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Was given a set of small Japanese carving chisels for a 6th-8th birthday gift together with a few blocks of Huon & King Billy to use 'em on.

Started carving a variety of boats & ships:  a galleon, MTB, Royal Marines landing craft etc.

I can also remember about that time unsuccessfully (it never flew) attempting to assemble a box kite from Balsa too.
Same here.  It was a bit of a weird one, too.  It was truly "superfast" - a genuine 15 minutes, & had a second port for "other manufacturers' batteries".  My Bobbie Bosch GSR 12 batteries fitted the second port, but all it managed to do was kill 'em stone dead!  Ouch!

That other 10.8v charger shown won't do the job at all.  Wrong voltage, wrong chemistry.  You could do worse than ask around for another old redundant MC15 in the classifieds perhaps?
My dad had a disc sander we used to sharpen survey stakes into dangerously pointed swords.   Later I sculpted a tougher Conan sword on that disc from a length of hardwood and carved a recess for a decorative inlay using some carving tools I'd received as a gift.  I remember expressing an interest in carving and maybe carving some soap, but aside from slicing the artery in my thumb open and carving that hole on different occasions I don't remember using them until adulthood.   The inlay was a metal skull with jeweled eyes I had bought at Disneyland as a keychain - the loop had broken off and I repurposed it by pressing it into the hole with modeling clay for a thoroughly awesome effect.

Other than that, I sucked at woodworking for a long time thereafter.
Festool Tool Reviews / Re: Praise for the HK Saws
« Last post by Cheese on Yesterday at 11:40 PM »
Nice stuff @gunnyr.........just curious the type of wood you’re using.
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Two saws using the same rail
« Last post by Cheese on Yesterday at 11:33 PM »
Ya, just take your time and be patient with the adjusting. My TS & TSC, out of the box were within .5 mm of each other while the HKC was almost 2 mm out. However, they can all be adjusted in.  [big grin]
General Friendly Chat / Re: What was your first woodworking experience?
« Last post by Don T on Yesterday at 11:26 PM »
My dad was a big do it yourself guy. We lived in a 200+ year old house and he was always remodeling something. I started making wooden plaques for decoupage when I 11 or 12.  I would go to the lumber yard and dig scraps out of the cutoff bin. Then cut those scraps in different shapes and route the edge then sold them to the neighbor who took them to her class and sold them. I’ve been a hobby woodworker ever since.
Ask Festool / Re: Reconditioned Outlet Domino Availability ????????????
« Last post by SoonerFan on Yesterday at 10:23 PM »
THANKS GoingMyWay and RKA for the suggestions.  I'll be checking out the "Check4Change Firefox Addon".

I'll make a Domino score in the near future--I'm hoping!

Thanks again,

Good luck on the hunt for a DF500.  I have one and while it’s not used on every project, when needed it is absolutely terrific.
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Two saws using the same rail
« Last post by Peter_C on Yesterday at 10:11 PM »
202096 is the part number. Make sure you clock the saw adapter properly.

Thanks again Tom :)

I should have known they are the same part. Already upgraded my TS-55. It will make storing the TS-75 mounted in the module easier as I can support the back of it in a bin, but only with the dust port removed. The router module stores in the bin pretty well too.
Festool Tools & Accessories / ETS EC 150 with 496145 pad?
« Last post by jasen on Yesterday at 10:08 PM »
Hi Guys

Anyone know if this pad will fit the above pad?

Does the ETS and ETS EC share the same kind of pads?

Can get a brand new one cheap and could be handy . I dont own a Rotex 150 (yet). Enjoying the ETS/EC too much

Festool Tool Reviews / Re: Praise for the HK Saws
« Last post by SoonerFan on Yesterday at 09:58 PM »
@gunnyr that is some terrific work you did.  Thanks for sharing the photo.
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