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Other Tools & Accessories / Re: MFT Hole Jigs
« Last post by gnlman on Today at 02:14 PM »
Another good idea...I've been looking at the lr32 method some more....I have the shorter holy rail (1400 I believe) so it seems to me you would be limited length wise (I want to make a 42x72 inch top) on a top unless there is a reliable and accurate method to move the rail along the 2 parallel edges. I know if your top is cut perfect in 32mm increments you can flip the rail and register from the other end, but getting it dead perfect might be a bit challenging....I suppose you could use a spacer, but then again it would have to be perfect...anyone have a fix?
Also, my dominofix jig arrived today...don't have a festool 30mm guide bushing yet for my OF1400 as my local supplier doesn't have any..might have to order one. I did order the trend guide bushing as discussed in this thread, but it's still in transit from the US.
thanks, Greg
I always use genuine festool blades and find them very reasonably priced from my local dealer he does 3 48t std blades for £99 plus vat
Very reasonable
Why get cheap copies
Festool Tools & Accessories / Festool T18
« Last post by Zenoah on Today at 02:00 PM »
Just for info I have ordered one of these today
I thought it was an error but I called the dealer to be told it was correct
And they had pleanty on order
Genuine festool dealer checked it out on
Here is the link

Bargain !
Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Torx driver set.
« Last post by SRSemenza on Today at 01:57 PM »
Wera 489 R T Rapidapter handle takes both wire and ball detent 1/4" bits. The Rapidapter works very well. I don't have that particular model. But I do have the Rapidapter, and also the same type of T Handle in a couple of their solid non-changeable T handles. I like both features.

It will accept Wera or whatever bits you like. The Rapidapter collar spins freely which gives a good place to hold onto it with free hand for quick turning.

Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Torx driver set.
« Last post by Michael Kellough on Today at 01:31 PM »
A ratcheting T-handle magnetic hex driver at McMaster-Carr.
Use whatever bits you like.
Other Tools & Accessories / Re: Bosch glide or Makita LS1019L
« Last post by glass1 on Today at 01:25 PM »
I pair festools new Bluetooth remote start wit( the cordless Makita. Besides the occasional forget to turn on I actually like the manual turn on better especially when doing multiple critical creep cuts. I think it’s just better for the vac not be turning on and off in rapid succession.
Festool Tool Reviews / Re: CT Cyclone review from Wood Whisperer
« Last post by JD2720 on Today at 12:58 PM »
it appears that the tube from the top of the cyclone to the vac connection is about 1 inch in diameter.
A gross oversight from the designers. There is plenty of space inside for a larger tube.

Maybe not. The small size tube may be the size needed with the short cyclone to get the most efficient materials separation from the air.
Festool Tools & Accessories / Re: FSK rail vs FS rail and TSO square
« Last post by JD2720 on Today at 12:44 PM »
I have all 3 Festool saws, FS rails, FSK rails & the TSO square.
You do not say what you will be cutting. I like the FS rails & TSO square for cutting sheet goods.
For cutting framing lumber, I like the Shorter FSK rails. I do not like long rails locked to the saw.
If you want to be able to pick the saw up one handed and cut, the FSK rail is cool.  I don't think mine cuts as square as the TSO square with a regular rail, but it's square enough for a lot of work.   You can't easily see the stops under the FSK rails and I've made some quick cuts where it felt like I had them butted up against the work securely but the cuts came out not-square.    With the TSO square you can look down and see on the part sticking out if there is a gap or not.

Maybe there's a knack to making square cuts with the FSK real fast and reliably but I haven't picked it up yet.  I still check for square before starting the cut.  Either I draw a line from my mark with a square and visually check the FSK guide strip against the line or I check the back of the rail with a square with my left hand while holding the HK and rail at the ready with my right.
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