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Ask Festool / Re: Sanding Disc Sets
« Last post by Shane Holland on Today at 08:18 PM »
I can confirm that Festool does not make abrasives kits/sets. The dealers must be making these themselves. There's no discount on pricing versus just buying the 10-packs yourself and the corresponding Systainer.
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: LR32 Advice
« Last post by Bigdaddy65 on Today at 08:02 PM »
New option. Buy the kit from Amazon UK. I paid 340 shipped, took about 3 weeks.
There ya go! THATS the way to do it! Ive done that with quite a few of my Festool accessories! Saves a ton of money!
Exchange rate went up its about 360 now.
I have one sitting on a Midi.  I had to trim the attachment fingers a little and keep in place with a ratchet strap.  Works great, haven't cleaned my filter since I put it on 5-6 years ago.
Member Projects / Re: Swing Boom Arm
« Last post by Vondawg on Today at 07:53 PM »
Is this just for power (no mention of vac hose) or do you strap the  hose underneath ?
Is it compatible with the midi (2017 version)?
Thanks. Elaire Corp has those 8mm collets for Bosch.
I was down at my local S&W store, they were raving about the new Emerald Urethane paint for trim and cabinets.  Might be worth consideration but it's $90/ Gallon.
Is KA+ now available via regular SW stores?  Been wanting to try it out after all the hubbub here.  Advance cure time is too long, and Target's stuff has to ship...
Member Projects / Re: Swing Boom Arm
« Last post by ChuckM on Today at 06:38 PM »
Did I spot a surveillance camera there?! (I have a wireless motion-detect camera in the garage hooked up to my cellphone so I can leave my shop door open, if desired.)

What is that 20amp wall outlet intended for?

And are you plugging the auto switch into the same circuit outlets? It appears so in the photo.
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