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Finishing and Painting / Re: Help on Spraying BM Advance
« Last post by Pnw painter on Today at 02:32 AM »
I’d guess your paint was reacting with the primer or fillers you’ve been using. Either way it’ll be interesting to find out what the fix is.

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Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Festool your boring
« Last post by aloysius on Today at 02:09 AM »
Actually some people (men presumably) do get a little over-excited about vacuum cleaners.  Despite having all the signs of urban mythology, A&E departments quite frequently encounter the aftermath of men's amorous encounters with vacuums: being "stuck", phallic lacerations, contusions & other trauma. 

Nurses are not held to the same Hippocratic constraints as other Medical professionals, and can therefore tell all.  The incidence is not as uncommon as one may suspect.  My wife has had at least 2 encounters with victims, and quite a few rather embarrassed, uncommunicative, red-faced "suspects" in her career.
General Friendly Chat / Re: Buying a SawStop
« Last post by mirock on Today at 01:58 AM »
If Festool have bought SawStop company, maybe it is ok.
Various Woodworking & Crafts Topics / Re: Drying wood
« Last post by aloysius on Today at 01:48 AM »
Sound like an ideal recipe for mouldy wood to me.  Excess heat & humidity will irreparably damage your timber.  Sealing the ends is always wise:  hardwood vessels are tubular, with sideways connecting rays.  Think of a bunch of drinking straws bound together.  Sealing the ends of the "straws" will even out the overall moisture loss along the planks' length whilst minimising end checking.

The surefire way to correctly season timber - in my opinion the ONLY way to do it reliably & safely - is airdrying in a low humidity environment.  If your accommodation (& your wife/family) will allow, then your planks need sticking & stacking under weight.  Sticks should be at about 300-450mm intervals, including & especially close to the ends between planks, & immediately perpendicular to each other vertically through the "stack".  The stack should have sealed ends, be elevated off the floor or ground (sticks will suffice for the former) & located in a dry, cool site with reasonable air circulation.

Some likely places are behind a sofa, under stairs, a spare room, under a carport (climate dependent) or in a shed or garage.  Allow 6-12 months per inch of thickness (humidity dependent) & check with a meter.

The stack should be straight sided, even with perpendicular rows of sticks.  I prefer to have one "straight" end as opposed to staggered ends of diminishing length.  The final "must do" is to weight the top of the stack well & evenly, centred around the rows of rack sticks.

If the stack is huge, & must be located in the weather the same rules apply, except that the ends of the stack must be weather protected from the wet/dry cycle, & sited to allow adequate cross ventilation THROUGH the stack.  It should be well elevated (CCA sleepers work well) to protect from rising damp & splash.  A water & windproof cover protects from whetting & warpage of the top layer/s.  Hope this helps.
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: New Hybrid Sander Shortage.
« Last post by yetihunter on Today at 01:18 AM »
@Untidy Shop

A recent search on Lea Valley produced the following message for both the Hybrid DTS and RTS version:,105,68343

"The manufacturer has indicated they are out of stock and unable to supply at this time. We apologize for any disappointment or inconvenience".

Having said that, the ETSC 125 appears to be the only one of the three that is in stock.

I purchased all three of mine in late December from Beaver Industrial Supply, in St. Louis, along with my LS 130.  They still have them in stock:

It appears the shortage is primarily outside the United States, at least at this point.

Beaver's website absolutely never reflects what they have in stock. 
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Festool your boring
« Last post by yetihunter on Today at 01:13 AM »
For a good laugh, everyone across the pond should take a look at what we pay for
SEBO  in the USA.  [cool]
Actually, Miele is just as bad.
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Festool your boring
« Last post by yetihunter on Today at 12:56 AM »
Does your pulse race faster over a new vacuum cleaner? 

Actually wife, not myself. She has this thing for Miele vacuums ❤️. We already have 2 of them and she now wants to purchase a third one.  [eek]  She always uses the excuse that because we have 2 dogs and 3 cats that shed a lot, we need a new vacuum to cope.  [crying]

It's ok, there's a fancy pants vac dealer down the block from my office.
I eat brush rollers up like they grow on trees, and thus, I will
spend a good hour a month, waxing poetic about Sebo and Miehle.
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: TSC 55 + Parallel Guide?
« Last post by Peter_C on Today at 12:51 AM »
The parallel guides attach to the rails. The saw will clear them at all but full depth cuts. At least with my Woodpeckers parallel guides I loose about 2mm of depth, using a corded TS55 REQ.
Will the new hose have a tendency to snag on a track or corner of the MFT? I’ll probably get one or two of the new smooth hoses, but I have a football field length of the old/ current hoses. Maybe not the much, but I have 12 hoses. Maybe I should sell a few unused 27mm hoses? 

It doesn't glide as smoothly as the stopgap product with the white sleeve that came out about two years ago.   However, it definitely meets the need of no snags while also being much lighter, less cumbersome, smaller (but not a miniature hose diameter) and infinitely more flexible.   You won't be tripping over yourself thanks to
memory on a rigid hose and you won't mess up a router cut because you're suddenly trapped with a snag. 

I'm willing to wager that we will hear something about NA availability on March 1st.
Maybe even earlier if anyone in the UPS 1 day ground zone wants to get in deep doo doo and pass around some catalogs early. 😄

Classifieds / Festool 498889 Empty Domino Tenon Systainer
« Last post by safety1st on Today at 12:28 AM »
i have this for sale:

$85 shipped CONUS. Paypal F&F.


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