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A bunch of stuff still available!
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Rotex vs ETS vs ETS EC
« Last post by Sometimewoodworker on Today at 11:21 AM »
Having used and owned every Festool sander except for the Planex, for your work I’d recommend the ETS EC 125 and then purchase a 150 mm pad and use that for your larger items. 

The Rotex will sand the quickest but it certainly isn’t “fun” to use. After using the Rotex you’ll still hate sanding.  [smile]

Having a Rotex 150 myself I find it fun to use, if I wanted to as Tomsim has said "cleaning glueups etc" then while the ETS is a nice sander it almost certainly isn't much if any more aggressive than the Bosch GEX 150 AC  so would probably not be a good choice. The Rotex is from the information he posted the better one to try as it can do everything the ETS can do and quite a lot more and can certainly smooth rough surfaces much faster than the ETS.

I have gone from a rough sawn board to a beautiful glass smooth surface with the Rotex without difficulty, something I would never try with my ETS.
Member Projects / Re: Sys roll DIY
« Last post by fyme on Today at 11:18 AM »
Thanks :)

Yes, I like white plywood :)

Plywood is production waste so it was not too expensive :)
Festool Tool Problems / Re: New Dust Extractor Ends
« Last post by jonathan-m on Today at 11:17 AM »
I cannot express in words how much I hate the new hose ends and tool connections.
One thing is for sure, I will die before I buy a tool with that connection.

Love the smooth hoses, but absolutely hate the connectors.
Ask Festool / Re: Moving to Germany
« Last post by grobkuschelig on Today at 11:17 AM »
I can’t commend on the power supply topics, but welcome to Germany. ;)

Festool have a couple of “partner-workshops” with whom they work.
You can find them here:

The closest is roughly two hours from Landshut.

In addition, there are a lot of independent carpenters that offer courses, so you should be able to find something of use.
English might be an issue, but I assume your German is already up to speed from reading all the Festool manuals! [emoji51]
Ron Paulk reviewed the Decked system and showed what I believe are Sys 2s inside: .  He had 3 inside, but he believed 5 could fit.
I have a decked system in my Sierra, I do have a systainer  in there with tie downs etc, I’ll see which size it is and post back here. I can also check the max height when I get back to work where my festool are...
Member Projects / Re: Kitchen Makeover
« Last post by grobkuschelig on Today at 11:07 AM »
Really great build! And beautifully finished!

Thanks for sharing. :)
Member Projects / Re: Sys roll DIY
« Last post by grobkuschelig on Today at 11:05 AM »
Great build!

You seems to like white plywood a lot. :)
It was always quite expensive, when I checked. Did you just buy a lot, or do you have a special connection?
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: MFT Options
« Last post by earcaesar1 on Today at 11:05 AM »
I went through this dilemma last year as I have a smaller shop as well where things need to be stored to make space for other operations.  Another inexpensive option to consider for breaking down full sheets without an overhang on your materials is a centipede XL with a rigid foam sheet on top.  Make sure to get the anti-skid pads as well for the centipede.  It sets up to a 4’ x 8’ footprint in 10 seconds and collapses into about a 9”x12” footprint.   I mate it with a sheet 1-½” rigid foam which I cut into 4 - 24” x 48” pieces and then used strapping tape to create an alternating bi-fold hinge so the whole thing stores at 6” x 24” x 48” when not in use but then is a full sheet when extended on top of the centipede.   I have bad knees so cutting on a foam sheet on the floor is uncomfortable for me and this gets it up to a reasonable height.  If you need to take it in the field the whole assembly weighs less than 15 lbs I would guess.
Do you have any pictures of your setup.

I've seen that table that you are talking about.

I got the mft basic ordered but I was looking at getting either saw horses

Or using this,43455&p=76830
and mounting it centered on the mft

Downside to putting it on the mft is I would have to remove it from each time I cut something if I wasn't fully done ripping.

I think maybe your idea or something like the saw horse would be a better idea.
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