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Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: SawStop Dust Collection
« Last post by Birdhunter on Today at 06:23 AM »
Ta Da... I had a Festool Midi in the garage that I use to vacuum the cars. I moved it into the shop, slid it under the SawStop extended table, and hooked the hose into the overarm. Perfect fit.

I have the tiny Festool vac that I only use when out of the shop. That one can go into the garage for the cars.

This solution came to me about 2AM.

I'd love to find a way for the Midi to come on automatically when I start the saw. It is a 220V 3HP saw.
Festool Tool Problems / Re: Another Kapex Bites the dust. Again.
« Last post by glass1 on Today at 06:10 AM »
Blah....blah.....blah....  Let’s take a new poll how many of2200’s have burned out. It’s a power hog. How many that have burned out where run through a ct.  I bet the answer is virtually zero. How many of ct’s Have burned out when these kapex’s burned when plugged into them, albeit virtually zero. Festool is not admitting they care, if they admit to a problem it will cost them. Maybe they quietly addressed the issue in version 2. Y’all get my point, if it’s the bad USA power grid how can they design the rest of their tools not to burn out. I just find it odd that their ct’s, routers, and rotexes are robust ant the ts saws and kapex have just enough power. Again albeit these three saws burn out the most.
Other Tools & Accessories / Re: NEW TSO TPG-30 PARALLEL GUIDE
« Last post by simonh on Today at 04:48 AM »
I'm looking forward to seeing the final product in production.  Looks interesting.

We do rip 8’ sheets with a single arm, largest variation we’ve seen is 128th of an inch.

That's pretty impressive.  Looks like you've got a pretty good guide rail coupled with the TSO square. 

I read somewhere on FOG that Festool say that linearity tolerances for the 3m rails are 1.5mm... So 0.5mm per 1m is presumably their manufacturing tolerances. So, unfortunately not everyone is going to get perfect results depending on their individual rails. Likewise in setting up the MFT we have squares that are accurate to 0.0254mm (0.001" over there length) but if the rail is so slack on tolerances then a 4-cut square might not turn out perfect.

Festool Tool Problems / Re: Another Kapex Bites the dust. Again.
« Last post by Alex on Today at 02:16 AM »
Some folks have imported 220 tools from Europe and just put a US plug on them.

Also the difference for most products doesn't matter as they have universal power supplies in them.  Items like computers.  They take  50/60hz, 100-250VAC power.  So we use the same product as the rest of the world, it's just a different cord tossed in the box.  Festool could do the same if they wanted too.

That is not how it works with power tools. Key word here is universal power supply, and a power supply is a transformer, a big lumpy piece of neatly arranged copper wires. The transformer takes care of converting the input voltage to the lower voltage the connected device requires.

But power tools don't have a transformer built in. They use the full power of the grid directly connected to the motor. Any difference in voltage between a US and a European tool needs to be converted before it enters the tool, and that is why you need a separate step-up transformer if you want to use a 220v tool on a 110v circuit.

I am not so familiar with the US 220v split-phase system, but what I read says it always has to use 3 wires, two hot and a neutral that's connected to ground, and double insulated power tools only have 2 wires, so connecting one to 220v split-phase would totally be not up to code.
I have my eye on the TSM-12 as well for the same reasons mentioned by the OP. I'm about to embark on a full cabinet and island build for a 24'x24' kitchen followed by cabinets and vanities for 3 bathrooms. The Kreg pocket holes drive me nuts with their tendency to shift no matter how tightly they are clamped, plus the idea of drilling a few thousand pocket screws with a cordless drill has my elbows and wrists screaming in protest already.

I know the Castle is considerably more expensive than the Kreg Foreman but I really like that if a motor in the Castle fails, I can just run to the local Lowes and replace it, no need to wait on a replacement motor from Kreg. Based on that alone I think the Castle could be a life-long machine. At least that's how I'm justifying the cost difference  [cool]
Festool Tools & Accessories / 110v Kapex on generator
« Last post by neth27 on Today at 01:52 AM »
I know this has been asked before  [big grin]. I’m looking for a generator to power my 110v Kapex on a site with no power. Would this generator work?

I will be plugging my transformer into it then my Kapex. If this would work I would also try adding my midi extractor in between.

Thanks John..
Member Projects / Re: UJK Parf Guide System Storage Box
« Last post by Peter Parfitt on Today at 12:36 AM »
That is an amazing top.

The holes are designed to be quite tight in MDF and so I am not sure about your wood. You can use a little Vaseline in the holes that you use most for the dogs. After time they will ease a little as the wood dries further.


The problem with both Incra fences is that they cannot go -under- the Festool track without limiting the minimum thickness of the material to cut.  Having the fence going under the track is important for supporting the material when it is short.

I do realize this is an old thread . . .

I use the Incra Fence attached directly to the MFT/3 top, but installed a 3/16 inch aluminum flat bar under the Incra Fence that also sits proud of the front face of Incra Fence. The flat bar extends under the Festool Rail to within 5 mm of the kerf, providing support for material under the fence. The flat bar is the real fence, being aligned to bench dogs in the same way as shown in the OP's image. The Incra Fence only provides the repeatable positioning with the stop. I would like to integrate Incra positioning into an extrusion other than the Incra Fence, but I have not found a suitable solution.
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Router Bit Part #'s from LR32 Set
« Last post by tjbnwi on Today at 12:18 AM »
491066    491064

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