I will keep using the Dewalt.

The Dewalt 780 is a workhorse you see in cabinet shops everywhere.  If you get part from Infinity Tools you can improve it’s cutting accuracy.

Hopefully Festool does more to resolve it’s Kapex issues.  It has the potential to be the top shop miter saw.  They can’t expect people to be confident in spending huge coin on the Kapex until they fix the motor.
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