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Even I have a dx93 and some of the router bits...
Too bad about the RAS, as it was in my vision...
(But I scored a BS105)
Yes, the hose ends, good mention.

Bought up a couple of the old ones, I'm set for the next 10 years.

Who would have thunk that when something fits tightly, and you take some chunks out, it doesn't fit tightly anymore?  [blink]
Other Tools & Accessories / Rupes Skorpio E
« Last post by yetihunter on Today at 02:29 AM »
I guess the EC air style sanders from Mirka and Festool have a new flatmate:

Anyone in 220 land get to manhandle one yet?
I spoke to both Laguna and Oneida reps. Both were very very helpful. I will say Oneida seemed more interested in earning my business than Laguna.  After speaking to Oneida I may go with the V3000 system.  The only thing I don’t like is the remote is a $80 option with Oneida.  I feel at these prices that should be included.

I'm not sure how often these filters will need to be replaced, but the Laguna HEPA on the P Flux I was told is $650.  Oneida is ~$250...

An Oneida rep called me up, this Friday, coincidentally. 
I fail to remember her name but she was definitely the most uncannily knowledged
salesperson I've ever spoken to.  I was beyond impressed.
Also ran, if you've got the available amps, get an Oneida and be done with it.

Despite the previous endorsement, if you can afford Festool, you can do better than Grizzly.    The Taiwanese and Chinese machines may all come from the same factories, but you will always get the build, parts and qc that you pay for.   

This isn’t a plea for me but rather a plea offered for others. Luckily, I’ve been fortunate in hearing about the anticipated Festool tool retirements early on and have therefore reacted accordingly and purchased said items before they became extinct.

Some of my personal favorites are:
The DX 93
The MFS in all of its configurations
The router sled 🛷
The various installer sets
The metal cutting blades for the Kapex and the track saws
The Kapex because it is rapidly becoming an endangered specie
The spark trap
Many of the router bits
The original metric based tools marketed in the US as opposed to the current gelded “imperial” versions
The original vacuum hose end connection, the one without the depressions which only traps sawdust and then politely dispenses it on the floor or black rug
The various router trimming attachments for the OF 1010
Some of the 25mm long driver bits

That’s a pretty good start.

Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Thoughts on new extension ladder
« Last post by Alex on Today at 01:12 AM »
I work regularly at height with my own 9 meter/30' ladder (Altrex Rocky 3x12) which is a bit heavy but rock solid, professional grade. When I look at a ladder like this, I cringe. Those adjustable extensions look awful. When I work high up, I don't want to put my full weight on something that's adjustable and clips on. Wide base, yes, of course, but in one piece please. These moveable parts, they're gonna fail.
RAS 115. Incredibly useful tool, I can't believe they quietly retired this.

Wow - just noticed that on the International site - it is still available in North America. That is a shame if that goes by the wayside - that is a extremely awesome tool - as you state.
The nearest thing you have is a DW 780, Bosch and Makita.  That’s a pretty huge gap.

What about the 12" Milwaukee with digital angle finder? It doesn't get a lot of press, but I heard it's an excellent saw and rivals Kapex in the dust collection department.
It is physically very large, extremely heavy and the dust extraction isn't a patch on the Kapex, We had two (both brand spanking new) on hire a few years back and whilst they have bags of power the weight issue (they are the only mitre saw I've ever used which absolutely needed 2 men to carry them across site) was something everybody was concerned about. As a point of comparison, at the time I owned a Makita LS1013 and was regularly also using an LS1214 and a deWalt DW718. None of those tools was anywhere near as back breakingly awkward to move about as the Milwaukee. Haven't tried th Bosch glider, though.
My own Kapex (110 volt) is 16 months+ old and still working away nicely. Easily the most accurate and easy to use SCMS I've ever used, but obviously the motor issues some people have do tend to lurk at the back of my mind sometimes. Would I buy another one if this one failed - probably (but that would be that)

I have a DW 782 (Second Cousin to DW 780) It’s a heavy Son of a _____!  It would be hard to call it mobile by any means at 58 pounds.  I have a rolling stand that makes it manageable.  The newer Dewalts are lighter with a trade off on some durability.  It lacks the bevel accuracy of the Kapex.  I have to use Woodpeckers and Incra accessories to improve the Mark.  It ‘s held up well and been used outdoors in the winter when it’s -5 F outside without fail.

I’d be nervous to use a $2K Kapex in the bitter cold.  They don’t look like they made to operate outside in the wintertime.
RAS 115. Incredibly useful tool, I can't believe they quietly retired this.
Home Improvement & Other Projects / Re: How not to tile a shower...
« Last post by tjbnwi on Yesterday at 11:36 PM »
Wedi makes a similar caulk to Kerri fix. It’s about 1/2 the price. Only issue is it’s grey.

I just did a small 1/2 bath with All set. Not a big fan vs Ardex but it’s supposed to work on all aspects of a tile job.

I've used the Wedi sealant, it's about $6.00 less per cartridge than Kerdi Fix. Problem is I'd have to go to 2 different suppliers. Most jobs I use 2 tubes or less.

I found the All Set did not hold on the trowel as well as the Mapie I normally use. Other than that it worked well.

I've heard good things about Ardex, unfortunately no suppler local to me.

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