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I contact Axminster about the issue and they must have agreed that the ones pictured above are defective, because they promptly shipped out some replacement Parf sticks.

tallgrass, I don't have any gauge pins, but I believe that, based on my measurements, the holes themselves are within 0.02mm of 6.00mm -- it's just that they're not spaced exactly the same on both Parf sticks, so that that when the two sticks are on top of each other and registered at hole 0, the further you get from hole 0, the more out of alignment the holes get.
Festool Jigs & Tool Enhancements / Gauge Bars for Squaring MFT
« Last post by Ross Davis on Today at 04:33 PM »
All -

There are several versions of a triangular square used to square up an MFT.

As anyone ever offered a "Gauge Bar" which would be placed between the rear fence / guide rail and a couple bench dog.  Ideally, it would be machined in width for the guide rail setup and in height to match the rear fence.  Sorta like a long 1-2-3- block.

While a potentially a one-off tool, it could be machined on two faces to make it a rule as well.  Especially if the rule marks are deep enough to get a pencil in.

Possible source / thoughts?


Green vlies pads?
I've used a Scotchbrite pad for cleaning and re-waxing cutting boards and similar surfaces with the sander. It has worked well for me.
+1 on not using steel wool, on surfaces that may get wet, or high-tannin woods like oak.
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Vac System Bracket for MFT
« Last post by grbmds on Today at 02:56 PM »
It works great! Keeps the Vac Sys out of the way when not in use and it's always there when I need it. I have never had a problem with flexing.
Oh, I would not use wire wool on oak. If there is left some of the metal on the oak, there will be black spots on it.
I used Danish Oil a long time ago, now I have a better and much cheaper finish. But that is a different story.
The point of the jig is to rip down thin stock.  I’ve ripped as small as 1/8 of an inch. I don’t own a table saw because I’ve read about too many accidents. I’d prefer to keep my fingers. Milling pieces less then the width of the guide rail, doesn’t work well because the non-skid strips don’t contact the wood.  Think of this like a stop block, or table saw fence. You set your fence on the table saw, and mill thinner strips.  This does the same. If I need to mill something longer, like say 4 feet.  I use my bandsaw.  This obviously doensn’t leave an ideal cut quality, but I can usually run it through the planer to get the wood smooth. That’s a two step process however.  This jug works great. Yesterday I needed some strips, 1/2” wide, in lumber 1/8” thick. I stack four pieces on top of each other and milled away. All the strips came out great.
Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Just ordered a Hammer A331!
« Last post by ben_r_ on Today at 01:52 PM »
Thanks both!

Yes, going to get the Dust Right 650 CFM from Rockler


That would be a waste of money ... and potentially hazardous for your health. You need a system that will suck up the fine dust, which is <0.3 microns. Those bags simply spread it around the shop.

You also need to build a dust collector for the future machines. This is a minimum of 3 hp DC and 6" hoses. The Hammer uses 5" hoses, which requires surgery to convert them to 6". I will do this with mine (Hammer's A3-31, K3, and N4400), which currently use 5" hose.

Get the digital gauge. This is an essential piece of equipment.

Regards from Perth


Now that you mention it I would LOVE to add say a 4" dust port in the front of the N4400 under the table like the Felders have. That would be so nice!
Hello everyone,
We have oiled oak kitchen worktops, and every few months I have to prepare the surface for re-oiling; and the advice has always been to hand prepare with wire wool (fairly course grade).
But I am quite sure that my ETS150 could do the job - probably better and quicker than I do.
BUT - what sanding pad or paper should I use ? Normal sanding paper gets clogged almost immediately.
I don't go back to bare wood - just back to a smooth and clean surface that will take a fresh coat of Danish Oil.

What do you think ?

Best wishes for Christmas !

Quick follow-up in case anyone is wondering about Festool service...

I emailed Brad at Festool today to see if there was a way to check status.  He said "You're all set.  Sander was repaired and shipped back out on the 15th"  I didn't get a tracking number, but I expect it today or tomorrow (my guess).  It in IN and I live in AL.  So, not too far apart. 

I'll update when I have the sander in hand.

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