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Thank you for sharing your experience and for the pictures. I'd love to see a picture of the finish result on the facade  [big grin]

I have the Kapex for ~10 months and have read a lot about failures on the FOG. Because of that I take extra care of the saw, i plunge the blade gently, push it slowly and steady, and most importantly wait for it to stop before releasing the unit. I do a monthly maintenance keeping it clean, especially the top vent. I even thought of a deflector to prevent the dust to get into the head. Perhaps a 3D printing project  [wink]

I use the saw weekly, making about 20-30 cuts per. The blade is still sharp as it was when unboxing. That being said I am glad the saw work like day one.  [smile]
Cold enough for Glühwein already in your part of G? We had the first frost last night, about -2 C° and I had to de-ice the car this morning for the first time...

Had my first Glühwein on the last weekend of November. [emoji41]
Unplanned, but we were at an old monastery where they were already pouring out cups. [emoji39](and it was cold enough)

It’s been freezing here for the last two weeks, roughly. At least enough for de-icing in the mornings.

What is worse is that it get’s harder to keep the shop warm and there are still so many projects to finish.... [emoji51][emoji33]
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: festool connector set screws
« Last post by Gregor on Today at 09:31 AM »
My initial question was if he might possibly inquire about the domino connectors...

In case we're talking about FS rail connectors: dump/sell the festool ones and get the makita ones (works way better for about the same price).
The Kapex is a terrific saw and it's portability on the UG stand as well as the miter adjustment you mentioned are unique features and quite valuable.  But we Kapex owners also now understand that along with those features we own a saw that has a propensity to let out the smoke without any prior warning.  As you observe we are not in a position to understand the odds of this failure, but the ongoing drumbeat of regular anecdotal failure reports along with Festool's deafening silence after several years of these reports have fueled the paranoia of Kapex owners.  After spending many times the cost of competitive SCMS being left in this position does not build owner enthusiasm!
Sales & Dealer Area / 25% OFF All Tool Nut Brand Screws (US)
« Last post by Shane Holland on Today at 09:23 AM »
Use coupon code SCREWG  [cool] to get 25% off on all Tool Nut brand screws through the end of the month. Free shipping on 6 or more boxes.

Shop Screws

Nice picture within a picture  [wink]

I can report similar from Germany: impact and angle grinder (both cordless) have been mentioned by staff to be coming early 2019.
This is what happens when you forget to check the cutter size... ;)
I also did that (but not that nicely centered as you managed) by forgetting to change the fence height.
Have to admit: your invention is more pleasing to the eye.
Member Projects / Re: Built in desk need input
« Last post by Gregor on Today at 08:47 AM »
Build your base using one or two muffin fans to pull in cooler air from the toekick area and vent it through screened doors.   [smile]
From my experience I would suggest to pull fresh air from as high as possible instead of the toekick area, way less dust up there...

Also it's better to funnel the exhaust air from the PC (flexible hose, can easily be connected with some magnets to the case around the exhaust port) away instead of using fans to deliver 'fresh' air - each fan adds noise.
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: mft rail wear and never square
« Last post by Gregor on Today at 08:43 AM »
what tool doesn't require attention regularly to keep it working well?
You have a point.
@eet also has one with Festool not delivering the slop stop with the MFT (for unknown reasons, should be pocket money to them to either buy the design or some metric tons of them at a fraction of the retail price) leads to the MFT/3 rail require attention constantly to keep square.

Which is a quite poor result given the amount of money they ask for a MFT/3, IMHO.
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