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I have experienced "slipping" also.  It occurred when I had them at both ends of a rail that was clamped across a sheet of plywood with the handles pointing straight down..  They appeared tight to me at first however by the end of the cut I would find the they had slipped to the full open position.

It turned out that it was my technique and not the clamps.  I changed my technique to be certain the clamps were closed as securely as they could be before turning the tightening handles,  Problem went away and never returned.  I never had this happen before with years of using similar type Bessey screw clamps, so I was surprised that I had to re-learn how to tighten such a simple style clamp.
Festool Tool Reviews / Re: RAP 150 versus Milwaukee 5540
« Last post by leakyroof on Today at 08:35 AM »
I use Festool Pads, but Meguiars and Griots Garage polishes and waxes.
The problem I have with Festool compounds is that I want assurances they’ll be offered year after year and not discontinued after a short time.
I don’t knock Festool or other people/ company who don’t actually make the chemicals for selling as rebranded under their own name, just don’t be surprised if end users have to stick with suppliers or manufacturers for continuity .

I hear ya...within the last couple of years Festool has turned their offerings of compounds upside down. Not good for business. It confuses the masses...or at least me.  [tongue]

Any suggestions for waxes for a black car?
  I don't know what the current hot pick is for Black Cars, but years ago I and others used Zymol Carbon Wax for Solid Black Paint Cars and Clear Coated  Black Paint cars.  Paste wax, not that easy to apply either.
Perhaps you would be so kind as to clarify what you are experiencing so that our devoted members can offer even more advice:

1.  Are you experiencing the clamp opening up to its widest setting once you release pressure?

2.  When clamping is the clamp creeping while turning the handle and then you run out of play and it still isn’t tight?

3.  After you have everything is clamped up and you are happy do your u come back later to a loosened clamp?

Finishing and Painting / Re: Paint Spraying Starting Points
« Last post by Sparktrician on Today at 08:02 AM »
Great start!!!  Now, if we could just get @tjbnwi, @JCLP, and a few others with considerable expertise to compile their experiences in a similar table with appropriate notes and suggestions, we'd really be off to a good start.  I, for one, truly admire their expertise and wish it could be more available as I start into the world of HVLP. 
Member Projects / Re: file cabinets, desk and table
« Last post by RDMuller on Today at 07:57 AM »
Nice!  Thanks for sharing.
Finishing and Painting / Re: Paint Spraying Starting Points
« Last post by Mario Turcot on Today at 07:45 AM »
@PaulH99 Thanks for the initiative  [cool]

Last week I asked my first question about finishing. I mentioned I was not yet ready for HVLP or any spray painting. On the weekend  I asked one of my good friend "Youtube" to show me some videos to help understand. I first found video from Easwood Company. Of course they try to sell their products, but that particular video was really informative to me. From that viseo I learned some techniques and that you can use bottom feed and gravity feed spray gun. If I was to order a spray gun before viewing those videos I would have no clue what the difference is and what to look for.
Member Projects / Re: file cabinets, desk and table
« Last post by Mario Turcot on Today at 07:27 AM »
Beautiful, I like those desk and the tables are simple and awesome. Thanks for sharing and also for the details  [big grin]

try using a hard wire brush on the clamps, before you give up on them. ;)

And make sure these are seated and tightened correctly. If they still won't work properly, ask Festool for a replacement.

You might want to check out this thread:

Kind regards,
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: 1400w router
« Last post by Doug S on Today at 07:00 AM »
Hi John,

I have the 240v OF 1400 router, I have done a few mitred worktops with it. It will do them but if you are a kitchen fitter doing them all the time you probably want something bigger.

The solid wood worktops I have used have all been square edged so I just cut them with tracksaw and butt them together.

Just to add to the pile  [big grin]

You will be able to do dados and rabbets up to 300mm (~12") with the Kapex 120 a bit less with the Kapex 60

If you want a flush bottom use a triple chip grind like the MD260-648 (TCG configuration)
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