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Ya if it’s something new, let Festool sort out the issues.  [big grin]

If you’re looking at a tracksaw, consider the TSC 55 over the TS 55.
Festool How To... / Re: Track Saw Setup
« Last post by DeformedTree on Today at 12:29 AM »
Indeed, MFT/3 is a great table/work bench, it's all about the clamping.  If I had space and a flat floor I'd have a bunch of them set up.

While not cheap, as others learn, you can't make "the same thing" for the price.  While it's overpriced for what it is, alternatives are going to take a lot of work to make, be heavier, and cost as much or more since your not a manufacturing plant. 

Just a basic folding table starts getting you towards the price of a MFT, but the MFT starts the right hight, has all the clamping option and as was mentioned, you can sell them.
Festool How To... / Re: Cross cutting sheet goods to specific length?
« Last post by box185 on Today at 12:07 AM »
With some 8020, mdf, tnuts and knobs you can make extention arms for the mft. Four arms will allow you to easily cut down full sheets.

Like these?

(Attachment Link)

(Attachment Link)

(Attachment Link)


Richard - Thank you for posting these images.

I like your approach to solving this problem.

Festool How To... / Re: Cross cutting sheet goods to specific length?
« Last post by TSO Products on Yesterday at 11:02 PM »
Im looking for an alternative method for cross cutting plywood.  I currently use a panel saw (which sorta sucks) with a measuring/stop set up but honestly the thing is really difficult to keep square and I'm tired of constantly picking up and moving 4x8 sheets.  I have the Rip Dogs parallel guides attached to my 108" track for ripping  and was wondering if the MFT was the answer or should I get more guides for my short rail?   Looks like a 96" long pc of plywood would be hard to cut to 34 1/2" on 1 MFT without additional support.   I can purchase more guides for $100 vs $900 for the MFT so cost is also a consideration.  Thanks everyone in advance.   

@Jeff2413  - how about a picture of the 108 inch track set-up set up you are currently using?
I gave it a shot trying to get under the strip. Didn't do a perfect job but had some success. I would guess that the problem is that the brush that applied the glue to stick the strip to the metal had an overlap of about a centimeter which had the effect of twice the amount of glue at that spot. Couldn't get it to look like I would expect to be.

I guess I will notify Festool Canada here in Ottawa and see if they will replace it for me. I was really looking forward to the great engineering I am expecting from Festool. From what I can tell or judge so far the extra cost for the tools is well worth it.

Have a Kapex, Carvex 420, C18, ct26, MFT Kapex, MFT/3 and Vecturo and maybe the cordless plunge saw soon.
Intend to learn how to build cabinets for kitchen, other wood furniture for the house and eventually furniture that is good enough to get commissions for or give as gifts. Will be retiring in a few years and am starting to get set up now.

Thanks for your replies and support. Looks like a great place to hang out and get inspiration and motivation from.
Yogi Steve
Festool How To... / Re: Track Saw Setup
« Last post by TSO Products on Yesterday at 10:19 PM »
I've been a track saw user for close to 20 years. I'm a serious hobbyist. I currently have a Makita cordless and really like it. I have a question about track saw setups.

I have parallel edge guides and a Eurekazone UEG (universal edge guide) for accurately ripping sheet stock. I recently bought a TSO GRS-16 PE for making square crosscuts. I've been on the fence about purchasing an MFT/3, but, at times think what will it do that my current setup won't?

Appreciate feedback from others.

(I also have TS, BS, DP, jointer, planer, SCMS ...)


Mike - the core of the MFT is the 20mm hole pattern - that alone can have huge benefits with your woodworking.While you can make your own 20mm worktop with a Parf Guide System, the MFT is instantaneous arriving ready to go and folds up to make room when needed. If you decide it's not the right solution for you after some time of using it, there is always a ready market for a used MFT.

You can't lose!

PS: I hope you're on our subscriber list for TSO INSIDER becausse we have a number of very affordable accessories coming out extending the usefulness of any MFT/3 or just plain 20mm worktop
Classifieds / Bridge City Tool Works Chopstick Master Brand New
« Last post by robf30 on Yesterday at 10:16 PM »
Offering for sale a Brand New Bridge City Tool Works Chopstick Master V2 . Purchased over the summer and have never gotten around to opening it up. Time to find a new home for this Bridge City Tool . Currently out of stock at Bridge City priced at $285 . Offering to FOG members for $275 with free shipping in USA .
@YogiSteve - as a Festool customer and user myself, my suggestion would be to request a replacement. I don't think you'll be disappointed. You are entitled to experience the generally excellent service response.
Don't wait - enjoy your new tools and make more use of the FOG including posting about what you  aim to do with your tools.'

The FOG: the hidden bonus that comes with using FESTOOL
WELCOME to this forum!

 [welcome] To the FOG...

A photo would help, however if you can feel the aberration, it probably exists.

I’d try to lift the affected area slightly and probe gently underneath to find out what lies below. It’s probably something small that you can remove with a tweezers and then gently lay the green rub strip back down onto the rail.
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Long extrusion profile for mft/3?
« Last post by magellan on Yesterday at 08:43 PM »
Hey fellows
Thanks for all the kind words

Just a few thoughts before you go and spend your money.  The table works just as I need it to but my first mistake was thinking I was going to fold it up at times.  Without the lower shelf it’s a bit heavy but it is solid that is the purpose of the center bar was for stability. 

The reason for the shelf being low and only so high is so I can still reach under the the top to access the holes for clamping and sometimes push the dawgs out in the tight holes.  So remember to leave some space.  I was originally going to use the Sys AZ sliding drawers but I felt it would be more show and I would have only been able to fit 4 Systainers and not 5 plus no room for the long space down the center or very little space in the middle.   

What I normally do is store my large pieces of card board on top the Systainers.  It keeps them clean and it keeps the card board out of my way.  I keep Card board for patterns and testing my spray pattern before shooting a piece. 

Let us see some pictures when you complete them

Take care
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