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Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Festool parent acquires Saw Stop
« Last post by HowardH on Today at 11:15 AM »
Obviously there are synergies for both companies or this deal wouldn't have happened.  Both are privately owned so no possibility of a hostile takeover.  It could be, and I think most likely, that SS will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of Tooltechnic and it will be business as usual.  Maybe Dr. Gass decided it was time to hang it up and Mother Festool thought it would be a good idea to acquire their customer base and intellectual property.  It will be closing pretty fast, I would imagine it's a cash deal, but it could be quite some time before any changed filter down to our level. 
Hi all

First I'm quite new to all this Festool thing and for that matter woodworking.   [unsure]
I have just purchased the above saw table module and installed everything ok.  But the riving knife/extension has a little lateral play in it I would like to ask if this is normal?  It is not a huge amount of movement but it has a tendency to lean slightly to one side enough to have stopped the timber feed a couple of times. I ended up clipping the vacuum hose in such a way to hold the knife vertically.
When I fitted the knife the bolt that goes through the saw body and joins the knife extension to the saw knife stopped suddenly as if the end had hit and obstruction at the far end.  So although the bolt is very tight (to whatever it is pressing on inside the saw) and the knives are joined the bolt head is not in contact with the saw case and moves with the knives.  To be fair Festool are sending a replacement knife and bolt to try but nobody I have spoken to seems to know if the knife and bolt movement is normal.
The extension knife is not bent in any way and seems to be joined tightly to the saw knife. I guess the movement comes from the saw end and this slight sideways movement is amplified by the extension.

Can anyone tell me if this is normal?   If it is the norm I would not expect that of such expensive tools.

Other Tools & Accessories / Re: TTS acquiring Saw Stop..?
« Last post by antss on Today at 10:43 AM »
It's possible since SS has a 110v jobsite saw and we don't hear about it crapping out when used to cut think material.

But that's an expensive fix for a problem that is claimed to not be a problem.  ::)
Festool and Tanos Systainers / Re: Recommendations for this Sys
« Last post by antss on Today at 10:10 AM »
It's too heavily geared towards things like screwdrivers and chisels for my tastes.

I agree , make you own if you like this style.
Other Tool Reviews / Re: Makita 9741 Wheel Sander Review
« Last post by huntdupl on Today at 09:35 AM »
That is pretty pricey, but no doubt a quality finish. Great Review!! And thanks for the rotex side by side.

For the penny-pinchers... I just bought a Grizzly Roller Sander (model # T25942) on sale for like $50. I bought it primarily for the sanding of live-edges. They currently don't have a full 2 1/2" wire brush for it (only like 1/2" width) but the value was hard to pass up. The other tool I'd like to throw in as a comparable and see if anyone has any first hand experience is the Porter Cable PXRA2676 Multi Surface Tool. Cost just over $100 and while it's half the amps of the Makita, the only visible drawback is it doesn't have a guide/depth wheel. Similar, the Eastwood Contour SCT ($200) is gear-driven. This and the PC really seem to target those looking to strip paint. Toolguyd notes the PC has other accessories on the way, as this is a relatively new tool I believe.
The insert that Festool sells for hand tools would be great if the tools it was designed for are the exact same tools you have.
Make your own insert using a SYS-5 for the extra height and a SYS-MFT lid. I now have 3 of these, one for hand tools, one for all the extractor accessories and a third for clamps.
Other Tools & Accessories / Re: TTS acquiring Saw Stop..?
« Last post by JimH2 on Today at 09:07 AM »
I hope they don't paint the sawstop saws green and double the price.
Not immediately. First, Kapex team will make some motor improvements to SawStop.

It took me a second to catch the sarcasm in your post. I definitely do not want Festool tweaking the motor in my SawStop. Another way to look at this is that maybe Festool bought SawStop for their motor designs.
Member Projects / Re: building a new kitchen
« Last post by cpw on Today at 09:05 AM »
Perhaps the most complex piece of the remodel is that I'm building what amounts to an 8' x 8' wall of cabinets consisting of stacked frameless boxes, with a middle section that will be open shelving with a face frame.   It isn't that it is actually complex, but the clearances are a challenge.

Sorry if this is obvious, but if the clearances are a challenge, add some filler strips on the side.  Your wall is likely not straight and you'll need to scribe anyway.  I have a 13' x 8' wall in my kitchen (with a gap in the middle for a bay window). I left ~3" on each side for scribing, clearance for the door handles, etc.  There is about 1.5" between the center and side cabinets as well.
Other Tools & Accessories / Re: TTS acquiring Saw Stop..?
« Last post by JimH2 on Today at 09:05 AM »
OUS distribution will open vast new markets with TTS knowing how to work so many countries. 

I am not sure what will get accomplished in the US.  We've got to get safety on these contractors machines.  I can't believe how all of the CHEAP contractors who are out there doing home improvement work are having teenagers who have absolutely no idea on safety out there ripping construction material with no splitters, no anti kickback prongs etc.   Fingers close to the blade.  I don't think this move will get the technology on cheaper blades.   I personally have no problem with lawyers suing the heck out of these contractors.  Unfortunately most of them don't have any pockets at all.  Most of them are not the sharpest pencils in the box.

Dewalt  Stanley would be a good one to sue.  They seem to have pockets to buy everything.

I just witnessed something awful last Thursday.   Totally turned off by Dewalt and their dangerous stuff

Don't throw a grenade like this and not follow up with whatever it is you saw. Considering you are listed as a Festool dealer slandering a competing manufacturer is petty and completely unnecessary. It's also fairly typical for retail.

...and suing a company because they have deep pockets or because of how their customers use the saws it is what is wrong with the American legal system. The DeWalt and other manufacturers instruction manuals go into detail on proper usage of the saw and safety devices. Choosing not read or follow them is up to the end user, much like operating a vehicle recklessly or at high rates of speed.
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Festool parent acquires Saw Stop
« Last post by JimH2 on Today at 08:55 AM »
Isn't the track saw concept safer than a table saw to begin with , hence one of its appeals ?

How much xtra would guys be willing to pay for this mini brake ?  The pricing is likely to put off even the FT faithful.

Can't see TTS leveraging supply chain economies with SS.  They aren't even a manufacture , and FT doesn't have that capability in house.

The combination of the track, riving knife and spring loaded blade make it tremendously safer than the alternatives. I don't see any reason to add SawStop technology to the track saws.

People complain about SawStop prices now, just wait until the Festool pricing comes in. Mafell offers the Erika tablesaw and fully tricked out it is north of $3000 and that is for a portable tablesaw. It would have been much better for everyone if DeWalt or Bosch had bought SawStop and licensed the technology at a reasonable price. This transaction is not good for anyone expect TTS.

I guess SawStop's owner knew the end was near when Bosch introduced their alternative. I am sure the lawsuit was expensive and anymore of them could put them in a bind financially. I would think the owner/inventor would have negotiated $x/device royalty fee to keep the cash coming in and walk away with a victory.
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