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Festool Jigs & Tool Enhancements / Re: MFTC portable workshop
« Last post by Vondawg on Today at 08:08 AM »
Nice job...that will be a very functional work the wheels!
What is the purpose of the groove on top of the cutting area...a drop in top?
I'm guessing this is your design.  Well done.  I don't intend on using your print mainly because I don't have a 3d printer.  I do however want to do something simple to mount my fence.  I will either drill holes in dogs or just mount a strip to the back edge of my table and use some 6m bolts to fasten the fence.
Festool Tool Problems / Re: kapex accuracy/adjustment
« Last post by Peter Parfitt on Today at 06:40 AM »
Hi @Caly

Once upon a time mine was near perfect out of the box but I hit it with a 6' long 5" square oak post that I had propped up and then had to get it right again.

I did use the excellent US Supplemental Manual but I did not mess around with the 5 cut test. Instead I did real cuts and took my 12" engineer's square to them. For fine adjustments I had the screws slightly lose (nipped but no more) and then tapped the mitre arm slightly with the plastic handle of a Pozi 2 screwdriver - in other woods, gently for each tap.

The bevel adjustment was not quite so easy but I have found that it stays square and rarely needs adjustment.

It was all a little time consuming but I got there in the end. I do re-check it from time to time normally just before doing special projects (desks etc).

I do not mean this to be a blatant plug but I can cut perfect 90, 30, 60 and 45 degree (mitred) cross cuts that always beat my Kapex using my TS55 on the custom MFT3 top that I created with the Parf Guide System. What I can't do using that setup is a really accurate bevel cut as the TS55 bevel adjustment is not up to it.

Good luck with the adjustments.

Finishing and Painting / hvlp painting the right choice?
« Last post by EVS on Today at 05:37 AM »

I'm a DIV hobbyist and see a lot of painting in the near future. So i'm wondering if buying a HVLP system is a good idea..
 I want to paint mainly water based wood paints and wall latex (nice  to have).
 Thinks I need to paint are: stairs, door and window trims and maybe a kitchen.
I'm thinking of a Fuji mini-mite 5 with T75  with pressure pot. I think that is the most versatile solution. But that is a real lot of money. I can't  spend on something else.

So I like to hear from people if this is a sensible think to do?
- Is the T75 with pressure pot the better choice? Or T70 with 3M PPS a better solution?
- Is the over spray so low that is is possible to spray stairs in doors?
- I don't have room for a dedicate spray room. so outside or on the spot is the only alternative. Is that possible?

Hope you guys can give me some inside.

Corbin, I have tried secondary bevels, but prefer using just the primary bevel. Even if I did use secondary bevels, eventually, the primary bevel has to be reestablished.

Re the 10,000 grit  waterstones finish, I think the chisels and planes cut smoother going 8000 to 10,000 and they look pretty.

The jig stops only need to be fractions of a mm off to not match the LN factory angle.

Once the chisel or plane iron is ground/honed per my jig, only the high grit waterstones need to be used.
Festool Tool Problems / Re: kapex accuracy/adjustment
« Last post by Birdhunter on Today at 04:38 AM »
I also get a perfect 90 degree cut bracing the wood against the left fence and a non-90 degree cut using the right fence. Yet, when I put a straight edge across the left and right fences, they seem to be coplaner. I dont understand this anamaly!
I just had to buy that deal. I didn't even really need the stuff, but I miss my old Makita that died after near 10 years and I can see using that cordless palm router all the time.

I thought I had a 15% discount but it didn't go through, still 220.00 off those tools new is a steal and no tax either so that's near another 60.00 off.
Festool Tool Problems / Re: kapex accuracy/adjustment
« Last post by Kroban3 on Today at 01:07 AM »
Caly, I am throwing around some curse words as well.

In addition to a bevel problem which I believe is caused by the tables of the saws not being aligned, I'm having issues with the miter setting as well.

When I cut a 10"x10" piece of 3/4" ply on the left side of the blade I get a nice 90° cut.  Without making any adjustments to the saw I slide the piece to the right side and make another cut.  That cut is .3 degrees shy of 90°.

Im about ready to sell this thing and get the new Makita 12".
Ask Festool / Re: Recon Spam
« Last post by Dovetail65 on Today at 12:59 AM »
Well Cheese, maybe you should get me the next Domino then because  I just can't get one. I routinely click within 30 seconds of getting the emails and at least 5 or 6 times(for the Domino specifically) I have lost out. Slow DSL and a slow system provider  are a big part of it, combine that with Festool selling only one unit it's easy to see that most will lose out.

I'll get one sooner or later.

Classifieds / WTB T-Loc 3 and 2
« Last post by jsabados on Today at 12:58 AM »
Looking for a T-Loc 3 for an OF1010 with inserts and a T-Loc 2 for a DF500 Joiner with inserts.

Please PM me if you have one you can part with.  I'm in Tucson, AZ

Thanks - Jim
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