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General Friendly Chat / Re: Coffee Maker Recommendations
« Last post by Koamolly on Yesterday at 11:59 PM »
At this time I have no plans on brewing espresso.  I have my Nespresso for that - yeah I know to true coffee connoisseurs that's not really espresso, but it's easy.

What's suitable for the pour over range in terms of grinder?

Really for drip coffee, you can get by with a $20 Krups blade grinder.  Do a medium grind and invert it (holding the top on) a couple of times while grinding.  Not the perfect grind but after spending $250 on the machine, it’s easier on wallet and it will be fine.  You could also use it later to grind spices.  You can use a blender, food processor, or mini food processor if you have one for spices already.  Your Technivorm’s doing the heavy lifting with temp and time.  You can close the brew basket until water has covered the grinds, stir it up so all grinds are infused, then open it.  Later if you get really into coffee more, splurge on the more expensive grinders.  It’s more important to have coffee ground fresh right before brewing even if it’s not perfect.  One drawback is you might have to grind two batches to get enough coffee for a full pot on the technivorm.  I use 2/3 cup of beans before grinding for a full batch with my technivorm (10 cup).  Unless you have extra money you need to get rid of!

Also you could check what Costco has in the way of a cheap burr grinder.  Costco by me was roasting their own beans.  Had a huge automated roaster in the a couple of stores.  But they seem to be scaling back on roasting their own beans now.  Still worth checking if you have a Costco near you.

My exwife is an entomologist working on coffee crops (coffee berry borer). Best coffee I’ve had was a crop she grew for research and processed one year.  We picked the beans,  processed them, roasted them. This was on Oahu.  Better than any Kona or Kau coffee I’ve ever had.  Next year was just ok.  You never know since there are so many variables in the whole chain.
Thanks @RKA and @duc996 ! Photos would be awesome. Glad I got at least the simple setup then. I was going to just get a fence and the positioner but said **** it.

Okay - will get the wonder fence when I get a router. The budget does have its limits... :)
Festool Jigs & Tool Enhancements / Re: MFT 90* Square
« Last post by mattbyington on Yesterday at 11:08 PM »
Thanks @jobsworth . You're talking about the guide rail right? I am talking about the guide rail - the thing the saw rides on. Not the fence at the back of MFT. Not sure how the protractor head would work for the guide rail - maybe I am missing a secret :)
Classifieds / Houston: Sysports and Systainers for sale
« Last post by fellaPC on Yesterday at 10:42 PM »
Below is a breakdown of what I have for sale. All purchased in Jan/Feb 2018 and in excellent condition. Prefer to have buyer pick them up (dont want to package and ship). Located in Houston, Tx 77007 (between downtown and Heights)

Sysport 1000/2.... 2 of them....$500 each
Systainer 1.......... 8 of them... $50 each
Systainer 3.......... 3 of them... $65 each
Systainer 4.......... 1 of them... $80

All of the above items are shown in the photo below

DM or email me with questions or if interested

Various Woodworking & Crafts Topics / Re: CA glue vs wood glue
« Last post by grbmds on Yesterday at 10:41 PM »
Others say they wouldn't do this but I have used dots of CA glue in between Titebond to hold small (and even some larger parts) together immediately while the Titebond sets. It works well because the joint is essentially held together with regular wood glue.
Hand Tools / Re: Some new Wiha goodness!
« Last post by deepcreek on Yesterday at 10:39 PM »
I used the Wiha 8mm slotted today to loosen the screw on the back of my Ligno moisture meter so I could replace the battery.

This is the longest of my Wiha slotted screwdrivers.

I realized it was massive overkill and that I clearly need a Wiha stubby set.

Slippery slope indeed.

Member Projects / Re: Making a Luggage Rack with Shaper Origin...
« Last post by neilc on Yesterday at 10:37 PM »
Udemy is a great place to start -

$9.99 Fusion course
Festool Jigs & Tool Enhancements / Re: Domino Drawers
« Last post by TealaG on Yesterday at 10:32 PM »
TSO...can you tell me if you have introduced this magic product yet?  I would love to make domino drawers.  And I'm really happy I waited to buy the Guide Rail Square because I thought I'd try the hinge thing that comes with the MFT table.   I haven't gotten that hooked up yet, but now that the guide rail works with the hinge thing, it's now on my definitely ready to buy list.  :)   I'm rotating my workbench and I think I'll now have room to install the hinge thing and guide square.   I can't get a straight cut, even though I line up my rail with a triangle (one that appears to be a true right angle...).  ARGH!   I think the rail is slipping on me.  :(
Festool Tool Problems / Re: Honest opinion about Ts75 power
« Last post by Michael Kellough on Yesterday at 09:23 PM »
It cuts 2” mahogany in a single pass just a little slow going even with th 18 tooth blade.
Well, that's subjective. When I cut 2" hardwood with mine it is certainly not fast and the saw growls and trembles, but it does not bog down and the cut quality is excellent. The latter is what matters to me, but your needs might differ.
Check out Youtube, there is plenty of videos of TS75 cutting thick slabs.

When my saw does that I’ve found that if I push it just a little bit harder it smooths out.

When you go easy on the feed rate the speed control constantly adjusts (cuts on and off) the power so the gears gnash and the saw trembles. Push a little harder and the power flow is constant and gnashing/trembling stops, or is greatly reduced.
Various Woodworking & Crafts Topics / Re: CA glue vs wood glue
« Last post by TealaG on Yesterday at 09:00 PM »
Guys...thanks so much for your advice.  I have some 2P10, but now I know to use it for small areas.   I will say that it's really nice to use glue+brads so that I can hold it together long enough to put screws in.   I'm a newbie.  I build stuff, but it's not very good.  I'm slowly improving.  Getting better tools and techniques has really helped!

Thanks for your advice!
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