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My biggest issue is the festool vacuum/safety thing connector. Its not east to remove for non through cuts.

And yes I have a complete Cms router setup with out a set of extensions or sliding table. I can just transfer if needed from the cms saw.

Also I am not in for profit setting with these tools so the extra time to fiddle with the cms saw is just "unfun".

I also have ts55 stand alone so the 75 stays in the table


Hi Rick,

I do a lot of rebate work with my CMS-TS in fact if it were not for that capability I would not have the setup at all. The CMS-TS is the only table saw that I have and it does everything that I cannot do on my track saw cutting station created with the PGS.

I frequently remove then replace the blade guard and can do both operations in under 1 minute. The trick is to use a very neat little ratchet from Wera:


I do not use the adapter shown in the ratchet in this picture but put the hex bit straight into it. From frequent operations I can find the hex screw without crouching down or doing anything with the CMS and can locate and replace it easily too.

The reason I am happy to do rebates with the CMS-TS is that even when the blade guard and built-in riving knife are removed the saw's own riving knife comes into play. Even so, Festool do not recommend this usage and everyone must do this at their own risk.

I am also waiting on the new angle grinder.
Was about to get the new Fein cordless, but I want to see if Festool has some new Technology upcoming (maybe the nice Bosch Quick Lock System?!)

Yeah, if the DSC-Ag is already 10 yr. on the market (looked like a rebranded Protool). Then maybe likely to release a new version. The QLS would be great, but also a quick break would be nice. I don't think I will be in need of a cordless version, but some people will.

And with FT pricing, you want to buy once....  ;)
I usually just check the press section on the Festool Website (German version) to see if something is announced/upcoming.

Going through the past years, you can see that press releases are usually done early in the year (Jan/Feb as with the new Vecturo etc.) around April/May, July or in October/September/November.

But like any other company, you will not be able to know if something is upcoming before hand....

I am also waiting on the new angle grinder.
Was about to get the new Fein cordless, but I want to see if Festool has some new Technology upcoming (maybe the nice Bosch Quick Lock System?!)
Member Projects / Re: Plane Till
« Last post by rich1 on Today at 03:55 AM »
This is great, I'm going to find some camphor wood and build one!
Tell me, though, why do you need a quick change chuck? I use the PC7518 in an Incra table with an Incra Master Lift. It doesn't seem that difficult to change bits.

Need is a high bar, as you say it is not that difficult to change bits in that combination, but...

What I noticed was that I found myself looking for ways to avoid changing bits, so it seemed worth checking out one of the quick change chucks. Given Musclechuck's 30-day money back guarantee, it seemed like there was little to lose. So far, I'm quite happy with it and I like the idea of having a single tool that could be used for changing bits on any of my routers.
I’m looking for all current  products.

I’m on the fence for a angle grinder, but once thing I hate most is buying it, 2 months later there is a new product.

Just happened with a CTL MIDI. :/

I’m from EU, but I guess it’s maybe interesting for everybody?

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Check out this Great Russian wood workers Festool tracksaw blade adjustment system he built.

\Has not returned email about how too get one made or buy the code go print one.

I found the file

<iframe width="709" height="399" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>
Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Another masterpiece from Mirock
« Last post by DashZero on Today at 01:42 AM »
fantasic workmanship and skill.
You want to make sure the board is sitting 'naturally' on the bed, ie if it has a bow, don't push that bow down to contact the bed, otherwise you'll never actually straighten the board. The main objective of the planer is to give a dead straight face, and edge, to reference off when it comes time to thickness plane. Pressure in the wrong spot/s will give you a nice clean board, but not a straight one.
Always plane with the 'bow up' - the ends touching the bed, gap in the middle. Not middle touching, ends in the air.
Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Musclechuck, any one using it?
« Last post by derekcohen on Today at 01:20 AM »
I do not have a problem using the standard MuscleChuck in my router table (with Router Raizer) ...

It is reachable even when the chuck is not raised completely ..

The router is an Elu 177e, which is the forerunner of the DeWalt 625 ...

Handles removed, and attached to the outfeed of a Hammer K3 on a basic aluminium plate ...

Regards from Perth

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