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Festool and Tanos Systainers / Re: TSO Systainer arrived!
« Last post by Cheese on Today at 10:43 AM »
Member Projects / Re: A coffee table for my nephew
« Last post by Billedis on Today at 10:42 AM »
Beautiful job, looking forward to more.  Bill
This is a ripping jig. Designed to be used on pieces that fit in this direction on the MFT.  Tom has posted often about how he used patterns and a similar technique to cut face frames, etc with his track saw.  This is a variation of that technique.  Corwin has also posted about jigs to help out in similar situations.

Well thanks for that info Peter... [smile]  I don't own an MFT so I rely on the old school track saw or table saw.
Those are excellent ideas!

I with checked the Veterans Home down there near Vineland but, unfortunately, they had no interest.
Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Just ordered a Hammer A331!
« Last post by RKA on Today at 09:46 AM »
I'm not sure if you noticed Derek, but that dust collector has an optional 1 micron filter cartridge.  That coupled with an open garage door allowing air to circulate should keep the air pretty clear. 

I did recently order an inexpensive (~$40) particle counter from eBay after watching a Peter Millard video.  It's accuracy is questionable, but the relative changes from a still shop to a working shop should give me better insight about what's happening with the air quality in my basement.  If it appears to be helpful, I can post a link.  Might be a week or two (or more) before it gets here (from Hong Kong).
Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Just ordered a Hammer A331!
« Last post by derekcohen on Today at 08:57 AM »
Thanks both!

Yes, going to get the Dust Right 650 CFM from Rockler


That would be a waste of money ... and potentially hazardous for your health. You need a system that will suck up the fine dust, which is <0.3 microns. Those bags simply spread it around the shop.

You also need to build a dust collector for the future machines. This is a minimum of 3 hp DC and 6" hoses. The Hammer uses 5" hoses, which requires surgery to convert them to 6". I will do this with mine (Hammer's A3-31, K3, and N4400), which currently use 5" hose.

Get the digital gauge. This is an essential piece of equipment.

Regards from Perth


Well done  [thumbs up]

I like the drawers construction  [big grin]
Nice design and look - I'd like to see the pics of the piece in the camper.
I'm interested and not far away (Vineland) but have a huge pile of magazines myself I have been hanging on to because of projects in them I hope to undertake someday once fully retired.

Hopefully someone will be interested. Have you thought about a local library or maybe a Scout Troop would like them. I got my start in woodworking in 4H when I was very young. We met every Saturday morning at a local boatworks and the owner instructed us in the proper use of hand tools, layout, etc. We were always looking for projects to build. ShopNotes and WoodSmith have some great jigs and simple projects that are well documented plans and would make good projects for beginners.
I just got the flex click, I think it is my first ever cordless bosch purchase.  I love it, fits my hand better than the Milwaukee m12 stuff. 
The M12 stuff rubs pretty bad and creates a "hot" spot on my hand in between my thumb and pointer finger. 
Thinking about pairing down the M12 stuff (to much and some redundant stuff) and replacing a few things with Bosch stuff.
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