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If I were buying again, I'd get the SawStop.
*  Safety.
*  I do a lot of ripping, and sliding tables don't help with that.
   - I have augmented my table saw fence with Jim Tolpin "Table Saw Magic" jigs that do help a lot with that.
*  I don't do a lot of large panel type of work that would justify a sliding table.
   - Once or twice a year I cut pieces over 4'x4' on my saw.
   - I can usually break down plywood with a track saw before getting to the table saw.
   - I don't use plywood much, and then mostly for jigs and fixtures.  Most of my work is with solid wood.
*  I made a very accurate and relatively large sled that works great for smaller pieces.
   - It will accommodate pieces up to two feet wide.
   - I can set stops up to 30" out for length.
   - I can balance pieces up to 4' long comfortably.
   - One of the best investments in shop fixtures that I have ever made.
*  I also have a very accurate Bosch miter saw for crosscutting up to 12" wide stuff.
*  Easy to get service for SawStop in the US.

So that's how/why I would choose, highly dependent on what I do in the shop.

Ditto, sounds like my situation and words exactly, so I'll save time typing
The only picture I could find for now.   Shop on the right of course, although I wish it was the other way around.  ;)

Almost everything in the picture I did myself except shingle the roofs, drywall, asphalt, and some of the plumbing.
Good luck anyway. I'd like to hear what the result is with a 150 sander regardless of which one bought.

A 5-mm stroke would be best.
I have the same issue with my new TS55, it came with the new adapter in the box also. I got a CT36 with it and have no other festool tools yet so no issue with swapping the hose end out for the included one in the box. But as you said, all the recommendations say to use the 36mm hose with the tracksaws. 90% of my work is either mdf or particleboard based so dust extraction is high on the agenda for me. The outside of the saw's dust port also has the barbs you mentioned. I'm worried if I use the 36mm hose regularly with the TS if will permanently stretch the cuff on the hose?

This is my concern also, but I guess I won't leave it hooked up and if it does stretch I can buy a new end for about $30.   Kind of silly a $800 new festool tool doesn't have a good solution out of the box.  This is my first festool tool and I'm starting to wonder if I shouldn't have stayed with dewalt.   
Sales & Dealer Area / Re: One for the Aussies...
« Last post by Holmz on Today at 06:31 AM »
Yep, a real beauty.
Sales & Dealer Area / Re: Rembrand Timber Ltd Scottish branches
« Last post by Coliban on Today at 06:31 AM »
In our youth, we hitch-hiked threw Scotland and the people there are some of the friendliest we´ve ever met.
We visited Inverness, Elgin (with an old abandoned monastery), Thurso, Edinburgh and many more towns and countries and we spend a lot of the time in the pubs with the people, contrary to our plan to travel like normal tourists.

Ok, it is more than 30 years ago, so i can´t remember the Rembrand Timber store...
Sales & Dealer Area / Re: Rembrand Timber Ltd Scottish branches
« Last post by HarveyWildes on Today at 06:04 AM »
I stayed overnight in Portree once.  I must admit that I did not see the Rembrand Timber store, but that was about 18 years ago.  My wife reminds me that it was August and cold and rainy, but during a break we had a good hike up to a large abandoned house that looked like it could have used a -lot- of renovation.  Maybe someone will put some of those Festool tools to good use!
We are delighted to announce a brand new Festool Dealership to our list.
We shall be fully stocked on the 8th March but can supply anything you require to order until then, and on that note that goes for all our branches in Scotland.
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Sales & Dealer Area / Re: One for the Aussies...
« Last post by Peter Parfitt on Today at 05:30 AM »
I will let Axminster do all of this.

Looks like the apple harvest has been good this year !


Sales & Dealer Area / Re: One for the Aussies...
« Last post by Untidy Shop on Today at 05:14 AM »
The issue with that is there are already 2 distributors for veritas in Oz, carbatec and the wood works. My main job is sales, I can guarantee veritas won't be shipping dogs only to another party down here.

Sounds to me that one or both of those should consider stocking the PGS.


As for one mentioned.

I would try
The  Wood Works
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