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Other Tools & Accessories / Adjusting suction
« Last post by Simon O on Today at 06:01 PM »
Is it possible to adjust the suction strength on the IPulse Starmix ISP ARM-1635 EW or for that matter the Metabo ASR 35M ACP or Mafell S35M models? They all have dials for hose diameter, is this where suction can be adjusted?
 And is there any real difference between the 3 models?
Sweet!  I am a fan of the "old" stuff for finishes and my car.  Looking forward to trying the white.
Consider too you can buy that $94 kit and sell the Systainer to recover $50-60.
Very good point! Of course you are stuck using the small hose that doesn't have great air flow.

Another option is to buy a Ridgid vacuum for say $9.00? With all accessories. Sold auction showing it is possible.

With a Midi the 1 7/8" might be preferable.
What ever happened to this? Never went into production?
Hand Tools / Re: Astounding no one carries a plane anymore.
« Last post by curiousdork on Today at 05:36 PM »
I'm an old guy, and I've been pushing a plane for fifty years. I've got a table saw, a jointer, etc., but when I'm a slosh shy of a fit (r a square), I can be done and moving on with another part of the job before I would even break out the electrics.

My first foray into woodworking involved the use of power tools.  Since I buy my lumber from local sawyer, it's often rough and requires flattening.  I've found that a jointer is indiscriminate in how much material it takes off.  When building a bookshelf for a friend I found that one of my pieces was cut unevenly on the bandsaw mill resulting in one side being thinner than the other.  To combat more material being removed I used my low angle jack and went to town where I needed material removed.  I managed to correct the issue, removed the twist, and flattened the board.

It's not that I think power tools are bad, but when you spend 20 minutes setting up a table saw when you need to remove 1/16th of materia, using a handplane is much, much faster.  I still use the table saw to dimension pieces but a lot of my flattening and smoothing are done through hand tools.  I'm looking forward to getting a plow plane, a router plane, and a rabbet/shoulder plane to do things like dadoes.

I'm looking to match  the design of a medicine cabinet, vanity and a wall shelf I made.   So, it will basically be 4 sides of the same width. 

I used French cleats to hang the cabinet and shelf and hope to do the same for the mirror.

Thank you,


On a shelf above a bench near an air hose outlet.  Trying to post a photo, but not sure it is working.  I can't preview it.  If it doesn't show up, my apologies.
Festool How To... / Re: What are these for?
« Last post by ben_r_ on Today at 05:27 PM »

Arent those these: LINK and these: LINK or LINK?
Festool Tool Problems / Re: Does anyone else see a problem?
« Last post by RKA on Today at 05:24 PM »

If I wasn't familiar with the brand and I saw that, it wouldn't leave the best impression.  Since I am familiar, I can laugh (at someone's expense no doubt).
Consider too you can buy that $94 kit and sell the Systainer to recover $50-60.
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