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Greg, Away from workshop presently so I will have a look when I get back. Presume the spindle is seated fully, maybe worth posting this problem on Felder Owners Group, lots of helpful well informed members there, similar to this forum. Good luck.
Ah, wow, I should have counted the dashes... (the 0 at the bottom would make one think the lowest dash is at 0mm).

I guess then I still don't understand exactly how to read the scale - the indicator is between the 5mm and 6mm dashes, so that means the setting is 6mm to the center of the bit?

Well you are partly correct, you should change your view point.
It only looks that way because you are looking down at the index. Look straight at it and you will see that it's on 6mm mark
Classifieds / Planex 225 EQ-Plus/SW
« Last post by Boewalls on Today at 10:56 AM »
Planex 225 EQ-Plus/SW Drywall sander  1100.00

     -Used for 1 small popcorn ceiling job. Worked great.
     -Comes with extra sanding disks

Local pickup in Orlando,FL. or buyer pays shipping

Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: DF500 0mm Height Gauge setting
« Last post by Birdhunter on Today at 10:49 AM »
With my 500's fence as low as it will go, the bottom of the fence is 6mm from the centerline of whatever bit is in the machine. The fence pointer is on the 6mm marking. I was surprised the marking is that accurate. I used a Starrett ruler to measure the gap.
I wrapped the nozzle on the hood with several wraps of electrical tape and use the 36mm hose.  Works like a champ and virtually free.
Other Tool Reviews / Re: Lie Nielsen Pilgrimage
« Last post by HarveyWildes on Today at 10:45 AM »
When you look at the buildings at  264 Stirling Road   Warren, ME 04864  which I presume  is the main manufacturing works, the  facility   looks very small.

They have a long, narrow building for manufacturing that stretches back from the front  It's hard to guess dimensions, but the building is maybe 50' wide by 250' deep.  There are also a few smaller rooms in other buildings where they do manufacturing.  So the outside appearance is deceptive, but my guess is that they are still space constrained when it comes to expanding their manufacturing.
Classifieds / CT 36 E AC Dust Extractor for sale
« Last post by Boewalls on Today at 10:42 AM »
CT 36 E AC Dust Extractor     915.00

     -with bluetooth control module
     -with AUTOclean blast gate

Local pickup in Orlando, FL. or buyer pays shipping
Workshops and Mobile Vehicle-Based Shops / Re: Barn makeover
« Last post by Mario Turcot on Today at 10:38 AM »
Beauty!  [big grin]
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Guide rail clamps
« Last post by Garry on Today at 10:06 AM »
I have the DeWalt clamps that Svar listed. They work great and are all I use when clamping rails to sheet goods.   The part that goes in to the track makes them just a bit to big to use in mft holes, but a bit of grinding and they would work. I haven’t done that yet but it’s on my list.
Other Tools & Accessories / Re: MFT-bord
« Last post by some1 like me on Today at 09:58 AM »
I would also cut into the mdf. It's replacable after all.
Deluxe version costs around 600€....
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