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Finishing and Painting / Re: Help on Spraying BM Advance
« Last post by JBag09 on Today at 06:59 PM »
  I’ve also read a lot of your posts and issues with BM paints. Like posted above, I’d try something else too. Are you able to get Kem Aqua plus in your area? I’ve only recently gotten into spraying and only use an Earlex 5500, had to mess around with the needles a bit to find the correct one. But KA+ is a dream to work with. If your able to get ahold of some, check it out.

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what were the terms of sale?  where did title pass?
Who hired the shipping company? If you did, it would be your responsibility to work things out with the shipping company.
If SCM hired the shipping company, it is their responsibility to solve the problem. 
Finishing and Painting / Re: Help on Spraying BM Advance
« Last post by JCLP on Today at 06:43 PM »
Hi John. You may be right. Time to scrap BM. I'm assuming you sprayed Pro Classic. As there are 2 versions, which one would you recommend for cabinets?

Posting in a couple forums for input.

I recently received a Jointer/Planer and Bandsaw from SCM Group; Sam was the sales person.
When I unpackaged the J/P I found it in a terrible state; laying on its side with a lot of damage. I actually can’t even upright it to moveit as it weighs ~1500lbs.
SCM told me to work it out with the shipping company and has not made an attempt to replace the unit.
Sam, the sales person, told me they could be a “cheerleader” while I worked to file a claim with the shipping company and when I expressed that was not acceptable he threatened to hang up on me and said he would look at this later. Earlier when ordering Sam assured me they would take care of any shipping issues should they arise.

I have repeatedly asked SCM group that I wanted to hear they would make this right. I asked for a replacement unit and provided photos for their claim.

They repeatedly responded that I needed to work it out with the shipping company and have made no offer to make this right otherwise. I have since asked for my money back and for them to schedule pick up of the inoperable unit.. so far no response.

Giuseppe Riva the CEO was copied on emails with no immediate response.

The purchase was ~$9K.

Finishing and Painting / Re: Help on Spraying BM Advance
« Last post by bnaboatbuilder on Today at 06:21 PM »
I've read your ordeal over the past months. I can't help specific to spraying Benjamin Moore.

I have had complete success spraying Sherwin Williams and Behr paints. So I stick with them.

Just find another paint, another brand. Colors can be matched across brands. I just would never go to this extent. Scrap BM at this stage in the game. Start fresh with something else.
Thanks cheese. The more I think about it, the more I think the 6” could be the better choice.

I have one of the Kreg tools mentioned in previous posts. In my opinion it is a great rule, but does have some shortcomings. I’m sure this OTT has its own too. I wish the Woodpeckers rule was imperial on one side and metric on the other. Similar to the Kreg. It could be very useful for working in imperial and setting up my metric Festool tools such as the OF 1400 depth.
Finishing and Painting / Re: Help on Spraying BM Advance
« Last post by JCLP on Today at 05:51 PM »
Hi everyone. The pest is back.
Here is what I'm getting spraying BM Advance, colour Stone Harbor, Pearl Sheen

Sprayed with Fuji Q5, T70 gun, 1.3 needle and cap, 10% thinning with water, power on Q5 at approx 90%. Applied between 4-5 wet mils. This is after 24 hours of drying. 72 degrees, 30% humidity. Using PPS cup. I get this no matter what I do.

Stressed beyond belief,
6" is used 99% of the time.  But for me I'm usually using the tool to mark offsets <2".  The issue with the larger ones is you have very little registration on the reference edge, so if you need to slide the ruler along the edge and you're 12" out, you'll want something like a combination square.  And frankly, the 12" rule is no longer pocket-able anyway, so again, the combi square wins for me.  The multimark is good too, a little thicker which can be good or bad depending.  The blade can be oriented at 90 and inline with the body as well, which opens up a few more options and gives you the added registration on your reference edge if you require it. And it has a handy little bubble level for those not too critical tasks around the house. And lastly, with the Kreg, it has one large knob to lock the blade, the WP rule has two little knurled knobs which is a little less convenient. 
So, for those of you who have one, what size would you prefer? I’m going to order one, only one, and am not sure which one I want. I see the usefulness of the 12”, but also see the 6” being handy. However I bought one of the delve squares the last time they were released and could see how the 6” could be a bit “repetitive”. Definitely going stainless though due to the metal thickness.

I had the original 6" aluminum model...hated it...too thick...never used it...sold it. [big grin] [big grin]

I then purchased the imperial 6" stainless version and enjoy using it. I enjoyed using it so much, on the next go-around I purchased the metric 6" version and use that one a lot also. I still enjoy using my Starrett 6" & 12" flex rules more but for some applications the Paolini works better.
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