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Thanks for te link. I took a cabinet doors ad drawer class from Greg and just signed up for his archetechural door class in June.

Ill watch these videos when I have the time to relax and enjoy them.
Festool Jigs & Tool Enhancements / Re: Rotex Jig
« Last post by neilc on Today at 10:23 PM »
I haven't done it but I think if I were I'd use the handle hole with a metric bolt to secure the tool to a base and use that for holding the tool and build a 'table' against the disc.

Should be easy to design and build.
This is a nice series! 
Give the TSC 55 a test drive. It’s pretty sweet. I own both the TS & TSC and the cordless version has more power.  I am pretty disappointed with the TS. The TSC makes me smile.

The 75 is a great saw but it’s big and heavy, kind of like using that 8 1/4” worm gear saw. Lots of power...lots of weight.
@JimmyB1775 - finding someone who can produce this material is the easy part - coming up with a purchase quantity that makes it affordable will be the problem. If it's purely decorative, you may want to consider spray painting an automotive color matched coating or have a commercial shop do it for you.

Curious what your application is and how many sheets you need?

No idea and no idea.  I’ll figure it out when I make my next top to something.  And Hans, I’m a fes distributor in AK.  Send us a rail square sample!
How did you determine the value of #4DFF19?

Festools CMYK codes crossed over to that.   Idk man
I have heard so many good things about Greg Paolini’s class...

I signed up for his cabinetry and door & drawers class in July.  I can’t wait!

The cordless 55 is an awesome machine and I really like it - I also have the 75 - so best of both worlds. The 55 is light and nimble and plenty of power for cuts in thick hardwood. Plywood is a breeze. I have 2 sets of batteries so never without power. It is my go-to saw when I do not need the depth of the 75. I highly recommend it.
Finishing and Painting / Re: Temporary Spray Booth
« Last post by duburban on Today at 08:45 PM »
How many CFM is adequate for these DIY booth options? So far iv'e been using 2-4 box fans with no ducting, not great in the bigger space I setup recently. Thinking about some dedicated air moving technology for this.

Depends on booth size and configuration. Target air movement is 1 MPH.


If you don’t have an anemometer and want to do the old feather drop test 1 MPH equals about 1.5 feet per second.
I’d more easily find a meter than a feather

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Member Projects / Re: [Project 21] Solid Walnut Front Entry Table
« Last post by travisj on Today at 08:36 PM »
Beautiful work!

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