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Sales & Dealer Area / Re: New Parf Product Now on Sale
« Last post by neilc on Today at 11:08 PM »
Another great product, Peter!  Really well done!
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: ETC-EC 150/3 or ETS-EC-150/5
« Last post by Steven Owen on Today at 10:55 PM »
I suspect that an ETS EC 150/5 would do the finish work just dandy.
Maybe it will not with your specific woods, but from all the plywood to hardwoods that I put my sanders to, they seem to come out pretty nice.
Granted I am not make fine furniture using walnut or Ipe, so you need to test to your specific requirements.

Since you have the 30-days, it makes sense IMO to figure it out in the near term.
If the ETS EC does not go quick enough for you, then I would be more than just a little bit surprised.

I’m planing to buy the Deros or the EC-150 no matter what.  The ETS 125 was just meant to be a light duty sander for finish sanding.

All that said, it is not uncommon for me to use a fine grit in the paw, or with a paw on a sanding block, for the final 1/2-minute of finishing... So maybe the /5 would not suit your work flow... I cannot say.

Basically I skipped the finish sander and invested in cheaper vacuum hosed "hand blocks".

IPE is one of my least favorite woods to work with.  It wears out Planer blades, Saw Blades, Drill bits quickly.  It has an extemely tight grain, it’s difficult to stain, difficult to cut and it’s no where nearly as attractive for outdoor furniture as mahogany, cedar, cherry or white oak.  It’s also ridiculously heavy to use for outdoor furniture.  IPE can be an absolute nightmare to work with.  They call IPE “diamond wood” for a reason.

Some customers love it because it super, super durable.  You just end-up having to suck-it up use it.  I’ll be curious to see which abrasive does better with IPE.  I ordered both Garant and abranet.

IPE is a sandpaper killer too.  I have a mix of Makita, Dewalt and Bosch sanders.  The sandpaper mileage with IPE is very poor.  I’m hoping the Festool and possiblely the Mirka upgrade will save bundles of paper going up into smoke on IPE based projects.

Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: ETC-EC 150/3 or ETS-EC-150/5
« Last post by Cheese on Today at 10:54 PM »
I have a RO 125, an older ETS 125, an ETS EC 125 and a Pro5. Do yourself a favor and just purchase the ETS EC 125 and purchase an extra 150 pad for it.

The ETS 125 and Pro5 are similar in performance with the Pro5 being just a bit better because it has more power and seems to be more aggressive.

The RO is great if you need to remove a lot of material in a short period of time.  However it is heavy and the ergonomics are not that great for extended sanding intervals.

The ETS EC 125 is the best overall sander in the bunch. It’s light, compact, vibration less and it’s my go-to sander of the bunch. It’s aggressive when you amp up the grit and the speed selection, yet decrease both of these variables and it’s a great 👍 all around sander. If I had to chose only’d be the ETS EC.

I can replace the Rotex with a belt sander and a right angle grinder with a sanding disc. I have both, however the Rotex is more convenient.

If you feel the need to go 150...just purchase a 150 pad and install it on the ETS EC 125. Same motor, same parts, same armature, same speeds, same power...yada, yada, yada..

The 150 pad fits on the 125...the 125 pad DOES NOT fit on the 150.

Ask Festool / Re: MFT/3 question
« Last post by SRSemenza on Today at 10:50 PM »

    I think you should take it out first if you can.  I don't remember how long they are but I am pretty sure they are more than an inch.  They are a friction fit. I added an additional adjustable to the diagonally opposite on mine. If you end up breaking it taking it out or cutting it, they aren't too bad price wise as I recall. Though that was quite a few years ago now.


Festool How To... / Re: Drilling a hole in nothing?
« Last post by SRSemenza on Today at 10:42 PM »
Hi Jed,

    Welcome to the forum!  [smile]

      How many do you have to drill?

     If you have a plunge router and make a solid jig that can be clamped to the door and the router is solidly attached to the jig, then you could make a slow, well guided plunge.

Festool How To... / Re: Drilling a hole in nothing?
« Last post by Holmz on Today at 10:31 PM »
Drilling a straight hole into the end-grain of a dowel rod is something I am pessimistic about.  Drills tend to wander in end grain.  Even if that is not a problem I don't see the 28mm hole coming out straight with no material in the center.

An easier way to go about it which may or may not be acceptable is to route or chisel out a rectangular hole and fill it with a plate of solid wood, say 1/2" thick.  The 25mm hole can then be drilled in the patch.  If the extant 25mm hole is not close enough to the new hole for the hardware to pass through, the patch can be removed and the hole beneath it can be filed larger where needed using a rat tail rasp or half-round Iwasaki file.  Then glue the patch in.

Good point.

In my case the hole was more like a US lock and not a small Euro one.
So I used a hole saw and that was 1-1-1/2 tall... So I had had a guide most fo the way through and switched around with the second half to the other side.

The Zobo/Forstner would need meat all the way around it, so a 32-mm may be better... I would suggest to test it somehow, or use a small holesaw so it supported by the guide.
Not drilling normal to the surface is the next drama to consider...
Festool How To... / Re: How do you dadoo?
« Last post by RKA on Today at 10:29 PM »
I needed to cut some half laps into a few 4x4’s and remembered this thread.  I fished around HD and found M6 nylon dowels that thread nicely onto the depth adjuster and give you enough flexibility to do these cuts. 
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: locked threads
« Last post by SRSemenza on Today at 10:27 PM »
  @SouthRider   You are mistaken. The Recon thread was not locked.


Well - I obviously am mistaken, no I'm wrong.

My apologies to all.

No problem.

Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: ETC-EC 150/3 or ETS-EC-150/5
« Last post by Holmz on Today at 10:25 PM »

Or just ignore the advise that you ask for...

Not a problem, as I don't even take my own advise most of the time...  [smile]
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: locked threads
« Last post by SouthRider on Today at 10:25 PM »
  @SouthRider   You are mistaken. The Recon thread was not locked.


Well - I obviously am mistaken, no I'm wrong.

My apologies to all.
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