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Hand Tools / Re: Japanese handtool recommendations
« Last post by Rob Z on Today at 10:29 PM »

A good friend gave several Japanese handsaws to me about 20 years ago and I was hooked.  I have quite a few more now and although I can't remember the names (might be easier if I heard how they are pronounced  [big grin] ), the main thing is to learn the specific purpose and what the saw might do for. you and your work. 

One very handy set of saws are the flush cut saws (flush left and flush right). These have the set of the teeth to only one side of the blade and are useful for trimming protruding objects flush to the finished surface.  Another one I like and find useful is a dado saw. It has a curved edge and can plunge cut in the surface of the board.

Other than those saws just described, I have coarse toothed saws (for ripping) and fine toothed saws for cross-cutting and fine work. Some have a spine on the blade and make the blade rigid and thus able to cut a super straight and fine  line.

Good luck as you learn more and start to use these Japanese saws.  They are a real joy to use.
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: Phil demonstrating SawSop
« Last post by DeformedTree on Today at 10:29 PM »
With the stress put into the blade and the fact they aren't designed for those kind of shock loads even if the blade looks right, don't use it.  The chance it comes apart when you go to use it again is very real.  You can't just look at it and know if it has experience any yielding, or other flaws.

I would just put the blade with saw stop module embedded in it up on the wall.  Every time it triggers, mount one up on the wall.  Like deer heads, but the animal is still in one piece.
Well mine has lasted for over 25 years. But I think it's on its last legs. I used it yesterday to suck up some nasty stuff that I wouldn't wish on my CT36 and the brushes sound like they are about gone. I can't complain, it's been great all these years. Back then Craftsman shop vacs they were made by Emerson, parent company of Ridge Tools that makes all the plumbing tools and few dozen other companies.
Sales & Dealer Area / Re: Mobile carpentry system plans
« Last post by Rob Z on Today at 10:13 PM »

I'm impressed with the system you developed and wanted to see  the plans.  I can't find your listing on Etsy, so if you can point the way I would appreciate the help.

Classifieds / Re: Hammer N4400 Band saw
« Last post by Rob Z on Today at 10:06 PM »
I just put this on CL and updated the ad here at the FOG. I'm in a new line of work and have no need for this saw.  It's a nice machine and in great condition.

Hand Tools / Re: Japanese handtool recommendations
« Last post by RussellS on Today at 10:05 PM »
I have some Gyokucho saws with replaceable blades I've been pleased with.  They aren't too expensive.

I have a Japanese saw and always get a kick out of using it.  Always amazed at how good it cuts.
@myer84  - as he wrote, @Jiggy Joiner , does not see any remaining concern with the set up I described in words,

We totally agree that w need top get pictures or even some video up on the internet for all to see what we mean.

Eric is just completing a lighting upgrade in our demo space so let's see how well we can illustrate and demonstrate this on camera for all of you, including @Matt byington, in the coming week or two.

Workshops and Mobile Vehicle-Based Shops / Re: Workshop waste bin ideas
« Last post by rst on Today at 09:48 PM »
Bob, I've had so many Craftsman vacs over the years that I have three, bu am only using one at the moment.
Sales & Dealer Area / Re: First Aid Systainer
« Last post by sprior on Today at 09:34 PM »
I for one couldn't care less about a minor delay to make sure things are right - take what time you need.
Lovin' every minute of it! :)

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