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Festool Tool Reviews / CT-26 upgrade and Bluetooth
« Last post by David Stanton on Today at 03:01 PM »
Although we received these machines a little later than most countries, I still think my review may have one or two things to offer. Please have a look and let me know.
Hand Tools / Re: Plane Iron Sharpening
« Last post by ChuckM on Today at 02:38 PM »
You're not missing anything IMHO, in my honest opinion. 

I might suggest using a higher angle frog for difficult grain.

David Charlesworth's ruler trick is not to address the issues of difficult grain as his method is not intended to result in a back-beveled iron.

Here is how David explains about his trick:

In answer to Birdhunter's question: any "beveled" back can be restored and the amount of restoration work depends on the back bevel angle. The ruler trick will produce a very slight back bevel as compared to the one in a back-beveled blade.
Hand Tools / Re: Plane Iron Sharpening
« Last post by jacko9 on Today at 02:25 PM »
I've never back beveled my plain irons (don't see any  reason why I would).  I use a Nubatama xxhard 1K grit water stone to flatten the back of my chisels and plane irons.  The stone is formulated for this application and it stays flat for a long time.  I use Japanese steel with a very high RcH hardness forged to softer iron for overall strength on some of my planes.  Others with softer tool steels I use a hand crank low speed grinder to form a hollow ground profile on my tools which I touch up the front and back tips of the concave profile with a high grit water stone.
Sales & Dealer Area / Re: Woodpecker Quality and price???
« Last post by rvieceli on Today at 02:24 PM »
@Cheese those are Starrett Master Precision Squares. Add an extra zero to right of the decimal point before the one. So that’s within 0.0001”
bump- price lowered!
Sales & Dealer Area / Re: Woodpecker Quality and price???
« Last post by Joe Felchlin on Today at 02:17 PM »
As a Hobbyist woodworker I understand that my needs/usage are very different from those of Tradesmen -
Who use their tools every day - In the field - Subject to much greater levels of wear and tear.
Having said that - I have bought/own/use many Woodpeckers' products - And before that, many Pinnacle products (bought at Woodcraft) - Over two decades of woodworking.
Like Festool products - They are PREMIUM PRICED. Unlike my Festool products -
I have never had a Woodpeckers/Pinnacle product fail or need servicing. Ever. Every one of them is still in use.
They are extremely well made - Precise and exacting - A pleasure to work with.

Agreed. To be sure, the One Time Tools sale's model is both aggravating and cumbersome to work with.
But, I understand that the concept here - Is that these OTT offerings have a limited market (demand) -
And are offered on a "we'll make the number we can sell; and no more" - A limited supply to meet a limited demand.
Storing unsold inventory is a tremendous expense for a company - And can only be dedicated to products that are in regular, ongoing demand. That's a simple reality for any business.
In that sense - The OTT products - That wouldn't normally even be made or available - Are there to be had - Albeit for a limited time - To those that DO want them.
As for my experience with Woodpeckers' customer responsiveness -
The one time I needed to call Woodpeckers regarding a OTT (delivery was late a few days) - They answered on the first ring.
Apologies were extended to me. My OTT was delivered - Overnight.
Disclaimer: I do not work for, or am compensated by, any tool company, including Woodpeckers, Festool, or Woodcraft.

As well, let me say that I highly value the multitude of divergent opinions offered on the FOG about products.
Experiences detailing product failures - Or poor service by vendors - Is extremely helpful.
It regularly helps me discern which brands/products to buy - Or not.
Unappreciated and unhelpful - Are personal attacks on tool vendors and FOG members -
That disagree with a vendor's product offering - Or a member's opinion given.
They may serve a personal need to "vent" - But they offer nothing of value to the FOG community.
Seth and Peter must "grit their teeth" as they see 'em.[unsure]

Lastly Onevw -
I do have an MBA - And 28 years in managing at entry thru senior management levels - At a major consumer products company.
I’ve also taught post graduate MBA courses in Market Research and Consumer Product Development.
During my tenure - We were extraordinarily successful because our mantra was:
We made - And sold - The highest quality products - That our customers would buy.
When I joined the company we had 352 employees in the NE U.S.
When I retired we had 183,000+ employees in multiple international markets.
Us “MBA’s” must have been doing something right. [smile]

Sales & Dealer Area / Re: Woodpecker Quality and price???
« Last post by jacko9 on Today at 02:05 PM »
The OTT thing is rather hokey but I just accept is what it is. Some of the OTT offerings are definitely worth the wait. The 26" and 18" framing squares, the bevel gauge & reference plate, the corner radius jigs, the stainless Paolini pocket rule, the saddle T-squares and the stainless carpenters square to name a few.

Two interesting OTT notes:

The 26" & 18" framing squares are no longer OTT, they are now regularly available production items. They listened. [big grin]

I have the Sea

The original Paolini rule was made from 1/8" thick aluminum which placed the scale too far above the surface of the board for accurate marking. The 2nd iteration was made with .050" thick stainless which made for much more accurate marking. They listened again. [big grin] [big grin]

There's been some discussion about how expensive the Woodpeckers tools are. One discussion that I remember was on the framing squares.
The Woodpeckers 18" x 12" square is $159. The Starrett 12" x 7" square is $703.
The Woodpeckers 26" x 16" square is $229. The Starrett 24" x 12" square is $1800.
That's some pretty solid bang for the buck.

Need a larger square than 26" x 16", Starrett offers a 36" x 20" square for only $4495.

I have the Starrett 12" x 7" and it is a thing of beauty.  I use it to check my other operating squares around the shop (kinda my reference along with my Starrett 1M straight edge)  I do own and yes the Woodpecker 12" x 18" and 16" x 26" framing squares - they are great!
HI. I've tried contacting the member with the plug its and have not heard back from him....
I ended up having to order one from Amazon France, as they were the only place I could find that would ship to NA....and then after all that it shipped from anyway if you have to order it, this will hopefully save you some time...I think shipped it was about 35 euros.
Hello, I'm looking for one of these for my Mafell MT55cc....   Anyone???  [big grin]
Believe there is still a couple listed in the Classified section.
Hand Tools / Re: Plane Iron Sharpening
« Last post by GoingMyWay on Today at 01:42 PM »
I know very little about this, only from what I've watched on YouTube and researched online.  I have also employed the "ruler trick" on my Woodriver 4 1/2, 5 1/2, and 7 planes.

Why wouldn't the process would be reversible just by re-flattening the back through the various grits of stones?  Wouldn't it be very similar to how you'd prepare a brand new chisel by flattening its back before its first use.  Maybe the more important question is what's not to like about the back bevel?  Is there some downside that I'm not aware of?
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