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Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Planex or planex easy
« Last post by Gregor on Today at 04:38 PM »
After reading @James Carriere response I think I’m going to go with the planex easy and probably a Oneida dust deputy. I am still banging around the idea of a 36 AC as it would nice to have an extractor that stays in my van and one in my wood shop.
I would get a CTM xx AC when buying a Planex for three reasons: having a M class extractor allows you doing jobs where you're required to have one, using an AC capable one with the Planex is an (IMHO) sane suggestion from festool and taking the 10% when buying both together (the latter allows to sell one or both two after the job at less loss, taking a bit care of it, should you not want to keep it).

Regarding the size of the bin: as the bottom bins are (AFAIK) freely interchangeable between the CT M/L (AC or not) and 26/36/48 sizes I would - when already having a 36 - pick another size, likely a 26 as the 48 would be quite heavy when full. That would allow me to take a smaller or bigger unit with me on the road, normal or M+AC, depending on the job I go to.
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: NEW CTM Midi Teaser Pics
« Last post by Paddyfin1 on Today at 04:08 PM »
What’s its dimension, and also any idea of cost
Festool How To... / Re: MFT/3 Legs
« Last post by Gregor on Today at 04:03 PM »
In case it deconstructs in your attempt to fix it: #494727 (~65€) is the spare for that leg pair (includes the normal and the height adjustment foot).
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Hold tracksaw to the track
« Last post by Gregor on Today at 03:55 PM »
One could think about obtaining a good amount of high power neodym magnet cubes that fit into T-slot of the track with a little slop in both directions. One could think further to align these in a Halbach array configuration, held together in an outer Teflon or POM shell to make the array glide with low friction inside the T-track (so it only needs to be the length of the saw base), add some stoppers to the ends of the track to prevent the array from falling out, to fix another (downward aligned) array to the top of the base of the saw (as it isn't magnetic itself, IIRC) aligned over the groove where it rides on the back of the T-track. Then hope for the best and test.

No clue if that would be enough to hold the saw to the rail, but that's what I would try if I would try. In case that wouldn't do the trick.. I think I would skip experiments with liquid nitrogen cooled superconductors and settle for simply buying this.
Festool How To... / Domino 500 cutting depth question
« Last post by krudawg on Today at 03:47 PM »
I've watched countless videos on how to use the Domino 500.  I keep bumping up against the same issues. Let me explain:

I have some 1/2" stock that I am glueing up for a night stand table top.  I'm using the Domino to align the boards.  I am using the smallest domino in the systainer Domino Kit I purchased from a festool dealer.  The smallest domino size is a 4X20mm.  I'm using the 4mm cutter.  It is my understanding is that the depth gauge selection for each side SHOULD add up to 20mm.  So, on the one half of the board,  I select the "12" which to me means that the domino will go in a depth equal to a little over half the length of the 20mm domino and the other half of the board I should select "8"(but of course there is no "8" so I use "12" again)  (12 plus 8 equals 20mm but 12 PLUS 12 equals 24mm which means the domino should be too deep in each side).  But it does not work out.  The holes I bored are TOO SHALLOW (the boards will not slide together making contacts instead I have a large gap.  So than I re-set the gauge to 20 and it still leaves me a gap, so I have to select the deepest setting.  Finally I glue it up and put it in my parallel clamps and all is well.  But can someone please explain what I am missing. 
Member Projects / Re: Homemade SYSLITE DUO
« Last post by joiner1970 on Today at 03:12 PM »
 Thanks for the idea Stephen , I've bought two just deciding what I'm doing with them. Screwfix do a tripod for two lights I might get one of them. I used one light today on a kitchen fit and even with just one the brightness is great.
I skipped the centipede thing. Looked and read that it was too flimsy. I just use three of these (LINK) with a couple 8ft 2x4s along the sides and a 4'x8' sheet of 2" rigid foam for all my track saw cutting. Whole setup probably cost about $80, but the sawhorses can of course be used for many other things and I saved a bit of time not having to build anything to get it up an running. Also these ones fold down to very small dimensions which is nice for a sawhorse. Many are too big IMO even when folded up.
Festool How To... / Re: MFT/3 Legs
« Last post by Rich Kline on Today at 02:14 PM »
Thanks, everyone.  If I bend the leg is it likely that they will snap?  Should I remove it and bend in a vice vs. while connected to the table.  I'll look again, but I wasn't even clear which one was bent.

Festool Tool Reviews / Re: Festool Ratchet Kit
« Last post by Triplepin on Today at 12:44 PM »
Thanks @Svar I'll take a closer look there. At first glance it seemed as though most sets were going for > $150 USD
Member Projects / Re: The My Shop Cart
« Last post by Mario Turcot on Today at 12:33 PM »

I have the torsion box done. I used 12mm BB ply on both sides.

[Pict coming tonight]

I am now at adding two t-track at the front

to hold the SYS-VAC system. I will add another layer of 18mm BB ply on the top only. That way the t-tracks will be shy of 1/16. the first t-track will be flush to the edge to add vertical clamping capability. The torsion box will sit on a rolling cabinet similar to Guy's cart

Since it's a rolling assembly table and I made it specifically flat, I want to be able to micro adjust the top for when I move it. So far I found those

To adjust from the top. I was also thinking about a threaded rod and knobs mechanism.

Any idea what I could use? It need to be able to support ~400lbs

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