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It is so not cool to post of photo of a Systainer with gauges and holes and not a word of explanation or a photo of the inside!  :)
Festool Tool Reviews / Re: Festool LS 130 Linear Sander
« Last post by Alex on Today at 01:56 AM »
@Alex , dust collection while hand sanding?

Not fantastic of course, but it is not like you're creating massive amounts by hand. If possible I hold my DC hose in my other hand.

When I look at the Festool website they show the LS130 in use with easy "profiles" that I can just as easily (or easier) tackle with an other sander like the RTS, DTS or DX93.

I wonder how you tackle a real detailed profile like this with the LS130:

Classifieds / Re: Festool 150 Polishing Pads - PRICE REDUCTION
« Last post by deepcreek on Today at 01:14 AM »
PRICE REDUCTION - $100 Free Shipping (CONUS)
Festool Tool Reviews / Re: Festool LS 130 Linear Sander
« Last post by ScotF on Today at 12:41 AM »
I like my LS130. It is slow, but it works for its intended purpose for me.
General Friendly Chat / Re: Daughters first bike
« Last post by travisj on Today at 12:28 AM »
Hopefully your weather is agreeable enough for her to take it outside.  Otherwise you will have a racetrack in your garage, because if she’s like mine were, she’s going to be too excited to wait!

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It’s the diameter of the pilot on metal working piloted countersink bits that is too big. You’d have to drill a second larger diameter but shallow pilot hole to use the c'sk bit in wood.

Just thinking this whole hand held drill + countersink thing through, if you're up against the boards because you can't use a drill press and you don't own a drill stand, I still think this Weldon piloted zero degree c'sk may be the answer. It may not be as slick as a drill press but it could solve a problem for a lot of people.

Years ago I produced a cheat sheet to make my life easier and the "general" dimensions I've gathered over the years for both square drive and Torx drive wood screws are:
#8...max diameter .150"-.155" I'll use a 5/32" clearance drill
#9...max diameter .170"-.175" I'll use a 3/16" clearance drill
#10...max diameter .190"-.195" I'll use a 13/64" clearance drill
1/4"...max diameter .235"-.240" I'll use a 1/4" clearance drill

The Weldon CS8-1 piloted c'sk will produce up to a 33/64" diameter c'sk, so it's useable for any of the above mentioned sized screws. And while the pilot diameter is 1/4" diameter, the depth of the pilot is only 5/32".

A 1/4" diameter thru hole isn't that much larger than a .155" max diameter especially when you consider that the #8 FH screw will be centered by the countersink and not the thru diameter. Unless we're building wooden boats it really doesn't make much difference especially if it's your only option. [smile]

I'm ordering one to try it out.
Building Materials / Re: European (Cup Style) Hinge Configurations
« Last post by SRSemenza on Yesterday at 11:39 PM »
I would be inclined to just make the pullout side height and position within the cabinet miss the hinges. I am thinking that the normal location of hinges wold work out OK. You wouldn't have to worry about items on the pullout hitting due to the thickness of the pullout sides. As long as the pullouts themselves miss you are probably good to go.

General Friendly Chat / Re: What's Cooking
« Last post by Cheese on Yesterday at 11:35 PM »
So 1 question and 1 statement...

What were your thoughts on the Waygu?

My go-to recipe for baked potatoes is:
Wash & scrub the potato clean of all dirt and let dry
Oil the outside lightly with EVOO
Dust with kosher salt and fresh cracked pepper
Bake in an oven at 350º for 45-60 minutes

If you like crispy/blackened potato skins (I do) bake for 30 minutes in the oven and then finish on the grill over hot coals.

Building Materials / Re: European (Cup Style) Hinge Configurations
« Last post by Tim Raleigh on Yesterday at 11:05 PM »
Just the choice of Blum mounting plates is a bit intimidating - and puzzling, e.g., how does a 0 mm high plate work?

The 0mm high plate is the standard plate or the plate all the hinges are designed for based on the offset Blum publishes in their technical specs for the cup offset based on door thickness.
Festool and Tanos Systainers / Re: Show your systainer
« Last post by Billy stray on Yesterday at 10:57 PM »
I like the blue tooth speaker, got any pics of inside ?
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